Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Never Doubt Synchronicity

When I was chasing the honey patterns and kept coming up with M's and B's or Bees and the number 44, it at last led me to Saturn. I decided one day to just do a simple search for "Bees Saturn." I came up with the discovery that Starcluster M44 is also known as the Beehive.
That was the last time that I had any doubt there was something undeniably accurate about what we are doing.

That google search also gave me this fantastic 2007 video from Steve Wilner's Labyrinth of the Psychonaut, a video that seems very relevant today:

When the BP spill happened on 4/20/2010, I found myself thinking that we within the sync blogs should have seen it coming. From Steve Wilner starting a series delving heavily into interchangeable vowels called "Cracks in the Wall" just before a major "Crack in the Well" to the 42/Jupiter/2010 syncs of The Sync Whole. Part of what got me looking at the number 88 back in February was Adan's idea that 420, the stoner holiday, was actually an encoded 88 and therefore doubly-Naziesque (since 4/20 is Hitler's birthday and the 88 or HH has been used as "Heil Hitler"). I told StrangeEye that I would be looking very closely at the 88th day of the spill and August 8th. Lo and behold, the spill lasts exactly 88 days - getting capped on the 89th day, which Chris Knowles points out encodes the number 17 (8+9=17). Remember what the lotto numbers were that I won with back on St Osiris Day, celebration of the Green Man's death, 3/17? You guessed it, 1788.
I tell you folks, all sorts of weirdness these days.

You may recall that, right around the same time, we had connected Lady Gaga to the honey meme and followed her to Phoenix. Then, the Phoenix became a major symbol of the August 1st date. Here's Drudge's 8/2 headlines to give us the semiotic kick-off:
That's Gaga in Phoenix. And St. Louis pops up to add weight to our sync.

Recently I'd been looking at the solar symbolism of the Bp spill and how it played into the Wheel of the Year dates. August 1st was the next marker I had an eye on, known as Lughnasadh.
Now we get this story, of a "Solar Tsunami" - a Coronal Mass Ejection that started on August 1st and will hit the Earth on August 4th. Since I was looking for a Pentecost-resonant event to follow the Easter-resonant event of the 7-11 Eclipse, we should recall that the Sync Whole boys spoke of a double-rainbow or double 42 - which leads us to 84. A solar event from 8/1 to 8/4. Fascinating.

Yesterday morning, after I saw that story, I was left wondering - so, which sun? I mean, is it the Green, Yellow or White Sun that is sending its radiation our way? While this is going through my head, I walk into a store to buy some water and I see a newspaper cover with a sports story that reads "Green Machine War." Then, I see a big sticker on a fridge selling "Corona Lime" with a green sun rising behind a bottle of Corona beer. So, take that for what you will.
Nice Starfish to boot.

If you remember, I had connected the Green Sun to the Green Man and Beltane, which led me to DairyQueen of all things.
Notice the sidebar in the story about the Coronal Mass Ejection.
F-ing DairyQueen. What are the odds? But, that just reminds us that milk and honey go hand in hand.

Now, another part of this story is the idea of it knocking out communication satellites, which would play into our Smoke Signals pattern, but I find it more interesting that this comes just as ISIS is suffering from it's own issues. Fire-resonant crew member Doug Wheelock makes a comeback in handling the repairs.

I'm running out of battery but let me just say, I don't think this "Solar Tsunami" will be as major as Fox's scare-tactics imply. FoxNews, who just got moved up to the front row in the White House, is a thinly-veiled front for Solar-worshiping Nazis and they have their own reasons for pushing the idea of a "Waking Sun." However, whatever the truth behind this event, the data is coming out very exact to either be proof of a Ritual or of the Universe speaking to us. Or, in my opinion, both.


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  2. Wow. Interesting that today, 8/4, we see California Prop. 8 overturned in Federal District Court as unconstitutional. While the "coronal ejection" AKA crown seminal fluid baths the planet.

  3. Sorry to only be getting back to you guys now.

    You have no reason to be lonely, this is a very friendly corner of the internet. Welcome to the conversation.

    This Prop 8 is loaded (no pun intended) with symbolism, or should I say it comes (no pun intended) at just the right time. Damn you, I don't think I can respond without inadvertently making some sort of semen innuendo. Be well my friend. :)


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