Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Great Gig In The Sky

Par for the course, we have the in-your-face symbolism of today's SpaceX docking: Falcon 9 rockets, Dragon, ISiS, etc. Via Gosporn, the DailyMail gives us the caption: "Docked! This ISS and the Dragon capsule are now as one" . . . very subtle. (Especially coming within a week after the eclipse.)

via Mayan2012

But, I want you to check out today's Drudge layout for another twist to this:
Click to enlarge
We get the, again not-so-subtle, "Madonna in Orbit" and another Obama birth certificate headline (whenever these appear we've always noticed them juxtaposed with these big mythological rituals). Okay, again, all par for the course. But there's something else that I've been tracking, but have yet to write about. The Trayvon Martin case is very much tied into all this. As an example of why I think it is important, notice the Trayvon story, here paired with the SpaceX ritual, is directly in line with an idiotic (but syncy as hell) story about Obama mentioning his non-existent "sons"...
The last time Obama had a theoretical son was back in March, when it was Trayvon. And he claimed this parentage at exactly 10:13.
Click here if you want to watch the video. Keep an eye on the clock.
 There's a lot more, but this is all I have time to post at the moment. Just keep your eyes open. Suffice to say, things are getting very weird but also very interesting.

Be sure to check out the most recent SecretSun post for this great observation:
"SpaceX planned its Horus-Isis rendezvous (the Falcon9/Dragon mission to the International Space Station) for Walpurgisnacht and then for May 19th (surely not a reference to 19.5, just as the phony controversy about Obama and the May 19th Organization is no such thing either) before finally blasting off on the 22nd."



  1. There's definitely something to the "SONS / SUNs" comments made by Barack Obama.

    Whether this was a just a slip-up by a "presidential double" or something more intentional it certainly plays well into the current event syncs!

    "Houston it looks like we've got us a Dragon by its tail"
    Astronaut Don Petit aboard ISS

    May - June '12 is fascinating!
    (dates given are for the Americas)

    NATO (Aton) and G8 meetup May 18-21

    The "Ring of Fire" annular Solar Eclipse on May 20

    Mercury-Jupiter conjunction May 21

    Mercury-Sun conjunction May 26 (and CME shot at Mercury)

    May 28 asteroid 2012 KP24 within 38,000 - 57,000 km of Earth

    Mercury Venus conjunction on June 1

    The Partial Lunar Eclipse of June 4

    The Transit of Venus on June 5

    All of these occurring in TAUrus between Orion and Auriga

    Astronomy of 2012 - 2013 on youtube


  2. and May 27 marks the Western Christianity start of PENTECOST, (the descent of the Holy Spirit). June 3 for Eastern Christianity.
    Timed at 50 days after Easter SUNday. (the resurrection day of Christ)


  3. The Woman treads on her lover the Serpent. I trust you know enough to penetrate the truth within this Mystery.


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