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The St. Louis StarGate Part 3: Return to NYC (BIG UPDATES)

Last night a bunch of us were at a friend's birthday party and we didn't leave the bar until after 7AM (Melissa and I worked there till 6AM or so). Rammer had to be at work at 10 so we decided to keep hanging out till then. I went up to Columbus Circle with Melissa, Rammer and Adan. As we sat by the fountain in front of the Time Warner Center, I found myself thinking about elements of Jake Kotze's 9/11 Stargate videos.

The Time Warner Center had always reminded me of the Twin Towers. It was as if they were sister sites. Wiki tells us that it opened on February 27, 2003 (See 227 as ratio of Pi). Something I had thought of before is that the Time Warner Center (TWC) is an anagram of the World Trade Center (WTC).

The fountain at the World Trade Center was meant to mimic the Kabba. The fountain at the Time Warner Center is, at least on the surface, an ode to Christopher Columbus - though I have no doubt that others may see it as an ode to the goddess Columbia. Compare the logos of Columbia Broadcasting and Time Warner:

The Time Warner logo looks like the Norway Spiral to boot. And let's not forget Time Warner's merger with AOL, who had a very similar sigil/logo.

The obvious direction to go here is to rehash all the illuminated eye stuff that's dominated the conversation for so long, but that's not even where I'm going with this. I just want to give you an idea of some of the religious/ritualistic elements at play that made themselves obvious in the subtext. As I looked from the building to the fountain, back to the building, back to the fountain - I couldn't shake the feeling that there was a Stargate connection here. It just looked too similar. Trying to let it go, I told myself that this was a common enough architectural motif and that I just had stargates on the brain.

But then we went inside to piss. The first thing we see upon entering is a new boutique called MXYZPTLK. It was Rammer who pointed out that this is the name of a character from the Superman comic books. There was nothing about the boutique to suggest any connection with Superman lore - it was a high-end store full of overpriced junk, and nothing more. Just that name. Someone questioned if there could be a copyright issue, but I reminded them that DC comics is owned by Time Warner. I said it was probably just some branding or cross-marketing scheme and moved on with my day. I had worked late, been up all night and had to take a leak.

But when I got home, the very thing that should have been obvious to me finally became so. Mr. Mxyzptlk is a trans-dimensional being (from the 5th Dimension), with the power to cross over into our universe and act like a sort of trickster god. He's also another Double-M and gives us the OZ of Kotze's research, as well as interacting with what looks a whole hell of a lot like lower Manhattan and the World Trade Center.

If I had thought about it for more than a minute, I would have realized that this was the evidence of a TWC Stargate. As soon as you pass the fountain and cross underneath the twin pillars, you are confronted with the trans-dimensional or inter-dimensional.

We can carry that 5th Dimension to the Age of Aquarius or we can see that the Time Warner Center was used in the Disney film Enchanted, which is apparently also about portals and hopping between realities. If I had the time I'm sure I could follow this rabbit hole fairly deep. Since losing internet in the home, I'm writing to you from a laundromat on limited battery power. If anybody feels the urge to follow up on this, let me know what you find. Or, if you've got a few extra bucks to fund me installing internet in my apartment (since I can no longer seem to rip off the neighbors WiFi like I have for 2 years) I'm not above accepting donations.
That being said, even with finances being what they are, I'm more interested in your info than your money.


I found myself looking over this Superman cover last night - and saw that I missed at least two KEY elements. Bottom left: "Millennium is coming" written over a sun-disk. The double-M of Mr Mxyzptik is, in roman numerals, 2000. The artist working alongside Byrne (Byrne/Burn=more fire symbolism) is a double-K, or 2K - another 2000.

At the Time Warner Center, the third and smaller tower that is common to the arrangement made famous by the Masonic first degree tracing board is actually the pillar-like fountain. We should note that the fountain's pillar has flames sprouting from it, and an eagle that Rammer pointed out looks more like a phoenix than an eagle. Again with the flames of rebirth.

I have speculated that the 3rd pillar is meant to be a man's penis rising up between the two legs of the larger Jachin and Boaz pillars. Well, last night I watched the videos linked by Christopher Knowles of the Secret Sun showing the seeding of Nut, the Egyptian star-goddess. See how the Gateway Arch, which I have shown has the Stargate motif built into it, mimics the feminine Nut stretching across the sky.

They are both Star Arches waiting to be seeded by the masculine Pillar or Pyramid (or as Kotze called them, Pillarmids). Recall this photo comparison made in The St. Louis Arch Pt 2.

The seeding of Nut to produce Ra is similar to the motif of Osiris' make-shift member seeding Isis to produce Horus - sun-gods both (though, as Knowles points out, they may be two very different suns). We can go further and see that the destruction of the World Trade Center has been compared to the unveiling of Isis - and some say, the harbinger of an Aeon of Horus.

Well, if the WTC Stargate was the feminine (with her sacred box for a fountain), we can see how our new TWC stargate has the masculine for a fountain - and plays up the sun-god motif both with the sprouting flames and the calling out to Superman, who himself is a sun-god (Superman's power-source is the Sun). I'm not a big fan of the Superman archetype personally: Translate fairly literally and Superman is the UberMan. Or you can flip the "p" into a "b" and get the same result. However, the incorporation of the Mr. Mxyzptik character, makes this a very clear symbol of Death and Rebirth. Note that both the famous "Death of Superman" and Rebirth of a transmogrified Superman comic covers were parodied by the Mr. Mxyzptik character.

We can clearly see how this is all playing into a rebirth of a Sun-god, at least symbolically. The question here is: Which Sun? Is this a motif made to summon or praise the Green Sun of Ra or the Yellow Sun of Horus or the WhiteSun of the Pentecost? Is it ritualistic or the universe talking to us? Probably a little from Column J and a little from Column B.

Since we're dealing with Masonic symbolism and Arches, we should mention the "Royal Arch" Masons. I can't post their tracing boards for some reason, but if you look into them, you'll see their boards depict a temple destruction with the secrets of Masonry unearthed from under the temple. Now, this could be a real-life depiction of the Crusaders discovery or it could be the ritual we're observing. I don't know, but the imagery is fascinating. See their tracing board here and here. Melissa found this Double-M Masonic site where you can learn more about Royal Arch Masons.

I'd also be curious if anyone is more familiar with Kabbalah than I am would weigh in on the movement from the base of Manhattan to the border of Midtown and the Upper-West Side - if we view the island of Manhattan as the Tree of Life.

I see "Upper West Side" and I think left-brain Egoic thinking, definitely the type of place a Superman archetype would rule. That's a cold lonely place - sort of a Fortress of Solitude.


Man, I knew there was more here. It came to me the other night while I was at work. When I got home, I searched through the photos from our trip and found what I was looking for.

In those Egypt videos, Wayne Herschel makes the connection between the masculine pyramid and the sacred feminine triangle on Nut/Nuit's StarArch.

Seen from the side, Nut stretched across the sky while her sacred feminine triangle is highlighted.

Here's a sign Melissa found interesting while we were in the lobby of the St. Louis Arch. She asked me what I thought the completely random red triangle signified. At the time I had no idea. Now I'm very glad she pointed it out.


This just came in the mail:


I've been waiting for a good shot of this poster to appear online, but this is as good as I can find. Note the BIG RED C and the hourglass shape.

The same hourglass shape we saw in Wayne's video:

In the full poster (which I have seen on a billboard but not online), we see that the bottom half of the hourglass creates a dome over three pointed-roof houses - referencing the 3 great pyramids and giving us the familiar sync magnet that is the dome.

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