Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Royal Wedding of the Birds and Bees: Chasing The Sapphire

Note: I had started this post yesterday morning
and was just about done when I had to run out.
Came online today to find breaking news that flows out of this
post as well as a similarly themed post at TheSyncWhole.
That's the way it goes.
We just entered a new year, Father Time (Saturn/Osiris) was reborn as the baby. The death/rebirth cycle has begun anew. Yet we're barely into 2011 and we're already being slammed with global animal deaths and all sorts of death imagery.

The first dying birds to make headlines were the Red-Winged Blackbirds. Kevin @Indradhanush42 tweets:
The short answer is yes, I think maybe it is "the death of death."

I've been putting off writing the promised post about Sapphires, a pattern I've been tracking for months now, but it seems it can't really wait any longer. I'm at a point where most of the patterns I've been watching are converging to such a degree that the context is getting more complicated and if I don't start explaining now, it'll be impossible for me to keep up this public forum and still make even a small amount of sense to those reading it.

Here are some important bullet point items to keep in mind:
  • Bees always signal Saturn
  • Obama's Eagles are always Phoenixes, as this recent Drudge conjunction reminds us:
  • I have thought of Eco or ECCO or Echo as perhaps being indicative of the collective unconscious or the ID.
  • In Japanese, "Iko" (pronounced "E"-"Ko" or ECO) means "Let's Go"

Okay, let's start there, since many are connecting these animal deaths with possible gulfstream changes due to the BP spill. I had said at the time of the BP spill that I expected to see Queen Beatrix's (Queen Bea/Bee) Shell Oil to play an important role in the aftermath. Then Shell begins a new campaign with the slogan "Let's Go" (Iko/Eco)
The clam shell (used by Shell as their logo) is associated with Venus. The transit of Venus gives us the 5-pointed star that everyone is so afraid of.
The 5-pointed star or pentagram is also on Rush's eclipse-resonating 2112 "Starman" album cover:
Goro Adachi is connecting the blackbirds with the British Royal Wedding via Venus' 5-pointed star. And, while I don't see things in quite the same fashion he does, I agree that the Phoenix is all over this thing. But first, let's look at the Sapphire engagement ring that made headlines.
That the ring was a sapphire again takes us to Echo. Literally, the first Echo.
This version of the myth even compares the sapphire ring to a fallen star. Hmm. Falling Stars. Keep that in mind. The same items continue to resonate strongly.
So who is getting married in this big ole Royal Wedding? Well, for my money it's the Ego and Id, but removing the symbol of a moment, we're talking of course about the Prince of W(h)ales...

Bees and Whales are interchangeable archetypes in my view, as I covered in an early Birds & Bees post.
Also noteworthy in "Sirens of Titan," is a spaceship called "The Whale." As I I had been looking at the fact that bees are perfect symbols for death/rebirth - bees have stingers and die after using them, they are potentially deadly themselves (see Killer Bees), but also are responsible for much life on this planet by pollinating the world's plantlife - I began seeing Bees and Whales as symbolically interchangeable, since there are Sperm Whales and Killer Whales. We also have "the belly of the whale" as a dark night of the soul orego-death experience. So, when the spaceship called "The Whale" popped up in this book, I took notice.
This theory was validated when, in the Radio8Ball show that synced so strongly in Part One, Twig Palace sings her song "Little Finger." She sings a line that reminds us of Lucky's four magic charms and Elton John's Levon, "Let's blow up big balloons and send them soaring into outer space."
The next verse has the people reincarnated as Bumble Bees. In the verse after that she sings, "If our honey lives don't suit us, let's be killer whales instead."
In that same post, I covered the Tom Waits song "Fish and Bird." Those are the things popping up dead everywhere. Tom Waits is also the guy who sings "Always keep a Sapphire in your mind."

But, if Bees are Whales - and Bees signal Saturn - then so too must the Whales. So here we have our Prince of W(h)ales making news with his Sapphire Ring and Wiki tells us a little something about Sapphires:
Some etymologists propose an old Sanskrit origin to the Semitic word "sappir": a dark colored precious stone called "Shanipriya" (शनिप्रिय), from "shani" (शनि) meaning "Saturn" and "priya" (प्रिय), precious, i.e. "precious to Saturn".[1]
Terence McKenna taught all of us that ancient Mushroom cults used Honey as a preservative and that the Bee symbolism began to get incorporated into their imagery. Psychedelic mushrooms are known for bruising blue, so blue caps are associated with Magic Mushroom caps. Michael just put up a post at Gosporn about the Blackbirds and Goro, that featured the Prince of W(h)ales with his Blue Cap. So here we have another Bee=Whale indicator.
I couldn't help but think of the post I did on "Kiki/Lala and the Blue Bird of Happiness" where we see Kiki in a Magic Blue Cap with a magical blue stone (sapphire?) that allows him to "see the world as it truly is."
Kiki is even able to see a 4-D expression of time:
He later ends up in "the world of dreams" which I mentioned looks kinda like the Norway Spiral.
Funny thing about the Norway Spiral, in his RedIce interview from last year, Freeman talked about a little known NASA project called CARE, launched by the BlackBrant XII, which was spraying Aluminum Oxide into the atmosphere. Freeman points out that the blue haze in the Norway Spiral may be due to it's Aluminum Oxide content.
Sapphire (Greek: σάπφειρος; sappheiros, "blue stone"[1]) is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide
In other words, the Norway Spiral may very well have actually been composed of Sapphires!

Sapphire is the birthstone associated with September - a month we now associate with Blue Lights:
We'll come back to 9/11, but first let's go back to Michael. He sent me an email a month or two back with this image and text:

I have about a zillion synchs about taking charge, making a choice, activate, blah blah. Here's a command that includes 911 and the reverse of 144, my totemic number. It includes the infamous (like anti-matter) Chase octagon. It's both a debit AND a Master Card. The master card is the Joker, it can be whatever you want it to be, just say the word. important. ACTIVATE! Activate your joker card.

"Don't dream it, be it" keeps coming back. I have this feeling that our egos are about to be given an amazing and wonderful choice, because that's what ego's do. We choose. we judge. I suspect that my dreams are about to come true, and so are everyone else's. Dream big.

Wonderful words from a wise man. However, there's more. What he didn't know was that the Chase card meant something to me as well. Since I have been tracking this Sapphire thing for almost a year, I was astounded when Chase introduced a credit card called "Sapphire"
He mentioned the "infamous Octagon" and we should remember that it is where Ultimate Fighting, our modern Colosseum games, are held. So, it is like a boxing-RING.

But, the Credit Card sync has been all over for me lately. I found it in Target (circumpunct) on a revamped version of Monopoly...
If you see the "Cards not Cash" as evidence of the "cashless society" conspiracy, then you've gotta love that they incorporated a big Yellow and Blue "MK" into the center of the gameboard. Priceless.
Remember, ECO/Iko is "Let's Go!" and now they've put a rocketship for you to GO and get on.
Now we spoke of Falling Stars and that's something we looked at a lot in Part4 of our Decemberment series, where we looked a little at the movie StarMan, starring Jeff Bridges. It was here that I noticed Credit Cards as integral to the plot.
The Starman explains to Jenny that he has three days to get to the rendezvous point, Arizona's Barringer Crater, or he will die. She teaches him how to drive a car and use credit cards, intending on escaping so he can continue his journey alone. However, as she is about to make her escape, she witnesses him miraculously resurrect a dead deer. Deeply moved, she resolves to help him at whatever cost.
A few days later I watched The Fisher King for like the bazillionth time and I see Jeff Bridges get on the phone and say that he is a representative from "major credit card companies." When asked which one he replies, "All of them." So Jeff is telling me he represents Credit Cards. That's a pretty strong Sync.

Will @satoriallme pointed out to me the 9/11 indicators in Big Lebowski, one of which is the scene where Jeff Bridges dates his check (symbolically equivalent to a debit card) September 11th while George Bush speaks in the background. Now, considering Echo's Sapphire Ring was a gift from Zeus, and Zeus is associated with the Eagle, I thought I should point out that former Eagles front-man Don Henley had a year 2000 album called Inside Job.
And we know how Jeff Bridges feels about the Eagles.

More plot from Starman:
The Starman uses their last quarters in a slot machine, which he manipulates in order to win the jackpot. The couple use their winnings to buy a new car to complete the drive to Winslow, Arizona, which is near Barringer Crater.
The Eagles, Take it Easy lyrics:
Well, I'm a standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona
and such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my Lord, in a flatbed
Ford slowin' down to take a look at me
Now we've got 8,000 doves dropping dead in a day. Don Henley did a duet w/ Stevie Nicks (his former girlfriend) on her Bella Donna album which features a Dove on the cover, has the infamous song Edge of 17 with the chorus "just like the white wing Dove" and their duet is all about the union of opposites - the beauty and the beast.

Again, the first birds to make news were the B;lackbirds. The Blackbird is a symbol of death and is the plane flown by X-Men. Ex-men=dead men or Died-on-the-Cross-Men. (Model number SR-71, 73 or SR-77!)

When I googled "X-Men Blackbird" I get this news of a new X-Men movie set being built with the Blackbird on freaking Jekyll Island! Not only does Jekyll bring us back to our dueling opposites (Jekyll and Hyde) but that is the locale where the Federal Reserve was birthed.
JamTech released an album called "Creature from Jeyll Island" with magic mushrooms on the cover on April 28th 2010.
That's the day before the "Flashforward" Day!
Now we're looking at a "mysterious 'Global Blackout' event" as connected to the bird deaths. On 1/11/11 (5 points of star) FX is premiering a show called Lights Out, about a boxer (boxing RING) and their promo materials have a man with one wounded eye resonating the wounded eye of the Egyptian-bird god.
Tagline: "Everybody loves a comeback"
Aeon of Horus?

The "global blackout" again echoes Green Lantern with his power-RING via "Blackest Night," the story I highlighted in the Ring-collage I made a month or two ago. And this also tells us of a "death of death" or Phoenix/Resurrection force as "the dead will rise."
Is this picture starting to make a little more sense?

Drudge linked up the possible Astronaut's Wife shooter's YouTube account. Jared Lee "Loner" was a military recruit in Phoenix!
And he mentions Phoenix in connection with the Bible... Phoenix force Resurrection indeed!

This is Loner's YouTube profile. Who would write such a bio? Note the past tense mixed in.
And he writes about birds and "a comet or a meteoroid coming through the atmosphere."
Hmm. Weren't we just looking at that meme?


  1. Incidentally, as it's Elvis Presley and David Bowie's birthday (Sun King and Starman), I feel compelled to note that Elvis dying on the toilet is a mataphorical "Osiris drowning in the waters of Amenti" moment.

    Monkey Fracas Jr. also appears to show the Beast emerging from Saturn.

    Huey Lewis (no Dewey) tells us you don't need no credit card to ride this train--that's the Power of Love. Jared Lee "Loner" seemed to have a peculiar obsession with seeing a new form of currency.

    The bee thing is amazing--I was actually going to originally cover bees in my last post, but I got lazy. Bees make honey, which is essentially edible's alchemy. Note that:

    - The 5th Element in the Periodic Table is B.
    - Binah (pronounced "bee-nah"!) refers to a sphere of the Tree of Life, the Great Mother, and is associated with the planet Saturn. Binah is blue.
    - Ronnie Spector and the Ronettes, who told us to "Bee My Baby" in 1963, were known for their Beehive hairdos, which looked like the headwear worn by Nefertiti and other Egyptian queens. Pointy-headed aliens, yes? And we already saw how Ronnie embodies the Sephira--that sounds like "Sapphire," doesn't it?

  2. Wow. For Xmas, I told you we went out to Hood Canal and we kept seeing amazing ravens flying through the misty pines, calling out their distinctive croak. Ravens are blackbirds, "jokers" and harbingers all rolled into one.

    So I'm conjuring Prince lately, famous for "the Revolution" and 1999 (apocalypse imagery) and also "where doves fly". When I heard the news about the Arizona deaths and I said "Oh great. So now we're like Columbia, where they shoot their judges". Columbia, is of course, the dove. Give me a little time, I'm sure I can find a bible verse from Judges that syncs.

    Damn, that credit card thing is really resonating. WTF is cosmic credit? Oh yea... Karma.

  3. Postscript: "Card" evidently comes from an Egyptian word for papyrus--but Kardia ("cardiac") is the Greek word for the heart. Think Tarot "Cards". "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors..."

  4. "Plan B" is also a favorite sync of mine. Jared:

    The meaning of the name is "he who descended" (Hebrew root YRD). In the Book of Enoch it is explained that Mahalaleel named Jared because during his lifetime the angels of the Lord descended to earth. The name could also be understood as "he who shall rule".

    Falling stars, anyone?

  5. Whales -

  6. Child killed in shooting *Christ-ina Green* (doubly death/rebirth resonant with Christ and Osiris) was born on 9/11/2001!!!!

    Very suspect. Gifford's official YouTube account only subscribes to two other accounts. One of which is her shooters relatively brand new and unknown crazy page. Wowie wow wow.

    Shooter's initials JL, aside from giving us "Justice League" (Superman/GreenLantern/WW(Diana-moongoddess),etc) are the 10th and 13th letters respectively. 10/13 brings in that weird ET vibe we've been tracking. Recall 10/13 ET predictions, X-Files production company, and famous Templar date. Refer to Chris Knowles for all things 10/13.

    Your mentioning Huey Lewis' "Power of Love" is more loaded than you can imagine. I integrated that song into my wedding ceremony, having a friend recite it beginning with "and now a reading from the book of Huey Lewis"

    The currency angle to Loner's rants again bring us back to the combo of ECOlogical deaths and ECOnomic despair.

    Thank you again for the Monkey Fracas Jr info. It means a lot to me.

    I was going to write about the Dove/Columbia (see also Colombine shootings) angle but cut it out to focus on the sapphires.
    Jared means "he who descended?" Wow, of course it does. Amazing info. (See also 7/7/7 bombings and the movie "Descent" poster on blown up bus).

    Thank you for the pic and for joining the chase. Welcome aboard the magical mystery tour.

    PS: You guys are all sorts of awesome! Thanks for everything. Much love to you all.

  7. Addendum: I think this will become more important. Irish Times reporting on "sudden oak death"

    J(Oak)er Tree.

  8. i have recently been checking out your blog, and those of some of your commenters, after following you home from the'secret sun'.
    nice work all round.
    your current post had me scurrying around to see if you were referencing John Lilly and the entity he describes as ECCO- earth coincidence control office. i couldn't see any obvious reference so am including this link which may be of interest.
    keepup the good work.

  9. Thanks dannyboy! Good to have you here.
    For the record, I am aware of John Lilly's ECCO and wrote about him some in the first post that mentioned the Echo/Eco/Ecco connections. You can read it here:

  10. Some more connected dots for everyone...

    Christ-ina Green's grandfather apparently is affiliated with NY Baseball - so we get another Justice League member showing up, The BATman. Not to mention the Flash, as in FlashForward. Just saying.

    Also, the congresswoman was a GG or 77.
    Eleleth, ever consider that your LL study is the same as an upside down 77?

    Finally, with all the FIRE-bird symbolism flying about, I was reminded about the former Bush aide and CFR member found dead in a dumpster last week.
    His name was Wheeler (the name of the guy with the FIRE-RING from Captain Planet!!) And there's also the NASA connection I've written about before:

    So Wheeler dies while Wheelock is aboard ISIS along with Phoenix-resonant Congresswoman GG's brother-in-law! What did I say? "Never doubt synchronicity"

    Night all.

  11. Yes, I added that 77/LL bit to my latest post. (Why does 77=Pan? I have never figured that out.) Interesting, also, that the Greek letter Gamma, Γ, looks like an upside-down and mirrored L. Is the M actually a covert LL? I say yes, because Lambda-Lambda (Greek, again) is ΛΛ.

    Almost every day I go to the Post Office to mail packages--their address is 770 13th St.

    J-LL vs. GG. Gideon Graves is Scott Pilgrim's nemesis...

  12. Lot's of crazy 7's going around, love the post office sync. That's such an awesome Eagle/dove/Stevie Nicks thing that I think it's my favorite sync EVER. That's when I grew up. I keep thinking how you were only 21 when 911 happened, and man, how that would have impacted me when I was 21? For me, 22 was the year, the year when it became clear, at least subconsciously.

    The identical twin astro nuts are named "Kelly", which of course, is a shade of green. I'll bet they have red hair.

  13. You guys know I live on 77th street right? It's just too funny.

    The Lambda-Lambda looks like AA to me. Put M and AA together and you're almost at Maat.

    Ah, 9/11. Yup, those were interesting times to be sure. Not sure where to even begin. I even had my HS prom atop the WTC.
    Astro-nuts Astro-knots!!! Agh! Too perfect. And yes, Kelly Green, of course! Well done sir.

  14. Eleleth, that's really cool! I especially like that 77 and M connection. 77 is a number that seems to pop up ubiquitously, as Michael said, "Lot's of crazy 7's going around."

  15. Eleleth and Melissa - Var's mother's favorite number was 7, and oddly syncing with your post office, her post office box from the old Alpine NJ post office was no. 77. They got to keep it when they tore down the old building, and now "box 77" is hanging on our wall in a frame.


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