Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grok the Sync: Part 1

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Thomas Malone from Grok-the-Talk, a wonderful podcast from Japan. We hit on a number of topics related to The Sync Book and our studies here at All The Happy Creatures. Some of the threads discussed were the "17" enigma, the Tarot, archetypes and predicting emerging patterns, Charlie Sheen, the nature of reality, and the Osama/Obama KingKill. I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend everyone check it out.

We are planning to dive into the KingKill a bit deeper in Hour 2 as well as why I have included the phrase "Jack and JLL" into that pattern. Thomas regularly does shows on Gnostic practice with John Lamb Lash and he told me that he was fascinated by my inclusion of "JLL" into the mix, since that is how he often refers to John. Should be interesting.

(Hour 2 later this week)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The return of Jack and JLL: Part 2

Click here for Part 1

Oh my god, I just had the most stupid, and yet the most profound realization. I was watching video of the Soyuz launch -seeing for myself the surreal image of an Angry Bird floating in space as they break free of gravity- when I suddenly made my stupid/profound connection. Apparently "Angry Birds" fight "Pigs" ... so what would an "Angry Bird in Space" fight?
(Note: This scene is from Muppets episode 501 ...refer to 51 as a code for 3/17, the date of Osiris' death, the most archetypical King Kill)

I mean, just count the crazy syncs with everything we've been talking about for months, all found in this one "Pigs in Space" clip, and that should be enough. But, of course, it doesn't end there. Nope, because there's a brand new Muppets movie coming out next week...
The movie release is sandwiched between two other "special days." The anniversary of the JFK KingKill and Thanksgiving, which Goro Adachi has highlighted as a day to watch. You see? When I was connecting the Osama Bin Laden KingKill to Muppets back in June, I bet you all thought I was crazy ... yeah, crazy like a fox! :) I'm sorry, it is 8:15 in the morning, I still haven't gone to sleep from the night before, and I am completely exhausted, yet wired, writing about f-ing muppets. But there's a reason I'm here with you all right now instead of sleeping in bed with my beautiful wife. Right now, in my sleep deprived state, this Muppet movie seems like the proverbial Key of Solomon or Rosetta Stone.

For starters, I found myself looking at the Muppet imdb and I noticed that this Zach Galifianakis guy is in it and I decided to check out his film career because he is Jason Schwartzman's costar in Bored To Death and Schwartzman has been high on my radar as of late.
Oh, that reminds me, I found a video clip for that Rushmore scene. Recall, the guy who shot at the White House on 11/11/11 because he thought Obama was "the AntiChrist" is named Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, making his initals O.R. OH ...This is put into context by the Jason Schwartzman/Luke Wilson conversation right at the beginning of this clip. "These are O.R. scrubs." "OH R they?"
Anywho, Galifianakis was apparently in a movie just crazy loaded with the symbolism we've been harping on.
Since I've been stuck on this idea of Obama/Osama as a playing card, specifically the Suicide King, as well as Donald TRUMP'S role in the re-birth of the king, check out this plot synopsis from imdb:
A dry action-comedy about two teams of government assassins working out of a top-secret underground facility using code names from the Tarot deck. When our hero--The Fool--arrives for his first day at work to find that the boss has been killed under mysterious circumstances, he must find the killer before the whole place blows up.
So, I might have to check this movie out, even though it kinda looks like crap and I absolutely hate movies with tons of gun fights...not only because they promote the MIC, but because they bore me to tears. Maybe someone else can watch it and let me know. For now, I'm gonna focus on the Muppets. More my taste anyway.

So, the Muppet movie comes out the day after the JFK anniversary, and check out this little snippet featured on the Muppet imdb:
Compare that with this:

Now that we're back on JFK, let us also consider the brand new Stephen King book, 11/22/63, which adds a Time Travel element to the famous plot.
11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the John F. Kennedy assassination

This is kinda huge for us, since we have been noticing the strange attractor that seems to keep echoing with "time travel" whenever we get near this pattern. This, of course, has also connected us many times to CERN. When CERN first announced it had clocked subatomic particles traveling faster than the speed of light, sync book contributor Justin Morgan commented: "Perhaps the lion King death connection is, lion = sun/light, king = rule. Lion king death/killing = breaking the rule of the speed of light, at CERN..."
We also saw the obvious Time Travel element in this, as the old standing theory was that, the only way to time travel was to go faster than the speed of light.
But, everyone said there was a bunch of speculation and CERN probably didn't break the basic rules of physics, because that would make our common understanding of reality just a little too messy. So, yesterday, CERN announced that they tried it again, and it worked again. The timing of all this is just too wild.

Let us also recall that in our tracking of all of this, we connected CERN and Obama to the Green Lantern:
Which the marketing team at Disney also thought they should connect to the upcoming Muppet movie, giving us our Obama/Osama-resonating Kermit the Frog as the f-ing Green Lantern:
You ready for one more? Good, because I'm gonna leave you with this and go to sleep. There's some guy, who seems pretty whacked out, who has been telling this story for a number of years that he was part of some government project to teleport people to Mars. Well, just recently, he announced that, while he was there, he saw Obama! His thing, is that Obama teleported to Mars. Let us consider that we do not have to believe this guy's story to find the sync gold in his tale.
First off, the "government project" is called Project PEGASUS, and readers of The Mask of God will note that we tracked the Pegasus theme for a while with all this and noted strange attraction of Obama and Unicorns (most explicitly in the post Barack Obama Nude on a Unicorn).

But the theme of "teleporting to Mars" is something we've also come back to now and then, notably in Birds and Bees Part 4, and which I just reemphasized in Gad is Dead Part 2, where I posted this image of Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen comic:
In Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan teleports to Mars, the very same thing Obama is being accused of doing (albeit unlikely). His story there strongly focuses on a non-linear understanding of time, something I've associated with Time Travel many times. So, when looking at posters for the upcoming Muppet movie, which the Disney marketing team decided to do as a series of parody images from other movies, who should we see in place of the Time-Traveling Mars-Teleporting Dr. Manhattan, but our Osama/Obama-resonating Kermit the F-ing Frog.
And with that, I bid you all a good night.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The return of Jack and JLL

I had told you to keep an eye on the "Jack and Jill" aspect of 11/11/11, knowing that we'd get a strong echo of our April 28th post about Jack and JLL, which involved Jared Lee "Loner" and came to end with the shooting of one Lion King (Osama) by the other Lion King (Obama).
So let's take a look at the events of that day and see if our hunch was correct.

Does that remind anyone of the Osama raid? It should...
Or, what of the Seal Team 6 members, who reportedly were the ones to carry out the Osama shooting, who themselves were later killed in a helicopter crash? I would argue that was also a political assassination, aimed at covering up evidence that the Osama thing was a complete farce.

Years back, Jake Kotze made somewhat of a study of helicopter syncs that clumped around the 9/11 story, which Osama is obviously heavily tied to, regardless of the true nature of his involvement in 9/11 - or lack thereof.
It's actually funny, as earlier last week, I began editing a video showing additional SpiderMan sync-age to the "9/11 Stargate" that had never been discussed before. ... I'll try to finish that soon.

But, if we need any more connection between 9/11 and the Mexican helicopter crash on 11/11/11, we can observe the "odd coincidence" involving a jet crashing into a metropolitan center:

Alright, enough of that for now. If you want to keep SpiderMan in the back of your mind, that might be helpful, but we've got even bigger 11/11/11 Jack and Jill resonance to consider...

In our April 28th post, one of the major factors that we dealt with was that the King who would be shot in the head would resonate with the "AntiChrist." . . . I feel the need to remind everyone that I am not saying I believe in an AntiChrist, I am merely pointing out that this figure would resonate with that archetype.

Obviously, we can see how Osama resonated with the AntiChrist archetype, as he was considered to be leading a jihad against "the christian west" and was of course America's public enemy #1.
But, I had made the point that Osama's mirror also has been called the AntiChrist
Obama and Osama continue to be mirrored in this strange pattern, as we saw on 11/11/11, when a man fired shots at the White House. And why did he do this?
Oh, because he thought Obama was the AntiChrist. Exactly.
From CBS:
Sources tell CBS News that Ortega-Hernandez was not on the radar of the Secret Service before Friday's shooting. But investigators believe he may have targeted the White House due to a hatred of President Obama. Businessman Monte McCall, said Ortega-Hernandez compared the president to the "Antichrist" when they met recently."
He seemed very sincere in what he believed but seemed rather troubled," McCall said.
Authorities are investigating the man's mental health and say there are indications he believed attacking the White House was part of a personal mission from God, according to two different law enforcement officials who spoke with The Associated Press. There are also indications the man had become obsessed with Obama and the White House, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.
Shots were fired at the building Friday night. Agents discovered Tuesday that one of the two bullets hit the exterior and a second cracked a window on the second floor residential level, just behind the rounded portico visible from the south side of the White House.
That bullet was stopped by protective ballistic glass. The window that was hit is in front of the so-called Yellow Oval Room, which is in the middle of the family's living quarters.
The "Yellow Oval Room" has 3 windows and 3 doors, giving us a nice "33" -as does the date 11+11+11, of course.
the Original KingKill33 and Lady Die in the Yellow Oval Room, with Reagan (whose assassination attempt involved Stargate-resonating Jodie Foster ...please refer to this June post for more on that)
(More Yellow Oval Room photos here)

Also notable is that the King Kill Kennedys (or K.K.K. or 11.11.11, "K" being the 11th letter of the alphabet) decided to redecorate the Yellow Oval Room during their stay in the White House. The Kennedy restoration chose the decor of Louis XVI, an interesting choice:
Louis XVI (23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793) was a Bourbon monarch who ruled as King of France and Navarre until 1791, and then asKing of the French from 1791 to 1792. Suspended and arrested as part of the insurrection of 10 August during the French Revolution, he was tried by the National Convention, found guilty of high treason, and executed by guillotine on 21 January 1793 as a desacralized French citizen known as "Citoyen Louis Capet". He is the only King of France ever to be executed.
You might recognize him as the character played by Jason Schwartzman, who we talked about in detail in our last post, and the husband of Marie Antoinette, played by the same actress who was in all those 9/11 Stargate resonating SpiderMan movies, playing the role of MJ (see also: MJ as Killed King of Pop and connected to JLL two posts back).
Since Marie Antoinette was the youngest daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, let us look at something else that happened this week. You see, there was another sort of KingKill, this in the form of a Roman Emperor being taken out with the resignation of Berlusconi. Interesting that his resignation was announced on 11/12, the day after the White House shooting, but he didn't officially resign until November 16th. . . . Maybe he was waiting for the Soyuz TMA-22 to dock with ISiS.
Soyuz TMA-22 successfully docked with the ISS at 05:24 GMT on 16 November 2011,
about 9 minutes earlier than planned

Because I have harped on the Space connection to this whole shebang, most notably and succinctly the fact that the woman that JLL shot (Gabby Giffords) was the wife of a NASA astronaut, let us remember that the JLL shooting took place in the context of massive bird dieoffs. Please refer to our January 8th post, where we connected the birds and JLL and the royal wedding and all that, months and months and months ago.
Now, consider this tidbit about the Soyuz launch:
The crew carried a plush, red toy bird from the popular smartphone game Angry Birds inside their space capsule. The doll belonged to Shkaplerov's 5-year-old daughter. Hanging from a long cord and subject to G-forces, the bird swung and returned to its original position during the early stages of the flight. In the cabin video, Shkaplerov was seen battering the bird several times with a long poker normally used by the crew to press console buttons while strapped in their seats. When the spacecraft reached the preliminary orbit and began to experience weightless conditions, the Angry Bird was seen beginning to float.
Note that "the piggy" was a big part of the Jason Schwartzman conversation on 42 Minutes. Also, "pig" is a common term for "police" so the idea of killing pigs in towers is a bit loaded.
In Angry Birds, players control a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been taken by a group of hungry green pigs. On each level, the pigs are sheltered by structures made of various materials such as wood, ice and stone, and the objective of the game is to eliminate all the pigs in the level. Using a slingshot, players launch the birds with the intent of either hitting the pigs directly or damaging the structures, causing them to collapse and eliminate the pigs. In various stages of the game, additional objects such as explosive crates and rocks are found in the structures, and may be used in conjunction with the birds to destroy hard-to-reach pigs.
Piggies . . . aka The 1%
Charles Manson scapegoated The White Album, saying he believed the songs were instructions relative to his and The Family's actions. The song Piggies he considered to be about killing the establishment, and although he was only present for the LaBianca murder, the crime scenes of Gary Hinman, the Tate house, and the LaBianca house all had references to Piggies written in blood somewhere (likely under his influence or direction). "Political Piggy" was in Hinman's blood on the wall, "Pig" in Sharon Tate's blood on the outer door of Cielo Drive, and "Death To Pigs" on LaBianca's wall.
Rebels naturally fight Boss Hogg...
...don't they?

Since its release in 1954, scholars have been aware of the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement in the making of the controversial animated motion picture adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm. In Orwell Subverted, Daniel Leab gives an authoritative and well-documented account of the CIA's powerful influence on the film.
To use Animal Farm for its purpose, as Stonor Saunders reveals, the CIA's Office of Policy Coordination, which directed covert government operations, had two members of their Psychological Warfare Workshop staff obtain the screen rights to the novel. Howard Hunt, who became infamous as a member of the Watergate break-in team, is identified as head of the operation.
Jared Lee "Loner" -the angry bird himself- tied many of these themes and much of this imagery together in one of his YouTube writings:
You shouldn't be afraid of the stars.
There's a new bird on my right shoulder.
The beak is two feet and lime green. The rarest bird on earth, there's no feathers, but small grey scales all over the body. It's with one large red eye with a light blue iris. The bird feet are the same as a woodpecker. This new bird and there's only one, the gender is not female or male. The wings of this bird are beautiful; 3 feet wide with the shape of a bald eagle that you could die for. If you can see this bird then you will understand. You think this bird is able to chat about a government?
I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere.
On the other hand, welcome yourself to the desert: Maybe your ability to protest is from the brainwash of the current government structure.
I seem to have veered off course a bit with that stream of "pig" stuff, but it is important. I'm not trying to get into a thing about whether or not OWS is (or can be) co-opted. Trust me, I sympathize with the fight against greed and corruption. Man, do I sympathize. I guess I just keep coming back to the same thing: If there is a lesson that we can extract from observing the Obama/Osama Jack and JLL story, it is that you must be ever so careful not to become the thing you are fighting against. While arguments have been made that it represents Obama confronting his Shadow, I would argue that he has succumbed to his Shadow long ago. He is as much a psychopathic mass murderer as Bush ever was and I think people give him too much credit with that interpretation of the symbolism. Jared Lee "Loner" tried to Kill the King, tried to fight the empire, but, in doing so, he succumbed to his own madness. He became the monster. Jack fell down and broke his crown, but JLL came tumbling after.

Again, this isn't really about Obama or JLL or OWS or anything's about us and our internal struggles. We have to find ways to stand up to the injustices in the world without losing ourselves in the process. I wish us all the best of luck in walking that fine line.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

42 Minutes

Two fellow Sync Book authors, Will and Doug, have been doing a weekly radio show called 42 Minutes. These are great morning chats on synchronicity and the nature of reality and so much more. The show is short (42 minutes, as the name implies) and, because of that, sort of goes rapid-fire.
In their last few episodes they have been breaking down chapters from the Sync Book and discussing the topics those chapters address. I'm so glad they are doing this because, if we've done our job well, the Sync Book should be a launching point for these types of conversations on a larger scale.

This week I joined them as they picked up where they left off from the week prior, talking about schizophrenia and entheogens and holographic reality and on and on.

+If player does not work or you want to listen on the go,
Click Here to download the mp3+

Monday, November 7, 2011

The King of Pop and Jared Lee Loughner

Longtime readers of this blog will be familiar with the KingKill theme we have been tracking throughout 2011 and how there has been a persistant connection to CERN and the Big Bang. Well, today (11/7/2011) a guilty verdict came in the Killing of The KING of POP ...and I have to say, that's pretty darn significant, since CERN created "a Mini-Big Bang" exactly one year ago today.
Read the full 2010 post here

The significance of 117 was doubly highlighted as @Strangeye points out:
Strangeye also notes the veiled "77" (11 x 7) which we had repeatedly linked to in the aftermath of the Gabby Giffords shooting. (Gabby Giffords=GG=77 . . . [Jared] Lee Loughner=LL=77 flipped). I noticed a strange attractor between the JLL case and the MJ case back in September when these two stories (both focusing on KingKillers on Trial and Medication) came up together in a twitter feed:

I should also remind everyone that we have connected the JLL case to the Norway Spiral many many times, and I keep coming back to this weird blue spiral as an important X-factor in the whole puzzle. Well, I just remembered a quick little post I did way back connecting MJ to the Norway Spiral.
Hmm, ain't that something?

Anyway, with an expected return of many of these themes involving JLL (see our last post) and so much attention being drawn to this week's flyby of YU55, I was reminded of something Jared Lee "Loner" himself had written on his YouTube page:

"I want you to imagine a comet or meteoroid coming through the atmosphere"
More screencaps of his page and backstory here

Lastly, there's Jared Li, who also echoes a "big bang":

There's so much to add and I want to try to do a proper write up of it all, but I had to document today's news. Check back soon for more.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Royal Wedding at the Castle of Cagliostro

A few weeks back, I met a woman who is working on a graphic novel about alchemist and occultist (and fraud) Cagliostro. Shortly after, a movie that I had never seen by one of my favorite directors came across my path called The Castle of Cagliostro.
This movie is crazy in sync with many of the patterns that have been important in our study over the last few months. It deals with Royal Weddings and Magic Rings, a BTTF-like fight on the hands of a clock, and so much it's not even funny. Plus, it's a great movie. I suggest you take the time to watch it.

PS: For my Mask of God people, maybe this note will convince you that it is worth your time:
Gary Trousdale, co-director of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire, admitted that a scene at the end of Atlantis, where the waters recede from the sunken city, was directly inspired by a similar scene from Cagliostro
Long time readers will understand why I think this is so important. The Royal Wedding theme has been back on my radar big time, what with the recent return of the KingKill pattern. The April 28th post I did on the Wedding and KingKill is what laid out many of the pieces to this. That post was called The Royal Wedding of Polarities or Jack and JLL's (Al)chemical Romance.
Well, there is a Jack and Jill movie coming out on 11/11/11, which even has a double sided card theme to the movie poster.

I will be returning to much of that material soon, with a more detailed post. For now, enjoy the film.
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