Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding of Polarities or Jack and JLL's (Al)chemical Romance

The combination of events that will occur tomorrow and for the remainder of the month represent the culmination of all the patterns we have been watching throughout 2011 – and in some cases, since this blog began. In all of this, we will see the reoccurring theme of what seem to be opposites, yet are merely mirrors of themselves. This, it seems to me, is the message of the repeated “Twin” sync, the “Mirror” sync, the “Echo” sync. Do we live in a Material Matrix or an Earthly Eden? Is this Heaven or is this Hell? Are we looking at Destruction or Creation? An emerging Christ Consciousness or the rise of an AntiChrist? Death or Rebirth? The Return of The King or KingKill33? Are we on the brink of total Authoritarian enslavement or are we finally breaking free from the control structures? The answer, in many ways, comes down to a point that Doug has chosen to drive home again and again. It all depends on how you choose to view it and how you choose to live.

Before we get into the specifics, a quick disclaimer: We’re going to touch on a lot of religious themes that some people take very literally and very seriously. I am looking at these – as we always do here – for the value they have as universal archetypes. I do not subscribe to, nor am I promoting (or disparaging) any particular religious system. Although, in all fairness, I make an exception for the small sects of Evangelicals and Zionists that are actively trying to bring about War in the Middle East to fulfill religious prophecy. Guys killing in the name of God? Yeah, I would have a few disparaging remarks (and kicks to the groin) for them.

Oh, and while we’re on the note of prophecy – that’s not a business I’m in and I don’t ever wish to bill myself as such. However, in the process of doing this blog it has come to my attention that Synchronicity/Synchromysticism has this strange side effect of revealing what we would consider as future events. After pointing out a pattern that screamed “nuclear disaster” coinciding with Solar themes and aliens for a few months, only to witness a nuclear disaster in “the land of the rising sun” on the day multiple alien-themed movies came out – let’s just say this little side effect of synchronicity has got my full attention. While I am pursuing this study more for personal development and enlightenment, we have proven time and time again that we are ahead of the curve. Because of this, I feel a certain moral obligation to take this seriously – and possibly learn how to hone this in order to save some lives. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction in disproving purely linear models of time.

But okay, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover today, so let’s get to it.

This past Sunday (4/24) was Easter, and from its oldest interpretation to the modern Christian variation, it is a holiday that is meant to celebrate the Rebirth period we enter with Spring. With Christianity we get the royal language, notably the Prince and the King. It is the return of their “Prince of Peace,” the “Return of the King (of Kings).” We also get familiar themes like the rebirth of the deceased god after his descent into the underworld to which he opens the gates. The obvious Osiris comparisons will be made later on. This Easter was special however. That day, a story began circulating that the boys at CERN may have succeeded in finding the elusive “God Particle.” Reminders that the Vatican has been working with CERN and that they have a statue of Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds outside their gates, means that this may have been an intentional news item. For our purposes, the intent is secondary. Here we have emerging language of a “God” being discovered on the very day one is supposed to rise out of darkness.

Also, this Easter seemed to resonate strongly with Christmas – and while the distinction between the “Birth” of a God and the “ReBirth” of a God may seem trivial, I think it deserves some attention. Even in my personal syncs, I saw this Easter as heavy in Christmas language. Parts of my family celebrate modern Christian Easter and while spending the day with them there were two points at which small children were playing with a Charlie Brown Christmas clock, from which Christmas Carols played. Charlie Brown wears the sign of Aquarius on his chest. The Clock brings us again to the dying/reborn Father Time/Saturn/Osiris/Jesus. Also, some family members were watching a TV station that was showing reruns of really old sitcoms and I heard Christmas Carols coming from one of these episodes (though I don’t know what show they were watching). Christmas, the coming of “the newborn King.”

This language was repeated yesterday with the release of the much-touted Obama birth certificate. For archetype purposes only (since I cede no authority to him or any other “official”), Obama has played the role of “The King” again and again (although recently he was merely a Duke). With the release of the birth certificate (4/27), halfway between our Easter/Christmas(4/24) and the Royal Wedding(4/29), the King was “Born.”

I Man, You El

Now tomorrow is the British Royal Wedding, where we will see the “Once and Future King” in the spotlight. The Obama resonance is added by the fact that the Royal couple got engaged in Kenya (the theoretical place of King Obama’s birth). But, on the same day, Obama will be attending the launch of NASA flight 134 – which is carrying the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a device that is to look for “the dark universe.”

So, at the beginning of the week, CERN looks for “God,” and at the end of the week NASA looks for the “Nemesis.” With the search for the “God Particle,” CERN says they are attempting to “recreate the conditions directly after the Big Bang.” In Judeo-Christian terms this is “the light that shone at the creation of the universe.” Contrast that with NASA’s search for Dark Matter. Alpha and Omega. Creator and Destroyer. God and Devil. Christ and AntiChrist.

Funny thing about the AntiChrist. The top three contenders for the AntiChrist (within circles that look for such things) will all be in the spotlight tomorrow. Two of them will be together. All of them are interconnected. Here’s a rundown on our UnHoly Trinity: There’s Prince William – a lot of people think he may be the AntiChrist. Google it if you doubt me. Then there’s Obama – you’ve surely heard the speculation on that one.

Then there’s the lady that Obama will be hanging out with. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (wife of NASA astronaut Mark Kelly who will be leading the mission to bring the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer into space) fits the criteria of the AntiChrist of Christian prophecy since she “recovered from a ‘fatal’ head wound.”

I’ve written about Gabby Giffords and the cluster of syncs that flung from that story many times. I didn’t mention it, but there was a personal reason for being so interested in that story. You see, mere days before that event, I began outlining a sequel to my novel, Look At All The Happy Creatures. The second novel was to begin with a mass shooting at a supermarket and one of the major plot points was to revolve around a Dark or UnHoly Trinity. So all this has really got me scratching my head.

Add to that, these fictional events stem out of the end of the first novel – which involves a giant blue light filling the skies, opening a mental stargate or a wormhole through which consciousness can travel.

Some might think of the Maitreya (viewed by some as a Messianic figure and others as an AntiChrist) who is supposed to be “heralded by a Blue Star.” But, if you’re like me, you’re now thinking back to the Norway Spiral, that big blue light that had everyone saying “WTF” and spawned a thousand theories as to what caused it. (See also: William Henry on RedIce for the Norway Spiral/Messiah connection). If you missed it, that happened the night before Obama accepted his very ironic Nobel [Prince of] Peace Prize in Oslo. So, we had Obama + Space + Big Blue Wormhole Thing. Now let’s compare that with the NASA mission patch for the launch he will be attending tomorrow:

Obama + Space + Big Blue Wormhole Thing.

Something I’ve written about before, there is a theory that the Norway Spiral may have been composed of Sapphires. So that spiral would be Rings of Sapphires. What did Prince William get engaged (in Kenya) with? A Ring of Sapphire of course!

We saw how this ring connected to the mythological Echo, but I remembered that Chris Knowles of The Secret Sun described the Norway Spiral as a Catherine Wheel. Doing a search for “Catherine Wheel” on his blog, gives us two posts. One about the Norway Spiral, the other about Alchemical Weddings.

At his Nobel coronation, Obama was called “An evolutionary flashpoint” by a William (Smith). Our other William is getting married to a woman named Katherine. This name itself echoes the Shiva statue at CERN since Chris explains the etymology:

Katherine can be broken down to Ka-Hathor-Ein or Ka-Athyr-Ein -- ein being the Greek suffix mean "to have" or "to be," and Ka meaning spirit or life force. Ka-Hathor-Ein would translate into "To Have the Spirit of Hathor." Saint Catherine is identified with the Sinai, which also housed the Cave of Hathor. The name "Kate" is the diminutive for Katherine.

And in his other post writes “some occultists see Hathor as Babalon, the Destroyer of Men.

The link he included deals very much with the magical workings of Jack Parsons, co-founder of NASA’s sister organization Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and reminds us that he once referred to himself as the AntiChrist. If you’ve been following the “Pan” or “Pied Piper” syncs at Gosporn lately, you’ll be delighted to know that “Parsons would dance and chant poetry—most notably Crowley's ‘Hymn to Pan’—before rocket tests.” He’s a bit of a rabbit whole within himself and I don’t want to get too far off track, but he’s the “Jack” that I put in this Jack and JLL image on The Mask of God (where Babylon has been a favorite topic).

Let’s also consider that the “Broken Crown” (see also AntiChrist head wound) and KingKill33 is echoed by this end of NASA’s Endeavour program at Cape Canaveral or Cape Kennedy – so named for the slain King “Jack” Kennedy who received a fatal shot to the head himself. James Shelby Downard, author of King-Kill/33, also wroteThe Carnivals of Life and Death. Not only are the words Canaveral and Carnival similar, but Goro Adachi has connected all of these patterns to the Carnival in his in-depth “Lucifer’s Destiny” post. Obama also said yesterday, in reference to his Birth Certificate, “We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”

In his post, Goro points out the similarities between the previous NASA mission patch to Stargate and The Core.

I had also connected this patch to The Ring of Fire and compared it to the Catholic baptism of Pentecost/WhiteSun “holy fire” called Confirmation, The Black Swan logo, and the Rebel Alliance logo from Star Wars (See also the false-flag assassinations of Natalie Portman/Queen Amidala and that of Obama). On Easter, I realized these also echo the anchor, something I connected to Obama and Japan at the MOG.

The Queen of Star Wars also takes us to the Twins. Mark Kelly, husband of Gabby Giffords, has an identical twin brother who is also an astronaut. NASA chose to reunite them on 3/17, the death date of Osiris (also known as Jack). With the connection between Osiris and the Twin Stars of Sirius, we can assume this was an intentional play on the part of NASA.

See also: Another famous “Twin,” Danny DeVito who played a Mr. Wormwood. Wormwood is the falling star from heaven that starts the Apocalyptic visions in the book of Revelations, another name for Chernobyl, and the psychoactive ingredient in Absinthe. We covered all of this months ago.

Similar to falling stars, we have comets. Mark’s Twin...Mark Twain? Twain was born with the passing of Halley’s Comet and died on its return. Comets have been a big pattern here and at the Mask of God.

The video I made for 3/17 (which my computer refuses to export) would have connected Gosporn’s look at Mark Twain’s time travel book “Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” and the “Mysterious Stranger.” Here is a quick clip from the cartoon Home Movies, which seems to echo the Twain book and gives us insight into the mythological connections:

In Disney’s Robin Hood, the GreenMan also interacted with a variation of Ka or Kaa (and also deals with an usurped throne and a return of the rightful King.). In Egyption lore, the Apis Bull was considered the Ka of GreenMan Osiris (after he usurped the identity of Ptah). We had looked at the Bull/Taurus and the connection to comets in the last post. Note that a Torus is also a spinning vortex, (something we’ve seen a lot of lately with all the Tornados and the weirder vortexes). This spiraling vortex brings us back to a variation of the Catherine wheel.

A family crest was just made for the once and future King William’s soon to be bride, Katherine. Notable are the 3 Chevrons in the crest (said to represent mountains). I see those as the 3 great pyramids of Egypt. But, the episode of Sailor Moon (who is a total Isis resonator) I watched last night also featured a Chevron on a Catherine Wheel.

Amazing timing.

Speaking of amazing timing, two of the main components of CERN’s LHC (the thing looking for “the God Particle”) are called Alice and Atlas. Here in NYC, we just saw the premiere of a new Alice in Wonderland based musical “Wonderland” and in theaters we have an adaptation of “Atlas Shrugged,” a book that calls out Robin Hood as the ultimate symbol of evil.

But it was an episode of Sailor Moon that got me to start editing that intended 3/17 video.

"Even if Wyatt Earp forgives you, we won't forgive you!"

When I saw her call out Wyatt Earp, I pulled out the movie Tombstone. The main focus of the video became detailing the acting career of Sam Elliott as the companion to Osiris/GreenMan and guide of the underworld. Since I can’t just show you the video and why I think it is relevant, let me share with you an email exchange with Will Morgan of A Few Shot To Shaman because he had some great input, as he always does.


I watched "Tombstone" which had crazy syncs for the first 5 minute of the movie. Like one after the other. Then it occurred to me that Sam Elliott plays the brother of 9/11-resonant Kurt Russell, then he's the guide of 9/11 resonant Jeff Bridges in Big Lebowski, and then he's the original Ghost Rider who mentors 9/11 resonant Nick Cage. I started making a vid, but my computer was giving me a headache. It's basically edited, but I need to fix some of it up. I'll finish it sometime soon. I was wondering if you had any thoughts or additions.


Certainly. He's also the Guide in the Gold Compass. Wheres his Deamon is "THE" Deamon a phooka rabbit. And he's kinda specially attached to my phyce cause of his role in "Did You Hear About The Morgans"... Which is silly but had me thinking about him recently.

Bill Paxton is also in Big Love as well so believe it or not I was thinking about those 3 being linked with Kilmer. Its like a scatter cluster of Dead Men. Hence Tombstone.

Movies I wonder about him in would include The Hulk cause he's Thunderbolt Ross and J.C.onnely's dad, We Are Soldiers with Gibson, and the newer Up in The Air.


Nice! I had no idea about him being with the Pooka.

Those are awesome leads.

The crazy thing to me about the Earps is that they are technically real people (without questioning reality). But the names are so wild. Kurt Russell calls Morgan "Morg" pronounced like "Morgue" - and the other brother is Virgil. It was Virgil who took Dante on his tour of the underworld in Dante's Inferno. For these guys to end up in a place called Tombstone just makes my mind reel.

And of course the Hulk is the Green Man, Osiris, lord of the dead.


Oh, Virgil... Under that heading then he guides Lebowski through his purgatory. I like it. In fact you can kinda see how thats his role over and over... As the guide. Oh shit think Ghostrider.

Sam Elliot in Big Bang...[movie poster] Dropped recently.

And there’s a big part of it. CERN, trying to recreate the Big Bang. And now Sam Elliott plays Simon Kestral, a freaking scientist working on a particle collider trying to find the god particle. Really?!?! It’s insane. I think I’m going to have to see this movie. It comes out May 13th – that’s pretty darn timely.

I might have to save Sam Elliott for another post, because it’s longwinded, but he connects to comets – specifically the comet Chiron that Crystal wrote about recently (read this!), both by being the Mysterious Stranger and fighting at the OK Corral. Chiron, the son of Saturn, was a Centaur (half-man, half-horse) which can be represented by men on horseback or even men on motorcycles.

Here’s a taste:

Wyatt Earp, played by constantly Osiris-resonating Kurt Russell, arriving in Tuscon (where Gabby Gifford’s was shot).

Tuscon=Two Sun. He arrives on the 5150 train, a palindrome for Osiris’ 51 (3x17).

Obama birth certificate File# 151 (the same palindrome).

We’ve got repeated “Flash” syncs. Obama as “evolutionary Flashpoint,” “FlashForward” day on April 29, Time Travel and Sam’s Quantum Leap, and even the DC character The Flash from the Justice League (JL) meeting a Cosmic Motorcycle in a “prelude to next summer’s FLASHPOINT event.”

It’s all too much and I don’t want to try to jam it all in, but it’s all there.

More things to keep an eye out for: May 1st is Beltane and with that we get the fire ritual. Tracy Twyman has also connected that to a possible Prince William KingKill. Then there’s the sect of Christians who believe the (nonAnti)Christ is coming back on May 21st 2011, just a month out from all our similar language this week.

Hold onto your hats folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

(UPDATE 4/29 8:24PM)

About 2 hours into April 29th, I went to a laundromat where I had the most surreal experience. See the comments section. While there, I check the news sites. Here's what was waiting as the top headline for Drudge. Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize. Remember, the Norway Spiral coincided with his Nobel Ceremony.
Then I see this Robin Hood story:
Remember, Robin Hood was very much a part of this post and also has connections to Beltane. (This story also fits as the "Homeless Man" Eleleth and I were emailing about as well as Michael connecting the Pied Piper to the Bankers. Also, the Piper takes what he believes he is owed.)

Now today's NASA launch was scrubbed because of, what else..."Technical Difficulties." Perhaps we should have seen that one coming, eh?

See also "Time and Tide," where we connected those "Technical Difficulties" to Time Travel. Now Michael forwards an email from Var with this:
"Go through this slideshow of Donald Trump and imagine you're watching Back to the Future when Marty and the Doc are looking at a news story about Biff in the dark timeline. How Biff started his career, led a lucky and charmed life and is now running for president. It's hysterical to view this slideshow with that guise."
And indeed it is hysterical. It's also spot on. Trump as Biff is just perfect. As is the title of the article "The Donald who would be King." But, then I see this image in the mix:
Donald (Duck) Trump surrounded by his hatching eggs to give us more in the way of a Birth of a King - or the Birther King. Or perhaps we should be looking for a Burger King? Prince William now shares his wedding anniversary with Adolf Hitler and the ties of BritishRoyals/GermanRoyals have been examined thoroughly.

Now here's another story sent to me by StrangeEye. Today is his birthday and so he was excited to see his last name, Eby, on the license plate of the couple's car. I couldn't help but notice the "77" in the middle there. This image also got me thinking: Perhaps they really are trying to recreate Camelot....
Speaking of Kennedy, let's look again to Cape Kennedy, where the NASA launch was supposed to take place. The shuttle didn't fly because of faulty Heaters (Radiators??). But, fear not, just because the flight did not go off as planned, the pattern was too good to be broken up. Whether there are people in positions of power orchestrating this for ritual or if this is merely the pattern of the universe is for you to decide. But, whatever the ultimate reason, Obama still went to the site to meet with Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords. Oh, and I love this line: Agh Damn, they edited it out of the article just as I was about to copy the text. Um, it basically said that instead of seeing the launch, Obama was treated to a view of Atlantis (which is the next shuttle). It was a certain wording that was so loaded and really interesting. Obama viewing Atlantis. Big chuckles all around. But anyway, how about this new bit from the revised AP article, which is just as intriguing:
The congresswoman's husband greeted Obama in a corridor, saying: "I bet you were hoping to see a rocket launch today."
Obama replied: "We were hoping to see you."
The two men shook hands and embraced.
The president told Endeavour's six astronauts he is still hoping to get back to Florida for a shuttle launch.
"One more chance, we may be able to get down here," Obama said.
"It's a priority for us," Michelle Obama added.
I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think that is the most bizarre dialogue I've read in awhile. Obama sounds like he's coming on to the Astronaut....
"I bet you wanted to see my rocket."
"No, I don't mind your impotency, I just wanted to cuddle."
And Michelle sounds like a cheesy bad guy poorly foreshadowing the reveal of a master plan. It's just silly.

But okay, I got one more biggy for you. We had Easter on Sunday right? Jesus rises from the Tomb and all that. A few days later (4/26), we get a story that another God/King has been resurrected from the grave or unearthed from the tomb.
And now, today, the vatican digs up the freaking pope!!! Oh, and they're going to elevate him to Sainthood on May 1st (May Day/Beltane/"Birth" of Illuminati).
"The pope is being beatified on the day the church celebrates the movable Feast of Divine Mercy, which this year happens to fall on May 1"
Here, I made a little map of today's headlines. And I'm reminded now that Crystal pointed out the "Chiro" of the asteroid/comet Chiron means "Hand." Note the hand in the Norway Spiral resonating Obama Nobel Peace Prize image.

Update (May 1st):
Here are two amazing syncs shared with us from the comment section:

Lady Gaga unveiled her new album cover. Of all the abstract and random concepts that she could have chosen, she goes with a Half-Human Half-Motorcycle (which I had just mentioned as a variation on the Centaur)

And, if you can keep your lunch down while a mass murderer cracks jokes for 19 minutes, watch Obama at the correspondents dinner. There are some stunning syncs. Keep an eye on that montage at the beginning and the baby lion (Baby Lon) bit, calling him out as the Lion King:

UPDATE: May 2nd, 2:57AM

Well, it happened...

The King, Shot to the head...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deja Vu (addendum)

Okay, so a big part of my last post was the similarities between the Japanese disaster and Kurt Vonnegut's book, Cat's Cradle. So, last night, when Melissa brought home this Japanese magazine with a picture of a girl playing Cat's Cradle over the caption "3.11 Disaster" I think my eyes bugged right out of my head.
That's craziness. And there isn't much more I can say about that, but "WOW."

But while I've got you here, let me just add a few things that I left out of the last post. Remember, Back To The Future & Time Travel was the other half of the pattern. Well, last week, there was this story of China banning depictions of Time Travel, with the obligatory BTTF image:
Alongside blatant Time Travel, there has been the similar Deja Vu sync (which we also spoke of in the last post). Here's a local newspaper from April 2nd:
And three days later I get a comment on my Facebook page from Anthony Peake, a man who specializes in Deja Vu. And what is he commenting on, but the JapaneseDisaster-resonating 2nd issue of Squares That Touch.
You can (and should) listen to Anthony on RedIce, by clicking here.

Last, but not least, I feel really bad for forgetting to mention Eleleth's amazing post, Crystal Japan, as further resonating with a crystallizing of Japan via Ice-9 from Cat's Cradle.

I'm currently working on a major post about this friday's numerous events which seem to tie together every single post from 2011 (and even some of the earliest patterns we ever looked at on this blog). I'll try to have it ready soon.

Here's more weirdness with time in flux or objects out of place.
Yesterday there were two stories that were almost the same.

Is time in flux or are we merely paying for the sins of our fathers?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time and Tide (UPDATED)

I haven't posted much in the last month though I've done a few radio shows (and it hasn't escaped my attention that my period of being "Radio Active" started on March 7th, just before the Japanese crisis). However, in this time that I have been somewhat silent, there have been a few patterns floating around - and I think it is time to start laying them out.

There was all this "crystallization of water" language floating around for a bit - giving us resonating factors like the g8ors post "
Star Core" with Jim's great video, "Level 7 in Effect"

That same day I had seen
this article and took special note of the phraseology:
"The utility, known as TEPCO, will inject fresh water into pools storing the spent nuclear fuel at the plant's No. 1, 2, 3 and 4 reactors to prevent crystallized salt from seawater already injected from hampering the smooth circulation of water and thus diminishing the cooling effect."
Then CRYSTAL Rose, from Constellation Contemplation and Mask of God, sends me an email (initiated by Masuru Emoto) calling to alter the structure of the waters in Japan with
prayer and focused intent.
"Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them. Is there really nothing else to do? I think there is. During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is. Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness. Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
The prayer procedure is as follows. Name of ceremony: “Let’s send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima” Day and Time:March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)12:00 noon in each time zone Please say the following phrase:“The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.” Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer. Thank you very much from my heart. With love and gratitude, Masaru Emoto, Messenger of Water"
This pattern was particularly mind boggling to me, as I had been thinking about Kurt Vonnegut's book "Cat's Cradle" and the fascinating implications of ICE-9 for a few days before these elements emerged.
"When ice-nine comes into contact with liquid acts as a seed crystal, and causes the solidification of the entire body of water which quickly crystallizes as ice-nine. A global catastrophe involving freezing the Earth's oceans by simple contact with ice-nine is used as a plot device in Vonnegut's novel."
Another interesting connector here is General Electric. Vonnegut came up with the idea for Ice-9 while working at GE and the failing Japanese reactors were designed by GE as well.

What had got me thinking of Ice-9 again was watching the SailorMoon: S Movie, where the plot goes a little something like this:
"The shard of the comet that Kakeru collected attaches itself to his life force, and begins slowly stealing his life force energy, causing him to become very ill. Princess Snow Kaguya later takes the shard, but because it is linked to his life force, he is brought even closer to death when Snow Kaguya throws the shard into the Pacific Ocean and creates an enormous ice crystal that will continue to draw away Kakeru's life force energy until he dies. She and her Snow Dancers then begin to freeze the Earth."
Ice Crystals can obviously be tied into Comets, since comets are mostly made of ice, and the SailorMoon movie makes the connection pretty solid, but before we get too into comets we'll have to gather more context first...

The other pattern that has not let go of me for the last few months is Time Travel. I just can't seem to get away from it. Time travel, time travel, time travel. Like the universe is beating me over the head.

I did a post recently and pondered if there was "a glitch in the Matrix"
...only realizing later that, in the movie, it is said that glitches in the Matrix happen "when they change something." Are we seeing evidence of Time Travel????

I laughed at this thought myself, but then I see the WebBot guys put up an article about how the Japanese radiation is going to kill everyone and the way to save everything is to go back in time and change it. Really? Is this where we're at? I don't know if I should be laughing at the absurdity of the situation, looking for a deeper esoteric meaning, or if I should be taking this very very seriously. It just fits it too well with all the patterns and tons of personal syncs and a few conversations I've had since last winter. There seems to be this weird idea floating around of an UNDONE tragedy.

The time-travel technology being discussed by the WebBot guys is the same that I've written about before,
the technology being touted by Dr. Anderson. (Michael points out that "Anderson" is the name of Neo in the Matrix for a bonus sync hit).

Allow me one quick tangent before we bring this all together. Last weekend I found myself drawn to a post on the Secret Sun Facebook page. It was about a show I've never watched and couldn't care less about, but I found myself drawn to it like a magnet.

If you've been into sync for a while, you can understand what I mean. I can look at a block of text or images and one of the words or images will be almost highlighted. There's some part of you that is saying "pay attention." When that happens, it usually means you should listen. I know there are a lot of people who will talk of the power of suggestion, or the human brain's ability
and even desire to make patterns, or predictive programming, and on and on. But, at this point, I think my bullsh9t filter is pretty darn good. I've learned to trust that intuition and where it leads me. So, I end up watching this linked show. It was bad. Very bad. But there was an element, a silly little plot point that stood out to me like a sore thumb.

Chocolate pudding, used to signal higher consciousness (at the WTC of all places) in a dreamtime matrix. That got my attention. Because that brings us to Heaven's Gate, a fascinating study in ufo cult culture, the quest to transcend the material matrix, and suicide pacts. They were also known for Chocolate Pudding and Nike Sneakers. The poison cocktail they used to poison themselves was mixed into Chocolate Pudding and they all wore matching outfits for their suicide, including Nike Sneakers. Oh, and they timed their mass suicide to get onto a passing comet. Yup. It's all there.

If you're asking why Nike Sneakers are important, you're gonna have to watch the latest video from Jim. It's about Time Travel, Nikes and Bulls. Please watch it:

420 Bullseye from Rough Video on Vimeo.

Further entrainment comes from an article about the time travel significance of this week in Terminator lore.
Note this comment reads "Skynet=HIM" (HIM was one of the earlier names for Heaven's Gate.)

Then I see that Doug just put up a Comet post on Mask of God, so it is definitely resonating right now. He also connects the comet to the Hanged Man.

So, I go online today, expecting news of some sort of suicide pact to hit the headlines. I'm thinking it may have to do with the Evangelicals who believe Jesus is coming back on May 21st, or maybe someone hoping to catch a ride on Comet Elenin.
The story I see right away fits a lot of the criteria, but still seems less...I don't know, large scale than I was expecting. They were in MINnesota, so it does fit the obligatory death/rebirth symbolism. But I'm still not sure.

Two girls, in a suicide pact, hang themselves because of Bullys.

Is this where the indicators were pointing or is there more to come? Time shall tell.

The episode of Sailor Moon we watched last night (ep177) was all about...what else?...a comet!
Plus, we get a girl being bullied:

And I realized that I left out some important facts about Ice-9 and the book it comes from, Cat's Cradle.

+ The concept of Ice-9 was invented to entertain H.G. Wells while he was visiting the GE facilities.
+H.G. Wells was spoken of in the Mask of God's "Fun with Maath," the post where I first made the "Libyan Terrorists + Radiation = Back To The Future" image seen at the top of this post.
+ H.G. Wells was also mentioned to me by Kevin Barrett when I was on his radio show. I didn't know how to explain what a stream of syncs that kicked off in my head so I just said, "Yeah, HG Wells has been uh, very much in my, uh, purview lately."

+ Much of the action in Cat's Cradle revolves around a fictional town of Ilium, NY. This is a reference to Troy, also called Ilium. You may recall that I had just read Homer's Iliad last month and connected it to the onset of Operation Odyssey Dawn and a host of other things at MaskofGod.
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