Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Child of War comes crashing down

After the announcement of Will and Kate's child (or twin children) Goro Adachi connected this to a child of Mars. I took the angle that this was the child Horus. It's really the same position, as both Mars and Horus are gods of war.

Now we have a slew of stories of angry children on the rampage. Take a good look at your Aeon of Horus, the New American Century:

Loren Coleman has written extensively on the syncs and triggers of these and many other tragedies. He's calling the Newtown shooting "Killing Dawn" -which we can easily see as another reference to the Solar Horus. One fascinating note I keep seeing hinted at by Loren and others, is a "meteor" connection.
Since so many are connecting these most-recent shootings to the current meteor shower, I wonder why no one seems to remember this tidbit we highlighted on this blog over and over from Jared Lee Loughner's YouTube profile. Recall that Loughner wrote the seeming nonsequitor "I want you to imagine a comet or a meteoroid coming through the atmosphere." 

After Loughner shot Giffords, we learned that her husband is a NASA astronaut and has a twin brother (who is also a NASA astronaut).
The Loughner shooting happened in January 2011, exactly at the moment I finished writing a post about the then-upcoming Royal Wedding and how I thought it would sync with falling asteroids/meteors/comets. 

Goro Adachi, who has been forecasting the child or twin children of that Royal Wedding as descendants of the Holy Grail, also reminds us that NASA's Twin Grail children are set to crash into the moon in a few days:

Now, whenever I wrote about Jared Lee Loughner, I refered to him as JLL and kept pointing out the "Jack and JLL" syncs. The two children of that story of course, also come tumbling down. Kinda like another set of Twins I can think of:
To see how 9/11 encoded the birth of Horus see and

You know, I was going to save you all another plug for my upcoming book Suicide Kings since I've told you a million times how I'm laying out all this 9/11=Horus info in full detail in it. And I avoided mentioning the story about the suicide of Isis/Kate's nurse this week. But, I just saw this Suicide King story tweeted by Strangeye:

UPDATES 01.04.2013

I had connected all this madness to the post I was working on at the time of the Giffords/Loughner shooting, which was not only about the falling star theme but the major story of the moment which was a massive amount of dead birds falling from the sky.
Well, I'm updating now to tell you that here we are for, what is it, the 3rd year in a row that a bunch of dead birds have been found around the turning of the New Year? This time the dead birds are Starlings (Falling stars, again).

"Starling" is also the name of Jodie Foster (our Isis Stargate resonator) in Silence of the Lambs where she's hanging with Anthony Hopkins Quetzalcoatl (as Richard Arrowsmith has it in his latest sync video), connecting these brutal killings again to the Dec 2012 window.

Just as I was about to post these updates, I saw the news that Giffords visited Sandy Hook today with her twin NASA husband.

more Updates to follow...


  1. Have you been following all movies with a Jack theme coming out soon ? -

  2. The thing that I have noticed about
    Loren Coleman's site since going over to read his blog just after the Batman shootings is that he writes a book called
    "The Copycat Effect" about how the media perpetuate these mass killings by going on about them in the media all the time and all he ever seems to do on his site is exactly the same thing he is preaching against.
    Seems hypocritical to me when all he seems to write about is mass killings and how to anticipate the next one.
    Does anybody else see the irony here?

  3. Maybe if Mr. Coleman would stop Quantum Observing them, they'd go away!

  4. ……. "The spirit of life was in them: death can do nothing against the dawning light; death is but a cardboard mask soon consumed by fire. Behind the black flag - which is nothing other than an anti-flag - the garden of all possibilities is hidden, opening out infinitely to the sea."~ Bernard Roger … A horrific trend, to say the least. And that the shooter is now being widely sited as having been an Aspie, that is, a person with Asperger's Syndrome, I fear that that's going to cast a further pall on those individuals with that neural atypical characteristic.

    Also, I just keep getting that there are all these young lives, tragically snuffed out, becoming ghosts trapped on the corporeal plane. My heart goes out to them & their families.

    On to another instance of the twins archetype. The twin spiral helix of the DNA molecule is symbolised in the Feri Tradition of Witchraft as the Divine Twins. Strangely enough, there They then merge to become the Wingéd Serpent, also another depiction of the Caduceus of Hermes, the emblem for the final alchemical outcome for the rising of the Kundalini.

    Many have claimed lineage of the Sangraal, too. I wonder if the new expectant Windsors actually have the same praxis & outlook for themselves & their twins, as royalty & descent from the Holy Grail lineage has been a legend amongst many a privileged elite for centuries. Later, Magus …

  5. Looks like I'm off Loren's Christmas card list -


  6. Now you have to admit that this is synchromystically funny -

    Be sure to checkout the name on the football uniform of the footballer who shoots himself in Tony Scott's "The Last Boy Scout"
    to get the punchline of the post.

  7. Talking of things crashing down,
    check this out-


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