Friday, May 21, 2010

The Birds and The Bees Pt3: Immaculate Conception

The world has reacted strongly to the release of a few new creatures. Perhaps you've seen the London 2012 mascots, the alien-looking, one-eyed, camera-faced critters that have caused such a stir. We've got Chris Knowles running with the alien theme and pointing out the Templar origins of their names. Red Ice goes with the Orwellian and Zionist symbolism.

However, for our study, I am most interested in the "M" and "W" on their foreheads, since we have been looking at the double "M" or the flipped version for the last few months. Note the synopsis in the video also reads "Meet the Mascots."

Then we can look at their creation myth, as laid out in this video from the Olympic committee.

They are forged, or engineered, out of two globs...

Sorta like the other immaculate conception story coming out at the same time. Meet "Synthia" the cellular life-form created from scratch in a laboratory:

From petri dishes to shoe boxes.
Note the view count, while remembering that 5 o'clock is 17 in military time.

Just some quick food for thought while I'm working on the next segment for this series.
Stay tuned for Part 4.

I knew I had seen that motif elsewhere. I just thought of two other guys, one with an "M" on his head, and one with a "W."
They like to ingest magic mushrooms and are representations of the dueling natures of man.
You know, "The Jungian thing."

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