Saturday, July 31, 2010

The St. Louis StarGate Part 3: Return to NYC (BIG UPDATES)

Last night a bunch of us were at a friend's birthday party and we didn't leave the bar until after 7AM (Melissa and I worked there till 6AM or so). Rammer had to be at work at 10 so we decided to keep hanging out till then. I went up to Columbus Circle with Melissa, Rammer and Adan. As we sat by the fountain in front of the Time Warner Center, I found myself thinking about elements of Jake Kotze's 9/11 Stargate videos.

The Time Warner Center had always reminded me of the Twin Towers. It was as if they were sister sites. Wiki tells us that it opened on February 27, 2003 (See 227 as ratio of Pi). Something I had thought of before is that the Time Warner Center (TWC) is an anagram of the World Trade Center (WTC).

The fountain at the World Trade Center was meant to mimic the Kabba. The fountain at the Time Warner Center is, at least on the surface, an ode to Christopher Columbus - though I have no doubt that others may see it as an ode to the goddess Columbia. Compare the logos of Columbia Broadcasting and Time Warner:

The Time Warner logo looks like the Norway Spiral to boot. And let's not forget Time Warner's merger with AOL, who had a very similar sigil/logo.

The obvious direction to go here is to rehash all the illuminated eye stuff that's dominated the conversation for so long, but that's not even where I'm going with this. I just want to give you an idea of some of the religious/ritualistic elements at play that made themselves obvious in the subtext. As I looked from the building to the fountain, back to the building, back to the fountain - I couldn't shake the feeling that there was a Stargate connection here. It just looked too similar. Trying to let it go, I told myself that this was a common enough architectural motif and that I just had stargates on the brain.

But then we went inside to piss. The first thing we see upon entering is a new boutique called MXYZPTLK. It was Rammer who pointed out that this is the name of a character from the Superman comic books. There was nothing about the boutique to suggest any connection with Superman lore - it was a high-end store full of overpriced junk, and nothing more. Just that name. Someone questioned if there could be a copyright issue, but I reminded them that DC comics is owned by Time Warner. I said it was probably just some branding or cross-marketing scheme and moved on with my day. I had worked late, been up all night and had to take a leak.

But when I got home, the very thing that should have been obvious to me finally became so. Mr. Mxyzptlk is a trans-dimensional being (from the 5th Dimension), with the power to cross over into our universe and act like a sort of trickster god. He's also another Double-M and gives us the OZ of Kotze's research, as well as interacting with what looks a whole hell of a lot like lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center.

If I had thought about it for more than a minute, I would have realized that this was the evidence of a TWC Stargate. As soon as you pass the fountain and cross underneath the twin pillars, you are confronted with the trans-dimensional or inter-dimensional.

We can carry that 5th Dimension to the Age of Aquarius or we can see that the Time Warner Center was used in the Disney film Enchanted, which is apparently also about portals and hopping between realities. If I had the time I'm sure I could follow this rabbit hole fairly deep. Since losing internet in the home, I'm writing to you from a laundromat on limited battery power. If anybody feels the urge to follow up on this, let me know what you find. Or, if you've got a few extra bucks to fund me installing internet in my apartment (since I can no longer seem to rip off the neighbors WiFi like I have for 2 years) I'm not above accepting donations.
That being said, even with finances being what they are, I'm more interested in your info than your money.


I found myself looking over this Superman cover last night - and saw that I missed at least two KEY elements. Bottom left: "Millennium is coming" written over a sun-disk. The double-M of Mr Mxyzptik is, in roman numerals, 2000. The artist working alongside Byrne (Byrne/Burn=more fire symbolism) is a double-K, or 2K - another 2000.

At the Time Warner Center, the third and smaller tower that is common to the arrangement made famous by the Masonic first degree tracing board is actually the pillar-like fountain. We should note that the fountain's pillar has flames sprouting from it, and an eagle that Rammer pointed out looks more like a phoenix than an eagle. Again with the flames of rebirth.

I have speculated that the 3rd pillar is meant to be a man's penis rising up between the two legs of the larger Jachin and Boaz pillars. Well, last night I watched the videos linked by Christopher Knowles of the Secret Sun showing the seeding of Nut, the Egyptian star-goddess. See how the Gateway Arch, which I have shown has the Stargate motif built into it, mimics the feminine Nut stretching across the sky.

They are both Star Arches waiting to be seeded by the masculine Pillar or Pyramid (or as Kotze called them, Pillarmids). Recall this photo comparison made in The St. Louis Arch Pt 2.

The seeding of Nut to produce Ra is similar to the motif of Osiris' make-shift member seeding Isis to produce Horus - sun-gods both (though, as Knowles points out, they may be two very different suns). We can go further and see that the destruction of the World Trade Center has been compared to the unveiling of Isis - and some say, the harbinger of an Aeon of Horus.

Well, if the WTC Stargate was the feminine (with her sacred box for a fountain), we can see how our new TWC stargate has the masculine for a fountain - and plays up the sun-god motif both with the sprouting flames and the calling out to Superman, who himself is a sun-god (Superman's power-source is the Sun). I'm not a big fan of the Superman archetype personally: Translate fairly literally and Superman is the UberMan. Or you can flip the "p" into a "b" and get the same result. However, the incorporation of the Mr. Mxyzptik character, makes this a very clear symbol of Death and Rebirth. Note that both the famous "Death of Superman" and Rebirth of a transmogrified Superman comic covers were parodied by the Mr. Mxyzptik character.

We can clearly see how this is all playing into a rebirth of a Sun-god, at least symbolically. The question here is: Which Sun? Is this a motif made to summon or praise the Green Sun of Ra or the Yellow Sun of Horus or the WhiteSun of the Pentecost? Is it ritualistic or the universe talking to us? Probably a little from Column J and a little from Column B.

Since we're dealing with Masonic symbolism and Arches, we should mention the "Royal Arch" Masons. I can't post their tracing boards for some reason, but if you look into them, you'll see their boards depict a temple destruction with the secrets of Masonry unearthed from under the temple. Now, this could be a real-life depiction of the Crusaders discovery or it could be the ritual we're observing. I don't know, but the imagery is fascinating. See their tracing board here and here. Melissa found this Double-M Masonic site where you can learn more about Royal Arch Masons.

I'd also be curious if anyone is more familiar with Kabbalah than I am would weigh in on the movement from the base of Manhattan to the border of Midtown and the Upper-West Side - if we view the island of Manhattan as the Tree of Life.

I see "Upper West Side" and I think left-brain Egoic thinking, definitely the type of place a Superman archetype would rule. That's a cold lonely place - sort of a Fortress of Solitude.


Man, I knew there was more here. It came to me the other night while I was at work. When I got home, I searched through the photos from our trip and found what I was looking for.

In those Egypt videos, Wayne Herschel makes the connection between the masculine pyramid and the sacred feminine triangle on Nut/Nuit's StarArch.

Seen from the side, Nut stretched across the sky while her sacred feminine triangle is highlighted.

Here's a sign Melissa found interesting while we were in the lobby of the St. Louis Arch. She asked me what I thought the completely random red triangle signified. At the time I had no idea. Now I'm very glad she pointed it out.


This just came in the mail:


I've been waiting for a good shot of this poster to appear online, but this is as good as I can find. Note the BIG RED C and the hourglass shape.

The same hourglass shape we saw in Wayne's video:

In the full poster (which I have seen on a billboard but not online), we see that the bottom half of the hourglass creates a dome over three pointed-roof houses - referencing the 3 great pyramids and giving us the familiar sync magnet that is the dome.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The St. Louis StarGate Part 2

"Architect Eero Saarinen and long-time collaborator Dan Kiley, a master of modern landscape architecture, designed the landscape surrounding the Gateway Arch. The tree-lined walks, rolling hills, reflecting ponds, and grand staircase descending to the Mississippi River mirror the shape of the Arch."

"Neither an obelisk nor a rectangular box nor a dome seemed right on this site or for this purpose. But here, at the edge of the Mississippi River, a great arch did seem right." - Eero Saarinen, 1959

(Recall that 1959 was at the center of the Watchmen=Sirens of Titan post, taking us back to the stargate as symbol of death/rebirth)

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is "the centerpiece" of a monument to Thomas Jefferson's role in the Louisiana Purchase - it's full name is the "Jefferson National Expansion Memorial."

Since I had connected the St. Louis Arch to the WhiteSun/WhitSun, better known as Pentecost - which was a fire-in-the-mind event - I am reminded that Thomas Jefferson's fellow revolutionary, Samuel Adams, said "It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

(Note the 3 pyramid motif in this Pentecost image from Thailand)

On our trip, we stopped off at another national monument: Mount Rushmore. It is here that they make it explicitly clear that Jefferson is being honored "not for his role in drafting the Declaration of Independence, but for his role in negotiating the Louisiana Purchase." As usual, the empire praises its own growth - I guess it's to be expected. But, that makes Rushmore another Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The original plans even call for a cut-out of the constitution in the shape of the Louisiana Purchase!

It's not surprising that crafters of grandiose sculptures, who are probably overcompensating for something, would constantly pull out the ruler and compare sizes of their obelisks. But this large display at Mt Rushmore beautifully places the Giza pyramids inside the Gateway Arch.

For some reason Egypt was all over the place as I toured "America's heartland." On the flight out to Minnesota, we found a replica of King Tut's throne for sale inside the Skymall magazine. Then we found another replica of Tut's throne on the grounds of the Lakota (TwinSun Nation). If I went into all of the weird places that Egypt popped up in big bold letters, that could be its own post. But, I should mention that when we stopped at Thomas Jefferson's house at Montecello, there was a replica of the Great Pyramid sitting on his mantel. Oh, on a side note: Boy is there a big painting of a beheaded St. John in the "family room."

Speaking of which, the guy who designed Mt Rushmore also sculpted "saints and apostles for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York." Here are some pictures I took of the front of that Cathedral last year on June 21st, right around St. John's Day. What's with the destruction of New York motif?

Just above the Norway Spiral shape, we see that rams-head horned vagina which makes me think of Bulova - the watch company that has its corporate headquarters very near my house. I always assumed it was a reference to the Masonic Jahbulon and that was confirmed when I was in North Dakota, the self-proclaimed "Peace Garden State." The Peace Garden is an international Masonic Shrine, located half-and-half on US and Canadian territory. I didn't get to go that far north, but I picked up a brochure for it - here's two close-ups showing the placement of the Bulova company's floral clock and the (Jachin and Boaz) twin-tower looking "Peace Tower".

Oh sweet Jesus, Wikipedia just informed me that "Some building remains of the World Trade Center attacks of September 11th, 2001 have been placed in part of the garden." Now that we're looking at 9/11 resonating twin towers, let me take you to the Tom Petty concert I went to last night here in NYC (at Madison Square Garden, which is located on 33rd street). First off, before the show started, the big screens kept advertising an upcoming live performance of the score to "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." That should have been a hint as to what would happen. Melissa and I jotted down a setlist during the show and here it is:

1: Listen to her heart

2: You don't know how it feels

3: I won't back down

4: Free falling

5: ?

6: Mary Jane's last dance

7: Honey Bee

8: Breakdown

9: Jefferson Jerricho Blues

10: Good Enough

11: Running Man's Bible

12: First Flash of Freedom

13: I should have known it

14: Learning to fly

15: Don't come around here no more

16: Refugee

Encore 1: Running down a dream

Encore 2: American Girl

Do you see what I see? Tom Petty is performing in NYC. The 9th song is about Thomas Jefferson. The 11th song is about the Running Man (who is enshrined next to Thomas Jefferson's Gateway Arch, as we noted in a previous post).

This further evidence of a connection between the Gateway Arch and the 9/11 event is probably the biggest sync of the night. But I also like the presence of the Honey Bee and the fact that the 9/11 resonating songs are followed by the First Flash of Freedom.

But there was another interesting thing that happened. Though I often find the chosen imagery fascinating, I try to avoid watching the graphics they put up on the screens - and instead watch the musicians. However, right at the end of "I should have known it" there was a static-like series of white-gray abstractions flashing on the screen that caught my eye. Now, I saw an image that was either a cow-skull or a Baphomet in that static. I told myself that I was probably imagining it, but right then the song ended and Tom Petty says "Let's bring some light in here. Can we turn the lights on?" And the house lights turn on for ten seconds or so. Very, very interesting.

Some will see that, or even the Masonic connections I have pointed out, as something sinister. I don't see it as such (or only as such). Especially since he followed the light bit up by immediately playing "Learning to Fly," a song that I think perfectly encapsulates what we're trying to do with Synchromysticism.

This may be my last post before the Cardinal Climax and the first two weeks of August, especially since I've lost internet access in my home (I guess my Smoke Signal patterns caught up to me). Since all the signs are pointing us to something BIG (whether in that time frame or not), I want to leave you with a reminder from Labyrinth of the Psychonaut's Cracks in the Wall, where Steve's guest/co-host Will said, "Doomsday is Dome's Day." We have the power to make this world heaven or hell - we can embrace our natural divinity or succumb to fear - it's up to us to stay strong and stay positive. August 1st is the next marker on the Wheel of the Year and it's a harvest festival. Well, you reap just what you sow.

Much love to you all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The St. Louis StarGate

My two week road trip was full of synchronistic wonders, but none more so than my surprise pit-stop in St. Louis to confirm my suspicion that something was waiting for me inside the Gateway Arch.
In the previous post, I laid out how the Arch resonated with both the Stargate from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Pi.
About a week later, when I walked into the "lobby" of the Arch I was stunned to find this poster.
I would have been satisfied if all I got was this shot of the Arch proclaiming itself to be a Stargate. But, there's so much more. The date of the St. Louis Arch Stargate event, as seen on the poster, is 7/22 - a common ratio of Pi (along with the ever-present 3 1/7).

Speaking of everyone's favorite number, here's another poster found in the Arch's lobby.

Then there's this poster, giving us the Baseball Diamond as Gateway and Baseball playing BatMan, which have both been on the radar of sync blogs for a bit. Also, note the 7-11 date there.

But, this next one... This is a direct synchronistic hit.
If you look above the StarGate poster, what do you see?
If you can't make it out, here's a close-up.
It doesn't get any more blatant than that.
We even get the bonus "Solomon" in there, getting us back to Masons and Jake Kotze's 9/11 Stargate thesis.

Monday, July 12, 2010

White Sun, Blood Moon, Phoenix and The Gateway Arch

I have been tracking the idea that the BP spill somehow played into a new mega-ritual, based in part on the Wheel of The Year and specifically the Beltane Fire Festival. The sudden fire symbolism should not be too surprising since we have also been watching Smoke Signals - and, as the old saying goes, "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

One of the aspects of the BP story that I felt was very important and yet missing from the conspiracy and synchronistic symbol analyses was the White Sun. The SyncHole related the BP logo to the Green Heart Chakra and Chris Knowles alluded to the Green Sun of Ra - but to me, that logo is a three sun medley - or perhaps three celestial bodies in alignment, creating an Eclipse.

It should also be noted that I connected the BP spill to the January 15th solar eclipse via Lego's Atlantis: Gateway of the Squid playset.

Well, we just had another eclipse yesterday - which you can and should read about from the SyncHole crew. They connected the 7-11 eclipse to The Red letter "C," the new Predator movie and the Dakotas - as well as the Eastern Star / Easter Islands (since that was one of the only landmasses from which the eclipse was visible). These details from their work have overlapped with my own so keep them in mind as well.

The modern Easter festival comes from Eostre or Ostara, another date highlighted on the Wheel of the Year. Funny, that one of my earliest posts was about watching for a March 22nd (322/Skull&Bones) ritual event. I think it's happening, albeit slower and more drawn out than I originally suspected.

After midsummer events seemed to validate the connection, I decided to keep an eye on August 1st, the next date on the wheel. The very next day a friend of mine, that I hadn't seen in over a year came over. He looks at some conspiracy stuff but more as it relates to finance and investment. It turns out he's recently gotten into pattern watching, but he has entered the fractal from his area of expertise - he's looking at stock market cycles.
Without me mentioning August 1st - he decides to show me data from a guy named Arch Crawford, who is predicting an unprecedented market swing on that same day, due to an astrological alignment known as the Cardinal Climax.

Over the next few days, August 1st is all over my radar. The Webbot guys talk about a period from August 1st-12th. Steve Wilner mentions the Cardinal Climax and the same period on his podcast. Then, while thinking about this astrological alignment, I go to the bodega next door and hear a radio ad that says "The Stars Align on Broadway." It's for a show with Angela Lansbury (voice of the Beauty&Beast Teapot - see 322+MadTeaParty) and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

A week or so later, it all began to gel. I mentioned Obama posing with the Phoenix in a post and Eleleth and Michael both commented on the prevalence of that imagery. Just then I see an ad on Drudge for more fear-mongering from, self-appointed harbinger of the Apocalypse, John Hagee.
What's that symbol on his book? Why it's a Phoenix. Neo-Con & Neo-Nazi John Hagee harps on a perversion of the Pentecostal religion. The Pentecost - also known as WhitSun and related to the Beltane Fire Festival. Here we go, I knew The White Sun was important.
To look at it one way, this is positive imagery. The Pentecost/Whitsun/WhiteSun can be seen as an awakening of the cosmic consciousness. Reading the second chapter of Acts, where all these men, foreign to each other, start to understand each other as if they were speaking the same language (a sort of reverse Tower of Babel) it sounds like a giant Ayahuasca ritual.
I find synchronistic confirmation of this Pentecost-sync in the fact that Michael from Gosporn wrote a post called The Second Chapter of Acts right about the same time. Then, Steve Wilner put up his 6th podcast called This is your Brain on Fire. Talk about convergence!

In Acts2, right after the cosmic awakening, Peter does a prophesy routine:
"'And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
and your young men shall see visions,
and your old men shall dream dreams;
18even on my male servants and female servants
in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.
19And I will show wonders in the heavens above
and signs on the earth below,
blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke;
20 the sun shall be turned to darkness
and the moon to blood
before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.
21And it shall come to pass that(X) everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord sh
all be saved.'
We've got more Smoke Signals and references to an Eclipse. It all sounds quite ugly and dire, especially the bits with all the blood. Then consider we just had a "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse on June 26th - same time as all this was happening. And check those numbers: 33, 6+3+8=17, 44 and a 317 for extra fun.

"A partial eclipse of the full moon tomorrow may get an added boost of red color from an Iceland volcano's ash, astronomers say. Earth's shadow will be cast across half of the moon's surface over the course of the three-hour event, which begins 3:17 a.m. PDT" - National Geographic
And what would an Osiris resonant 317 be without his lovely lady, Isis?, with it's honeycomb/hexagon tiling background, tells us yesterday's eclipse was also seen from ISIS:
Six astronauts might get to see the eclipse from a remote, but very different, island. But their island is a largest structure ever built by humans in space: The International Space Station flying 220 miles (354 km) above Earth. The eclipse should be visible to astronauts on the station as the sun appears to rise over the Earth's limb – or horizon, NASA officials said. "The sun does rise while eclipsed by the moon," NASA spokesman Kelly Humphries told from the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The International Space Station is currently home to three American astronauts and three Russian cosmonauts.One of the Americans, NASA astronaut Douglas Wheelock, has been posting photos from space on Twitter under the name Astro_Wheels, and may be the best chance for any solar eclipse photos. After all, Wheelock did snap a photo of thepartial lunar eclipse on June 26."The view from Earth orbit of the Lunar Eclipse during Saturday's beautiful full moon," Wheelock wrote at the time. "The eclipse in progress with the Earth's shadow moving across the surface of the moon, simply breath-taking! The Master's handiwork."
Wheelock? Astro_Wheels? Can you say Wheel of The Year? I dunno, but that makes me think of the UN's MK-wetdream, Captain Planet, and the character Wheeler - the guy who embodied the element of fire.
The positive side? That's more confirmation of the 5th element showing up.

With the Phoenix or FireBird in mind during all this, I thought again to the Cardinal Climax. The cardinal is a red bird, with feathers like fire. Surely he is our modern earthly stand-in for the Phoenix.
There's an art exhibit in Chicago right now that's just a big old all-seeing eye.
"The installation is funded by the Chicago Loop Alliance, a group of businesses that brings events and pop-up artwork to the area. Along with "EYE," the CLA is also sponsoring Tasset’s "CARDINAL," a collection of 156 red-cardinal adorned street banners."
A hop skip and a jump away from Chicago, The Cardinals are a sports team from St. Louis. Note the big Red-C in their logo.
Since the Cardinal Climax was brought to my attention via a man named Arch, perhaps we should look at St. Louis' iconic Gateway Arch.
It was designated as a National Memorial by Executive Order 7523, on December 21, 1935, and is maintained by the National Park Service (NPS)
Right by our Stargate-resonant Gateway Arch, is the Millennium Hotel. Where have I seen that combo before?
Oh, right, the 911-mega ritual had the Stargate-resonant Millennium Hotel looking on, that was specifically designed to look like the 2001/2010 Monolith.

The St Louis Gateway Arch is the terminal point of Highway 44! The opposite end? Oklahoma City! You know, the place that got false-flagged on April 19th 1995, almost 15 years to the date before the BP spill.

Here we have the Gateway Arch as seen from Keiner Plaza - that statue in the middle is called "The Runner"
"Kiener Plaza is named in honor of Harry J. Kiener, the donor of the sculpture and fountain. Kiener, who was born in St. Louis on February 27, 1881 was an amateur boxer, wrestler and swimmer, but he is most noted for his position on the U.S. track team at the Olympics held in St. Louis in 1904 during the World's Fair. While his main occupation was a steel company executive, he was very generous throughout his life. He served on the Zoological Board and was active at Shriner's Hospital. Kiener died in 1960 at the age of 80."
His birthday is February 27? 227 is a ratio of Pi. 1881, gives us our 88 and 11.

The Runner statue portrays The Running Man.
Three, count them, three actors from this movie went on to the Predator franchise. Arnold and Jessee Ventura were in the first Predator movie - and they both became state governors. Maria Conchita Alonso was in Predator 2.
Please recall, the SyncWhole had just connected the Eclipse with the Eastern Star and the newest Predator movie which opened this week.
Well, here's a shot from Predator 2, featuring the Eastern Star.
The star of Predator 2 was Danny Glover. He is now lending his voice to the upcoming Wolf/floW movie that resonated with the PucMan/PacMan/PackMan...
...called Alpha and Omega, which brings it all back to that familiar Death/Rebirth symbolism. The wolf is not only a resonator of FLOW, but is a dog/god and a resonator of Sirius, the Masonic twin-star. Also in this film is 911/K2-Stargate super-star Dennis Hopper.

How much of this is human script and how much of it is the universe at play? That's for you to find out. In a few days, I'm off to go camping in the Dakotas, land of the BiSun and the Dances with Wolves Lakota, part of the Twin Sun Nation.
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