Friday, July 2, 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story

  • Bill Clinton says the BP well, which started spilling on 4/20, may need to be blown up. (CNN changed the caption to read "How to deal with BP spill" - glad I grabbed a screen shot the other day)
  • Here's a close-up of the ad next to the Clinton video.
  • 420? Check.
  • Also note that VVEL engine: VV is 44 in Pythagorean numerology (or 66, the number of the Qliphoth, in Kabbalah) + EL.
  • And all alongside our reoccurring "M."
  • Drudge ran this photo of the World Cup last week. I looked all over and couldn't find the site where the pic came from, but it's a perfect 3 11 ...or 33.
  • Drudge also gives us another alignment of Obama, Tiger Woods and Holder. Check the placement of Obama's hands over the eagles (or Phoenixes, more likely).
  • And Holder...This guy keeps getting VERY interesting shots of himself posted. First he was crowned by the caduceus, and now the wings and halo. Watch this guy over the next few months.

  • Tiger Woods' divorce judgement gives us: Dogs + Star (Sirius), a Queen...Plus, spot the 317!
  • And how could we forget the 2010 Tiger's Jupiter home?
  • Time to flashback to Black Dog Star.


  1. The "eagles" behind Obama have always been Phoenixes. I swear that some interior decorator goes through and swaps the flagpoles whenever he gives a speech.

    And what is the Phoenix? Take a guess!

  2. You may be right about the interior decorator. The phoenix is everywhere with this guy - it's gotta be intentional at this point.

    But the phoenix also goes back toour death/rebirth study. So there is a positive spin to its appearance.

  3. Is America/Obama playing the final death scene of the Phoenix or the rebirth? Perhaps the former on a grand, national scale, but I also hope that the little Phoenixes are already born, and growing, while the old bird dies. The "mouse over"?

    Even Clinton calling on the bomb? This is about to go mythic.

  4. More signs of the Dark Phoenix:
    World-class $hit-head John Hagee features the Phoenix on his new book cover.

    Like you I am hoping for the young ones to thrive while the old crap (like Hagee) dies off. Perhaps, we are the young ones - and we must continue to keep those fires lit inside of our minds.


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