Monday, September 17, 2012

Green Eggs and Sam Bacile

"The Innocence of Muslims," the "Anti-Muslim Movie" sparking so much attention and protest recently, has also sparked a number of theories. Many are wondering if the film itself is a red herring, a hoax, or the product of provocateurs.

I find it interesting that the head-scratchingly bizarre low-quality low-budget YouTube video at the heart of the matter is being attributed to "amateur filmmaker" Sam Bacile. "In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bacile identified himself as an Israeli-American."

It is no stretch to see the Green Eggs and Ham story and its character of "Sam I Am" as related to the dietary restrictions of Islam and Judaism.
Take note of how many images of the riots show food companies being destroyed (not that I am shedding any tears for fast-food corporatists).

Now, I'm not suggesting this is intentional or not, but I can't help but look at Sam Bacile's name without seeing this:

Sam I Am = Sam IM
Sam Bacile = IM Bacile
= Imbecile

Who among us is playing the fool, the imbecile?  It sure does look like a lot of western governments are itching for war (here and here, ad infinitum). They just need a good scapegoat. A good fool.

Speaking of Red Herrings...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Seventh Seal

So there's this billboard in Texas that is inspiring some controversy and some bumperstickers and maybe even some violence. In one respect it is par for the course in 2012 politics as (un)usual. In another respect it shows the outright threats of violence that we knew would come with an Obama presidency--not only as a black man, but as someone who was compared to Lincoln, JFK, and MLK from the moment he took office (gee, what do they have in common?). But, what interests me most is that it is another mirroring of Obama and Osama. I'm almost surprised that this echo is still showing up, but not really. This pattern has been strong. Very very strong and very very consistent. And I'm not talking about just idiotic talking heads with their Freudian slips and such. I'm talking about a very serious connection between these two men.

When Suicide Kings comes out, you'll see some of the connections between Obama and Osama and the whole way in which the events unfolded--some of this stuff is just downright jaw dropping. I don't say that as some trick to get you to buy a book--it won't even be out for a few months--I say that because I found some stuff while working on this book that just absolutely floored me. I can't wait to share it with you.

I'll be sure to share some of these nuggets with you all real soon. For today, I want to focus on this billboard and the obvious political maneuvering and phony debate as to whether or not Obama gets credit for killing Osama.

Others unhappy with the ad said the President deserved credit himself for removing a threat to America. Schad [who paid for the billboard] agrees, but didn’t agree with the way the President accepted that credit.“He needs to understand its ‘we’, a team effort,” he said. “He didn’t pull the trigger those SEALs pulled the trigger.”

The whole thing is so f-ing silly. ...Well, silly only until you realize that Osama was theoretically killed by Seal Team Six. If Obama is one part of the "team" that got 'em, would that make Obama... Oh I don't know...


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Synchronic​ity 11 years after 911

Here we are, 11 years on. Today is already weird for me and I've only been awake about an hour. It's 4:30pm here in NYC, I've slept through most of the day after a bizarre night of sleep. It wasn't so much that I couldn't wake up, but that I thought I shouldn't -- like there was important work to do in the dreamworld. I remember telling my wife as she got out of bed that I had to go back to a dream about "apples and dragons" but now I don't remember any of the details. Though I've been awake for an hour and had some coffee, I still feel very much out of it --like a part of me is still there.

When I got online, I had a message from my friend Peter that confused me even more.
How could I forget? (Isn't this a day we're told to "never forget"?)
Yes, indeed, the Sync Book is one year old today. Happy Birthday baby Sync Book. ...And you've got a little brother or sister on the way. (Sync Book Vol 2 coming soon!)
I guess my mind is distracted because I have a lot on my plate right now. I'm working on my own book (Suicide Kings) as well as Sync Book Vol 2 and trying to keep my head above water financially and find time for my family (the most important of all) and just juggling a lot. There may soon come a point where I have to put all this aside to take care of more pressing matters, but, for the moment, it feels like the work we're doing is vital and significant and worth the temporary sacrifices. I guess in my waking life too I feel like there's "important work to do in the dreamworld."

I found some time this week to begin setting up the foundations of a database. The idea is an amalgam of one from Douglas Bolles, conversations with Jason Barrera, and a related idea of my own. Doug wanted to do a "Book of Stars" depicting actors that resonate a certain archetype in the Tarot. Living in New York, I see movie posters and advertisements everywhere, and it occurred to me that the movie posters themselves were Tarot cards. I wanted to set up a database of these posters-as-cards but as Jason and Doug and Justin Morgan have helped me flesh this thing out, the idea is very quickly becoming a combination of everyone's vision (as it should be). This is a work in progress, but it is already well worth your time to look at. Check out

There are many days where this works seems thanksless. And then, there are days like today--days where someone I've never met before sends me an email letting me know they are enjoying the work that's being done and that they are working on it too. It makes the weight feel less like a heavy load and more like an honor.

Hi Alan,
I enjoyed listening to your interview with Neil Kramer, and I know you are going to be puzzled about this one (or not).
This morning, in the centre of The Hague (the Netherlands) : there was a collision of two trams.
September 11 (9 11), tram number 9 and 11 collided at exactly 11 minutes to 10 -summertime-. But wintertime, which is in fact the real time, exactly 11 minutes to 9.
It's strange to read the reports, but yes, that's what happened. Tramnumber 9 and 11. No fatalities, but 36 people got injured, so it has made it to the Dutch newspapers. You were expecting something on this day right?
All the best with your work! 
-Thijs van Tongeren

Thank you all for another year of support and friendship and fellowship.
Much love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm Here to Kill a King (Updates)

I know I owe you all a write up on where the Great Gig in the Sky series was/is heading, but I'm working so hard on my upcoming Suicide Kings book and the upcoming Sync Book Vol2 that the more comprehensive write-up the Great Gig series deserves will have to wait.

Today I want to talk to you about Eastwood's message at the RNC. This post is a little sloppy but I need to put this out there. Chris Knowles, particularly on his FaceBook group, has been tracking the recent increase in politically motivated threats and shootings. His points have really caught my attention because, as regular readers know, this trend is something I've been keeping a very careful eye on myself for the last few years.

Eastwood: "When somebody does not do the job, you gotta let them go."

Hmm, seems I've heard that somewhere before.

Drudge gets in on the action today with this provocative (in more ways than one) headline:
Note the Clint Eastwood speech directly below and the Niagara story further down the page.

Loren Coleman: connects Eastwood's message to Masonry, which will become very interesting in a moment.

In the Niagara story I find a direct correlation to Marilyn Monroe's film of the same name, where she dies at the falls.

In the book I am writing, which is all about "the killing of the divine king" I pay special attention to JFK and point out the Niagara locale as a corollary to his assassination.

Here is a brief excerpt from Chapter One:

"In October 1963, the cast and crew of the CBS drama Route 66 came to Niagara Falls to film three episodes, including one which was shot entirely on location called: “I’m Here To Kill A King”. The story line centered around a plot to assassinate a fictitious Arabian Potentate by gunning him down while he visited the world famous waterfall. . . . the episode was originally set to air . . . the following Friday, November 29th. But faced with an all too real episode of life imitating art, it was decided that airing even a fictional account of a national leader felled by an assassin (wielding a high powered rifle while standing on a grassy knoll no less) wouldn’t be prudent before a still-wounded American public. . . . The New York State Parks Department, much to its surprise, was able to acquire a print of the episode from Columbia Pictures in 1988 and show it at the new Niagara Falls Visitors Center. It was screened several times in one weekend, to large—and stunned—crowds. . . . “The silence was deafening. People watched and were just shocked by some of the irony in this thing. If you follow this thing through you’ll find 5 or 6 weird ironies that could be translated to the JFK assassination,” he said. . . . The main character remarks to the assassin that “my father’s name was Lee”—drawing parallels to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. . . . When the king first arrives in Niagara Falls, he is told of a threat on his life; a State Department official suggests to the king that perhaps the flight should be diverted to Dallas." (source)

There’s also the interesting correlation here in that Marilyn Monroe—so closely tied to the JFK story—has her first major film appearance in the 1953 film Niagara (the movie poster even features her body and flowing dress as one with the cascading waters). In the film she plots to kill her lover at the falls and is instead killed by him. Shortly after Monroe died in real life, Andy Warhol made his famous Marilyn Diptych, which he based off a publicity photo from Niagara.

In a wider historical context, the Niagara Falls locale is also significant as the setting for the ‘Morgan Affair.’ On September 11th 1826, shortly after announcing that he was going to publish a book criticizing the Freemasons that would also reveal their secret rites, William Morgan went missing. By most accounts Morgan was kidnapped and murdered—multiple accounts have him drowned in the Niagara River. Though his body was never found and little evidence existed one way or the other, three Masons served prison sentences on kidnapping charges. The presumed Masonic conspiracy stirred public sentiment to such a degree that a new political party was formed, the first “third party” in America, the short-lived “Anti-Masonic Party.”

Now let us turn to wikipedia for the story of what happens just after the Morgan Affair:  In 1830 Morgan's widow Lucinda Pendleton Morgan married George W. Harris of Batavia, a silversmith who was 20 years older. After they moved to the Midwest, they became Mormons. By 1837, some historians believe that Pendleton Morgan Harris had become one of the plural wives of Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement.

Via The SyncWhole: for those unfamiliar with Mormonism: it was founded by a man named Joseph Smith, who says he saw a divine vision in which angels revealed to him [alone] the secret location of a stack of golden pages inscribed with what would later become The Book Of Mormon, the cornerstone of the mormon faith.

Consider the political message being promoted by another "Lee" (R. Lee Ermey) in this ad from the NRA that I found while digging around on a conservative forum:
R. Lee and Lee Harvey Oswald:
"Do any of you people know where these individuals learned to shoot? Private Joker?"
"Sir, in the Marines, Sir!"

Private Joker and the Laughing Wheel of Fortune:

There's another element that always shows itself with the King-Kill and that is the Wheel of Fortune or Catherine Wheel. It is for this reason that my book's subtitle is ATOR ROTA ORAT TORA TARO

The wheel of fortune from the Burana Codex; The figures are labelled "Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno, Regnabo": I reign, I reigned, My reign is finished, I shall reign

Loren Coleman recently pointed out that "One meaning of Isaac is 'he will laugh'," connecting it to the Joker shootings (which I also tied directly to the King-Kill theme in Great Gig Part6). And of course we all know that Isaac arrived on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Katrina, the Katherine Wheel.

It should also be recognized that when wheel-resonating Lance Armstrong (Lancelot who steals Arthur's girl or the Bleeding Lance of Perceval and the wounded grail king?) was stripped of his reign, another Armstrong went out with him--Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, died one day later.

Remember, the Joker shooting took place on July 20th, the anniversary of the moon landing (also discussed in Great Gig Part 6).


In a great comment, Eleleth reminds us of this factoid about Isis: "Her name literally means Queen of the Throne. Her original headdress was an empty throne chair belonging to her murdered husband, Osiris."

Remember also that "Osiris is a black god"


Via Loren Coleman: "A man leading a conspiracy named FEAR plotted to assassinate President Barack Obama. Prosecutors said on Monday, August 27, 2012 that a murder case against four soldiers in Georgia has revealed they formed an anarchist militia within the U.S. military."


The Black King(pin) is dead:
Wiki: Duncan signed on for the role of the Kingpin in January 2002, though he had been attached far earlier. . . . Duncan's biggest concern was that he was black, because Kingpin had always been portrayed as white. He spoke on the fans' loyalty to the source material by saying "they watch movies to say, 'Hey, that's not like the comic book.' But I want them to get past that and just see the movie for what it is and see me for what I am—an actor."

In a related story, another king has died:

Rev Moon has gone out with the passing of the Blue Moon. See: Chris Knowles for more.

And yes, this of course syncs with Neil Armstrong, the Moon and the Joker, etc.


Lots of talk in the comment section about a "Bicycle Joker." I just remembered this:


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