Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UFO - Unveiled Frequency Object

Back when I wrote the X-51 post (about Boeing's hyper-sonic vehicle and alien consciousness coming into this dimension via the 2001 Stargate), Michael from Gosporn's comments got me thinking more and more about the nature of Sonics, as they relate to the make-up of time/space.

While this was stewing in my mind, Michael wrote another post displaying some of the examples of heavenly spinning. Since I have been thinking a lot about time-travel, my thoughts immediately jumped to an old episode of Darkwing Duck that featured a time-machine made out of a spinning top. Bonus sync hit: while looking for the ep on YouTube, I found a guy with tons of Darkwing Duck episodes that uses the name BoeingInABox.

This episode is great, in that it not only gives me more semiotic proof of a pet theory - but that it also happens to show the thin line between hero and villain. Human beings are often turned into monsters by their own tragedies, heartbreaks or good intentions. I watched this cartoon tale of a tragedy-fueled Police State just a day or two before Charlie Veitch of The Love Police beautifully explained our modern dilemma at the G20.

While looking for old Darkwing Duck episodes, I noticed another interesting detail. You may be familiar with Chris Knowles and his Alien Dreaming & Widening Gyre study, where he's pointed out that X-Files episodes with alien contact are almost always preceded by episodes dealing with hallucinogens or hallucinogenic consciousness. Well, here we have a Darkwing Duck episode guide from Wiki. First, a character becoming infused with an intelligent plant consciousness, has vivid waking-dream hallucinations in the next episode (while looking for "The Fountain of Knowledge" to boot), and the very next episode features UFO contact.

As all this is coming to my attention, and alien sonics are on my brain, I begin to install a new audio editing program on my computer. While reading the PDF manual I come across this amazing shot of what looks like a classic UFO shot. But, it's just a visual of sound.

Here's a close-up:

So, my friends, if people see these things in altered states - and I can attest to the time I saw music coming out of a speaker - are they witnessing objects that exist in a parallel vibrational state? Are these objects, wether alien in the traditional sense or not, merely outside our normal sensory detection?


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Alan. I've been musing a lot about the razor's edge between the hero and villain, how they both play a necessary part in the land of duality. I watched Spiderman 2 last week, and the villain, Dr. Octopus, was very sympathetically portrayed - the villain is far more compelling when we can see ourselves in him. Thing is... I'm sort of tired of the Land of Duality. Sporting events, politics, religious ideas of heaven and hell, they all seem so "old school".

    I wonder if we are sort of becoming "Dr. Manhattans" - who eventually see the endless parade of duality as nonsensical?

  2. You made me laugh with the nonchalant way in which you said "I'm sort of tired of the Land of Duality." But, I know how seriously you mean that - because I feel it too.


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