Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Me and My Amanita (and The 317/51 Stargate)

Last week, we went to Mitsuwa Market in New Jersey to pick up some Japanese food products that are hard to find here in the States - even in NYC where we're supposed to be able to find anything.
As soon as I realized that to get there we had to travel through Gate 51 - I was ready for adventure. In my mind, 51 was connected to X51 and the 2001/2010 monolith (and I suppose the famed Area 51). But, it was only within the last few days that I made a connection that has probably been made before by others (but I've never seen it): 51 is the 3/17 of Osiris, since 3 times 17 is 51. (3X17=51 -> 317 & X51) Now I have all the more reason to watch that number.

While there, Melissa snapped this photo of me and my Amanita.

Like everywhere else on Earth, Japan is covered with blatant Amanita symbolism.

For the record, I've actually never responded well to mushrooms, especially compared to similar entheogens, but I'm fascinated by their omni-cultural prevalence - and evolutionary importance, if we consider Terence McKenna's theory.
I couldn’t figure out whether the mushroom is the alien or the mushroom is some kind of technological artifact allowing me to hear the alien when the alien is actually light-years away, using some kind of Bell nonlocality principle to communicate. The mushroom states its own position very clearly. It says, ‘I require the nervous system of a mammal. Do you have one handy?’
Back in New Jersey, Melissa wanted me to try a soft-drink that, for some reason, I didn't try when we were in Japan. It's called CC Lemon. I was fascinated by the name: CC=33 and I read "SunTory" as "StarGate." In Japan, the Torri Gate represents the border between the sacred and the profane.
Melissa told me that Tory probably wasn't short for Torii, but was most likely someone's name. But, it turns out we were both right.
Per Wiki: "Suntory was started by Torii Shinjiro, who first opened his store Torii Shoten in Osaka on February 1, 1899, to sell importedwines."

So we have a product tha
t calls out the Masonic 33, made by a company whose name is literally SunGate or StarGate.

Wiki also tells us that, in the 70s, Suntory enlisted The Carpenters to advertise for them.
These Carpenters:
Fascinating that The Carpenters chose to represent alien life forms as Bee-like creatures @ 0:25 into the video. I highly recommend you refer to Chris Knowles of The Secret Sun for more on The Carpenters interplanetary high weirdness.

But, to me, it's even more fascinating that I entered New Jersey through a Stargate/Monolith-resonating Gate51 and ended up drinking from a Stargate.


  1. Ummm... Tori Spelling? Danger: very deep rabbit hole.

  2. Ha! Jesus man, I could get lost in there. But, I don't know, her rabbit hole never seemed all that appealing to me.

    Seriously though - my first thought is the Spelling Bee. Damn-it. It started already. Here we go...


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