Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Dark (K)Night

Two quick syncs:

About a week and a half ago I woke from a dream with the words of some disembodied voice echoing in my ears. The voice said, "Stock up on batteries, there's going to be a blackout." As I live in a small apartment with no generator or battery operated devices, I wasn't sure how batteries were going to do me that much good. It wasn't like I wanted to dismiss the dream voice, but I must admit it seemed a bit comical and melodramatic.
Then, two nights ago, we lost power in our apartment. It was the first blisteringly hot day of the summer so I had put our airconditioner in earlier that day. Somewhere around midnight we must have tripped the circuit-breaker and lost power.
Here's the problem. We live above a restaurant--which, on most days is pretty awesome since I'm very much a night person (and occasional insomniac) and there are no downstairs neighbors to complain about how loud we are at 3am or 5am or whatever. However, when the circuit-breaker is in the restaurant's basement and they don't open till noon the next day, what would have been a simple flip of the switch in any other apartment amounted to a blackout in ours.
One Dark Night later, I learned the value of a flashlight and may have to "stock up on batteries" afterall.

There's another weird thing I noticed, and this has to do with the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises. I don't recall who, but someone within the last few days referred to Obama as the Dark Knight, and it made a very interesting sort of sense.
This summer, Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy continues goose-stepping along --- and I've heard all the arguments that Nolan is critiquing fascism rather than promoting it, but I'm sorry, I just don't buy it.  Meanwhile, Obama continues goose-stepping along and bombing the fu3k out of every square inch without a McDonalds --- and I've heard all the arguments that Obama is fighting fascism rather than promoting it, but I'm sorry, I just don't buy it. I hope you've all noticed the heating up of intentions to go into Syria (possibly what all the Sirius rituals were prepping for) what with the "accidentally misleading" photos, headlines, and US bitches "allies" around the world expelling Syrian diplomats.
So, what do we get in this election year, but another terrorist fighting crusade to save good-ole America (or is is amerCIA?) and keep it safe for football fans everywhere . . .

But that's just par for the course (or "staying the course" as Obama would have said, back when we all called him George Bush). Here's the quirky bit: The "terrorist" in Dark Knight Rises is named "Bane," and, thus-far, the 2012 presidential election has focused on Romney's connection to the firm "Bain Capital" 

It is an election year so all of this could potentially be intentional propaganda, but that's for each of you to decide. Either way, if Obama is resonating with the Dark Knight, it seems Romney is resonating with Bane. {Please note, I think any politician that gets up there is a bad choice, so do not take this as an attack on Obama in favor of Romney.}

Comics fans will remember Bane (created by another Nolan--no relation as far as I can tell) as the character who literally breaks Batman's back and leaves him a paraplegic. This was 1993, the year DC comics was trying to shake up some sales by killing Superman and paralyzing Batman, replacing them both with new versions (until the novelty wore off and both Batman and Superman somehow recover from death and paralysis).  
93 (of course) another KingKill year: The Kings are Dead, Long Live the Kings
It is worth noting that, a few years after the Batman backbreaking story, Bane "resurfaces in the story arc 'No Man's Land', serving as an enforcer for Lex Luthor during Luthor's attempts to take control of Gotham under the cover of helping it to rebuild."

Check out this great image from Tommy:
and I can't help but notice a strong similarity between that Dark Knight Rises poster and the final scene from Fight Club.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Great Gig In The Sky

Par for the course, we have the in-your-face symbolism of today's SpaceX docking: Falcon 9 rockets, Dragon, ISiS, etc. Via Gosporn, the DailyMail gives us the caption: "Docked! This ISS and the Dragon capsule are now as one" . . . very subtle. (Especially coming within a week after the eclipse.)

via Mayan2012

But, I want you to check out today's Drudge layout for another twist to this:
Click to enlarge
We get the, again not-so-subtle, "Madonna in Orbit" and another Obama birth certificate headline (whenever these appear we've always noticed them juxtaposed with these big mythological rituals). Okay, again, all par for the course. But there's something else that I've been tracking, but have yet to write about. The Trayvon Martin case is very much tied into all this. As an example of why I think it is important, notice the Trayvon story, here paired with the SpaceX ritual, is directly in line with an idiotic (but syncy as hell) story about Obama mentioning his non-existent "sons"...
The last time Obama had a theoretical son was back in March, when it was Trayvon. And he claimed this parentage at exactly 10:13.
Click here if you want to watch the video. Keep an eye on the clock.
 There's a lot more, but this is all I have time to post at the moment. Just keep your eyes open. Suffice to say, things are getting very weird but also very interesting.

Be sure to check out the most recent SecretSun post for this great observation:
"SpaceX planned its Horus-Isis rendezvous (the Falcon9/Dragon mission to the International Space Station) for Walpurgisnacht and then for May 19th (surely not a reference to 19.5, just as the phony controversy about Obama and the May 19th Organization is no such thing either) before finally blasting off on the 22nd."


Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Spring Clean for the May Queen (UPDATED)

MayDay/Beltane celebrations feature rituals paying homage to and reenacting archetypal roles. The death and rebirth of the Green Man is meant to show the dying of his winter form. Just as his Egyptian counterpart Osiris (killed on the 17th) was pieced back together by Isis, the May Queen brings Beltane's Green Man back from the dead--reborn, lush and vibrant--to welcome the start of summer.

According to popular British folklore, the tradition once had a sinister twist, in that the May Queen was put to death once the festivities were over.

Fitting then, that on the 17th of May, "Disco Queen" Donna Summer should pass. (She also shares headlines with another dead Kennedy, echoing JFK and KingKill33.) If the connection weren't strong enough already, we should note that the ritual described above is commonly called the Beltane Fire Festival and one of Donna Summer's biggest hits was "Hot Stuff"...
Note the 7 Stars above Summer
...again 7 stars

In Tarot, 17 is the Star card, symbolizing Sirius (related to Osiris/Isis) so we should not be surprised that such an archetypal story breaks on the 17th, directly in the midst of the large-scale Sirius rituals we've been documenting. Also, Donna Summer and I shared a birthday, New Year's Eve. Just as I constantly resonate with Osiris/Green Man/Saturn because of by birthday falling on the moment of his Death/Rebirth as FatherTime to BabyNewYear, we should understand why she too would resonate with this myth. And the Sirius connection, which I myself have encountered on a personal level again and again and again, makes sense with Donna Summer as well, also because of the New Year's Eve birthday.

Sirius in the constellation Canis Major – the legendary Dog Star – should be called the New Year’s star. This star – the brightest one in our sky – celebrates the birth of 2012 and every new year by reaching its highest point in the sky around the stroke of midnight. So Sirius is highest in the sky at midnight every New Year’s. Astronomers call this a midnight culmination of Sirius. As the New Year rings in, Sirius is at its highest.
As Donna Summer was the "Lady of the Night" and "the Queen of Disco", we note that she shares some interesting archetypal resonance with another singer who passed this year, Whitney Houston aka "The Queen of the Night".
We saw how Whitney Houston enacted part of the Alchemical Union of King and Queen, itself another version of both the Beltane and Osiris KingKill/Rebirth.

The series of images begins with that of the mercurial fountain, symbolizing the aroused energy of transformation and continues with the meeting of the King and Queen, first fully clad and later having relinquished their garments. ... The partners then immerse themselves in the alchemical bath ... While in this state of passionate engulfment the psychosexual union (coniunctio) takes place. But, contrary expectations, this union, which initially brought forth a newly formed androgynous being, results in death. The spiritual result of love is not viable and, having expired, undergoes decomposition.
It is at this point that the force of commitment to the process (though not necessarily to a particular partner) becomes all-important. By not abandoning the transformational work, the soul of the dead androgyne ascends to heaven, i.e., to a higher level of consciousness, while the body is washed in celestial dew. Soon the departed soul returns to its earthly body, and the reanimated corpse stands in its full, numinous glory for all to see. A new being is born which is the promised fruit of love, the transformed consciousness of the lovers, formed of the opposites, which are now welded into an inseparable imperishable wholeness. The alchemy of love has reached its true and triumphant culmination.

So we saw how Whitney Houston, the Queen of the Night, died in the [alchemical] bath and strangely echoed the Martin Luther KingKill.
Houston also resonated with another KingKill, that being the Osama/Obama ritual we saw play out here and here--a story which I will go into much more detail in the book I'm working on, Suicide Kings.
Interesting then that our other Queen, Donna Summer, also tied her fatal illness and approaching death to bin Laden and the 9/11 mega-ritual.
With our examination of the Osama/Obama KingKill ritual, which also coincided with MayDay/Beltane as well as Easter (another rebirth of the King story), we saw Obama being ritualistically reborn by reintroducing his birth certificate and calling himself "the Lion King" at the same time announcing he had killed Osama bin Laden (whose name means "Lion" in Arabic and "King" in Japanese).
Keep that in mind while looking at this fascinating Drudge layout, juxtaposing another Obama birth story with the dead queen, 9/11 and an image of a literal Solar Cross beside a golden dome.
While I believe that Donna Summer's death and her resonance with all of these archetypes are natural occurring synchronicity, I wouldn't put it past Drudge to arrange their page in a deliberate fashion. We've noticed them doing this often enough and I ask you to recall what they did last month on the 17th.
Drudge may present themselves as right wing "conservatives" --and indeed they are a fascist bunch of pricks-- but I think they're ultimately much more bipartisan than that. Like all media, they serve the one-party system and only play one ideology against the other. I suppose this also an alchemical union of sorts, though a very dark one. The only time these guys reach across the aisle is to fuck us over.
The question remains, are these guys playing with big magic and inside jokes to reintroduce Obama as the newly reborn King or to set him up as another sacrificial KingKill? For us it really doesn't matter. No matter what puppet they put up on stage, it's just a distraction, just another external power structure. Find your own inner union, empower yourself, and don't forget to have some fun. Whatever the endgame, it's never too late to dance.

UPDATE (May 19th 7:38PM):

Well, Drudge updated their headlines today, giving us an insane sync streak:
In the Suicide Kings book, I will argue that 9/11 contained the deaths of both the King and Queen in the WTC's "bathtub" but it is too much to go into here.

Oh, and lest you think the sync skipped the article marked "Supreme Court justice robbed for 2nd time in 3 months" it didn't. Not only does the article reference Isis and Horus via Richmond Virginia (Isis is the Virgin and I view Richmond as the Horus capstone), but in a very short article they give a whole paragraph to the Jack and JLL/Giffords thing....
Since the Giffords thing was also a strange play on all the death and rebirth of the goddess, I'd say that whole strip is a direct sync hit!


PS: Sibyl and Michael have made me focus on the "smoke signal" aspect of this story.
By now we all know the connections between the Wizard of Oz and 9/11, but considering the death of one of gaydom's favorite queens is being blamed on WTC smoke, I want you to consider that she is kinda the good witch or "a friend of dorothy" and recall the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the wicked witch of the west is flying over the Emerald City on her broomstick writing in the sky in letters of black smoke that spelled out...

As I wrote to Sibyl, "I used to track a pattern called "smoke signals" and at first I thought it was a signal of shutting down the internet but later realized it was all about communication. I'm going to have to ponder that side of this." And that's where I leave you. It is definitely there, but as to what it means? I'm going to have to mull it over.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Talk is Cheap

In the last week and a half I have had the pleasure of talking to so many great minds and having some amazing conversations.

Here's a quick sampling:
I've been trying to keep an archive of the shows I'm on and things like that, but it was getting a little unwieldy. So, I've had a little side project going on the back burner to make an archive that's more user friendly. After all these shows this week, I figured it was time to turn up the heat before it gets even harder to keep up with. It's now ready, and anyone interested in such an archive can hop on over to:

I guess I should explain that roundtable a second. Recently, Bill Klaus asked me if I would be interested in helping to create a new audio series that was more conversation based, instead of the classic interview style that so many podcasts and radio shows use. Since he and I had both had conversations with David Plate that were so good that we wished we had recorded them, we're tentatively calling this thing "Always Record."
The talking is loose and unpretentious. Though there is a lot of Kubrick, the topics are varied. And, ultimately, I think many of you will find this enjoyable. Click here to enter:

There were other conversations this week that were not recorded...

I spoke to Michael from Gosporn and every time I speak to him I have that same "man, I wish I recorded this" impulse. He told me about connections he made between Watchmen and the second volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that were super solid. As everything has lately, it found a way of coming back to Kubrick. I wonder why Kubrick is surging so strongly in the sync community right now?

There's another ongoing conversation that I am reluctant to write about publicly. Suffice to say, there's some drama between two players in the sync community and I was kinda called in to moderate, but I found a lot of it disappointing and immature. There is a silver lining however. While I've never been a big 2012 guy, it is in these conversations, where people can't help but project their shadows and refuse to take responsibility, that I see part of the value of 2012 as a concept. With a quasi-deadline in the conversation, you get a sense of what is really important to those people who see it as an important date--particularly when there's conflict in the mix. All I know is that I'm getting more and more cautious of the many gurus preaching a 2012 shift who aren't willing to do some of the hard work here on the ground.

As a guy who is doing so much talking lately, I understand that talk is cheap. I don't want your words, I want your action. And all of us, no matter who we think we are, we have some serious work to do.
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