Sunday, June 27, 2010

Smoke Signals Pt 3 (Sync Log)

I have been keeping track of the idea that "smoke signals" are intimately connected to internet communication (or any form of communication for that matter). In our first smoke signal post, we saw how the Austin IRS plane crash happened at the Echelon building. In the second Smoke Signal post, we saw how the group of 300 "cyber security threat" speech coincided with the Icelandic volcano.

So I've been keeping an eye open for this sort of thing and just want to update everyone that shortly before Friday's news of an "Internet Kill Switch," I had logged a story about a giant sandstorm in China.

This is basically just a log... And a reminder for everyone keep your eyes open.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's animal attraction: Snakes, Tigers, Rats and Flies

I'm sure very few would disagree with the idea that, at its core, the website run by Matt Drudge is a propaganda tool. As are all news sites and agencies and so on. All culture creators are meme generators - hoping to steer us towards their perspective or scheme - whether nefarious or not. And we should remember that Obama himself is a propagandist, as are his handlers. So we have conflicting meme generators at the two-party level - along with larger cooperative meme generators in the upper echelons of the one-party system.
However, what happens when the symbols used by propagandists take on a life of their own? Can those symbols and their synchronistic interpretations be trusted based on their source? I think (or hope) we're getting good enough at what we do that we can see through a lot of the BS and find the meta story. Let's at least try.

The Snake:
Now, it's no surprise that Drudge would try and associate Obama with the snake. To most people, it's a common symbol for a deceiver. But, familiarizing ourselves with broader archetypes, can we find a deeper meaning in this?
From the fascinating placement of Holder's head in the caduceus (left side) to the the headline (on the top right) under the photo of Obama getting on Airforce One. It reads: "A Snakebit President." And he's getting on a plane. Can we say "Snakes on a Plane?"

The Tiger:
Then there's Tiger Woods (middle bottom of the same Drudge front page) and a story about his increasing troubles on the golf course and his fading glory. I've been seeing a lot of the implied connection between Obama and Tiger. They've both been refereed to as "historic" because they are both bi-racial men that that have been elevated to the top of their ladders in arenas that are usually dominated by white men. And, especially since the BP spill began, we've been seeing a lot of headlines about Obama playing golf. Now, the obvious connection is to Tiger's sex scandal since Obama is already associated with the Clintons - this could be a propagandist pushing a mental image of Obama as Clinton via Tiger Woods.
Note the BP "GOLF BALLS" on the upper-left of this older screenshot

Or is it meant to be a sign of impotence? After being made into a sexual deviant in the eyes of the press, the same media now castrates Tiger with captions like the one at top reading, "Tiger Whines: 'The holes are much different....bunkering much different...It was so bouncy out there'"
Aside from the obvious sexual innuendo, his story is below a G20 headline with a photo of a banner reading "$173 Billion a year saved..." So we have an anagram for the castrated Osiris' 317 above the Tiger that can't get it in the hole.
Or could it be that Tiger's anti-climactic return to golf (and we should ask, "is he taking a dive?") is to foster the idea of a role-model that didn't quite live up to his promised potential? Which wouldn't be off considering Obama is following/enhancing Bush practices (and we should ask, "is he taking a dive?")
But we also know that 2010 is the year of the Tiger, and it has been a powerful symbol all year.

The Rat:
Back in May, a rat scurried into view while Obama spoke at the White House.
Like snakes, rats are not good things for politicians to be associated with. However, 2008 was the year of that rat, and that was the year that saw the man rise to power.

The Fly:
Today, Drudge ran a "Lord of the Flies" headline after a fly settled on Obama's face during a speech. I don't mean to single Drudge out on this one: The original photo is on Yahoo and I'm sure there will be many such headlines tomorrow. But that's an interesting book to be connected to.
Consider a similar connection was made in this 2009 video, dubbing him "President of the Flies" in a very similar scenario

What meaning, if any, does all this have in the larger picture?
I'm open to any thoughts.

The Al Gore sex scandal is a growing "story" - again, reminders of the Clinton "scandal"

As "JoNaH Hex" movie opens, the news turns us to a "JoHaN Sex" scandal. Then Johan and team "fall to Tigers."

While Obama passes through the G8/Gate to more golf headlines:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Times Square "Bomber" - From Beltane to Summer Solstice

Anyone else find it interesting that on May 1st, the day associated with the Beltane Fire Festival, a car on fire in Times Square re-ignites the push of the "terrorist boogieman"...
Then, on June 21st, the Summer Solstice, and next axle on the Wheel of the Year, the same guy (that ran from authorities) now pleads guilty and claims there's more terrorist attacks on the way?

Oh, and the car was a Nissan. Nice solar logo, no?

A lot of fear getting kicked up - Coincidentally, just in time for a new round of drum-beating against Iran.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flashback: Bees Signal Saturn

We have looked at Saturn a number of times (with an emphasis on its moon Titan) and, as everything seems to do around here, it went hand-in-hand with the bee and honey motifs. Saturn is also the mythological equivalent of Osiris and he's been all over this blog. So allow me to go back to Memorial Day 2010 and cover a story that slipped past my radar...

I've seen a few people mention that the Guatemalan sink hole appeared on day 42 of the BP oil spill (42 being the number of Jupiter and the focus of the SyncWhole blog's study). Well, I just saw someone comment that there was also a swarm of bees on Wall Street that same day!
That was Memorial Day - I guess I missed that story while eating at my MoM's Bee-Bee-Q (Q=17).

So what happened? Tell us oh great ABCDisney...

**Okay, had an issue embedding their player. So click here for the video on Huffington Post.**

Did you get the same ad before the video I got? For the mafia-run Waste Management, another variation on our double-M? And not just any double-M, but a green and yellow one! Crazy.
The bees descended on a restaurant called Cipriani. The name Cipriani means "from Cyprus."
Cyprus takes its name from the Cypress tree.
As per Wiki: "In Greek mythology, the cypress is associated with Artemis. Ancient Roman funerary rites used it extensively. Cupressus sempervirens is the principal cemetery tree in both the Western and Muslim worlds."
That the bees chose to gather on such a place, takes us back to our study of bees as a symbol for death and rebirth.

Further weirdness comes our way as an astute reader at the Huffington Post noted a bee sync:
When we travel over to the NYtimes video page upon the link provided, indeed we get a story about a "House of Bees."
About a minute into the video, there's a shot of a bee hive then the camera tilts up to reveal this image of Saturn:
Now that I'd seen Saturn/Osiris in here, I immediately skipped to 3:17 to see what was waiting. Ah, it's a bee climbing on a man's middle finger.
You know, the finger associated with Saturn:

Solar Nation: Green Sun, Yellow Sun, White Sun

Let's start with a repost of a comment I had left over at the Secret Sun as a sort of sync-log, because I think the question raised will become important.

"I had actually gone back a few months ago and reread those [yellow sun Vs green sun] posts because they were on my mind after rewatching StarGate. Now I know why it seemed so suddenly important to me then. Interesting that the military considers the nuclear option in both the movie and the BP spill.

Something I want you to consider: The BP logo has the yellow sun emerging out of the green sun (Transition from Ra's rule to Aeon of Horus?) But there is a third, white sun, coming out of that. Chew that over and let me know what you come up with."

A quick google of the term "white sun" gives us:

Solar Nation:
Now, there is obviously no short supply of Solar Worship symbols being tossed around just about everywhere you look. From churches to corporate logos to pop music. And this is nothing new. Today's "Empire of the Sun" is yesterday's [Here comes the] "Sun King"

But, I saw an ad for the "Solar on the White House" campaign and knew it would yield interesting synchronistic fruit.
From the veiled Io (myth or moon) which looks like two-thirds of the Green Lantern ring (again harkening to a green sun), to the number 17:

Or what of this sponsor? Three-solar-flags for a logo (3rd reich was solar cult). It's laid out in very plain language in their tagline.
But dig a little deeper and there is this photo on their site. If you consider that a solar-panel is harnessing power from a star... What do you see?
I'll tell you what I see:
Refer to the Secret Sun for more on the dome-obelisk theme.

Now that we're back to Sirius, the Dog-Star, I was reminded of the early days of the Obama presidency, when he made news by getting a dog with "star quality." That made everyone laugh in 2009, but let's look back on that a second.
-Oh, and guess who is winking at us in the ad on the left? If you can't make it out, it's for a book called "Solar."
Now that Obama is alluding to the BP spill as his 9/11, and Chris Knowles has wisely pointed out the importance of water symbolism this year, check out this little forgotten quote:
Mr Kennedy, who owns three water dogs himself, said in January that he was "proud to endorse the Portuguese water dog as the next First Dog of the United States." He said the breed would be a "perfect fit for the Obama Family"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Underwater Pyramids of Vancouver's 17th ML Soccer Team

Found this logo on a design website, This is of course the 17th team to join Canada's MLS. From the hexagons upon a wave to the updated version that could be 3 as above, so 3 below (in a 2-d perspective), or just 3 pyramids, viewed from above (in a 3-d perspective).

And here's the latest from The Secret Sun, just to put things into a timely (4-d?) sync perspective.

Skip to 1:55 in the video to see the three Vancouver pyramids appear underwater.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BP: Ill Wind or Gateway to Atlantis? (UPDATES)

Back on April 12th, I did a post about all the mixed signals found at my local Target. I connected Masonic tracing boards on cereal boxes (which started my honey obsession) to the Norway Spiral and found myself on a tangent about the Lego Atlantis playset (click on "April 12th, I did a post" for all the photos of that set). Eight days later the BP oil spill starts and a whole new can of worms is opened.

When, on day 42 of the BP spill, the guatemalan sink hole opened, the boys at the SyncWhole blog connected it to 3-d and the K2 stargate. I was instantly reminded of a page from the Lego Club Magazine (May-June 2010 issue) that arrived at our home a few weeks after I wrote about the Atlantis playset and a few weeks before the 3-d sink hole. It's a 3-d page devoted to the Atlantis gateway!
Note the trident-bearing "RedMan" in the upper left corner

The captions tell of the gateway being discovered and opened on May 1st - also known as MayDay (birth of the Illuminati and onset of the Beltane Fire Festival). The timestamp on the discovery is 10:34 (an anagram of Pi) and the last timestamp, marking the arrival of the "giant guardian squid," is 11:02 (which is an 11:11 or K2). Cartoon Network premiered the Lego Atlantis movie on January 15th - the same day as the solar eclipse.
The eclipse looks a lot like the SyncWhole study of the StarCup
where Tommy says "syncs are my new legos"

Today Drudge features this photo of 2010 Tiger Woods kissing his cup over the word "star" (with "love child" making the 2010 "star child") and the number 17.

The cover to that issue of the Lego Club Magazine features the "Dagger of Time" from Prince of Persia (see Birds and Bees Pt 5 for more on how this connects to Time Travel and Stargates). The magazine also has a comicbook inset selling some "Lego Universe" video game. The comic takes place aboard a crashing space shuttle when suddenly:
"The LIGHT is taking me to pieces"

So what's happening to cause all that light on the space shuttle? Oh, just the opening of a StarGate, that's all.
Just noticed, the symbol on the space suit could be two Ks back to back (K2 = 1111)
and this Max character wears an M.
M=4 -> 4=1111. His name, Max is M(4)A(1)X(6). 4+1+6=11.

Now I had looked at the movie "Kick Ass" in relation to the honey meme in an April post. The SyncWhole boys brought it back up in connection to the BP oil spill and butterflies in that same StarCup post. I decided to see when the "Kick Ass" dvd comes out and found this article on Filmonic (posted by a guy named Liam!). Liam's article includes a video of "Hit Girl" (who wears HG on her belt -> H=8 -> 8G -> G8 -> Gate) playing with her (MK-tastic?) butterfly knife. But before you can watch the little girl play with a blade, you have to sit through a commercial with other girls and blades - for Venus razors!

"Kick-Ass" connected to the BP spill, you say? Obama drives the point home, saying in a video interview that he's looking for "Ass to Kick" over the spill. ...Whose script are we looking at here?

But I still have the honey connection in the back of my mind when I think of the "Kick-Ass" movie, so imagine my surprise when I stumble across this ad while looking for a picture of the burning oil.
Let's see, we've got "Whale Wars" which I connected to the honey meme in Birds and Bees Pt2, concluding that whales and bees were interchangeable archetypes. Just noticed, the new season starts on the I-Ching resonating June 4th (6/4).
Then the next ad down is for something called BEEkman boys. I see they are pictured under a boat with a pig - which I think is another validation of my Ark-Ham connection between BatMan and Dr. Parnassus in Birds and Bees Pt4.
Oh, and they apparently have a "goat cam." Whatever that is, I'm sure it'll go over well among the circles that are afraid of the Baphomet hiding under their beds. We can also connect that to the SyncWhole's study of the goat/Puck in connection to BP and the World Cup.
The ad ends with "planet green" and a yellow sunflower. Is this the Green Man's planet? Or should we read that as "planet green sun?" Or are we looking at the dichotomy between Horus' yellow sun and Ra's green sun?
BP's logo is a flowering yellow sun inside a green sun. Horus and Ra?

As real-life crews work on BP's deepwater horizon, let's go back to the lego "deep sea salvage crew" that opened the Lego Atlantis "gateway of the squid" on May 1st. Does this somehow play into the Beltane Fire festival?
Well, the Beltane Fire Festival incorporates the Green Man, the Red Men and the White Women/May Queen.

Here's our trident-bearing Red Man from Atlantis (with Heath-Ledger-in-Parnassus-style head markings). Squid's ink=oil?
And our woman in white? Another double-M of course!
When I passed this paper outside a newsstand I stopped in my tracks. I listen to a lot of the different theories that get bandied about these interwebs. I've learned to be open minded to everything, but to also take a lot of it with a grain of salt. Take the WebBot guys. I really like the idea behind how their system works - it's essentially synchromysticism that focuses only on text and language patterns. But, as to the success of their predictions, it's a lot of hit and miss. One thing I've heard the guy talk about for a long time now is the phrase "Ill Winds." Now, even before I mess with the headline, you can clearly see where it says "Ill Wind" if you just drop off the "sp."
But, I did mess with it, because there may be some interesting connection underneath:

How much of this is synchronicity and how much of it is scripted ritual? Well, I think we can trust in synchronicity to reveal a lot of that for us. But a skeptical eye doesn't hurt either. When Obama appoints Ray Mabus to take charge of the BP spill, you can be sure there's a phony apocalypse script being shoved down your throat. But maybe "they" are just trying to put a veneer of fear on an actual event.

My advice is to trust love to conquer fear. And keep your eyes open for anything.

Much thanks to StrangEye for pointing this out...
On Drudge, they replaced the 17 under Tiger Woods with a story about Bees!! Ha.

When flipped, the BP logo leads us back to the Beltane formula.
The Green Man dies (BP flips)
And becomes dq, the White Queen surrounded by Red.

This design site explains how DairyQueen lost much of their trademark look, just to incorporate some Gold and Blue swishes. This from DQ's own press release:

“The traditional logo is the foundation for the new one, a more symmetrical ellipse enhanced with gold and blue curved swishes signifying food and treats. The DQ lettering also has been updated to a font that is more current, adding greater personality.”

As we have seen again and again, the bee motif and cow motif go hand in hand - as they both stem from the ancient hallucinogenic cults. We should not be surprised that though we have been looking for a Queen Bee, we ended up with a Dairy Queen.

...Although, this BP disaster has turned the world's attention away from Queen Bea's oil spill in the Niger Delta.

Monday, June 14, 2010

From out of the Monolith: X-51

There's been so much in the way of wild deep-space news lately that it might be hard to keep up. Amid Japan's return trip from an asteroid and their success in unfurling their solar sail, the speculation of life on Saturn's moon Titan, and the SpaceX Falcon9 creating another crazy spiral in the skies over OZ and on and on, you may have missed this one:

(Watch a video of the flight here)

Now, as soon, as I saw that, I was reminded of a Marvel comics character of the same name - and he brings all of the themes we've been looking at lately back together for a family reunion.
X-51 was originally introduced as double-M Mister Machine, but his name was later changed to double-M Machine Man. His first appearance was in issue #8 of the 2001 adaptation/spin-off comic done by Chris Knowles' muse Jack Kirby in July of '77 (777).

"From out of the Monolith"
Notice the broken egg - a favorite symbol of the Sync Whole

This character really brings together so much of what I have written about, but also the material that I have been reading others write about. His mythos has so many beheadings that I'm left wondering about John the Baptist and other archetypes. He meets his arch-villain, the double-M Madame Menace in issue #17 of his own book. His most recent appearance has him fighting Zombies and tripods from the flipped-double-M, War of the Worlds.
Nice spiral in the logo, eh?

Michael just recently wrote about Zombies and they have been on my mind since Steve Wilner's 3rd "Cracks in the Wall" (the explanation of why I thought about zombies after that will have to be its own post). And the SyncWhole boys have been doing wonders with their "War of World Cup" study.

So this character connects a lot of dots, but before I give you the money shot, let's consider the Boeing X-51 is meant to be a hyper-sonic weapon and this is the photo uses to summarize his origin:

Plus, Boeing's X-51 gets paired with everyone's favorite, the Trident missile....

You may remember that a lot of what started me looking at all this stargate symbolism in comparison to my research was finding a lot of syncs with Jake Kotze's 9/11 Stargate thesis. Well, two of my favorites in that series are the Why2K vids, connecting Xanadu and Kublai Khan to the Monolith.

Jake, this one is for you my brother:
"Kublai Khan commands: 'Bring me the body of Aaron Stack (X-51)!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Convergence in the most unlikely places

CC/33 with it's famous friend 17
And has someone at this rag's HQ been reading this blog?
Mad Hatter, Lady Gaga, and Bees?!?!
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