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Deconstructing December's Dismemberment PT4 (UPDATED)

Saturday, I participated in a wonderful conference call with Kevin @Indradhanush42, Will @satoriallme, and Jim @syncwinnipeg. Before we begin, I want to thank them for their friendship and for tipping me off to some of the Starman stuff and reminding me of the September "Disclosure conference."

Okay, so I ended PT3 of this series with a connection between the OZ-resonating bottle of perfume featured in Watchmen and the circled "N" logo of Nirdlinger's department store inThe Man Who Wasn't There.
Since TheSyncWhole crew is also on the patterns with Hair/Hare, Will mentions that in the movie Starman, "the alien finds a lock of hair and uses it to clone a new body." I remembered that as a plot device from one of the Superman movies, but none of us remember which. It turns out it was Superman4 - and what would you guess the alien clone made from Superman's hair wears as the logo on his costume?
Yup. Now this movie looks terrible, but judging by the trailer it's filled with all sorts of pertinent syncs. From the dismemberment-entraining Gene HACK-MAN to the theme of DIS-ARM-ament, we also get an upside down Statue of Liberty (Isis). I had just done a post on turning NY upside down that was all about the union of Isis and Osiris. There seems to be much of that about. Read on.

Now Wiki tells us how Superman4 wraps up:
Superman lures Nuclear Man into an elevator, trapping and then depositing him on the dark side of the Moon. As the sun rises, Nuclear Man breaks free due to a crack in the elevator doors and Superman is forced once again to defend himself. At the end of the battle, it appears as though Superman has been defeated, and he is driven into the moon's surface by his opponent.
Superman frees himself from the moon's surface and pushes it out of its orbit, casting Earth into an eclipse which nullifies Nuclear Man's powers.
Really? Superman pushes the Moon into an eclipse? You know we're about to have an eclipse, a particularly interesting one:
The eclipse will peak here in NYC at exactly 3:17Am. Remember, 317 is the number associated with Osiris, Egypt's dismembered god. I mean, that right there is enough to blow my mind. Then it ends at 5:01, giving us the 3x17=51, we've looked at many times before. Oh, but there's more.
So, this eclipse is all sorts of special because it occurs in conjunction with the Winter Solstice (which hasn't happened in over 350 years), it's on the mirror date of 12/21, it's also happening along with a meteor shower AND there's one guy who is making the rounds saying this is "probably the real Mayan Calendar end-date, not 2012."
And, by the by, we just got some new images of the Dark Side of the Moon released from our friends at NASA. This is what they claim was the result of bombing the moon:
Are they doctored images? Don't ask me. I only know that they're pretty in a lava-lamp sort of way and that the idea of "bombing" the dark side of the moon goes hand in hand with what we're talking about here.
Let's also realize that the band Rush has an album with a Starman logo that plays with the same mirror date.
There's also this DC Starman comic character (actually there were a bunch of DC Starman variations but that's just DC, they're unoriginal). This one fought Superman:
And guess what? He dies at the hand of a villain named Eclipso. Go figure.
Now, check out how the Starman movie poster syncs with the poster for Stardust (particularly the logos) both depicting a falling star in the letter "A"
"This summer a Star Falls. The Chase begins."

I have a Chase sync that may become important at a later date, but at the moment I want to focus on "A Star Falls" because for the entire month of December I've been syncing with falling stars. And they keep coming up in connection with this dismemberment thing we're all looking at.

Travel back in time with me to December 4th. My family wanted to take my niece to Macy's to see Santa. I mustered all my inner peace and agreed to go, though shopping centers make me ill. Outside, on 33rd street, I see an alignment that I wish I had a photo of. It was an ad on the side of a phonebooth (echoing Superman) that was for some extreme sports something or other. It made a big X. Beyond that phone ad the next thing in my line of sight was a store advertising the new Donkey Kong game that's been really resonating for me since that night we all spoke on Tinfoil's radio show. I see that the two spears create an X in the logo.
The two X's in my line of sight highlighted eachother and made me think "X marks the spot." This was, of course, before TheSyncWhole brought in the whole Shake-A-Spear angle and their doing so just confirmed the importance of this sync for me. Also on this cover we can see the smoking volcano - which is also a scene in Superman4 and something we'd looked at in our Smoke Signals study. Also note that the smoke signals study led into the Flaming Hare/Hair pattern and (though it looks staged) a model's hair caught on fire at P Diddy's party this week. We now go from P Diddy to Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's sidekick seen under the crossing X of the spears.
Also note the Rhinoceros in the lower left. He becomes important.
Here's another famous Rhino in the X or the Red Cross-Hair (pentecost flames?):
See Redy or Not at TheSyncWhole for more on how the color Red preceded "Dismembered December"

Back to December 4th, we go into Macy's, watch a terrible terrible terrible puppet show reenacting the movie Miracle on 34th Street ("Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause"), then take our photos with Santa and leave.
Melissa and I had to pack since we were leaving for Virginia the next morning. I find this old dishtowel that I had never seen before with cute cartoon characters on it. I ask what they are and Melissa tells me about Moomins. She says she had a movie of theirs when she was a kid where they're running from a giant comet about to destroy their world. Yeah.

We look online and could only find video of the original cartoon in Finnish, and since neither of us speak Finnish, we didn't watch it. Got you a screen cap though:

Though this dishtowel was old, it turns out they just wrapped up a brand spanking new Moomins movie. A 2010 remake of the kids cartoon about "the end of the world." Watch the trailer here if you're interested. Since, when I first met Melissa I told her she looked like Bjork, I'd rather show you Bjork's music video from the movie:
Once in Virginia we look for the original Moomins cartoon and it's not in her parents house. Her mom says she thinks it was lent out to a family friend. I'm disappointed because I wanted to see what I expected to be a sync-filled cartoon about falling stars/comets/etc. I had been thinking a lot about these once I realized that Neo (god/messiah figure) from The Matrix, is also the abbreviation for Near Earth Objects and I had written a scene into Happy Creatures where a falling asteroid (N.E.O.) is seen as a returning apocalyptic "God" by many people. But, no Moomins. Gotta move on, right? So her little sisters ask if we can watch Matilda, a movie they had borrowed from the library.
Guess what Matilda's last name is? Freaking Wormwood! Wormwood, you know, the "star that falls" and begins the apocalyptic Book of Revelation.
I wanted falling stars, I got them.
As I've pointed out before, Wormwood is also a known hallucinogenic plant (and what I think is the real reason the author of Revelation starts seeing the weirdness he does after Wormwood drops). Michael from Gosporn also taught me that Chernobyl means Wormwood.

Oh, and get this, the little girl who plays the telekenetic Neo-resonating Matilda Wormwood - who also makes a globe spin backwards like Superman - is named Mara Wilson (MW) and she was also the star of another movie: Miracle on 34th street.

At this point, my head is spinning like the globe. Then I realize that the guy who Directed Matilda and who plays her father, Daddy Wormwood, is Danny DeVito.
From "Falling Star" to Panspermia we go... DeVito voiced Phil, the PAN goat in Disney's Hercules:
Speaking of Panspermia, this screen grab from RedIce's newsfeed (with a nice Shake-spear sync while we're at it) makes the connection between Dismemberment and Falling Stars and even hints at PANspermia:
Does DeVito sync with the Rhino by any chance? "Get ready for an unexpected hit"
Then, when I got home to NY, I see this news story about Chernobyl/Wormwood:

So are we talking about Falling (Alien) Star(Men) or Nuclear Disasters? Both apparently.
A year after the Norway Spiral (itself literally "a Blue Beam," if you want to read into that at all), we're getting all these strange attractors to Superman4, Watchmen, and 2010: Year We Make Contact and on and on. What do all these all have in common? Well, they're all basically telling the same story about aliens preventing atomic war.
Superman dis-arming the nuke by grabbing the rhino-like nose-cone
"Got your nose!"

Kevin pointed out that Alien nuclear disarmament syncs with the "Military witnesses of UFOs over Nuclear sites" news conference that was held back in September. The full press conference is available on YouTube.
There was also a report just a few days ago of Israel "shooting down a UFO" over a nuke site.

What does all this mean? I don't claim to know. Does it point to something like a Project Blue Beam script? Eh, maybe. I kinda doubt it though. But I'm very open to the idea of this Eclipse/Solstice/Meteor Shower (Falling Stars) combo, now just hours away, being "Something Wonderful" as Dave Bowman might say.

I like how everything about this celestial event brings the dismembered Osiris into alignment with his Moon goddess. And if you recall the myth, Osiris is found in a box at the base of a tree:
Their brother Set, immensely jealous of their powers, murdered Osiris so he could usurp the throne.
Set did this by tricking Osiris into stepping into a beautiful box made of cedar, ebony and ivory that he had ordered built to fit only Osiris. Set then sealed it up to become a coffin and threw it into the river. The river carried the box out to sea; it washed up in another country, resting in the upper boughs of a tamarisk tree when the waters receded.
As time passed, the branches covered the box, encapsulating the god in his coffin in the trunk of the tree.
What's waiting to be unwrapped in the box under our tree this year?
If dis-armament is pointing towards an end to war - if we get Peace on Earth instead of Piece on Earth - I'd be pretty happy. If we use our power to manifest goodness in this world then we have a much easier and enjoyable road to travel on. But even hardship is not without its rewards. If, for any reason, we get coal in our stockings - remember that coal turns to diamonds when given enough time.

PS: In celebration of alignment, we're releasing the first issue of our Synchronistic Graphic Novel, Squares That Touch, as a free pdf comic. If that sounds like the kind of thing you'd enjoy, click here.

UPDATES (12/21)
Will confirms the Superman4 & 2010 connection:
Hmm. "Something wonderful" indeed.
Yesterday we saw North Korea back away from their threatened nuclear response to South Korea's drill and today the US senate voted to end debate on the new "Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty" which they call START, but I don't know where they're getting the extra "T." A true acronym would be SART which is just a jumbled STAR (or RATS as Jim would say).

This morning I was also greeted with "New evidence that space rocks may have seeded life on Earth."

Ever curiouser and curiouser.
Now last night during the eclipse, I was ever so pleased to notice that from my rooftop vantage point the eclipse took place right over my neighbors chimney. The chimney can be a symbolic volcano or we can go to the more obvious portal for Santa/Satan/Set to put Osiris' box under a tree. For me, I thought of it as the StarCup and decided to snap a picture.
This is with no flash so I had to turn up the contrast:
I tried another photo with a flash and I got all these strange light orbs in the pic. They appeared in most (but not all) of the photos and look very three-dimensional. They're also circumpuncts if you want to read into that at all. ("Coffee+Circumpunct=SmileyFace")
Here's one with the contrast turned way up:
I told myself these are just dust particles and I think I still believe that. I found some photos I took with the same camera in a dusty basement and in one (but only one) there are the exact same shapes. In all the pictures I took where these shapes appeared, they look just like the infamous "ufos" in the NASA tether footage.
Now, NASA says these shapes are "space debris" and "ice particles" (though in this youtube video, someone upped the contrast and you can see some of them change direction and make u-turns and such - pretty interesting, actually.)

But okay, let's assume those are dust particles floating about on my roof. I do live in NYC, so it's a safe bet to say there's crap floating around in my air. Okay. However, this other photo kinda makes me wonder.
Here's the full photo so you can see that nothing is moving or blurred in the image except for that weird thing at the top.
Even the floating orb/donut thing isn't blurry as we can see in this crop:
This is the best image I can put on blogspot. I don't know if you can see it, but there's a pretty distinct shape on the right side of that motion blur.
If anyone is interested or wants to be helpful to me or knows anything about photo enhancement or whatever, I hosted the full 2.5MB photo on my website and you can download it here. There's definitely something in that photo. I'm not quite sure what it is and I'm not one to jump to conclusions, but I'd love any input you folks might have. If someone is really hardup for this sort of thing, I'd even give you the entire photo set.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deconstructing December's Dismemberment PT3

Last month, Michael from Gosporn sent me this photo in an email with the message "coffee + circumpunct = smiley face"
He was inspired by the coffee cup next to the "tear in the fabric of space" we looked at in the K2 SyncStrom Goes POP! post.
I ended PT1 of this series with the note that I've been caught in a pattern where smiley faces keep coming up as connected to stargates or wormholes.

In Part2 of this series, we looked at some of Terry Gilliam's films as they connect to stargates and revisited the idea of Heath Ledger as the Hanged Man.
Recall that, in Gilliam's Dr. Parnassus, Ledger is found with a rope around his neck and a Hanged Man Tarot card in his pocket:
Ledger is found by Parnassus' crew, which includes Verne Troyer, the ever-present microcosm or MiniMe.
Recalling TheSyncWhole's Severed Fist post, Gilliam had two films produced by George Harrison's film company, HAND Made Films, which even has a dismembered Hand as its logo.
One of these films was Life of Brian, which we looked at in Pt2.
The other is Time Bandits - and it stars a bunch of MiniWe's, including Kenny Baker, who played R2D2. Aside from the obvious hand-severing StarWars sync, there's a personal connection here for me. Years ago I did a comic with the uber-talented Jeff Plotkin where Kenny Baker is a bad-guy that teleports me, Alan, into a farflung future. In the story, Kenny Baker was the source of my time-travel (getting me lost in the time stream, actually). In the end, he is defeated by my ex-girlfriend, Rosa (herself an awesome artist - go check out her out). Weirder still, her birthday is the same day as the Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse.
Here's two pages from the comic just for kicks. I had to dig them out so I hope you enjoy em.
Anyway, I decided to rewatch Time Bandits last week and I had my mind sufficiently blown.
If you've never seen it, Imdb gives us this summary:
Kevin, an imaginative child, goes on a time-travelling adventure with a bunch of treasure-hunting dwarves, who have "borrowed" a map to the Universe's time holes from The Supreme Being.
About 5-10 minutes in, this scene gives us a shot of the television with a nice double-sync, where a Hanged Man has one of his limbs highlighted by a cast on his leg. So we know something important is about to happen.
Kevin turns away from the TV show his parents are watching and goes up into his room to await more high weirdness. What do I spy on the wall next to his bed? A smiley face! There is even something red dangling in front of the smiley face, giving us the bloodstained smile that was so iconic from the Watchmen comics. That'll be important later so keep that in mind.
Of course, confirming the smile=stargate pattern, right after we see the smiley face, a "tear in the fabric of space" opens up and brings all the MiniWe's into Kevin's room. He gets pushed up against the wall and we see a picture of a knight, just like the one that appeared in his room the evening prior. The knight is what first suggested that there was a "time hole" in his room . This syncs with Michael's look at the time-traveling Mark Twain book, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court.
That last shot is (perhaps intentionally) in direct resonance with the Scott Pilgrim stargate that Eleleth examined on his blog.
But okay, maybe there's only so many ways to draw a stargate. But, if you want weird, as soon as the Time Bandits pass through the StarGate, the very next thing we see is a freaking goose and duck!
...See TheSyncWhole's Goose is Loose and my New York Duck posts as well as Eleleth's Donald Duck obsession - and I use that word affectionately :)
To make it sync-in, the falling Time Bandits actually land directly on our feathered friends.
So now they start explaining about how the map they have shows the locations of all the stargates or time holes or tears in the fabric of space or whatever term fits you best.
Something about all the map talk reminded me of a film I hadn't seen since it first came out, The Blair Witch Project. One of the few things I remember about that movie was when one of the guys intentionally throws their map into a river. Though it kills them in the end, the tossing away of the map actually allows the Blair Witch filmmakers to find the object of their original search. I forget all about Time Bandits, which is still playing on my TV, and get lost in a metaphysical question.
Something I keep thinking that all our synchronicity studies may be doing is mapping out the fractal nature of time and space. It's as if we are drawing up a map, perhaps even the one the Time Bandits hold. Yet, we have also come to understand that there is a natural flow to the universe. So, I start wondering if we should be following our fractal-maps or if we should just let the river carry us to our destination.

BAM! One of the Time Bandits says:
We all have those friends who "want to meet somebody" and wonder why they never find love. Isn't it true that one only finds love when they're not looking for it? Maybe that applies to everything. Maybe us grail searchers, if I may use that term poetically, can learn a lesson from that. I don't know what that means to any of you or how we can apply that in a practical fashion, I'm just cluing you in to the answer the universe gave me when I asked it something.

Just to quickly log the sync, the characters follow the river and it takes them to where they meet Napoleon. He's watching a puppet show (which ties in nicely with the hand-puppet as severed-hand connection made at TheSyncWhole). He also makes a point of telling them how tall he is, which is 5 feet 1 inch - giving us the 51 (3x17) we find associated with Osiris, Egypt's green-skinned dismembered god.
They next travel to where they meet another Green Man, Robin Hood - and the sync is cemented as they give Robin Hood the treasure they stole from the 5'1" Napoleon.

Robin Hood's thieves catch the Time Bandits in a snare trap (It's A Trap!) and all the MiniWe's are hanging upside down, bringing us back to the Hanged Man.
The Time Bandits try to convince the thieves that they are ruthless, and so are asked a few questions to prove their ruthlessness. Question number one: Would you...
Question number two: "Pick teeth from blind old ladies?"
You may recall that teeth were mentioned in the other post where I posted some of Jeff Plotkin's artwork.
Teeth are also brought up in connection with Smiley Faces in Steve Wilner's Cracks In The Wall #7. I highly recommend this podcast.

Question number three:
Ah, here we go. Dwarves hanging upside down being asked about children's toys. Not only did I do a post about "Toys" directly after getting that photo from Michael, but the SyncWhole team connected these two movie posters to the Decemberment theme:

And yes, that's Leslie Nielsen as Santa, who we already connected to George Harrison and their strange Stargate attraction. Remember, Harrison produced Time Bandits and recording music for it.
33 and 1/3: Reflection over face? Check. Baby bump? Check. Hey! You sunk my monolith.

But, let's back up a second. Gnomeo and Juliet?
In TheSyncWhole's most recent post, a connection is made between Shakespeare and crashing through windows. Specifically, they make reference to a Woody Allen film where Charlize Theron distracts the driver of a car (by making sexual passes at him while he's driving) and causes him to crash.
I remembered that the same thing happens in The Man Who Wasn't There, when Scarlett Johansson distracts Billy Bob Thorton. (Let's also note that they connect Theron to the Norse god Thor and Billy Bob's name actually is THORton.)
But, as to the Shakespeare-Broken Window thing, in Man Who Wasn't There, Thorton sits in front of a window talking to the man who he will later kill by spearing him through the neck! The character's name is Big Dave (Dave Bowman?) and he offers Thorton a cigar. He calls the cigars "Romeo and Juliet."
Now, let's examine that shot, cause there's a lot in there.
The first thing I noticed is that the light fixtures on the ceiling look a lot like the BatMan: Dark Knight logo. Remember, they are sitting in front of a glass window.
He's saying "Romeo and Juliet," echoing our hanged man...
...And of course we already know who he is.

Then I notice that the "N" in the circle, here it is again:
Is reminiscent of the perfume bottle showcased in Watchmen.
It's explained that the Thorton's wife, who Big Dave is sleeping with, works at this highlighted "N" department store so that she can get a discount on the perfume she likes.
Many of us have been toying with the Mars/Arms wordplay. Well, in Watchmen, that perfume bottle heralds a teleportation to Mars by a man with a circumpunct on his forehead, Dr Manhattan.
"coffee + circumpunct = smiley face"
Now, once Big Dave and Thorton get into a fight, Thorton is pressed up against that window they were smoking in front of earlier. The glass cracks (echoing the Charlize Theron broken window).
This also echoes the opening scene to Watchmen, where a man wearing a smiley face button gets thrown through a window...
...getting that red mark over the smile which became Watchmen's trademark.
Although, it seems someone beat Alan Moore to the punch. That red mark over the smiley face was hiding in the corner of Kevin's room in Time Bandits. And it appeared just before he was taken through a "tear in the fabric of space."
The question is, are we witnessing a window being opened right now? What kind of future can we see on the other side? I, for one, see a bright tomorrow. I'm just hoping it doesn't take a crash to carry us across.
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