Tuesday, November 15, 2011

42 Minutes

Two fellow Sync Book authors, Will and Doug, have been doing a weekly radio show called 42 Minutes. These are great morning chats on synchronicity and the nature of reality and so much more. The show is short (42 minutes, as the name implies) and, because of that, sort of goes rapid-fire.
In their last few episodes they have been breaking down chapters from the Sync Book and discussing the topics those chapters address. I'm so glad they are doing this because, if we've done our job well, the Sync Book should be a launching point for these types of conversations on a larger scale.

This week I joined them as they picked up where they left off from the week prior, talking about schizophrenia and entheogens and holographic reality and on and on.

+If player does not work or you want to listen on the go,
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