Friday, January 14, 2011

This Wheel's On Fire

Just before the birds and fish started dropping dead, big-wig John Wheeler was found dead in a dumpster. He was a former Bush aide (Burning Bush), CFR member, SEC secretary and consultant to the Mitre corporation - among other resume builders. It seems like he knew something that someone didn’t want leaked. He was most likely killed to keep him quiet. Can’t have guys inside the dark loop being too “Gabby.”
Speaking of assassinations, I find it intriguing that yesterday morning I saw two NY newspapers with front page headlines about the recently shot congresswoman where they refer to her as “Gabby.” Just saying.

Anyway, John Wheeler shares a name with a member of ye olde Planeteers. In the Captain Planet cartoon, Wheeler controlled the element of Fire with his magic RING.

I’ve written about Wheeler before, connecting him to a Mr. Wheelock, an astronaut who just left ISIS, and who was replaced by congresswoman GG/77’s brother-in-law! Wheelock tweeted from aboard ISIS from the twitter name @Astro_Wheels. And let’s not forget, Gabby/GG/77 ‘s husband is also an astronaut and he’ll be on the last shuttle mission to ISIS. If I had any reason to believe that NASA had a habit of ritualizing their missions, I might speculate… Nah, NASA doesn’t do that. :)
“If you’re listening to this song,
You may think the chords are going wrong,
But they’re not.
We just wrote it like that.”

-George Hare’s Son
Much credit to Jim @Syncwinnipeg for talking about the movie The Astronaut’s Wife the entire week before the shooting and for his quick draw on posting the last mission patch. I've now seen 3 other sites talking about that movie, but Jim deserves the credit big time.
I made note that the patch is a 6-pointed star, ala the Hex-Star of David. If we look for GG’s husband, a Mr. Mark Kelly, we see that his name is at the top of the upward facing triangle. Which puts him in the position of representing alchemical Fire.
In December, a bunch of us were playing with the reshuffling of the M/W/E/3 spinner in Mars into arMs, how Mars is the god of Wars also known as arEs which is symbolized by raMs. In military terms, arMs are associated with Fire-power and so too does Mars go hand-in-hand with Fire. Mars is the planet most associated with “little green men” and Wars are fought by “little green men.”
You can also scramble that combo into Ears. I had tweeted about the Mars symbolism in the first birds to drop from the sky on New Year’s Day being Red-Winged Blackbirds and the first wave of dead fish being Drum Fish.

We already looked at how the dead birds resonate with Rings and the fire-bird phoenix in the last post, but since TheSyncWhole is writing about the Dead Birds as DBs, I’ll give you another DB as in Dylan, Bob. He co-wrote a song called This Wheel’s On Fire with Rick Danko, my favorite member of The Band (which we talked about in the very first Birds and Bees post).

“Know that we shall meet again,
If your memory serves you well.*
Wheels on Fire,
Rolling down the road
Just notify my next of kin,
This Wheel shall Explode.”

Perhaps, as we’re entering the Year of The Rabbit (and we’ve already looked at the ways in which this is the Year of The Flaming Rabbit/Hare/Hair) we are talking about This Wheel (of the Year) On Fire.

Speaking of Rabbits, I have a post saved in “drafts” that I started months and months ago. I don’t think I’ll ever publish it. As it deals with Sapphires, I was going to pull a small bit from it for the last post. What’s freaky, is that I was going to pull the part about a book I started writing in 2005 called 77 Bullets from a Blue Bunny Gun (don’t think I’ll ever publish that either, for the same reason – it’s too depressing). Now, that I was going to write about 77 and a gun (the day before GG/77 got shot) is pretty interesting, but that draft post also deals with Mars and Bob Dylan! Go figure.
In 2005, when I started that book, I had no idea what a loaded number 77 was, it was just the number my subconscious associated with The Blue Bunny, who is a literal representation of depression and paranoia.

Just a quick aside, I ended up incorporating The Blue Bunny (and his gun) into Look At All The Happy Creatures. Take a peek at the book cover on the top-right of this blog – see the Blue Bunny ears? When I finished writing the last word of the novel, at 7:22PM and realized the book ended on page 227, I started thinking about how Pi might be unknowingly encoded into the book. (Recall that 22/7 is a common ratio for Pi). I realized a day or two later that “Blue Bunny Gun” (BBG) is also 227. I could go into a long-winded explanation of what I think that means, but basically it’s the moral of the book and what the cover image represents (BB ears also a heart). It breaks down to this: The Light and The Dark are one and the same. Good and Evil are aspects of one another. The Beauty is The Beast. Etc and on and on. You get it.

But, since I was going to write about paranoia, I’ll point out that it’s pretty interesting that GG/77’s shooter, Jared Loughner (which is obviously “Loner”) was obsessed with mind control and that her husband’s initials are MK.

When I see things like the new Monopoly set we looked at in the last post, it tells me that someone is trying to instigate a fight.

Be careful out there folks, there’s a Phony Revolution a brewing. I don’t know who would benefit from getting frightened people to stock up on guns and shoot at low-level puppets… ^Cough^ ^Military Industrial Complex^ ^Cough^ …but, we here know that’s not a Real revolution. Any real or meaningful revolution is going to require discarding the control system, not fighting it. As we see again and again with guys like “Loner,” fighting institutionalized madness only turns people into that which they despise.
"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche
Brutal sh9t happens every day in this world and we’ve got a slew of challenges, but I remain hopeful. We’re having this conversation right now. On a regular basis I read amazing posts on your blogs, I get inspiring comments here on this one. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we’re making some real progress. “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time (it can’t get no worse). We’re working through our inner turmoil and seeing that it’s all reflected in the world around us. So we keep looking into the mirror, keep cleaning house and we’ll get there. We’ll get there.

Until then, “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels [on fire] go round and round.

There is a whole other angle going on at play here, which I thought I should just document a little further. The previous post was all about the Saturn/Osiris connection to the Ring and the GG/77 shooting and all that. That energy is still resonating really strongly.
  • Remember, Osiris was known as the "Green Man."
  • One of the victims of last weeks shooting was Christ-ina Green.
  • Michael commented that GG/77's husband is Mark Kelly and "Kelly" is a shade of Green.
  • Dumpster-diving big-wig John Wheeler was apparently known as John "Jack" Wheeler (Jack is a common reference to Osiris.... a fact which makes watching the movie Stargate feel like you're getting repeatedly beat upon the head, since every other word is "Jack" or "Jack's son" or "Jackson")
  • A major aspect of the Osiris myth is his castration. Well, happening at the same time as these other interwoven events, there was a violent castration and murder here in NY on 44th street. The story also involves the words "pale blue" and "corkscrew," which make me think back to the Norway Spiral.
  • Lastly, Evergreen Solar has been run by a Saturn/Osiris resonator, Michael El-Hillow, since September. Aside from the "Green Sun" connection, see EL as another variation on Saturn/Osiris. I documented that when it happened, knowing it would become important again:
But when I saw this headline a few days ago, it dropped my jaw:
(Recall that "falling stars" have been a big topic here for the last few posts.)
They're even calling it a "doomsday announcement."

*After December’s Dismemberment series, I wanted to write about how the time has come to RE-member, but got distracted by the major news stories. Guess, it’s sneaking in here anyway.

Ha! Just passed this newspaper on a stand:
Some strange energies floating around I tell ya.


  1. More details of the "Loner" GG/77 shooting revolve around a walGREENs in the same shopping center.

    1. Bismillah....
      bagi temen-temen distributor nasa, biasanya sudah otomatis mendapatkan daftar harga distributor nasa setiap belanja produk herbal dari nasa, biasanya mereka kepo dan tertarik

    2. untuk join pasti tanya-tanya dulu informasi cara menjadi member nasa nya, dan biasanya informasi seputar perusahaan bisa anda peroleh dari distributor nasa terdekat, silakan tanyakan selengkapnya

    3. info kit maupun syarat lainnya agar makin jelas cara daftar distributor nasa, dijamin... setelah mendengarkan penjelasan lengkap maka siapapun berhak dan kepo untuk menjadi member nasa karena ada bisnis yang sangat adil memberikan bonus nya,

    4. bukan bonus dari duit nya teman lho, tapi memang bonus dari hasil penjualan produk inilah yang jadi keuntungan member nasa, jika sudah mantab... jangan tunggu lama-lama lagi dan segera dapatkan paket pendaftaran member nasa agar anda segera resmi menjadi member nasa

    5. dan bisa bersinergi dengan member nasa terdekat lainnya, syukur-syukur menjadi satu team nya. jika masih kurang jelas informasi tentang cara daftar member nasa naya, silakan klik saja salah satu tautannya.

  2. Learning a trick from Christopher Knowles, I google mapped Tucson, and well, just go check out highway 77 running through it. Tuscen Raiders?

    Palin's "target" map is now infamous, and I note that Arizona warranted 3 bulls eyes. 3, besides being a typical number for magical workings, is also a sign of Shiva - the God of Destruction (part of the triplicate Godhead). His/her trident is a triplicate weapon pointed at the three demonic citadels, which we may consider to be three points in time (Time's Arrow): the past, present and future, aimed at the same geographic point.

    Recall the Shiva resonating gate crasher incident.

    Since Arizona = Phoenix = Obama, it seems almost like a fair warning.

  3. At around 3pm on December 29, 2010, the water at Goldstream Park in Victoria suddenly turned neon green. They did some testing, and apparently someone dumped something called "Fluorescein" in the water.

  4. Thanks for reminding me Anony,
    "GOLDstream" certainly goes together with the Osiris/GreenMan myth very well, so the neon-green is an appropriate color in this weird reversal of death narrative we're watching play out.

    371 dead birds in LA on SUNset Blvd!!! 371 is a scramble of Osiris' 317!

    NatGeo just put up a beautiful eclipse photo called "Ring of Fire"

  5. Your boat keeps synching, glad to see you afloat! Some of this stuff is stranger than fiction. The Nasa thing is key me thinks. Dennis

  6. Think "firearm" in relation to the Little Green Army Men, as well as the "This is for fighting! This is for fun!" sequence in Full Metal Jacket.

    Loughner's parents lived at the 7700 block of N. Soledad Ave. The Taxi Driver syncs with this come on fast and heavy; I spun off most of my response into its own article. "Person Of Interest In Gifford Shooting Was Loughner's Taxi Driver"!

    Travis Bickle attempts to kill Charles Palatine--the Temple of Mars ("Mark") is on Palatine Hill in Rome. Something about taxis driving around on "wheels"?


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