Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Birds and The Bees Pt1: Jesus wants to go to Venus

Let me tell you 'bout the Birds and the Bees
And the Flowers and the Trees
And the Moon, up above
And a thing called Love

May 4th started a blitz of wild syncs for me, and since that day is known in Japan as Midori No Hi, or "Greenery Day" (part of "Golden Week"), that seems par for the course. If you've been reading this blog, you know that Osiris, the Green Man, has been calling out to me for a while. So, on another Green Day, he told me to take another look at that box of Lucky Charms.
Let's remember that Osiris was dismembered, put back together without his penis, and was given a new golden phallus by the moon goddess (all of which is covered in the Mystery of the Wandering Member post). I had already connected Lucky to Osiris, since they are both green men, but look closely at the image of him. He has now gained the power of teleporting and is dematerializing from the bottom up. In place of his vanishing member is an erect moon.

It seems someone wants us to talk about sex, or the birds and the bees, as it were. So let's get to it.

The night of May 4th I went out with some friends, met a guy who I told that he reminded me of Agent DB Cooper from Twin Peaks, and, as we were leaving, one of the girls realized that she couldn't find one of her shoes. I reached under the couch she was sitting on and cut my pinky finger on a shard of broken glass - something that seemed insignificant at the time. I went home that night and had a dream about a yellow hummingbird that I apparently kept as a pet in my apartment. I turned my attention away from the yellow hummingbird and spotted a much smaller and much stranger creature: A mix of a bee and hummingbird, wearing a tiny little flowing dress. It was struggling to fly and I was trying to teach it how. It was unable and seemed perhaps sick or dying.

I woke up the next day, not completely surprised by the dream. I've been writing about honey and bees for a few months now, after all. But, something made me go to my computer, almost instantly upon waking, and look at the sync whole blog. I guess I knew what was waiting there: A post about dying bees from a guy using the name HummingWolf (wolf=flow). There's even a quote from Agent DB Cooper at the top of the freaking blog!

His post was in response to this video where they're talking about the reoccurrence of the letters DB, the 2001/2010 movies, dead bees, blood flow, pinky fingers, they sing a song called "Little Finger" with lyrics about bees, and they speak to Seth Green!
Okay, watch this:

Seth Green is another green man , his very name is a combination of the Green man and Set/Seth, his dark half. Remember, it is Set who kills and dismembers his brother Osiris.

Then there's all the craziness with the little finger.

And the blog post even included a Dali painting with a tiger that Melissa pointed out was very similar to the tiger in the circus poster we examined in connection to Osiris, assassination, and Jake Kotze's 9/11 stargate. Note the Obelisk on the elephant's back and the threatening rifle.
But wait, there's more. If you've been following along as we find the constant pairing of the letter "M" or the double "M" with the Bee or "B" syncs, then you may have laughed as loudly as I did when the big story broke this week. In what is being called a "Fat Finger" incident, a huge fluctuation in the stock market is being blamed on someone typing "B" for billion instead of "M" for million.
But, if you take those into numerology, B=2 and M=4, so we go right back to the 42 of Jupiter to go with the Jupiter finger (or the "fat finger") that the SyncWhole boys are all up on.

If you'll allow me to continue on this tangent, the computer error with the B&M made me jump to IBM in my mind. (Read about IBM's connection to the Nazis if you don't already know about their disgusting past).

Paul Rand (not to be confused with Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul) designed the IBM logo in 1972. Then, in 1981 he made this redesign incorporating the Bee:
Paul Rand also designed the UPS logo which I keep seeing a variation of on subway ads for "The King of Queens" reruns. Apparently the main character in the show works for "IPS," a not-too-subtle hat-tip to UPS. But.... according to Wiki, the sitcom cast lives at 3121 Aberdeen Street. Now, Aberdeen is a place is Scotland, so we've got a Masonic nod there. But what about that number?


That looks to me like Kabba, the very same sacred cube that Kotze posits is the center of the stargate rituals.
More stargates? Yup. Remember our teleporting Green Man from the cereal box? Isn't one of his 'four charms needed to grant him the power of teleportation' a horseshoe? Well, Chris Knowles laid out the idea of the horseshoe as a symbol of a wormhole or stargate.

Now, take this a step further, and remember that the double "M" is 44.
More factoids from Wiki: The last episode of "King of Queens" ran 44 minutes, was filmed on the Ides of March, features the adoption of a child named Ming-Mei, and...
The episode ends with a three-minute montage of scenes from the show's nine seasons to A Million Billion's song Milk & Honey. The final scene shows the words thanks for the ride…
There was another Stargate/Osiris-resonating story this week, as an airport security guard, aged 44 of course, kept walking through the gates of the Orwellian full-image body-scanner and being made fun of for his "small penis." Of course, after he beats the crap out of his co-worker he goes to jail and the poor guy gets his face spread all over the news as 'the dude with the small penis.' The daily mail article on this disaster includes this photo of airport bag-checkers playing with luggage that looks like bees:

I've been writing mostly about honey and honey bees, but I got to thinking - who is the Queen Bee?

We looked at Beyonce taking on the role of a Killer QueenB. Since then I have been thinking about the Queen song "Killer Queen," which is, at least on the surface, about a drag queen (by the way, the night of May 4th I met a guy named Leary who is a drag queen). But, what seemed to make the most sense in looking for a "killer queen" was Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. We've also been looking at all the assassination language floating around. Well, wouldn't you know it, there was a scare on Tuesday where they were afraid that Queen Beatrix might be the target of another assassination attempt while she was at a war memorial service (this of course comes after the Polish president actually was assassinated while on his way to a war memorial service).

Queen Beatrix has made a name for herself as a prominent Bilderburger and owner of Royal Dutch Shell. On Wednesday, the story broke that Shell has been spilling a record amount of oil in Nigeria, specifically in the Niger Delta. Here in the States, we're looking at a huge oil spill in our Delta ever since the wreck of the fascinatingly named "Deepwater Horizon." The combo of the triangular Delta and "Deepwater Horizon" remind me of that Lego Atlantis stargate set we looked at. Even down to the black cloud of the squid's ink.

But let us not forget that we've been looking back at the movie "Kill Bill" - whose main character, played by Uma Thurman, goes unnamed until the end of the second film, when it is revealed to be Beatrix. I decided to pursue this and do some research into Uma's career and background.
Uma dressed as a yellow and black Killer Bee in Kill Bill

It turns out her mom's first husband was LSD pioneer Timothy Leary, and the two were introduced to each other by Salvador Dali - that's when I know I'm on to something here. Her father is a professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies and named her after a Hindu goddess. "Uma" is another name for the goddess Parvati ("daughter of the mountains"), a wife of Shiva.

There's a statue of Shiva outside of the 17-mile long Large Hadron Collider, which some theorize may be a stargate itself. When I say "some theorize" I mean, like, guys working on it.
A top boffin at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) says that the titanic machine may possibly create or discover previously unimagined scientific phenomena, or "unknown unknowns" - for instance "an extra dimension".

"Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it," said Sergio Bertolucci, who is Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN, briefing reporters including the Reg at CERN HQ earlier this week.
There's also a prayer to Shiva and Parvati at the end of George Harrison's last album, "Brainwashed." It's a fantastic album with songs like P2 Vatican Blues, calling out the P2 Masonic Lodge, The Rising Sun with beautiful lyrics like "Universe at play, inside your DNA, you're a billion years old today," and Looking for My Life, with the lyrics "I'd only hung around Birds and Bees."

George Harrison also owned the production company "Handmade Films" with films such as The Life of Brian (with Jesus, Space Aliens, and Terry Gilliam with a red all-seeing-eye painted on his forehead years and years before he directed Heath Ledger in Dr. Parnassus with a red all-seeing-eye painted on his forehead), Time Bandits (featuring time-traveling midgets), Shanghai Surprise (Madonna's first real acting role), and more under it's belt. Last year they did Planet 51, a film about space aliens that was mentioned in the other Seth Green SyncWhole blog post.

George Harrison, no stranger to Indian tradition, had a song years ago called Maya Love. Well, Uma Thurman, herself named after a goddess, has a daughter named Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke and played a character named Maya in Duke of Groove. There's also another Maya that I know of. Maya the Bee.

Uma also has a son named Levon.

I've been trying to get upstate to see Levon Helm, former member of The Band. They held a concert called "Rock of Ages" in which they ceremoniously played the song "Genetic Method" at midnight between New Year's Eve and the New Year.

"Rock of Ages" takes its name from two old hymns. The Hebrew hymn has the line "They breached the walls of my towers and they defiled all the oils." Where the Christian version has the lines "While I draw this fleeting breath, when mine eye-strings break in death."

"Quantum: Rock of Ages" is also the name of a comic book some friends of mine have been doing for a while. It's about time-travel and the interconnectivity of multiple-dimensional existance.

Levon is also the name of an Elton John song (so named for The Band's Levon Helm) off the album "Madman Across The Water." Ponder some of these lyrics:

Levon wears his war wound like a crown
He calls his child Jesus
'Cause he likes the name
Levon sells cartoon balloons in town
His family business thrives
Jesus blows up balloons all day
Sits on the porch swing watching them fly

And Jesus, he wants to go to Venus
Leaving Levon far behind
Take a balloon and go sailing
While Levon, Levon slowly dies

The father of little Maya and Levon is Ethan Hawke. Making Levon Thurman-Hawke another bird resonator, like the dead Osiris' bird-faced son with his flying disc, and sorta like the now-forgotten Balloon Boy, whose name was Falcon, and who was supposed to have flown away from his father in an interplanetary balloon.

That reminds me, I was visited by a bunch of balloons the other day. About 5 of them had become tangled up in my clothes line and I had to set them free.
Perhaps, since the Balloon is another one of Lucky's four teleportation ingredients, I should have held on to them.

Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke met on the set of the DNA thriller Gattaca. Uma plays a character named Cassini. Ethan plays a character named Vincent Freeman. Freeman is a bit of a masonic nod in itself, as you are supposed to be a "Free Man" to become a Mason. However, it gets more interesting in that the actors who play Vincent Freeman in the flashbacks are Chad Christ in the teenage scenes and Mason Gamble in the boyhood scenes.

And the whole point of Vincent Freeman's struggle throughout the film? Well, he wants to get on a spaceship to a moon of Saturn. The moon named Titan to be exact.

Considering I am currently reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Sirens of Titan," a book with characters named "Bee" and "Chrono" who end up on the moon of Titan....I think we're gonna need a part 2.

To be continued...

PS: I hit "publish" and saw that it was exactly 3:17AM
3/17 is the date of Osiris' death.

Amazing. Look at these two headlines that just overlapped on Drudge:

It seems Jesus, the solar-powered SUN of God, really does want to go to Venus.


  1. I remember reading about how kurt vonnegut nearly became a 9/11 truther... but died before he could share his thoughts.
    Here's the link:
    "After sending Vonnegut copies of his videos about 9/11 and government sponsored terror, Alex Jones received a personalized drawing back from Kurt and was in the process of trying to set him up for an appearance on his radio show before he became ill.

    From all indications and other people Alex Jones had talked to, it seemed clear that Vonnegut was ready to add his name to the growing list of high profile public figures who have risked their reputations to slam the official 9/11 story."

  2. Hi Alan and Melissa, You are on a major synch roll! Speaking of LHC and Shiva, do you remember the Shiva resonating gate crasher to the white house? Too perfect.

    Another Queen Bee is Elisabeth II, in the news this week by "accepting" the resignation of Brown and then she had to "invite" Cameron to form a new government. At least the Brits are a bit more upfront with the nature of their "democracy".

  3. Oh yea, an accidental cutting of a finger is a symbolic castration, sort of like circumcision. Often done while cutting lettuce (phallic symbol of Min/Osiris) but a shard of glass will do. Definitely resonating with Osiris, you are. Little finger - mini finger - mini me - Min in me - Seth Green.

  4. Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in responding. I was out of town.

    Thanks for the info. Keep reading this blog, I will do more to connect Vonnegut with 9/11 symbolism in future posts.

    Funny that after you mentioned the White House "gate crashers" they are all over the news again. I've seen two stories with them this week.

    And you are very correct about the Queen. Whenever they take G20 photos, the Queen is always seated in the center.

    As long as the castration remains symbolic for me, I have no problem riding out this Osiris resonating period. But, I think I shall be extra protective of my nether-regions for a while just in case. :)

  5. Hi Michael, your "min in me" comment made me think back to when I was recently in an off-broadway show that used the song "Man In Me" by Bob Dylan. I like that song. Hope you are doing superb:)


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