Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last Supper (Fixed Audio)

In the summer of 2011 a bunch of authors from The Sync Book got together in the northwest US. Here is some of our dinner conversation from our last night with everyone in the cabin,
what we called our Last Supper. There were 10 of us present:

Alan & Melissa Green, Jason Barrera, Douglas Bolles, Andras Jones, Crystal & Matt Kanarr, Justin Morgan & Mali, and Michael Schacht as "Porn Star Jesus"

I miss you all so much!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

some pics from the Sync in the City event

Last week we had our Sync in the City event. There will be a lot more footage and images coming your way soon, but I just wanted to share some of the early photos that I've seen for those who were not able to join us. Oh, and for the record, the event was wonderful. I was reminded of a lesson I learned last summer when I got to meet up with many of the Sync Book authors in the north-west... the internet is great, but there is nothing like spending time with great minds and pure spirits face-to-face. We must get together more often.

Calling in to 42 Minutes episode #16 with Kevin Halcott and Allyson who caught it all on film.

Me, Kevin and Allyson again that night shortly before showtime.

Meeting Kyle Hunt at the theatre.

Setting up for the show. There's a play going on in the same space throughout the next few weeks so we had most of their set design out for our event. The play is called and takes place in a "Dog Park" (syncing us pretty heavily with the whole Sirius thing)

The place starts to fill up...
...and soon it's show time.

I asked the first question to Radio8Ball (I actually asked about my connection to Sirius).
Here is Radio8Ball host Andras Jones singing my answer to me...

...and here he is smashing a pile of Sync Books with a guitar while Doug looks on.

Allyson, Kevin and Rammer

Anadae, Kyle and Bryan

Peg, Kevin, Allyson, me, Anadae

While Doug and Andras were in town we went on a few adventures...

Here we are atop Chris Knowles' Stairway to Sirius...

...Confronted by the never-ending story...

...and perhaps finding a way out of it. (This was a strange mass of locks halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge.)

If anyone else has pictures from that night, please share them with me. Once I've caught my breath a little, we'll start to look over the video footage from that night and try to put something together for you all to watch. Thanks again to everyone who took part.
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