Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wives of Henry VIII (UPDATES)

Isis Unveiled

Been thinking a lot about and having many syncs pointing in the direction of Henry VIII and his many killed wives. Then I see that there is a movie coming out called "Horrid Henry" featuring a purple "bloody" handprint...
...same as the one we saw just before the Osama KingKill.
Interesting to note that the recent Casey Anthony trial was compared to the OJ Simpson trial which was very much about the "Bloody Glove."

We wrote about all the ways the April KingKill event was a play on the Obama/Osama "devil twin" motif, so this movie about Saddam's Princely Son coming out around the same time as "Horrid Henry" is a bit foreboding.
Though, seeing him presented as the Golden Child of the New Aeon adds an interesting twist to the mix.

If you remember all the language around the Osama/Obama KingKill, there was a lot of stuff that dealt with the Cat King .... or Kat and the future King.
Marilyn, herself no stranger to the KingKill.
A very merry Un-Birthday

So, now Kat/Kate is being compared to Marilyn, who was compared with Kate's mother-in-law in a previous mega-ritual event.
Prince Charles wore black on his wedding day, seeming to indicate that Diana would die during the coniunctio of the Nigredo before being resurrected as Kate Middleton. (This appears to be a separate alchemical cycle, going on concurrently with our post-9/11 cycle.) And while the wedding of Diana and Charles was black, Prince William wore red, as if to proclaim indisputably that the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate represented the final coniunctio of the Rubedo stage.
-Eleleth, from his SyncBook piece.
Remember, we also just saw Tori Spelling crash her car while trying to outrun the paparazzi (echoing the Diana crash). As we've mentioned, Torii is literally our Japanese Stargate (that was to come out of the KingKill).

Eleleth emailed me this image from a Japanese anime he had been writing about over on MaskOfGod.
Adding, "like clockwork, sync moves to pull the pieces together. She's the one I called the "bride" (Malkuth) right before Kat had her dress mishap. Weird. She (Asuka) dies at the bottom of a lake (before her resurrection). The sync is so exact that she (Asuka Langley) appears on an aircraft carrier."

I thought back to the opening lines of the Big Lebowski (spoken by Sam Elliot aka The Stranger, who we discussed in the April 28th KK post)...
(Click here if you can't make out the text)

And I remembered this headline I had saved from the Royal Wedding day that I knew would come back into play.

Drudge top headline 7/14 echoes Monroe

(Then this on 7/18, harkening back to this)

Isis Unveiled indeed.

"You talk about your woman, I wish you could see mine."


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Merging Memes: Putting the Pieces Together

In the June 11th post, I showed the Cookie Monster stepping through the "death as Stargate"
Then on June 18th, the Cookie Monster died (as Clarence Clemons).
Two days later, we're looking at flooding in Nebraska, that caused a nuclear power plant meltdown.
When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him.
Now the nuke motif is going to keep coming up, so just sorta keep that in mind.

But, since I haven't had the chance to post lately, I just want to toss out a few other bits of the patterns we've been a sync log, if nothing else.

We had all the Osama/Obama Cat-King stuff, so I said I'd be looking at June 14th because this show was premiering:
While I didn't have enough time to seek out news or anything, I did notice this little combo show up on Drudge that same day:
Then, as I thought more about the Royal Wedding and the "Once and Future King" getting married to a CAT, the strange Baal/Bael connector made a bit more sense (if any of this makes sense).

As you may recall, next up was "Falling Skies"
The week from the Pentecost to the airing of "Falling Skies" (which I said should be an interesting week) had a crazy amount of AirPlane accidents. I should have kept better records and given you a list of links, but you can look it up. There was the blimp crash pictured above. There was one here in NY (though I think it was Upstate New York). There was a plane on the west coast with massive engine trouble. There were Airlines shut down in OZ due to volcanic ash and a Russian plane crash killing Nuclear scientists.
This is amazing, because the last time I remember Volcanic Ash shutting down Airlines, there was another Russian plane crash that killed an important figure...the Polish President (KingKill2010?). We wrote about that on April 28th 2010 (Note: our RoyalWedding/KingKill post was April 28th 2011).

Another recent theme here has been the merging of "Heaven" & "Hell" or "The Sacred" & "The Profane" or "Stargates" or whatever term suits you best. We called it "Dead Rise from the Watery Underworld, Angels and Stars Fall from Heaven"

Right on time, Zahi raises an ancient "Sun Ship"
Recall these other parts of that pattern:
Anchor-wearing Green Man in his Blimp, about to fall...along with "the Stars"

For me, this is where things are getting interesting, and where all the memes start to merge.
The falling stars, the passing of Elenin, and the connection to "Wormwood." As we've discussed many times, Wormwood is the "falling star" of Revelation. Chernobyl means "Wormwood" tying in perfectly with all the Nuke language. Plus Wormwood is the psychoactive ingredient in Absinthe, tying in perfectly with our look at Psychedelic Frogs. ...All of which imply the opening of our Stargate or merging of polarities.
Drudge, the day of the asteroid passing:

Even the "portal" has a nuke connection, as it is being attributed to an ICBM missile, but I also see this pairing as hinting to our "Japanese" Stargate (from Contact)

- - -
....Much more to come, please forgive the delays. However, I will say that the time spent away from tracking the patterns has given me more time to process the information and what it means. This has been valuable time spent and will ultimately lead to a better presentation of the information here on the blog. It's not just about collecting the pieces, but also putting the pieces together.



Saturday, July 2, 2011

Calm before the storm...

If you're wondering why I haven't had time to post lately, here's a hint:

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