Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/30 and the Flaming Hare

Two months ago, the crew at the Sync Whole began to look into the Easter-resonant 7-11 eclipse, which overlapped with my look at the WhiteSun at the center of the BP logo. Pentecost, a biblical Ayahyasca ceremony, is also known as Whitsun. It was said to have occurred 50 days after Easter. So, I counted 50 days out from the Easter-resonant 7-11 eclipse, and marked 8/30 on my calendar as a date to watch for Pentecost symbolism. The Pentecost is most commonly identified by flaming tongues sprouting from the heads of those experiencing the holy spirit.

Yesterday, on 8/30, the Sync Whole posted this image:
That image comes from a post all about the birthing of human consciousness and spiritual awakening via A Fiery Birth. Here's the placard (beside a Canadian lake that was formed by a meteor impact) from which the post gets its name:
Just the night before, I had stood in a subway station analyzing the logo for the US Open. What struck me was that the flaming logo was orange - not the expected yellow of a tennis ball. It all makes sense however, once we realize that the US Open, which began on the fire-in-the-mind-resonant 8/30, has a logo which looks EXACTLY like the meteor impact sign.
Perhaps it is a sign telling US to be OPEN.

Purely as a sync log, I feel I should mention that their post also goes into concepts about the word Nisan. Well, the day of the Beltane fire festival, a flaming Nissan Pathfinder caused Times Square to be evacuated here in NY/OZ. It was that event that got me to look at the wheel of the year as an important indicator.

And here we have today's Drudge headlines, telling us of three fiery stories from yesterday's 8/30 event.

So, if we are to be open to the awakening spirit, perhaps we should be looking to receive transmissions from the satellite heart. That idea goes hand-in-hand with flaming tongues, or even Flaming Lips.
Gotta love the random 24 (which is the same as 42)

And, as Kubrick and Clarke make clear, you don't get to the 42 of Jupiter without first going to the Moon. So here we have a literal Moon goddess, in the form of Sailor Moon, playing tennis - bringing us back to the US Open.

Another interesting factoid is that, in the horrid American dubs, they change Sailor Moon's name from Usagi Tsukino to Serena. I'm sure this year's US Open will involve press about Venus and Serena Williams. It should be noted that the character Sailor Moon (Serena) was based upon the artist's first creation, Sailor Venus (who co-stars in the show).

But, her original name, Usagi Tsukino, means "Rabbit of/on the Moon" - from the Japanese folk story. As we transition from the year of the Tiger to the year of the Rabbit, the Rabbit/Hare symbolism is starting to make itself known. And, from what I see so far, our Hare/Hair is on Fire.


  1. What a cool post. The meteor/comet perfectly ties in with your white sun BP/pentecost because the oil spill was called The American Chernobyl, or Wormwood, which is a reference to a flaming star falling to earth in the Apocalypse, and I recall your observation that wormwood is the entheogen ingredient in absinthe.

    Yesterday I was thinking about the scarecrow-Crowley and how he so easily caught fire.

  2. awesome stuff. that pic of me is ridiculous. boy i can make funny faces.
    much love


  3. I tried to make some comments today, but apparently didn't.

    mostly I wanted to applaud your great work, and to let you know that It wasn't until after I got near tennis w/ Richie Tenebaum that I saw your post. Incredible.

    also as a side note, I was feeling the flames for sure yesterday.
    pissed everyone off at my day job.
    take care.

  4. Other significant Lips titles:

    THE DAY THEY SHOT A HOLE IN THE JESUS EGG (Baby Grace in the Egg of Blue?)
    WAITIN' FOR A SUPERMAN (This one kept coming up in shuffle for me--iTunes divination is the way to fly.)

  5. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

    Melissa read your comment and informed me that she had been talking a few days earlier to a girl who grew up near Chernobyl and was telling her all about it. Interesting that all this is still resonating.

    That's a great photo. Funny as hell and looks like you were all having a great time. Wish I was there physically, but certainly was in spirit. Much love indeed.

    I saw the updated post with Richie and the tennis syncs. What an awesome movie that is, by the way. In further cosmic hilarity, that sync whole post goes on to talk of weddings and union. That was posted right around the time Melissa and I were getting married. I'm about to do a post on it.

    I'm so with you on iTunes divination. Quite often my shuffle is heavily in sync with whatever I'm doing or thinking or writing about.


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