Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Child of War comes crashing down

After the announcement of Will and Kate's child (or twin children) Goro Adachi connected this to a child of Mars. I took the angle that this was the child Horus. It's really the same position, as both Mars and Horus are gods of war.

Now we have a slew of stories of angry children on the rampage. Take a good look at your Aeon of Horus, the New American Century:

Loren Coleman has written extensively on the syncs and triggers of these and many other tragedies. He's calling the Newtown shooting "Killing Dawn" -which we can easily see as another reference to the Solar Horus. One fascinating note I keep seeing hinted at by Loren and others, is a "meteor" connection.
Since so many are connecting these most-recent shootings to the current meteor shower, I wonder why no one seems to remember this tidbit we highlighted on this blog over and over from Jared Lee Loughner's YouTube profile. Recall that Loughner wrote the seeming nonsequitor "I want you to imagine a comet or a meteoroid coming through the atmosphere." 

After Loughner shot Giffords, we learned that her husband is a NASA astronaut and has a twin brother (who is also a NASA astronaut).
The Loughner shooting happened in January 2011, exactly at the moment I finished writing a post about the then-upcoming Royal Wedding and how I thought it would sync with falling asteroids/meteors/comets. 

Goro Adachi, who has been forecasting the child or twin children of that Royal Wedding as descendants of the Holy Grail, also reminds us that NASA's Twin Grail children are set to crash into the moon in a few days:

Now, whenever I wrote about Jared Lee Loughner, I refered to him as JLL and kept pointing out the "Jack and JLL" syncs. The two children of that story of course, also come tumbling down. Kinda like another set of Twins I can think of:
To see how 9/11 encoded the birth of Horus see and

You know, I was going to save you all another plug for my upcoming book Suicide Kings since I've told you a million times how I'm laying out all this 9/11=Horus info in full detail in it. And I avoided mentioning the story about the suicide of Isis/Kate's nurse this week. But, I just saw this Suicide King story tweeted by Strangeye:

UPDATES 01.04.2013

I had connected all this madness to the post I was working on at the time of the Giffords/Loughner shooting, which was not only about the falling star theme but the major story of the moment which was a massive amount of dead birds falling from the sky.
Well, I'm updating now to tell you that here we are for, what is it, the 3rd year in a row that a bunch of dead birds have been found around the turning of the New Year? This time the dead birds are Starlings (Falling stars, again).

"Starling" is also the name of Jodie Foster (our Isis Stargate resonator) in Silence of the Lambs where she's hanging with Anthony Hopkins Quetzalcoatl (as Richard Arrowsmith has it in his latest sync video), connecting these brutal killings again to the Dec 2012 window.

Just as I was about to post these updates, I saw the news that Giffords visited Sandy Hook today with her twin NASA husband.

more Updates to follow...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Royal Birth: Child of Isis

Goro Adachi's long term prediction has come to pass. Kate and William are gonna have a baby.

This will undoubtedly be a big news item for a while and we can expect all the conspiracy theorists, sync-heads, and tabloid readers to make a big deal out of it.

But, I wonder if you caught the hidden tidbit in the announcement: "A spokesman said the duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, has been admitted to a London hospital with acute morning sickness and is likely to stay for several days."

"Less than 12 weeks pregnant" is another way of saying that she conceived the child shortly after Sept 10th (12 weeks ago). Do you remember what happened in that window?

Sept 14th 2012:

Sept 18th 2012:

It is important to remember the King-Kill aspect of this. When Kate and Will got married, it was the same weekend that Osama (Japanese for "King") bin Laden was reportedly killed and Obama was declared the newborn Lion-King. (See our recent post and the upcoming Suicide Kings book for more)

All this symbolism came up again with the elections. What with the DNC showcasing a rising son/sun (Horus) between Osiris' phallus and lady Isis.  

 And the RNC playing up on the empty chair or throne:
Isis' "name literally means Queen of the Throne. Her original headdress was an empty throne chair belonging to her murdered husband, Osiris."

So, you're telling me that Kate conceived her child the exact same week that she was both "Isis Unveiled" and the "Queen of the Throne"??? Huh. Will wonders never cease.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sync Book Vol.2 is Now Available!

After months and months of work (and admittedly very little time for blogging) here's the result:

(please purchase from CreateSpace to save us the Amazon fees)

Featuring: Joe Alexander + Richard Arrowsmith + Mike Clelland + Loren Coleman + Anadæ Quenyan Effro + FraterX + Freeman + Mark Golding + Jasun Horusly + Victoria Hunt + John Kale + William Klaus + Mark LeClair + Paul Levy + Trish & Rob MacGregor + Nexus of Sync + Scott Onstott + Anthony Peake + Robert Perry + David Plate + Riotfish + Alex Robinson + Ezra Sandzer-Bell + Noah Sherrill + Dr. Kirby Surprise + Frank Zero

Cover by Justin Morgan with mandalas by Mark Golding

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The cover to The Sync Book Vol 2

 The book is almost here and will be available on November 29, 2012 . . .

Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan with mandalas by Mark Golding

click images to enlarge

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Obama's Lion's Loins

Gosporn author Michael Schacht sent me this amazing little story from HuffPo
Obama advisers David Axelrod and David Plouffe spoke with reporters after President Barack Obama's last of three campaign events Friday.
    Near the end of the gaggle, Axelrod was asked about how the president feels in the last days of the campaign, and delivered possibly one of the more memorable lines of the campaign.
    "I've known him for 20 years. We've worked closely for 10 years. I've never seen him more exhilarated than he is right now. He believes in what he's doing. He believes in what he's fighting for," Axelrod said.
    "You know, you can see in the speech that he's delivering that he, you know, that he, this is coming from his loins," Axelrod said.
    The reporters gathered around Axelrod tittered, and he was visibly thrown off balance for a moment. He tried to recover quickly by joking about the comment.
    "And uh -- I just wanted to say loins. I wanted to see if I could get loins in the story," he said.
    Mission accomplished.

Hmm, is that Loins or Lions? I think both. This is something I've written about a number of times before and which I go into much more detail in my upcoming Suicide Kings book, but for a quick recap of my position on this Lion/Loin thing, watch about 4 minutes of this video, from 32:30 to 36:40

Osama in Arabic means "Lion" and in Japanese means "King"

"the king girt his loins with the tail...of the sacrificed beast"

"And uh -- I just wanted to say loins. I wanted to see if I could get loins in the story."

This, of course, coming in the election week, where LionKingObama is running against "Mittens" --a nickname that most people connect with cats, hence the RomneyCat meme.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: The "MayDay" Rota Fortunae

"MayDay"?!? ... Sandy's calling on the KingKill with a direct MayDay threat to the Green Man.  This hurricane is the Rota Fortunae that I continue to point out always goes along with it. Being a Green Man in the direct path of this thing, I'm holding on. As I write this, my lights are flickering. Getting ready to weather the storm. Be safe all.


Recall also Hurricane Erin 9/11/2001
"Hurricane Erin was "born" on about the 1st of September 2001, and travelled up towards NYC. Hurricane Erin was the closest to NYC on 9/11/01 and was the largest on this date (although wind speeds were greater the day before). At the top of each page, the photo of Erin has an inset, where the plume of material from the destroyed WTC can be clearly seen."
(via Judy Wood and Judy Wood)

Beltane/MayDay as GreenMan KingKill/Rebirth

Extra reading:
Le Morte d'Arthur: "THEN King Arthur let send for all the children born on May-day, begotten of lords and born of ladies; for Merlin told King Arthur that he that should destroy him should be born on May-day."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wickerman and Catherine Wheel

One of the less obvious points I like to make about the KingKill theme is how often the event is paired with a "Catherine Wheel." It's often not the easiest thing to explain the correlation, but it is so consitant that I've placed it with equal value to the KingKill itself in my upcoming Suicide Kings book, which is subtitled ATOR ROTA ORAT TORA TARO (The Catherine Wheel Speaks the Law of the Tarot).

Well, the first image I saw after Texas State Fair icon, Big Tex, was consumed by fire today, was this modern-day Wicker Man paired with the fated Rota Fortunae.
Note also the "Dickies" shirt and belt he wears, signaling the groin wound of the Arthurian Fisher King or the missing phallus of Osiris etc.






The Rota Fortunae:

The wheel of fortune from the Burana Codex; The figures are labelled "Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno, Regnabo": I reign, I reigned, My reign is finished, I shall reign

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alan on the Corbett Report and Vinny Eastwood show

This week I was the guest on two radio shows that present similar topics from two wildly different perspectives. James Corbett of the Corbett Report, who broadcasts out of Japan, is a serious man. Vinny Eastwood is a radio host from New Zealand and his approach is to lighten things up with a healthy dash of comedy. Transitioning between the two shows was a little jarring for me, but a healthy embodiment of the balancing act I always talk about. These were also the first two video interviews I have done, which adds an interesting element for the interviewee. Funny thing is that I didn't know Vinny's show was on video so I came a bit under-dressed, but you get to see me in my natural habitat. :)

From Tuesday night:
The world is both physical and metaphysical, not one or the other, you can either move a chair in 2 seconds or study to be a telekinetic monk for 60 years and then move the chair. We must take some responsibility and be aware that meaningful coincidences in life are extremely important to how we interact with other people and the world itself. A revealing and insightful interview on the nature of psychedelics and intellectual evolution.

Listen at:


Or watch the video if you really want to look at my mug for an hour and a half:

Bonus sync: I mention a comic book that I worked on with fellow-NewYorker Rammer Martinez Sanchez, right up to 9/11, when the work took a backseat to the real-life craziness around us. Here's a page Rammer drew in 1999 or 2000 that shows all of NYC and the surrounding area turned into a giant crater:
This sync should have been mentioned in my SyncBook Vol.1 chapter, alongside the other strange 9/11 precursors in my artwork leading up to 9/11, but I had actually forgotten about it. I only found this image a day or two before being contacted by Vinny Eastwood to do his show. The even crazier thing is that the story this image is from tells that only three people in all of New York survived. One of these men was named Vinny Eastman! That character was also a representation of extremes of comedy and tragedy, just like Vinny Eastwood's "lighter side of genocide" approach. . . The syncs are SO specific, that it's just F-ing insanity.


Then, on Wednesday, I was on James Corbett's Corbett Report. This was the first interview in a long time that I was really nervous about. I think that shows in the first few segments, where I'm a little hesitant to assert my position. However, after a silly live call-in I decided to take back that personal power and lay out my information to a place that is not so easy to challenge. In the last twenty minutes I lay out some of the mind-blowing information I have on the Osama bin Laden "killing." I think the shock on James Corbett's face at the end says it all. If a man like him can be flustered by the data, I don't feel so bad about my being so.
Tonight we talk to author and researcher Alan Abbadessa-Green, editor of The Sync Book, about the study of synchronicity in politics and world events. We discuss “the killing of the king” meme as it pertains to the deaths of Lincoln, JFK and Osama Bin Laden.

Listen here:

Or watch the video:

Bonus sync: Shortly after the show, I noticed this spread in the headlines at Drudge:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sync Book Radio

I've just reworked and updated the layout and archiving for Sync Book Radio. I can't believe how quickly this turned into something so big and so fantastic. These projects, like so many I get involved in, have snowballed beyond my original vision--they're more time consuming to produce than I first assumed but also of such a better quality than I expected either.

There are two show each week: 42 Minutes every Tuesday and Always Record every Thursday.

42 Minutes is hosted by Will Morgan (A Few Shots to Shaman) and Douglas Bolles (Winter's Labyrinth). The show has been going strong for almost exactly one full year. In that time, there have been amazing conversations and great guests:

10.02.12 Sibyl Hunter
09.25.12 Greenroom Mix: Jake Kotze, Jon Kidd, Joe Alexander
09.18.12 Neil Kramer
09.12.12 Joe Alexander
09.04.12 Frank Albo
08.21.12 Jake Kotze
08.14.12 Andras Jones & Will Morgan
08.09.12 Frank Zero (Cosmic Comics)
07.31.12 Loren Coleman
07.24.12 Episode 42: The Sync Cabin
07.10.12 Frater X
07.03.12 Jeffrey Kripal
06.26.12 Ezra Sandzer-Bell
06.19.12 Bill Klaus & Alan Abbadessa-Green
06.12.12 David Plate (MK Ultrasound) & Tommy Fulks
06.05.12 Michael Schacht (Gosporn)
05.29.12 Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
05.22.12 Anadae Quenyan Effro
05.15.12 Mark LeClair (Wrong Way Wizard)
05.08.12 Douglas Bolles, Winter's Labyrinth
05.01.12 Alex Robinson
05.01.12 Mark Golding
04.24.12 Peg Carter
04.17.12 Tim Murphy
04.10.12 Karma Tinfoil
04.03.12 Bill Klaus
03.27.12 David Plate (MK Ultrasound)
03.20.12 Jen Palmer
03.13.12 Andras Jones
02.28.12 Kyle Hunt
02.21.12 Jim Sanders
02.11.12 Steve Willner & Jake Kotze
01.31.12 Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
01.31.12 Kevin Halcott & Alan Abbadessa-Green
01.24.12 Joe Alexander
01.17.12 Toure
01.10.12 Neil Kramer
12.20.11 Stefan Jablonski
12.13.11 Chris Myers
12.06.11 Justin Morgan
11.29.11 Jeremy (Violat0r)
11.22.11 Jake Kotze & Jim Sanders
11.15.11 Alan Abbadessa-Green
11.08.11 Kevin Halcott & Tommy Fulks

Then we started Always Record back in May when Bill Klaus (iahuasca) proposed the idea of recording some roundtable conversations. David Plate (MKUltrasound) joined us and the three of us started having a conversation each week. Even as I struggle to find the time to do it, this has turned into a wonderful ritual that I look forward to all week long.

At some point we started having other people join us, each adding their unique take. So far we've had the pleasure of talking to:

Freeman of FreemanTV
Project Psycube (Violator Hellspawn, Frank Zero, and Trevor Tocco)
Douglas Bolles
Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
Justin Morgan
Maya Alexis
Andras Jones
Will Morgan
Tommy Fulks
John Fell Ryan
Mark LeClair (Wrong Way Wizard)

We put a ton of work into this, but it's so worth it. I think you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy doing these. Please dig into the archives:

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