Sunday, February 27, 2011

Novel now available! Look At All The Happy Creatures

I don't know what to say. The book is now online. Available from and also from CreateSpace (which gives me a better royalty so you may want to get it from them).
I want to thank you guys for being so supportive since I started this project.

Michael, much in the way of props to you for suggesting this whole Amazon/Createspace thing. I was getting tiered of fighting for the content inside and when you suggested this alternative I thought it was the perfect way to stay true to a philosophy of discarding the old system instead of butting heads with it.

Okay, I have to go dance in circles.

PS: Today is 2/ if Pi wasn't encodded into the book enough as it is.
Oh, and here's the thank you page as it appears at the end of the book:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Heart Shaped Box: Love in the Underworld

I had a dream last night where I was making a sync video about Osiris and Valentine's Day. I woke up and thought a little about the syncs that were presented to me in this dream. The material is so abundant, I'll have to cut it down immensely. Here goes:

Valentine's Day takes place on February 14th. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces.
That is of course, after he was sealed inside of a box.

Osiris, as Egypt's dead and resurrected god, of course has parallels with Jesus. As Eleleth informed me, the word "Issa" or "Essa" is another name for Jesus and also means heart.
So Jesus is the heart that has been pierced.
"Essa" or "Isa" can also mean, gift of Isis, the wife of Osiris.
Last year, The SyncWhole did a Valentine's post on 214 being the equivalent of "Bad" since b is the second letter of the alphabet, A the first and D the fourth.
This makes an extra big sync for me, since my given last name was A-BAD-ESSA.

We get another pierced bad(214) heart that echoes Osiris' box prison/trap when we look to Bon Jovi's 2am jukebox standard:
Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, darling
You give love a BAD name

An angel's smile is what you sell
You promise me heaven then put me through hell
Chains of love, got a hold on me
When passion's a prison you can't break free
The holy trinity of Nirvana also connects the slain god with the Heart-shaped BOX.
The lyrics take us from Jesus (pisces), to Osiris (box trap), to Cancer, back to Osiris/Saturn (turn black). It's like a tour around the cosmos in a single verse, but a tour where all roads lead to the underworld.
She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak
I've been locked inside your Heart Shaped box for weeks
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black
When I told Melissa (Mel+issa=honey heart) about my dream, she reminded me of a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End where there's a heart in a box that get's stabbed. That heart of course belongs to Davy Jones and the box is Davy Jones' Locker, a symbol equivalent to the underworld or dark night of the soul.
Plot from Wiki:
Sparrow places his sword in Will's hand and helps Will stab Jones's heart before he dies. Jack and Elizabeth escape The Flying Dutchman as the crew place Will's heart in the Dead Man's Chest; the ship disappears into the whirlpool. The Dutchman resurfaces with Will as the captain and the crew now human.
We can see how Will's murder of his enemies heart, has put him into his enemies shoes. In one way, he became that which he hated by destroying that which he hated. And yet, there is also the tale of a man having conquered his dark night of the soul and emerging as captain of his own destiny. Read into it as you will.

To run with the pattern however, let's note that it is Johnny Depp who assists in the stabbing of the heart. That's important.
First off, Depp is already an underworld resonator as Kevin has made clear. Plus, he starred in "Dead Man." It doesn't get more blatant than that.
But Depp is interesting. He assists in the piercing of the heart, yet is not the one to do it.
In Edward Scissorhands, the broken heart leaves Depp "unfinished."
An elderly woman describes to her granddaughter where snow comes from by telling the story of a young man named Edward (Johnny Depp) with scissors for hands, the creation of an inventor (Vincent Price). The inventor was inspired to make an artificial man due to the anthropomorphic appearance of his other inventions. His final result was a humanlike young boy who had everything except for hands, but the inventor had a heart attack and died while in the act of creating a pair of real hands for Edward, leaving him "unfinished" forever.
I would say, he is left unfinished by his maker, because he has to complete himself. No one else can make you complete, but you.

In Scissorhands, Depp's love interest is Winona Ryder (WR=White Rabbit?). Winona also stars in Bram Stoker's Dracula. [Ba-Ram (Osiris) Stroker...wouldn't the stroker of Osiris' Ba-Ram or Djed Pillar be Isis?] Any-who.... Winona goes from Depp in Scissorhands (1990) to a Jim Jarmusch film (director of Deadman) called Night on Earth in 1991, to being the wife of Kea-NEO Reeves in Dracula(1992). I won't rehash the cluster of mind boggling syncs around Kea-Neo since they are well documented. Only to remind you that he is a resonator of 9/11, Sirius, the god of time and the death/rebirth Messiah (Jesus/Osiris/Saturn).

Dracula, for his part also travels around in a BOX and is of course a lord of the underworld. Yup. Then, he get's his heart pierced. Is this all sounding familiar yet? But, it gets better. Check it:
He surrounds them with a ring of fire to protect them from the brides, then infiltrates the castle and decapitates them the following morning. As sunset approaches, Dracula's carriage arrives at the castle, pursued by the hunters. A fight between the hunters and gypsies ensues and at sunset Dracula bursts from his coffin. Harker(Kea-neo) slits his throat while a wounded Morris stabs him in the heart with a Bowie knife.
Did you catch that? Not the Bowie knife (Eleleth), but yes, that's cool too. Winona Rider's love Kea-neo assists in the piercing of the heart, just as Winona Rider's love Johnny Depp assists in the piercing of the heart.

I was going to cut this next bit, but it's kinda interesting and adds a weirdness factor. So here goes. In Dracula, a third fighter is also at the scene when Kea-neo pierces the heart of the lord of the underworld. That's Cary Elwes, most known for his role as "The Dread Pirate Roberts" in the Princess Bride and green-man (osiris) resonator "Robin Hood" in Robbin Hood: Men in Tights. But okay, this is the weird crap. On September 11th 2009, Disney announced both the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie title, with Depp there dressed as Jack Sparrow, and also announced that they're remaking Yellow Submarine with Cary Elwes as George Harrison!
And what was the name of this 9/11 shindig that so resonated with all of the patterns we've been looking at? D23! (that's a combo of 42 and 23 for anyone who follows that persistent combination)

PS: Michael from Gosporn has a new post up today which ties in nicely. It's all about the dismembered god and the hero's journey into the underworld. Be sure to check it out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I was raised Roman Catholic (shudder) so the word "confirmation" is a little loaded for me. Back when I was a kid and made to undergo the rite of confirmation, which is supposed to be the moment you decide for yourself that this is what you truly believe, a magical thing happened. While I was supposed to be standing there confirming that this prefabricated dogma constituted my belief system, which the church bills as some sort of passageway into adulthood, I did in fact find myself making an adult religious decision for the first time.
They give you these wacky remarks and you're supposed to vow "I do" or whatever. Things like "I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and is the true son of god......." etc etc. But, then they threw in there some things I had never heard of and had never pondered before, and I decided I wasn't about to confirm I believed in them. For example, they said something to the extent of "I believe Satan is [really bad and fell from heaven...etc]" But I had never before pondered the existence of a devil, and the idea of some red pointy guy just seemed laughable to me. So, while everyone else declared "This I do believe," I just stood there silently. I didn't walk out or make a scene, I just chose not to make vows to the effect that I believed in something that I didn't believe in.
It was a quiet rebellion, one that only I was privy to. And yet, that's what made it so important. I realized then and there that I didn't need to prove anything to that church or anyone for that matter. What was important was that I found the answers for myself.

Fast forward to my current sync studies. I have proven to my own satisfaction that there is a method to the madness.
In December I was writing about Planes and Superman, forgetting the third part of the equation is Birds. So birds are all over the news at the beginning of January. I spend the rest of the month writing about Monopoly Revolution, Mars, and the Ring of Fire.
The Monopoly Revolution, as connected to Mars, seemed to foreshadow Revolution in Cairo(which is named after Mars). And today, Michael sends me a sync-ready Monopoly story, where the new gameboard features a Hal computer (or as Michael wrote "all knowing tower of Sauron").

Now to the Ring of Fire:
In a few minutes, the Phoenix should take to the skies once again. With Astro-knots/nuts Boe and Bowen (Dave Bowman) on board.
Isn't this little space opera a year too late?

So, what all of these sync-hits are telling me is that we're really on to something. There's no denying that. I'm not trying to boost myself here - I'm talking about all of us. We have an ability to transcend the linear view of time, or at least notice symbolic waves as they approach our linear beach. Our methods are not perfect, our results are not perfect, but we're getting pretty good.

These continued hits have kept me going, even when it seemed like at times my work was devolving into jibberish. If you read this blog regularly, you've no doubt seen the little syncmaps I sometimes make out of newsfeeds, connecting dots of similar word patterns or meanings. I felt sure there was a pattern there, but it seemed too abstract and I was beginning to have doubts. Step in JonKidd. His video confirmed - well, maybe not confirmed, but at least supported continued study, of this approach. Wanna talk about seemingly abstract patterns? How about this?
For more context (and Zebra resonance) watch the video:

There may be a difference between confirmation and proof. But, if Proof is what you're after, look what came in the mail today:

The PROOF for my book.


Definitions (4)

1. General: Evidence that establishes existence or truth (or non-existence or untruth) of a fact to the satisfaction of anauthority (such as a court) or according to the acceptedstandards.

2. Alcohol: US measure of the volume of alcohol (ethanol) in an alcohol-water mixture, expressed as 'degree proof' (° proof). One degree proof equals one-half of a percentage. Thus, '80 proof' means 40 percent alcohol, and '200° proof' means 100 percent alcohol.

3. Law: Evidence on which the determination of thejudgment of a court case is based. Unlike a mathematical-proof (based on logical evidence) or scientific proof (based on empirical evidence), a legal proof is based on the credibility of a document or witness.

4. Printing: Test sheets of a page or print job taken out at each stage a document passes through during the printingprocess. Page-proofs are sent to the client or author to check (called proof reading) for any errors in spelling or punctuation; and color proofs are meant to ensure that thefinal print matches an artwork or sample. A corrected or approved proof is a type of contract under which the client is responsible for any errors undetected in the signed proof, and the printer is responsible for errors that are pointed out but not corrected, or for errors that occur after customer'sOK.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're All Going To Die Tomorrow

Something I’ve mentioned a few times before is that I was approached in 2007 to write a book about the 2012 phenomenon. The publisher didn’t care that I wasn’t particularly well versed in the subject since he was looking for a flash in the pan piece of crap. He wanted me to write it from the perspective that “the world was going to end” and “scare people into buying books.” My financial situation was about as bad as it is right now so I tentatively said yes with the caveat that I would present the “end of the world” as one of many possibilities for the future. A few months into my research and writing, he sends me this mock-up cover (which obviously took someone about 30 seconds in Photoshop):
So, after seeing that “Doomsday” bit, I was sort of like, “um, what the Fu3k?” and we couldn’t come to an agreement and I ditched the project. I had just started playing with the original concept of what would become Look At All The Happy Creatures, which at that time was going to be a video series called It Happened Here (a play on Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here). My friend and collaborator on Squares That Touch, the awesome comic book artist Peter Palmiotti, talked me through that period in a therapeutic phone conversation where he advised me to tell the 2012 publisher to screw himself and work on the projects I really cared about. Thanks Pete! So, now a few years later, “Happy Creatures” is a finished novel (and will be available soon).

Anyway, about two months ago, I found myself back in similar financial dire straits and I received a somewhat similar call to action. A guy calling himself Dan Steely (which is obviously a phony name) emailed me asking if I’d be willing to help him on a project. His idea was to take the 2012 Doomsday meme and lampoon the hell out of it in a book called
We’re All Going To Die Tomorrow. I figured the doom and gloom could use a few pokes and prods (and my wallet needs a blood transfusion) so I agreed. This is the final product:
I wrote an introduction, which became “The Guidebook for the End of the World” and contributed a few pieces to the “Compendium of The Many Ways in which We Are Totally Doomed.” The compendium is a list of 52 things that could bring about the end of the world and each one gets a one-page write up filled with bad jokes and potty humor (*Not for kids). He had a smaller list with the standard “Earthquakes” and “End of the Mayan Calendar” and so on, but I got to inject a few more that were nearer and dearer to my heart. I wrote about 10 of them, including “Wormwood,” “Panspermia,” “Hot Hail from the Planet Mongo,” “CERN/LHC” (with a “Poltergeist” reference for Kevin) and “Gay Sex” (Gay Sex as a way of bringing about the apocalypse? That one’s for you Michael).

You can probably read the whole book in one bathroom sitting, but hey, it’s cheap. At $6.66, how are you going to argue? You can buy it off Amazon, but if you’re actually going to get it,
please buy it off this link because I get a higher percentage. Oh, and if it’s any extra incentive, I was given a page to plug my stuff and I told him to just put in an ad for The Sync List – so maybe we all get a little extra traffic out of the deal. Who knows?

Now, if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea or if you’re as broke as I am, save your money because Look At All The Happy Creatures will be available for purchase in about a month and I’d much prefer you own a copy of a book that I’m proud of. But, after that raving endorsement, if you’ve got 6 extra bucks, then by all means, please go right ahead and pick one of these off the tree of knowledge. I just received a copy in the mail and it’s actually pretty funny.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A, you idiot, It's Superman

I've been experiencing so many obastacles to my posting here, but I just want to throw this out real quick as a sort of sync log.
Last week I took 3 DVDs out of the library: Grant Morrison's "Talking With Gods", The Birds, and Metropolis. I suppose the unintended Superman theme could have been there subconciously, but it was definantely unintentional.
Grant Morrison is a comic book writer who has worked on Superman and the Justice League(remember, we had connected Justice League [JL] to Jared "Loner" a few posts back).
I had wanted to find the original Birds movie ever since the "dead birds" thing started around New Years.
In the movie, we get mentions of such familiar themes as:
Lunar Eclipse, Ring of Fire, and even an explicit mention of a woman getting shot in the head!!!
The main character runs into a telephone booth to hide from the birds (ala Superman) and makes a reference to "The Hall of Justice"
**The same main character is accused by the townsfolk of having brought the bird plague upon them with her slutty nature....See Whore of Babylon.
Then, in Metropolis, (which is the name of the city Superman protects), they make explicit overt references to the Whore of Babylon. And of course, we have the uprising/revolution theme.
And, the robot, who is the Whore of Babylon, is called "The Machine Man" (which is directly connected to the 2001 Monolith, Osiris and Xanadu via Jack Kirby)
Point is, these themes are still resonating big time.
On anothe note, the Sapphire has come back into my personal syncweb. Melissa and I have been watching the old SailorMoon anime from episode one and the character Blue Saphir was just introduced. Get this, he's a prince of the "Dark Moon clan."
Now, I just heard Jake Kotze mention SailorMoon in a conversation with Will Morgan that took place over a year ago. Too funny.
Will has just sent me some audio files that I'm going to host on
These are convos he's had and recorded over the last year with assorted g8ors and was looking for a way of putting them out there. I am happy to serve as a conduit because these are great conversations full of knowledge.
I just put the first one up (Will and Jake 01/28/2010) and you can listen to it HERE.
It's over a year old and still just as fresh and relevant as the day it was recorded.
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