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The Birds and The Bees Pt5: Treasure Hunt Comes Full Circle

In Part4 we counted all they ways in which Alan Moore ripped off Kurt Vonnegut by comparing Watchmen with Sirens of Titan. We offered the idea that it plays into such a larger narrative of death and rebirth being told by the collective unconscious. We looked at this in the context of the honey and bee memes we've been watching, along with the 44, the double-M, and the B&M combo. Then Elton John and signs everywhere tell us that Jesus wants to go to Venus, perhaps on one of the balloons from a box of Lucky Charms. This all seems tied to StarGates and hallucinogenic ego-death as well as secret society fertility rituals. Confused yet? Well, don't forget that BatMan and time travel fit in there too. Writing this series has been a bit of a roller-coaster; it's been difficult to get all this down fast enough as the syncs just keep piling up.

Speaking of roller-coasters, they just opened the new Luna Park at Coney Island today with rides such as the "Balloon Expedition," after a protracted legal battle with Thor Equities. And some people think mythology is a dead language. Ha.

Another thing we noticed alongside the blue man were the pillars of Jachin and Boaz. Now I see there is a movie coming out called MegaMind about a blue-skinned villain and his arch nemesis MetroMan. We can't get away from these double-Ms. Well, wouldn't you know it, the trailer features a few shots of the double pillar, even with a floating sphere like that at the center of Jake Kotze's 9/11 stargate thesis.
The trailer even gives us our 44 on this guy's t-shirt (who looks all-too much like the newspaper kid from Watchmen, even down to the pin on his vest):
And both MegaMind and MetroMan wear a single M on their outfits, reminding us of the 2012 olympic mascots and Mario/Wario pairing we looked at in Part3, as if the dueling natures need each other to complete the double-M.
These guys must really like Alan Moore because the release date is November 5th, the date that we were told to "Remember, Remember" in his V for Vendetta:
Didn't realize the movie was released on 3/17 - there goes Osiris again

Considering both MegaMind and MetroMan are aliens and ABC/Disney is pushing the reptile alien threat again with their relaunch of "V" - we may have an interesting November this year.
The new V series launched on 11/3 or 33. Is that a clue of a Masonic conspiracy or will the Masons be targeted in manufactured witch-hunts searching for Ickian Reptilians? There sure are a lot of video games teaching kids to shoot at aliens. Are signs really pointing to a Blue Beam event? Man, I don't know. But, that's a theme that was central to both Sirens of Titan and Watchmen.

Both Sirens and Watchmen had their all-powerful ego-death-resurrected man-gods go to Mars before the Blue Beam event. I wonder if the Mars vacation is not symbolic of the "wrathful visions" discussed in the Tibetan Book of the Dead or man facing his darker nature within ego-death. Chris Knowles put a link up to this story where someone finally noticed that there's a hallucinogen in Botticelli's painting of Venus and Mars.

Though I don't agree with all his conclusions (can't say I fully agree with anyone, really) I really enjoy listening to FreeMan's radio show. He often talks about the Martian moon of Phobos, which is also crucial to the Sirens of Titan plot. He also does a good job of pointing out that Venus is also Lucifer, and lays out a convincing argument that Lucifer and Jesus may be one and the same. So, at first I entertained the idea that all the "Jesus wants to go to Venus" signs may be synchronistic confirmation of that. But, some people get freaked out by the mention of Lucifer so let's look deeper - at the bigger meaning behind these archetypes...

V for Venus

It's no secret that the great mother goddess in all her forms is intimately connected with Jachin and Boaz. Here we have her as Venus:
No surprise that Our Lady of the Sea, standing upon the shell of Queen B's Shell oil company while we are in the midst of a major oil-spill, should make herself known at this time:
I have come to see the three Masonic pillars as symbolic of a man's legs and his phallus, the masculine counterpart to the life-giving recipe:
While the feminine has only two legs and a stargate between them, the cosmic birth canal:
To further the idea that we are looking at ego-death and specifically death/rebirth themes, a blue-skinned Venus does the dance with a skeleton in this tattoo artwork:
I censored out the naughty bits so I didn't have to turn on that blogger "content warning"

Ego-death and rebirth?
This from Terence McKenna's Food of the Gods:
He writes: "A remarkable illustration in Erich Neumann's The Great Mother shows the Goddess in association with a beehive and holding poppy seed capsules and heads of grain in her left hand while resting her right hand on one f the unadorned pillars central to the Minoan earth religion. Rarely have so many elements of the Archaic technology of ecstasy been brought together so explicitly. The figure is almost an allegory of the transformation of Minoan shamanic spirituality in its late phase. Its mushroom roots are symbolized in the aniconic column; they are the touchstone of the Goddess who looks toward the promise of the poppies and ergotized grain. The hive of bees introduces the theme of honey, the archetypical image of ecstasy, female sexuality, and preservation that survives the shifting botanical identities of the sacraments."

All our elements are beginning to converge. In Sirens of Titan, which had a character named Boaz, there is an explanation of why a mother and son, named Bee and Chrono, are so close: "Their livers had been modified by a three-month diet consisting of water and the roots of the salpa-salpa or Amazonian blue poplar. The diet had been a part of Bee's and Chrono's initiation into the Gumbo tribe. During the initiation, mother and son had been staked at the ends of tethers in the middle of the village, with Chrono representing the Sun and Bee representing the Moon, as the Sun and Moon were understood by the Gumbo people. As a result of their experiences, Bee and Chrono were closer than most mothers and sons. They had been rescued at last by a helicopter."

Moon goddesses, helicopters, twin pillars. It's all too much.
Did the events of 9/11 unveil Isis? Well, if we are looking at the mother goddess as symbolic of rebirth, then yes. 9/11 certainly changed our vibration. The question: For better or worse?

Mask of the Phantasm

One of my favorite cheesy movies is the old horror flick Phantasm, which has the tagline, "Where The Dead Are No Longer That Way." And it also features a StarGate (or "SpaceGate" as they call it) that leads them to Mars of all places. This gateway is designed like a tuning fork and is closed when the vibration stops.

I'd like to believe a gateway to Mars (the god of war) was closed on that day, but events haven't really played out that way. That doesn't mean I'm not rooting for the possibility.

While searching Phantasm images, I came across this picture from someone's DeviantArt page that mixes Phantasm with SailorMoon (another moon goddess). Very appropriate.

The silver spheres that are perhaps the most often remembered thing about the Phantasm series, also remind me of Mercury. You may recall I cut my small finger, known as the Mercury finger, the night before watching the Seth Green Radio8Ball video - one of the things that started this series.

Don Coscarelli, the guy who gave us Phantasm, also did the Saturday-afternoon classic, BeastMaster - another B&M combo - which resonates very well with the Chimera and Sphinx we looked at in Part 4. Though I never saw it, the crappy-looking sequel is called BeastMaster 2: Through The Portal of Time.

The female love-interest in BeastMaster is named Kiri. In Japanese, Kiri can mean "fog" or "Mist" and also is the word for "pyramid." Not only is "Pyramid" a big word in these parts of the interwebs (especially when connected to StarGates), but this also leads us back to the "MIST" seen on the Lucky Charms box in Part 4, and it even goes back to our trip trough time as pointed out in this Kotze pic:
The star of BeastMaster is Marc Singer, who was in the original V series, played doubly dog-star-resonant Caleb Cole (CC is 33, plus Caleb means dog in hebrew and a Celeb is a star [thank Chris Knowles for that connection]) in an episode of Highlander called Mountain Men, and he also voiced the freakin' Man-Bat in the BatMan animated series. Again with the connection to the opposite nature in another B&M combo. The episodes the Man-Bat was in? Terror in the Sky and Tyger Tyger!

Before we go off on BatMan again, let's realize that Marc Singer was in a boys-in-blue movie with Michael Madsen and the recently passed-over Dennis Hopper. The movie's tagline tells us that we're about to cross-over a line ourselves, into some new territory.
On IMDB, the site that tells you "I am DB," we see some familiar numbers.
17% and an anagram of Osiris' 317

But what of Dennis Hopper's career?
At #44 we have another "Blue" hand-in-hand with a CC/33. And he played two different characters, both with the last name "Swan" for another bird hit. And what are we to make of numbers 45 and 46? Come on! See, I told you Jesus wants to go to Venus in Part 1.

Since Michael Madsen is yet another double-M, I checked him out too. Wouldn't you know it? He's in a 2010 movie, called The Portal, which judging from the trailer, is another horror movie with an inter-dimensional twist. It looks terrible, but check out the red-eyed 2010 white-tiger logo used by the guys who made this heap:

Since we've come back to inter-dimensional horror movies again, this shot from Phantasm 4 gives us a flashback to the Tesla-like roots of the SpaceGate:
Along with this image of another Hanged Man, like those that were all over Part 4.
We had connected the HangedMan to BatMan before, but there is another connection. The first animated Batman movie was the death's head wearing Mask of the Phantasm, which also had the Joker in it.
After the film, this character was adapted into DC comics, joining, of course, The Titans!! Aside from our Kurt Vonnegut sync hit, let's look at what the comic book version of Phantasm has to say for himself:
Hey, is this guy talking about ego-death? Sure sounds that way.

And "Light of 1000 souls" could be another reference to Venus, the light bearer, being the cause or effect of ego-death, as seen with Watchmen.
"The LIGHT is taking me to pieces"

With BatMan and Kotze's 9/11 stargate in mind, watch a minute and a half video I threw together to visually demonstrate another connection:

DB's Treasure

This series started because of a major sync (or series of syncs) I had with a video posted over on the SyncWhole:

In the video and the subsequent SyncWhole post, they're all talking about dead bees and all the things I had been writing about. This comes just as I'm in the middle of all these wild Osiris-resonating syncs, and I'm looking at the interwoven context of cereal grain and hallucinogens and honey bees. Now, I can't think of cereal without milk (which comes from cows) so let's refer to Terence McKenna again:
"The belief widely held in the classical world that bees were generated from the carcasses of cattle makes more sense if seen as an effort to connect bees as a source of honey and mead, the supplanting intoxicant, with cattle and the older mushroom cult. It may be that mead cults and mushroom cults that used honey as a preservative developed in close association with each other."
The bee-faced mushroom shaman of Tassili-n-Ajjer, drawing by Kat Harrison-McKenna

So, I'm looking at mysteries in cereal, most notably that General Mills put swirls and spirals on all their cereal boxes right after the Norway Spiral, as discussed in the Circumpunct Breakfast post. I, along with the green man from Lucky Charms, began our own treasure hunts, trying to decode all these clues.
Directly after uploading that BatMan video a few hours ago, the Duran Duran song "The Reflex" popped into my head.
The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
And watching over lucky clover isn't that bizarre
Every little thing the reflex does
Leaves you answered with a question mark

So it hit me powerfully when, in the Radio8Ball video, I saw another green man, Seth Green, talking about how he was looking to find DB's treasure.

And treasure hunts seem to be somehow key in this. With the recent financial chaos in Greece, this part of the story leapt out at me: "It's been proposed that the people of Greece sell parts of their territory and cultural treasures to pay back the banks." One only needs to take a cursory glance at the history of plundering and searching for occult treasures during WW2, mix that with all the incredible historical treasures that are being dug up lately in Egypt and elsewhere, and add the fact that when Iraq was invaded the first thing they did was ransack the museums, to see there is a real-life treasure hunt afoot.

I saw this story linked on RedIce about Resonance Mandalas being unearthed. Fantastic glowing blue spiral shapes.
Certainly makes me think of the Norway Spiral:

Perhaps this plays into an awakening. Perhaps all these things from our past will be unearthed, secrets will be revealed. Perhaps, even if it is oppressive forces that are doing the digging, we'll still see a benefit. Something along the lines of Kotze's 9/11 theory. That'd be wonderful. But, I believe it's still up to us to look for treasure in our hearts and minds and souls in order for that to happen.

Look at that Lucky Charms box again. In the last two months on this blog we've found the balloon, we've found the moon, we've found the wormhole horseshoe... The final missing piece is our heart. And that's the most important one.

The Green Man is Me

Now obviously, if a bunch of people are all experiencing similar syncs, there is something bigger at play. Like a fractal, my experience is only part of something larger. That's why I will continue to post away and examine the meta-themes right along with you. But, as I always tell people, any real change starts within yourself. So here, at the end of this series, I need to focus inward.

Realizing that this comes down to the heart, I think I've completed my treasure hunt. It has occurred to me only recently that there is a reason I have been resonating with Osiris. A long time ago, before I knew anything about Osiris, Melissa and I had spoken about getting married and both of us changing our name to something we like. We instantly knew what it was. We would take on the last name Green.

Now, as the time approaches, I am suffering from ego-loss. I am the infundibulated man. Alan Abbadessa is dying to be reborn as Alan Green. I never thought I had such a connection to my old name, but I think that's what my subconscious is telling me. There is a reason I am synching with all of these symbols. Perhaps the castration of Osiris is symbolic of being taken off the market so to speak. But, I know that what Osiris loses he regains from his love. Isis gives him a new phallus that is for her alone to use.

And what of the dying bee?
Well, I have considered that it is my mom, since her name means "Honey Bee" and she was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. That would explain the mother goddess theme. Plus, her initials were DB and her name Debbie even sounds like DB. ...But, I have felt very strongly from the get-go that she will be fine. I just feel it in my heart that she'll be okay. So, I sort of dismiss that, as strongly as it would make sense.
Then I thought, it could be my grandmother, whose initials are MB. That would explain it. She is what holds my family together, the core of my little clan. Perhaps she is the Queen Bee. The family matriarch. ...But, even at her age, she is healthier than I am. She could easily kick my ass, and probably would if she knew I was talking publicly about her. So, no, I dismiss that.
Then, after making the connection to my own ego-death with the change of my name and passing through the stargate of marriage, I realized that Melissa, whose name also means "Honey Bee" would be experiencing the same thing that I was. She was the dying bee. And, she would be reborn just as I would.

I see so many marriages fail for one reason or another and I have to wonder if it's because they aren't passing through the stargate together. Either the woman keeps her name or changes it. She either changes for them both or neither one changes at all. I think this leads to unbalanced expectations and disappointments.

So last night we spoke of all this. And the idea of passing through that stargate seemed less frightening. Whatever comes, whatever is on the other side, we will hold hands and go through it together.


  1. The moment you realize that you are not present, you are present.
    All joking aside, let me take you back to a cold January morning where you in a green bandana and I in a red, sparked the beginning of a beautiful sync journey. We are winter people = Death and Rebirth.

    Have you noticed any mizu(water) connections within your journey? My fascination stems from the realization that mizu is essential to growth/rebirth and much much more.
    Any thoughts?

    Keep up the passion that percolates your work.

  2. Winter people...Indeed we are my love.

    Plenty of water talk lately:

    I wonder if the open gate has something to do with "water breaking" - a sign of impending birth

  3. " There sure are a lot of video games teaching kids to shoot at aliens. "

    Seen Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain recently? Plenty of grist for the mill in this regard...

  4. No, I'm gonna have to check that out.
    Thank you.


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