Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deconstructing December's Dismemberment: Conclusion

"There are many parts," Mr Mueller said yesterday. "It's like a puzzle and if you put the pieces together, you get the whole picture."

Following the strange sync-connectors between the Dismemberment theme that's been flying all around this December and Nuclear Dis-Armament or Disasters (Nuclear Winter?), as well as the return of the 9/11-linked Donkey Kong, I felt the need to sit down and watch Big Trouble.

I was probably one of the few people who saw this in theaters (having read the book) and I recall a piece of printer paper with the words "Big Trouble" taped to the Marquee since the movie had been reshuffled and was without a promotional budget.

From Wiki:
Big Trouble was originally scheduled for release on September 21, 2001 and had a strong advertising push. Unfortunately, the events of September 11 of that year cast an unshakable pall over the movie's comedic smuggling of a nuclear device onto an airplane. (A gun also makes its way onto the plane, but this was easily overshadowed by the specter of the WMD.) Consequently, the film was pushed back until April 2002, and the promotion campaign was toned down almost to the point of abandonment.
For film distributors, the movie's theme was thought to hit too close to home a week after 9/11. However, in the worlds of synchromysticism, that's a coincidence too big to ignore.

Just before sitting down to the film, I shared this link with Chris Knowles of the Secret Sun, knowing that a Dog+17 sync would fit in perfectly with the patterns he watches.
I send Chris the link and sit down to enjoy a movie. Five minutes into Big Trouble, we are introduced to the nuclear bomb hidden in a suitcase with the words: "The suitcase was sandwiched between a quarter-ton of frozen crawfish and a dalmation that gave birth to a litter of 17 over Lake Okeechobee."

Let's also recall that the SyncWhole team has been looking at the movie Airplane! and we can see by the movie's tagline how it syncs with Superman and 9/11.
"What's slower than a speeding bullet and able to hit tall buildings at a single bound?"
The Airplane! poster also shows the plane in a knot. About a week ago I tweeted that I woke from a dream with the word "Knot" emblazoned on my mind. Jim responded that he had spent the night pondering "knots in wood," which is a double-sync (as I had watched a documentary about Beatrice Wood the same night). Then Jake tweets a link to one of his old blog posts "The JFK Stargate MegaRitual"which seems to tie all of this together. I mean, the dude mentions donuts (dough-knots) and alien spacecraft - and I had just mentioned the two together at the end of Part4 of this series. Also note how the word can be spelled Doughnuts. Knots are Nuts. This will become important.
In Watchmen, Ozymandias compares his method to unite the world via a BlueBeam-type Mega Ritual, to Alexander's victory at Gordium:
"You're Sirius?" "This is Crazy" (Crazy/Nuts)
And a painting of the severed Gordian Knot is in view behind Ozymandias when his ritual culminates with the destruction of millions of lives in NYC:
To unite, he had to (figuratively) untie.
Ozymandias' BlueBeam-type event has obvious 9/11 syncs that I'm sure have been looked at on other sites. I don't wish to unintentionally rehash any of that, but before I leave 9/11, Big Trouble and Airplanes, I just want to give this plot point from the Big Trouble book, which was excluded from the movie. From Wiki:
Meanwhile, the two hitmen enter the airport around the same time. One of them is nearly suffocated by an escaped pet python that a man was trying to bring onto an airplane. The other hitman rescues his partner by shooting the snake in the head, but in turn is arrested by the local security.
Hmm, Snakes On A Plane.

The snakes create a caduceus, symbol of Thoth/Hermes/Mercury. In Part 2 of this series, I thought I had made an original observation that Mercury is a harbinger of the Stargate opening. However, I see that Kotze beat me to that epiphany by two good years. From Jake's seemingly vital post:
"Thoth with his spiraling DNA/Kundalini staff and as pillar/pyramid (pillarmid) architect is generally speaking the god of main interest in all things Stargate related."
While I'm researching all the nuke stuff that I covered in Part4, this story pops into my sight. Note the "Knot" ad on the upper right.
This story has plenty of connectors to what I look at as well as SyncWhole material such as Jupiter-resonant "Tinners," "Khan," a group called "ECO," and even BackToTheFuture-resonant "Libyan nuke-seeking terrorsits."

You'll recall that in Part4, I pointed out the Wormwood/Chernobyl connection and all the flaming balls from space. Funnily enough, over the Christmas holiday week, we were supposed to play host to Freeman from the FreeMan Perspective. Freeman is a conspiracy theorist who is very into the phony "asteroid-threat" angle. Interesting sync: he was in nyc to work on a film with the guys who made Balls of Fury, a movie with a poster that features a flaming ball.
This Drudge screencap from early December puts a lot of things into alignment. "Chernobyl" + "Space," encoded mysteries and the emerging google as HAL9000 computer overlord. But, you'll also notice a wonky story about an [ego]dead Squirrel being tossed through a drive-thru Window(Stargate).
The squirrel turned out to be an unlikely key for me in this puzzle. It was the Squirrel from Over The Hedge that went through the "tear in the fabric of space" next to the Starbucks cup that we revisited in Part3.
The Squirrel is named Hammy and apparently he's Nuts.
Just as I was tracking this latest pattern, I was overcome by a combo of squirrel and mushroom images. These first two I have hanging on the wall of my apartment and they are souvenirs from last year's Japan voyage (yes, Mushroom-culture is everywhere and probably has been since the first psychonaut at the dawn of man). I looked at them again after seeing how it was the Squirrel that went through the Stargate.
Then this one slammed me from the side of a Trader Joe's advent calendar (countdown to the birth of the Star Child) just before watching Matilda Wormwood (again, see Part4).
Many of you know that winter is Amanita season. Perhaps in the nuke syncs we're speaking of another kind of Mushroom Cloud? Just realized that the last time I wrote about Watchmen, back in May2010's "The Infundibulated Man" post, I also wrote about the connection between A-Bombs and LSD. Does the "coffee+circumpunct=smiley face" we looked at in Part3 relate to Tim Leary's SMILE in any way?
[Leary] developed SMILE in 1980, which stood for "Space Migration, Increased Intelligence, Life Extension.
In one of Steve Wilner's old videos, he brings together the Christmas time Amanitas with David Bowie (our ever-present Starman), and the infamous Moloch of Bohemian Grove.

This brings us back to Watchmen, with its character Moloch as the magician, seen here with a rabbit emerging from a hat/stargate.
Considering we are transitioning into the Year of the Rabbit, we should not be surprised to find him waiting for us. And, considering the Rabbit/Moon connection, with a major lunar eclipse to usher him in at that! The Magician and his Rabbit bring with them obvious dismemberment themes, such as sawing a lady in half or even the "lucky" severed Rabbit's foot. I take the Rabbit coming out of the hat as an obvious Stargate resonator and apparently I am not alone on this. Kevin from Live from the Logosphere just completed a video examining the Rabbit's connection to the lifted veil.

I also played out the nuclear disarmament role on Christmas, breaking up a fight between two members of my nuclear family. Later that night I went to see some friends of Rammer who live in Astoria. To get to their apartment I had to walk past a big statue of Athena. On the way back - after a wonderful night of epiphanies, hand-made playing cards and art analysis - we're walking back to the subway and I notice that they have a big Masonic temple on their corner.

New Years Eve was my birthday. I celebrated by playing an old Donkey Kong arcade game. Can't get better than that.
As if Donkey Kong wasn't already enough of a Kosmic Konsciousness indicator, the big ape asks me how high I can get.
Upon playing the second level, I learned that Mario actually has to bring down the tower in a controlled demolition. Hmm, 9/11 much?
Then the authoritarian bastard wants to "register my name" cause I got a high score. Total false-flag entrapment. He asks me to get high then tells me my "name has been registered." :)

All (half)joking aside, there is an interesting addition and possible metaphysical allegory to his destruction of the tower/temple. Once he destroys the tower and slays the beast to get the beauty - he ends up back on the first level, except that it is much more challenging. For whatever it's worth, the additional challenge is rewarded with increased points.

I'm now 30 -starting a new decade as the world celebrates a new year. I wish the absolute best for everyone in this new chapter of our shared experience and hopefully peaceful co-existence.

Much love to you all.


  1. hey there -

    thanks for the piece - i like your KonKlusion on Donkey Kong - it reminds me of the end of SK's The Dark Tower series, where the last line of the huge series of books is the same as the first line.

    on a side note, I tweeted into the sync-whole this month about miami blues (on a fred ward sync) - JJL 32/23 Jennifer Jason Leigh's character in MB hails from Lake Okeechobee. Plus, I live in Switzerland - so those shady cia darkmen + the nuclear link have heavy personal syncs for me - i had a black depression this summer, based on nuclear fear, that got me thinking so much I found the rabbit's hole, culminating in my own personal psychic mushroom cloud.

    Love. IT.

    Thumps way up!

  2. Mankind is a rope tied between beast and superman -- a rope over an abyss.... What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment... (Nietzsche)

    Fry plays Monkey Fracas Jr. on the first episode of Futurama, before he travels to OZ/NY in the year 3000.

    Taking the first two letters in LOis LAne forms LoLa. LEx LUthor forms ... LeLu! And Uncle Scrooge travels to Xanadu, AKA Tra-La-La--LAna LAng.

  3. James,
    Only read the first 4 Dark Tower books. But I have a personal sync with the end of the series nonetheless. Glad you mentioned it.
    I'm gonna have to track down that MB/LakeOkeechobee lead - very cool of you. Thanks very much!
    I hope you are feeling better. This road can be a tough one and certainly has dark nights along the way. I can only hope we emerge from them stronger for the voyage.

    Right, Jesus. Fry plays that on New Years Eve!!! Just before he time travels. Damn. That's downright incredible.

    You guys see this Arizona shooting story? Guy's name is "Jared Lee Loughner" Though "Loner" sounds a bit obvious, James mentions JJ Leigh (J Lee) and we get the LL Eleleth has been tracking.

  4. On the LL tip guys, I have been tracking LLs & Towers a bit recently...

    which started here (and funnily enough today i made a new connection with the clock hands - on 9.1.11).

    peace to all x


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