Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mick Jagger/Michael Jackson - from Angel of Death to Sign of Rebirth

Mick Jagger is being called "The World Cup Angel of Death"

MJ under the Templar flag

Considering we are a year out from Michael Jackson's departure - let's look at these two death-resonating MJs.

They sang together in the song, "State of Shock"

This was off the Jacksons "Victory" Album.

What fascinating album art. It brings together much of what we've looked at on this blog. Lots of repetition of our now familiar yellow and black color scheme - and just look at MJ's Bee Costume ala Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. But, the most obvious feature is the black and yellow road coming out of a stargate in the middle of a blue spiral.
Welcome back Norway Spiral, I've missed you.

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