Monday, December 3, 2012

Royal Birth: Child of Isis

Goro Adachi's long term prediction has come to pass. Kate and William are gonna have a baby.

This will undoubtedly be a big news item for a while and we can expect all the conspiracy theorists, sync-heads, and tabloid readers to make a big deal out of it.

But, I wonder if you caught the hidden tidbit in the announcement: "A spokesman said the duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, has been admitted to a London hospital with acute morning sickness and is likely to stay for several days."

"Less than 12 weeks pregnant" is another way of saying that she conceived the child shortly after Sept 10th (12 weeks ago). Do you remember what happened in that window?

Sept 14th 2012:

Sept 18th 2012:

It is important to remember the King-Kill aspect of this. When Kate and Will got married, it was the same weekend that Osama (Japanese for "King") bin Laden was reportedly killed and Obama was declared the newborn Lion-King. (See our recent post and the upcoming Suicide Kings book for more)

All this symbolism came up again with the elections. What with the DNC showcasing a rising son/sun (Horus) between Osiris' phallus and lady Isis.  

 And the RNC playing up on the empty chair or throne:
Isis' "name literally means Queen of the Throne. Her original headdress was an empty throne chair belonging to her murdered husband, Osiris."

So, you're telling me that Kate conceived her child the exact same week that she was both "Isis Unveiled" and the "Queen of the Throne"??? Huh. Will wonders never cease.


  1. Hilarious, really. I note Goro is also tracking Trojan War syncs, I had a big one today, a huge black pick up truck that pulled out just as we pulled in, so we took it's place - it said Spartan Concrete on the side. Hmmm.

  2. Now England mays quietly sleep...
    ...And french tabloïds hunt again !

  3. Samael Bacille as "adversarial stick" or "idiot with a scepter" has shown to be true.

    The child that comes out of this womb is the Great External King. The child delivered from a cut-in "box" in a robotic "box" in Prometheus is telling us what this child will be. A most dark kellipot to our collective shell dumb. The king is the kingdom.

    For Mars and Mercury to deliver the message of the water at the same time is also very dark.

    She wore high heel boots and played hockey. This was first banned in 1363 by Edward the III as mindless gamery. Not so funny that mindless gamery of Jove-on was the cross seeded story along with KTR's offspring news.

    We, the spectators, with our beastly appetites, are the true father to this beast. Lets go listen to some top of the pops to make it all better, or maybe some holey-wood porn to assauge our collective shelling.

    No matter how much we synch ... it stinks to highest heaven. This child is the collective stone to the blood on the ground.


  5. Alan,you might want to have a look at this post on the Isis / Kate connection...and those great comments at the bottom of that post.-)

  6. I was just talking with a friend who intuited that Kate would be having twins, just like Princess Amidala. That's crazy enough, but I note the recently "suicided" nurse was named Jacintha, or Hyacinth. She was the Yellow Rose.

    1. The one who had the twins is Monaco's prince.

  7. Twins ? Like Apollo and Artemis/Diana ? Romus ans Remulus ?

  8. Thanks everyone!! Wrapping up Sync Book Vol.2 has consumed so much of my time and energy these last few months that I haven't kept up with the news and research as much as I would like. I'm so glad you guys are out there doing this important work so I can still know what's going on.


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