Thursday, July 8, 2010

7/7 - 7/8 Sync Log

I sent Chris Knowles this story: Bertrand Piccard flies solar plane.
Via Twitter, Chris informs us: Bertrand means "shining disk."
This story then synced at the SyncWhole, where they were talking about Dragonflies, since "Shining Disk" Piccard's solar plane is "shaped like a giant dragonfly."

I later went back to the Secret Sun to tell Chris:
Drudge just put a new link directly below that Piccard Solar plane story that reads "Fish talk to each other"
WOW, as I was typing Drudge just reloaded. Piccard is gone, in its place: "Early humans ventured farther north than thought."
The story: Historical revision, pole shifts and more. And I can never see the word "Norfolk" without reading "Merfolk" - just a thing with me. But it's apparently also a type of Pine(al) tree.
"A spectacular haul of ancient flint tools has been recovered from a beach in Norfolk, pushing back the date of the first known human occupation of Britain by up to 250,000 years.
..Archaeologists discovered 78 pieces of razor-sharp flint shaped into primitive cutting and piercing tools.
[See recent Sync Whole for 78 syncs with the Star Cup]
The stone tools were unearthed from sediments that are thought to have been laid down either 840,000 or 950,000 years ago, making them the oldest human artefacts ever found in Britain.
"These tools from Happisburgh are absolutely mint-fresh.
Researchers..began excavating sites near Happisburgh in 2001 as part of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project and soon discovered tools from the stone age beneath ice-age deposits. So far, though, they have found no remains of the ancient people who made them.
"This would be the 'holy grail' of our work," said Stringer. "The humans who made the Happisburgh tools may well have been related to the people of similar antiquity from Atapuerca in Spain, assigned to the species Homo antecessor, or 'pioneer man'."
The latest haul of stone tools was buried in sediments that record a period of history when the polarity of the Earth's magnetic field was reversed. At the time, a compass needle would have pointed south instead of north. The last time this happened was 780,000 years ago, so the tools are at least that old.
SyncWhole then talks about Back to the Future, building on a thread that was about Easter Island and the Eastern Star. I took this screencap of the BTTF hoax story, with ad reading 322.
Here's what I wrote in their comments:
Also saw a dragonfly today. And we don't get a lot of those in the city. We must embrace this.

Been a bit obsessed with Time Travel lately, so I followed the link to the Back to the Future story. Immediately noticed an ad for Liberty Insurance reading "Save up to $322" - My first thought was "Ah, 322 - Skull and Bones" but I told myself to ignore that fear-based reaction and look for a brighter meaning. 3/22 is the celebration of Ostara or Easter on the Wheel of the Year. So Easter winks again! The Statue of Liberty on the Ad is the mother goddess.

I want to put something out there. I've been mapping out very strong syncs with the Wheel of the Year dates all throughout 2010. I decided to keep an eye on August 1st and then I learned it is the date of the astrological Cardinal Climax. Suddenly the August 1st date is all over my radar (with August 1st-13th being pointed out by Steve Wilner and Clif High and on and on). Most are putting this as a dire date. Would you guys be willing to spend that day with me focusing on putting out the most positive energy in your hearts? Maybe we can turn this powerful day into something beautiful.
StrangeEye asks me what I think of the Russian "spy" story. Here's what I replied:
re: Russian spies: They are calling her a Femme Fatale - see Eastern Star & "Fatal"
Plus this quote gives us 17 and the 88 keys of the piano: "Juan Lazaro, the 17-year-old son of spy suspects Vicki Pelaez and Juan Lazaro, is an accomplished classical pianist"
My very first post on Honey featured the emerging idea of the Femme Fatale and specifically the number 1788.
It also questioned the importance of the number 88 as 420. As you know, BP spill happened on 4/20.
So, should we be looking at August 8th or the 88th day of the spill (now 8 days away)? I'm going to watch both.
Michael at Gosporn did a post about the dueling/reconciling archetypes represented in the World Cup final.
today (7/7), Spain defeated Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, bringing them to the finals against the Netherlands!

That’s awesome! It’s like Supes (solar hero) vs. Batman (Lord of the underworld). The match is scheduled for 7-11. Since, I believe, that we are currently experiencing a reconciliation of these two archetypes, I will be watching, between the lines, for an example.
This made me remember seeing a lot of ads for the brand-new NJ soccer stadium, "Red Bull Arena" when I went to New Jersey last week, through a Stargate then drank from a Stargate. I should also note that Steve Wilner & Will777 spoke of the prevalent Mars and Taurus energy in Cracks in the Wall (Cracks in the Well?) #5. Well, guess what appeared on Drudge this morning - in the exact location I was watching yesterday - ad and all?

Speaking of Merfolk, Oannes is all over the map. And he seems to be making people angry.

Here he is with bee-resonant swarming jets: Private Jet SWARM strands semi-final fans

"The situation was described as “absolute chaos” by the pilot of one British Airways flight which took off from Cape Town in mid-afternoon but was diverted to Johannesburg. The baggage hall at OR Tambo international airport in Johannesburg was filled with scores of angry fans."

Today we got the verdict of the BART "shooting," really execution, which was insanely deemed "involuntary manslaughter," after bystanders caught Johannes Mehserle on-tape killing Oscar Grant in cold-blood. But, I guess, if you're a fish, your blood is already pretty cold.
"Fallout from the shooting was swift in Oakland after the videos were shown on television and the Internet. The shooting and the nearly two weeks it took to arrest Mehserle sent the city into a tailspin of violence as downtown businesses were damaged, cars were set ablaze and clashes erupted between protesters and police."

Chris Knowles pointed out that I missed the Oscar/Ausur connection in the BART story.

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