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Baltic Sea "UFO" and Norway Spiral connection?


Recently Goro Adachi drew attention to the Baltic Sea Anomaly (see more pictures and read more about the Anomaly on Earthfiles). When Goro first posted about it, I didn't pay it too much attention, probably because it held no obvious significance to my personal sync radar.

Then, two days ago, when David Plate asked me about my study of "sapphires" during Always Record: episode 9, I was telling him about the theory that the 2009 Norway Spiral may have been composed of sapphires and tried to express how important the Norway Spiral has been to me as a personal major turning point. I've mentioned this many times, but really, (like Colt 45) that fu3king blue spiral gets my attention every single time. . . . So, I've spent the last two days with the Noway Spiral back on my mind.

Now, I check back on Goro's site today and this time, upon seeing that weird thing in the waters, something clicked. Hunting a bit, the Baltic Sea Anomaly divers are not giving up the exact location but will only say that it is in the waters between Sweden and Finland.

Okay, check this out:
Ocean Engineer Tony Spell wrote an excellent piece attempting to pinpoint the location of the Norway Spiral, which he places on the Kola Peninsula, just north of the White Sea.

Recalling how the Norway Spiral event directly preceded Obama's laughable Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo (a connection I've writen about a number of times but I would also refer you to a classic Chris Knowles post),
it occurred to me that the "waters between Sweden and Finland" are also between Oslo and Tony Spell's placement of the Norway Spiral.

So, now I'm just following a hunch here, and we'll have to wait to see if it is valid at all, but I'm wondering if the sync of this thing being located between Obama and the Spiral possibly means that it is specifically, literally, between the two points. Following this slightly mad logic, we could possibly reverse engineer the location of the Baltic Sea Anomaly. What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? Here we go:

Spell places the initial Spiral location north of the blue beam tail.
Fanning out from Oslo, to the Spiral's Tail and the Spiral itself, would highlight this section of the water: 

Spell also plots the spiral's dissipation, giving us a slightly larger area if we take the full Norway Spiral phenomenon into account.

Now the Gulf of Bothnia is technically split into a "bay" and a "sea"
A map of the Baltic marine environment with the regions and basins of the Baltic Sea.
1. Bothnian Bay 2. Bothnian Sea

Peter Lindberg is co-owner of Ocean Explorer, the ones who found the Baltic Sea Anomaly. In an interview, he mentions "The Sea of Bothnia" so that means we're probably looking in region #2, but this may or may not be a semantics issue.  
Excluding Bothnian Bay, and focusing only on the Bothnian Sea, would narrow us to this area:

Take from this what you will. I make no claims on this data, except to say that I felt inspired to share it with you.

An amazing comment points out that there was a spiral over Israel on June 7th.
That's the exact same day the Ocean Explorer divers went down to the Anomaly!

Goro saw this and it made him think of the Olympics. Following his hunch, I thought I would see where the Olympic Torch was on June 7th -after all, this Israel Spiral goes very neatly with the upcoming biblical-themed "Zion" Olympics and we saw that the placement of this torch has been very meaningful in the past. So, June 7th, the day of the Israel Spiral and the day the OceanX divers went down to the Anomaly, the Torch was traveling to Glasgow, Scotland.
Bingo! Perfectly continuing the line we drew from Oslo to the Norway Spiral!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Great Gig in the Sky Part 5: Divine Vessels

Part 4, including updates, here.

Recall: the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft was launched on June 16th. Rodney King died in the Dead Pool a few hours later. On June 20th, with a New Moon and on the Eve of the Summer Solstice, ex-Egyptian President Mubarak died. . . . Now, the Shenzhou-9 lands and a new Egyptian president takes the oath of office.
Dont' forget, Scotty's ashes were taken up about a week earlier on SpaceX's "Falcon 9" rocket.
If you're asking "Why the Space and Death connection? And what's with all the nines?" then a super-quick lesson is in oder so that we're all on the same page:
The falcon riding his divine vessel into the stars.
The falcon, Atum-Ra was also seen as the first being and the originator of the Ennead: The Ennead (Ancient Greek: ἐννεάς, meaning a collection of nine things) was a group of nine deities in Egyptian mythology.

"Shenzhou" is variously translated as "Divine Craft"or "Divine Vessel"-- so Shenzhou-9 would be "the Divine Craft of the nine"
I forget, where was the Shenzhou-9 going? Oh yes, it was going to Heaven.

Tiangong-1, literally "Heavenly Palace"
Via BBC: The astronauts, including China's first woman in space, carried out a successful manual docking with the Tiangong-1 laboratory module. ... "Tiangong-1, our home in space, was comfortable and pleasant. We're very proud of our nation," female astronaut Liu Yang said. ... Ms Liu, 33, is a major in China's air force from the central province of Henan. On China's Tencent QQ messaging service, she goes by the name "little Flying Knight"

"She was to be our 'Eve'" (another "Divine Vessel")
(Mask Of God: The Head Pool)

This idea of a new Eve, who is a "little flying knight", docking with Heaven, amid all this other madness, is . . . well, madness. Recall the events that we've covered in parts 1-4 of this series, where the SpaceX docking with ISiS played out with the british royals and the eclipse and so much more.
 Well, yesterday's Drudge spead featured an eclipse resonating headline...
...and, just below that, the Madonna's child...
...bringing it all full circle:

Paul McCartney's due to play the London Olympics, I wonder if he'll be doing a version of Lady Madonna.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great Gig in the Sky Part 4: Age of Apocalypse (UPDATES)

(Originally posted June 14th, see updates at bottom)
At the end of Part 3 we had just learned that the 2012 Olympic games were to feature a recreation of Glastonbury Tor, also known as Avalon, the final resting place of King Arthur. We saw that this seemed to tie in with an opening to "the underworld." 
I posted that two days ago. Yesterday (a day later) my wife and I wrapped up our two month marathon of watching the full Twin Peaks series (which I had never seen in its entirety and hadn't seen any of since it first aired in the 90s). While the characters are closing in on the entrance to the Black Lodge--a sort of hellish underworld...
...imagine my surprise when they find their entrance to be a place called "Glastonbury Grove"--so named for its English counterpart!

With a sync like a fu3king smack in the face, there's no doubt that we're on the right track. Trust me, there's a ton more. No choice now, let's go into the underworld and see what's there . . .
In Twin Peaks, once Dale Cooper enters the Black Lodge, he finds himself confronted with a version of the Venus de Milo, evoking the recent Venus Transit and Goro Adachi's focus on the symbolism within.
As he notes, the Venus pentagram is also found at the center of the apple.
Today Obama came to the Big Apple, visiting the WTC, and looked into the Dead-Pools (9/11's new alchemical baths [see also: 9/11's old alchemical baths]) with a misplaced laugh.
Obama gets a big laugh overlooking the Dead Pools (video)
President Obama and the First Lady arrived at Ground Zero Thursday to review the reconstruction effort and sign their names on one of the final steel beams to be added to the One World Trade Center tower. After Air Force One landed in Queens, the First Couple took a helicopter into Manhattan and then a motorcade ride through police-barricaded streets over to Ground Zero, pulling in a few minutes before 6 p.m. A White House official said they would be venturing up to the 22nd floor of the tower, due to be the Western Hemisphere's tallest skyscraper, at a symbolic 1,776 feet, when it is completed.

Of course, Obama travels to the 22nd floor or "22 Story". Not only does this evoke another Tarot narrative (with the 22 Trumps) but another 9/11-resonating 22nd floor that also happens to be a gateway to a sort of hellish underworld. I'm speaking, of course, of Ghostbusters.
22nd Floor in Ghostbusters opens upon this:
Via Brizdazz/Darren, the 2012 London Olympic stadium lights...
...very subtle.
I say Ghostbusters resonated with 9/11 for many reasons. For one, there's this scene where they start to discuss a building specifically designed to open a gateway, then they mention the Sixth Seal and the camera pans to the WTC...
...recall that Osama, the theoretical perpetrator of 9/11, was killed by Seal Team Six.
This ridiculous image made the rounds shortly after.

I've also written a number of times that I view 9/11 as an enactment of the myth of Osiris and Isis, with Manhattan island as the severed phallus of Osiris inseminating the Statue of Liberty (Isis) which is under that cloud of 9/11 "smoke"...
...Ghostbusters again entrains with the castrated Osiris, with the classic "Dickless" scene...
...and makes the foreshadowing rather explicit in Ghostbusters 2, where they ponder whether "Liberty is naked under her toga" (Isis unveiled) and then proceed to circle-jerk and bukkake all over the goddess to ignite the Lamp Oil in her Torch...

The gateway in this case is everyone's favorite "9/11 Stargate" which may well be the same thing as "the Aeon of Horus." Back in March I showed how the constellation of Horus was rising directly over the WTC site as the events of 9/11 unfolded...
Since then I've also confirmed something else. (Truth be told, I was kinda sitting on this one for the new book, but there's a lot going on right now and I think everyone's cards need to be on the table.) Not only is Horus above in the sky, but he is below, directly in line with all this:

Now you know why I've been so focused on Goro's "Transit Ritual"--because it is happening in a very very powerful location (for all the obvious reasons and then some).
Even though it seems that everyday many of us are picking up on the same energetic cues, and I often feel like I am beyond being surprised by strange synchronicities, I was stunned when Goro drew attention to the Planet of the Apes/Cloverfield connection in all this.
I had also been looking into this because, with our little holy Egyptian trinity in place, I wondered if there was a Set connection. You see, in the mythology, Isis is decapitated during the fight between Horus and Set. This puts Kotze's Escape from New York 9/11 Stargate into a bit of a new context.

In 1995 specifically, there were two more pieces of media that portrayed Isis decapitations.

There is a new Batman movie about to come out, the third in the current run, and we've been looking at the Obama connection to these . . .
As Obama is everyone's favorite two-faced smiling killer, who also resonates with the shadowy mirror personality again and again, let's recall 1995's Batman Forever, the third Batman movie of that particular run, where we see Tommy Lee Jones' character "Two-Face" crash a helicopter into our fair lady.
(June 1995)
There was an X-Men comic that did something really f-ing similar, but with a fascinating twist. Note that this story came out 4 months before Batman Forever (by DC comics' direct competition). This was a storyline called "The Age of Apocalypse" and was heavily focused on time travel, where someone goes back in time and kills the X-Men's Professor X and a very dark It's a Wonderful Life plays out. The world without Professor X is is a world where all humans are slaves (not unlike Planet of the Apes).
Everything in this alternate timeline is a dark reflection of the world we know. And, in place of The Statue of Liberty is a statue of Apocalypse, the ruler of this world.
The word "Apocalypse" means "lifting the veil" so putting Apocalypse in the place of Liberty/Isis is literally an "Isis Unveiled"!

I've been thinking about this 1995 "Age of Apocalypse" comic for a few months, but a specific detail from the new Olympic games announcement brought it back to mind: "Boyle had already revealed that the three-hour opening ceremony would be titled Isles of Wonder, a title based on a speech by Caliban in Shakespeare's The Tempest that will be referenced throughout the four ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games." Wikipedia tells us that "The name Caliban is an anagram of the Spanish word canibal (Carib people), the source of cannibal in English. The character may be seen as a satire on 'Noble cannibal' from Montaigne's Essays (A.30, 'Of Cannibals')... Alternatively the name may originate from the Arabic word for 'wild dog'." Consider that with all the Cannibal stories in the news and the recent Sirius (Wild Dog) rituals we've noted. Caliban is also a Marvel Comics character, who is a member of the "Morlocks", and lives in the sewers under Manhattan (reinforcing the Olympic "Underworld" connection). In the comics, we learn that Caliban was genetically engineered by the guy standing in the eye of Liberty/Apocalypse above, who walks out of the eye leaving a bomb behind. Again, even in this alternate universe, we see this version of Liberty get decapitated.
(Factor-X #1, March 1995) 

What makes this all the more intriguing is that the Statue of Liberty is well known to be a stand-in for Isis, but the Apocalypse character, back in a 1988 comic, revealed himself  as Set, Osiris' brother and slayer!

So here we are. We've found Osiris, Isis and Horus and now an alternate world with Set at the same location. But this is just a stupid comic from 1995, why should that matter? Well, it matters because when the X-Men restore the timeline and undo the hellish mirror world of the "Age of Apocalypse", many of the characters find themselves transported to a space station called AVALON!  [remember, Avalon and Glastonbury are the same thing]

This is mind blowing when we realize that in our current reality there is a space station, named for Isis, that is performing a ritual that is syncing it with Avalon (also known as Glastonbury)!
And, my watching the same story play out on Twin Peaks at the same time, enforces this idea. In Twin Peaks, Glastonbury Grove is the "opening to a gateway" to another world and, in the show, is also connected to deep space research and Project Bluebook.

There's so much more. Check back soon. 

UPDATE (6/16 12:27PM)

(Shenzhou is variously translated as "Divine Craft", "Divine Vessel")

A Saudi heir dies (KingKill) while "Shenzhou 9", the craft of the Divine 9, launches. That should remind everyone that Scotty's ashes were just taken up on this pivotal SpaceX launch (on the "Falcon 9" rocket)...
 ...and, more specifically, it should remind everyone of this:
(The Orion correlation theory was first put forward by Robert Bauval in 1983. One night, while working in Saudi Arabia...)


UPDATE (6/17 3:05PM)
This is what I'm talking about. This is exactly what I'm talking about.
Also, note that many of the Cannibal stories are from people high on "BATH Salts"
(see Lambspring 13 & 14)

UPDATE (6/20 1:19AM)
Well, for those playing along at home, that makes another King down.
The suggestion I was making with the pyramid star shafts was their use in sending Egyptian kings off to the next world and Mubarak, as the modern day King of Egypt, went out with the New Moon on the eve of the solstice. Astrologically, his death has all the precision of the Heaven's Gate suicide cult.
And, as Sibyl points out, he even fills the watery deathbed quotient by dying in an Arab "Spring"


UPDATE (6/21 9:27AM)
I saw Maya Alexis this solstice morning and she asked me if I had seen the recent NY Post cover with Obama taking the place of Liberty. I said I had not and quickly set about tracking it down when I got home. Absolutely stunning timing.
Recall also:

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