Saturday, March 27, 2010

Circumpunct Breakfast: Video Teaser

I'm working on a post tying together all these themes in an end of the month wrap up. But I want to toss this out there since I think it stands alone quite well.

The Prisoner: It's Your Funeral

Years ago I fell in love with this show and, perhaps like many, I associated with the struggle of The Prisoner as he fought the system of control. But more and more, as I watch the orchestrated chaos and the bait and switch of showing people many of the threats to their freedom only to steer them into self-defeating acts of violence, I find myself feeling particularly like The Prisoner in the episode "It's Your Funeral."

Now that AMC has remade the show, they offer the classic episodes for free on their site. Here is the episode in question, in which The Prisoner must try to save the life of a corrupt bureaucrat from a false-flag assassination in order to prevent the inevitable crack-down that would follow:

Some of you may enjoy these fun factoids:
-The Prisoner ran 17 episodes.
-The assassination plot in this episode is referred to as "Plan division Q" (Q being the 17th letter of the alphabet)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lady Gaga and The Killer Bees

Very often I try to remind myself what Frank Zappa said around the time of the PMRC hearings. In his battle against censorship, which I applaud loudly, he noted that songs were unlikely to lead children to suicide or Satanism or any of the other things the neo-conservatives claimed. His reasoning was simple. People were probably not behaving as popular music instructed them, because most pop songs were about love, and people certainly were not exhibiting an enormous amount of love for their fellow man.

But then, I am left to wonder if he could have imagined the way in which music composition has fallen into the hands of the very same Fascists that he warned us about. We now live in a world where the sciences of Psychology, Marketing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming have merged into a for-hire Ministry of Propaganda, whose skills are deployed by anyone willing to pay for them. The continuing scandal of Payola alone should be a big enough hint that the mainstream record labels and assorted culture creation factories that make up the mega-corporations’ media empire will push anything for the right price. We’re at the point where the songs on your radio are highly-produced corporate jingles and the music videos are nothing more than TV commercials with choreography. While I am fundamentally opposed to censorship in any form, I do think we should know what these ads are selling us – so that each one of us can examine on a personal level whether or not we’re buying into it.

*****Please watch this short clip of Derren Brown proving the frighteningly effective advances in NLP (The video has embedding disabled, click link above or here to watch on YouTube.)*****

Bear in mind, that while I write this, I am eating a bag of peanuts that I had an inexplicable craving for the other day. Melissa just pointed out to me that there is an ad campaign all over the subways here in NYC from the National Peanut Board. Echoing our look at “March Madness” and March 4th/5th in particular, she just found this:

"New York to Go Peanut Crazy in March

The National Peanut Board will turn New York City into Peanutopolis on March 4 and March 5 as it introduces its newest advertising campaign for America’s favorite legume, as well as a new slogan: "Peanuts: Energy for the Good Life."

The slogan, more than a year in the making, is part of an integrated multimedia campaign highlighting the energy-boosting qualities of U.S.A.-grown peanuts and peanut products and the way they become a part of all of our lives.
The event will begin with "Energy Central," an "Interactive, Educational Exhibit of all Things Peanut" in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal consisting of an actual peanut field with farmers from across the peanut-growing regions on hand to show attendees around.
On Wednesday evening, March 4, the action shifts to Astor Center, a landmark architectural gem in Greenwich Village that will sparkle with some of today's brightest culinary stars who will demonstrate new versions of authentic global peanut dishes."

Here’s another Derren Brown clip to ponder (again disabled for embedding - Click here to watch on YouTube.)

The Killer Bees:

In the post “Crazy 88s,” I wrote of the ever-present promotion of Nazism and related it to the movie “Kill Bill.” Mere weeks after that writing, Lady Gaga and Beyonce have now released a new video intensely laced with Nazi imagery and they even use the car from “Kill Bill” throughout it. The idea that these media puppets are promoting totalitarianism is not a new one, Beyonce had just taken the stage with dancing black-clad storm troopers during an award ceremony, after all. But “Kill Bill?” Really?

Lady Gaga and Beyonce teamed up for the highly Naziesque "VideoPhone" a few months back. That video is chock full of subliminals and even ends (at 4:53) with the split mind of Beyonce and the killing of one of her MK alters.
This new one, "Telephone" picks up where "Paparazzi" left off, with Lady Gaga going to jail for killing her boyfriend. After Beyonce bails her out, the two go to a local diner to kill Beyonce's boyfriend and everyone else in the place, then proceed to don American flag outfits and dance among the corpses.

VigilantCitizen did a write up on the video and, while I don't endorse all of his interpretations (nor his apparent fear of transvestites, nor any personal religious or political slant that may be injected into his summation, nor his corporate sponsors), I think he's pretty on target with a lot of it. ~Besides, we don't all need to agree on everything. We should strive to present our info as unbiased as possible and respect the variations in perspectives. Anyone who thinks everyone should think exactly the same way, is part of the problem. So, with that extra caveat, VC writes:

"While the customers are agonizing and dying, Beyoncé puts on the Mickey Mouse sunglasses, the same glasses worn by Gaga in Paparazzi while killing her boyfriend.

In both videos, the singers wore the glasses during the killings, hinting to the fact that they are programmed to execute the poisonings. As stated in previous articles, Mickey Mouse ears or designs often occultly refer to mind control , probably because Disney films were known to be used on MK slaves during their programming."

The MM glasses fit right in with March Madness and William Thuther from the Conspiracy Grimoire wrote in to that post with a link to his examination of the double-M. Among the blatant product placements, there is this shot of a Miracle Whip bottle, the MW being a mirrored MM.
The glasses are a big clue, but what I find most intriguing that Gaga wore a bee costume in "Paparazzi" and now teams up with "Queen B," Beyonce, to become the Killer Bees - even going as far as using poisoned honey to kill everyone.

To be honest, I had no intention of writing a post on Lady Gaga. I had been working on a post about cereal grains, Osiris, Masons and HONEY! The delay in that post was so I could refresh my memory and pull a quote or two out of Terence McKenna's book "Food Of The Gods," as I remembered (having read it a few years ago) that he had a chapter or two about honey in relation to ancient hallucinogen rituals. The day after the book came, this video falls into my lap and starts to tie everything together.
Due to the fact that in the first part of the video Lady Gaga makes out with a fellow inmate with a fly tattoo, I'd have been tempted to dismiss the honey thing as a play on the old "You catch more flies with honey" idiom. But McKenna's retelling of the myth of Glaukos and another clue I found today at the supermarket has ensured that I will follow this honey meme wherever it goes - look out for the next big post, Circumpunct Breakfast.
And I would be wise to point out here that I don't believe it is completely negative. For starters, my girlfriend's name, Melissa, means "Honey Bee" and she is a very positive influence in my life. Like all the memes I seem to follow, and every facet of the universe I observe, this honey thing exists in complete balance. On St. Osiris' Day, I got a flash of insight into the numbers we have been following and threw 50 cents at the NY Lottery game "Win 4," picking 1788. Fifteen minutes later I was gifted with a much needed $2,500. It should be noted that I very rarely gamble at all. For those who have called my connecting of the dots crazy - that's a kind of crazy I can deal with.

So, with the caveat that the honey meme is not necessarily a bad omen or anything like that, these Lady Gaga/Beyonce videos leave me with a terrible taste in my mouth. Not only is their promotion of Fascism detestable, there is another unfortunate sync that I came across. At the end of the "Telephone" video, the Killer Bees drive off in their "Kill Bill" truck like "Thelma and Louise." Do you remember where Thelma and Louise end up at the end of their story? The Grand Canyon, for a death ceremony, of course!
Follow the Grand Canyon to the Bee Attack. Bonus points if you noticed the 17 wrapped in the 33 in the lower right-corner.

The death and rebirth theme could only take us to Phoenix, where "a group of people where seriously injured when they were attacked by a swarm of bees."

As, I write this, there is a bigger story taking place: the manufactured circus that is the health-care vote. Funny thing is, amid all the division, they keep showing images like this:



I snapped this pic of the March 18th front page of a local newspaper in Manhattan, called "Our Town," with the prime photo being that of Spelling Bee champion, number 33.

Interesting choice of words too. The winning word was "suasible" (meaning persuadable) and, according to the DailyNews article, the runner-up correctly spelled "prestidigitation" before her loss. Also note that, due to the camera angle, the banner reads "Daily Spell."

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Ringing in the Ides of March

If you have not as yet checked out the home site, or listened to the Podcasts, or wondered what that book cover to your right is - Then there is no time like the present.

"Look At All The Happy Creatures" is sort of like a modern Animal Farm; set in a conspiratorial future; with politics, consciousness exploration, mythology, and just about every other topic that interests me and that we talk about here being interwoven into the story. It's a good book. But, I'm writing it, so I may be a bit biased.

Anyway, if you're interested in reading it, we have been posting it free on - about 4 or 5 chapters every 2 months - and today the first story arc just wrapped up. So, if you're looking for a place to jump into the story or you want to play catch up - this is a good time to do it.

Like I said, it's good and free. Can't go wrong there.
Simply go to then click on the "Read" section and start doing just that.

While you're there, feel free to click around and check out some of our other features. We've got an audio section with the collected podcasts, an original song from Christopher North, and, if you need a break or just want to chill with some good music and a few laughs, Gary and I do a live radio show every two weeks. Got one coming up this Thursday (3/18) as a matter of fact, from 8:30-10:30 EDT.

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Mystery of the Wandering Member

This has been on my mind since the end of February, when I laughingly began making these connections in the comments section of The Secret Sun post "Shekinah Rising: The Missile Defense Logo." Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me say that this post owes much to the inspirational work done by Christopher Knowles. Be sure to subscribe to his blog if you don't already. You'll thank me in the morning.

Now, travel back in time with me to that day in February when Knowles was writing his bit about the missile defense logo and it's connections to Egyptian mythology. On the same day, perhaps echoing the "Birthing Pains" spoken of in one of our earliest posts, the actor Andrew Koenig, best known for his role on the show "Growing Pains" was found dead in Vancouver while the Olympic games were taking place there. If the site of the Olympics makes you think of Olympian gods and more mythology, then you're likely to follow this post through.

Andrew Koenig has ties to "Star Trek" in that his dad played Chekov on the original TV series and he had a role on "Deep Space Nine." That, and he starred opposite a "Kirk" in what is probably his most famous role - that of Richard "Boner" Stabone on Growing Pains. If you know the show, you knew him simply as "Boner" - but his character's name really was a trifecta of penis references. Dick is another way of saying Richard. Boner is just that. And Stabone - stab bone??

From HuffPo:

The native of Venice, California, hadn't been seen since Feb. 14, while visiting friends in Vancouver.

He was supposed to return home two days later. His parents reported him missing Feb. 18, then asked the public for help finding him a few days later.

On Tuesday, Vancouver police and three search-and-rescue teams looked for any signs of Koenig throughout Stanley Park, which covers more than 1,000 acres (400 hectares). Friends and family decided to try again on their own Thursday and one of them found Koenig's body near a marsh in a heavily wooded area about 100 feet (30 meters) off the Bridle Path. McGuinness said the body could not be seen from the walking path.

The elder Koenig, who played Pavel Chekov on the original "Star Trek" TV series, was nearby when the body was found. Hours later, Koenig and his wife, Judith, issued a statement at a police station in the park.

As I wrote that day, the lost and found "Boner" got me thinking about King Tut - whose body and dna was back in the news in February with headlines such as "King Tut's DNA reveals a more manly Pharaoh." The case of the missing boner got me all hot and bothered thinking about Tut because, you see, King Tut's penis was just rediscovered back in 2006 after a few decade search, inspiring such headlines as "Under the bandages King Tut is all man."

ABC wrote: "His sexual organ has been just another puzzle in the story of the best-known pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Harry Burton (1879-1940) photographed the royal penis intact during Howard Carter's excavation of King Tut's tomb in 1922. But it was reported missing in 1968, when UK scientist Professor Ronald Harrison took a series of x-rays of the mummy. There was speculation that the penis had been stolen and sold.
"Instead, it has always been there. I found it during the CT scan last year, when the mummy was lifted. It lay loose in the sand around the king's body. It was mummified," says Professor Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Without going into any of the many mysteries and perhaps conspiracies surrounding Zahi Hawass - it sure does seem par for the course that he of all people would come out and claim that it was always there. We've also always been at war with Eurasia - or haven't you heard?
Anyway, the TimesOnline writes:
"When a team from Liverpool University X-rayed the body in 1968, about 3,300 years after the 19-year-old king’s death, they could find no sign of his penis. There was speculation that it had been stolen and sold to a private collector. There are people who do collect such things."

Indeed there are quite a few weirdos who would want Tut's johnson (sorta like the Nihilists in The Big Lebowski come to think of it - which is another sync as my girlfriend is performing in a stage adaptation of said movie).

Back in February, when I was thinking about all this in the context of the Missile Defense Logo, I laughed remembering that the song "Detachable Penis" was performed by a band called King Missile! A comment from an individual using the handle "LD" pointed out to me that: "According to what Chris wrote, Koenig means "King." So, there is another sync with King Tut....Also, Koenig's parents were scheduled to be on Larry KING's show and walked out before the interview."

Okay, so we have the king, the boner and the missile all in place. But, wait, it gets better.

Per Newsweek:
Tut’s tomb contained canes and what the scientists call “an afterlife pharmacy,” supporting the idea that he suffered from a condition that hobbled him."

Lyrics from "Detachable Penis"??
I asked them to check the medicine cabinet
'cause for some reason I leave it there sometimes

I laughed once more thinking there was a funny connection, but nothing too heavy. Then I recalled how the story played out for King Missile and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Then, as I walked down Second Avenue towards St. Mark's Place, where all those people sell used books and other junk on the street, I saw my penis lying on a blanket next to a broken toaster oven.
Some guy was selling it.
I had to buy it off him.
He wanted twenty-two bucks, but I talked him down to seventeen."

*If you're new to the mystery of the number 17 see Knowles and StrangeEye.
Here's a teaser:
1 * 17 = 17 = 8
2 * 17 = 34 = 7
3 * 17 = 51 = 6
4 * 17 = 68 = 14 = 5
5 * 17 = 85 = 13 = 4
6 * 17 = 102 = 3
7 * 17 = 119 = 11 = 2
8 * 17 = 136 = 10 = 1
9 * 17 = 153 = 9
10 * 17 = 170 = 8
11 * 17 = 187 = 16 = 7
12 * 17 = 204 = 6
13 * 17 = 221 = 5
14 * 17 = 238 = 13 = 4
15 * 17 = 255 = 12 = 3
16 * 17 = 272 = 11 = 2
17 * 17 = 289 = 19 = 10 = 1

But this is a post about phalluses not seventeens so let's move right along. Wiki gives us this fun tidbit: "John Holmes was to the adult film industry what Elvis was to rock 'n' roll. He simply was The King." Cinematographer Bob Vosse in the documentary Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes. ...That's better.

Here are some more scientists talking shop about old dead ding-dongs:
"But according to mummy expert Dr Eduard Egarter Vigl, the pharaoh was built normally. Egarter is caretaker of Ötzi the Iceman, the world's oldest and best-preserved mummy, and was also a member of the Egyptian-led research team that examined King Tut's CT scan images.
"The pharaoh's sex organ is clearly visible in Burton's pictures. All was normal in King Tut. The penis is a highly vascularised organ and shrinks when it is mummified. Actually, King Tut has been flattered by the embalmers' work. There is no comparison with Ötzi's penis," says Egarter.
Ötzi's natural mummification and dehydration in an Alpine glacier produced a "collapse of the genitalia", which left the Iceman with an almost invisible member.
"He would not make a bella figura today," Egarter says.

Ouch! This Egarter guy must be a John Holmes himself to talk that way. But, the "collapse of the genitalia" gets us back to our main mystery. Where are all these penises going?

Chris Knowles (told you he was full of info) also recently pointed me to the work of Adam Gorightly. Mr. Gorightly writes in his article about the psychonaut John Lilly:
During his psychedelic research of the early Sixty's, Lilly was one of the early pioneers in charting the inner landscapes of the human brain with LSD inside his self-developed isolation tank. Within those dark, still waters of the soul, Lilly ingested heroic doses of acid and delved deep into his mind to imprint and re-program his mental circuits toward enlightenment and self-realization. But where LSD had failed in defeating the migraine problem, Ketamine had now apparently succeeded.....
Nonetheless, this close brush with the grim reaper's scythe didn't deter Lilly from further solo flights on K; it only reaffirmed his deeply held conviction that his life was being watched over by higher powers of an extraterrestrial origin. Lilly referred to this network of sublime entities as ECCO, an acronym for "Earth Coincidence Control Office." Lilly was positive that all of these fortuitous coincidences in his life (such as Halecki's life-saving phone call) had been arranged by higher forces; and that whatever unfortunate folly fell into his path along the road to knowledge, ECCO would be there to guide him safely through the tunnel to the light.
But ECCO was not there only to guide Lilly unfettered through his mind-bending research; these extraterrestrial benefactors were also there to test Lilly, to help him overcome his deepest darkest fears with psychic-shock therapy. One evening after a kick-ass shot of K, Lilly sat watching TV when an alien representative of ECCO appeared and — with some advanced form of psychic surgery — bloodlessly removed John's penis, nonchalantly handing it over to him. "They've cut off my penis," Dr. Lilly exclaimed. His wife Toni came to the rescue and pointed out to John that his penis was still intact. Upon closer examination of his male member, Lilly saw that the ET's had replaced his normal human penis with a mechanical version that could become voluntary erect when he wanted it to. An hour later, after the effects of the K wore off, John Lilly found his normal human penis in place of the mechanical one, exactly where it had always been.

If you watch this video series with Lilly, you'll see that he believes the encounter was a test - a necessary confrontation with his fears of emasculation. What I find interesting is the replacement - that mechanical member - that seems to echo a deeper mythology.

Perhaps more famous that Tut and even John Holmes in the underpants department was Osiris. In the legend of Osiris and Isis, the jealous Set kills Osiris the first time around, but it doesn't quite take thanks to the meddling of Isis and the Queen of Byblos (and presumably those meddling kids and their dog). So Set finds Osiris' coffin, takes the body out and dismembers the corpse into 14 pieces, scattering them across Egypt. Isis does a treasure hunt, finds 13 of the 14, and decides that's close enough to put him back together, mostly complete. The 14th piece that she doesn't get? You guessed it: His johnson!
So what is a lady to do with a dead god that she wants to get freaky with? She makes a metallic phallus out of gold!!

Osiris is resurrected - Horus is conceived with the make-shift member and everyone lives happily ever. But it's not the end. No, no, no dear reader.

What really made me jump back into this topic, and write this post in full-frontal detail is yet another sync to this mystery. In our last post, March Madness, the Vonnegut book "TimeQuake" resonated strongly, so I decided to give it a re-read. Now, this book is a treasure-trove of synchro-wonders and fascinating numerology, but there's a scene in there that tops them all (at least as far as this post is concerned).

TimeQuake Page 90:
When Trout was zapped back to a line outside a blood bank in San Diego, California, in 1991, he could remember how his story about the guy with his head between his legs and his ding-dong atop his neck, "Albert Hardy," would end. But he couldn't write that finale for ten years, until free will kicked in again. Albert Hardy would be blown to pieces while a soldier in the Second Battle of the Somme in World War One.
Albert Hardy's dogtags wouldn't be found. His body parts would be reassembled as though he had been like everybody else, with his head atop his neck. He couldn't be given back his ding-dong. To be perfectly frank, his ding-dong wouldn't have been what you might call the subject of an exhaustive search.
Albert Hardy would be buried under an Eternal Flame in France, in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, "normal at last."

So is that where all this begins? Are the wandering members echoing Osiris and his eternal search for his ding-dong? Are all those giant Masonic obelisks an attempt to fashion him a new one, like Isis did? I sure as heck don't know.
But my heart goes out to all the previous owners of members that have wandered off into the great unknown.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Madness (UPDATED!)

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you ca'n't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be", said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Well, it's March and I think this is going to be an interesting month. On March 5th you've got another dark Alice project coming out of Disney's culture creation program. If you're unaware of MK-ULTRA and it's connection to Alice, look at pseudoccultmedia among others. Here's a good synopsis of MK-ULTRA from Adam Gorightly:
Purportedly started in 1953 — under a program that was exempt from congressional oversight — MK-ULTRA agents and “spychiatrists” tested radiation, electric shock, microwaves, and electrode implants on unwitting subjects. The ultimate goal of MK-ULTRA was to create programmed assassins ala The Manchurian Candidate. (The CIA also tested a wide range of drugs in the prospects of discovering the perfect chemical compound to control minds. LSD was one such drug that deeply interested CIA spychiatrists, so much so that in ‘53 the Agency attempted to purchase the entire world supply of acid from Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland. In fact, for many years the CIA was the principal source for LSD, both legal and otherwise.)
My current theory and/or concern is that we're heading into a period of orchestrated chaos (and yes, we have been in such a period for some very long time, but I'm trying to look at specifics).

In February I was looking out for a "Valentine's Day Massacre" and just such an occurrence happened. I'm not pretending to be a prophet by any stretch of the imagination, but I think the writing is on the wall for anyone who wants to read it. I feel more and more like the universe is an open book - we just need to improve our literacy. I hope I'm reading this one wrong but here goes:

February had what I consider three public blood sacrifices and ended with the release of the film, "The Crazies," with the tag-line "Fear thy neighbor." I think that will be the concept pushed out into the public in the near future. There is going to be a continuing effort to sell you on fear and I want to make you aware - so if it happens, we will not behave irrationally.

We've seen some lower key "lone wolf" actions lately - from the underwear bomber to the Austin IRS plane crash. Whether or not one or both of these are (and could very well be) false flags or not is not the point of this investigation. I'm simply looking at what I perceive to be a promotion of violence and the ramifications of such if we don't learn to stop buying into it. Namely, these "lone wolves" will be used by the promoters of MIAC and such to push the "domestic terrorist" meme.

So, getting to the meat, on March 5th - which synced a lot in our last post - a major MK trigger will be pushed out as a 3D experience and, as we're seeing with Avatar, this new area of cinema is along the lines of a psychedelic experience. Thinking about the timing of this event, I began thinking about the Alice in Wonderland character The March Hare. Johnny Depp gets the bigger role and attention as The Mad Hatter, but as The Cheshire Cat tells us:

"In that direction", the Cat said, waving its right paw round, "lives a Hatter: and in that direction", waving the other paw, "lives a March Hare. Visit either you like: they're both mad."

Since I'm looking for clues from the book, and from The March Hare in particular, I turn to the chapter that features him and start reading over his words. Alice also decides to go to the March Hare's house, and while there an interesting thing happens. She meets The Mad Hatter, The March Hare and The Dormouse. Then the characters start waxing poetic on the nature of time and a method for time control.

This ties directly into an article I stumbled across while looking for a link to point out the "Post-Avatar-Depression-Syndrome" - an article about time control disclosure. If you've got some time to kill, listen to this interview:

(In Pt.13 of the video, a caller talks about 1998 in a way that spoke to me so strongly it will likely become the subject of its own post)
You'll also note the spiral graphic that appears throughout the video.

While listening to this real-life discourse on time manipulation, I hear the phrase "Time Quake" and immediately go pull the Kurt Vonnegut novel of the same name off my shelf. From the blurb on the back cover: "At 2:27 P.M. on February 13th of the year 2001, the Universe suffered a crisis in self-confidence. Should it go on expanding indefinitely? What was the point?" Didn't we just have a major quake (of a seismic variety) on February 27th (2/27)?

The basic plot of "Time Quake" is about a hiccup in time/space. Alice's Mad Hatter also suffers from a time/space hiccup due to a fight with time itself (or himself I should say): "We quarreled last March - just before he went mad, you know-" (pointing with his teaspoon at the March Hare)..."And ever since that", the Hatter went on in a mournful tone, "he won't do a thing I ask! It's always six o'clock now."

Congress also just officially declared March 14th Pi day. From Wiki: "Pi Day and Pi Approximation Day are two holidays held to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi) (in the mm/dd date notation: 3/14); since 3, 1 and 4 are the first three digits of π. Pi Approximation Day is observed on July 22, because of Archimedes' popular approximation of π being 22/7" There goes that 227 again!
(And on March 14th, Pi Day, we change the clocks because of Daylight Savings Time - a manufactured bit of time control.)
Now we have the Phi spiral, the quakes and the mathematical infiniteness of Pi all tying together. I could go off on a tangent about quake syncs (and maybe should) but for now I'd ask you to read through the comments on this SecretSun post. One thing at a time.

So, while looking at the text within the chapter for clues about what I expect to be a MIAC self-fulfilling prophecy (either through fabrication or provocation or whatever) - namely another violent act connected to a "patriot organization" or the "tea party movement" - I'll admit that the most obvious thing about the whole weirdness went right past me: The name of the chapter with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare is called "A MAD TEA-PARTY"

Now I'm stuck thinking about these bizarre connections and starting to think I'm really onto something. I start telling all this to my girlfriend and she asks me, "okay, so when?" Like I know. I admit aloud, "Well I have been thinking about 322, due to its use by Skull and Bones and FreeMasonry, but that would be too obvious."
She reminds me that 911 and 777 were also obvious numbers. Fair enough. I do a google image search for 322 to get the pic you see above and I see a cover for SpiderMan #322 posted on this awesome resource. Consider that Marvel comics was just bought out by Disney and that, in the last year, SpiderMan has featured Obama and connected the TeaParty movement to anti-government militia groups (with white supremacist overtones). That 322 issue takes place right in the middle of a series called "The Assassin Nation Plot" that culminates in RedSkull (a WW2 nazi) attacking the whitehouse.

Gotta love the dichotomy of the FreeMasonic hand signs on the previous issue along with the 2010 "Sabretooth" Tiger (Note: Year of the Metal/White Tiger began February 14th same day as the Valentine's Massacre). Oh, and what actor is playing The March Hare in the live-action Alice extravaganza? Paul Whitehouse of course!

The idea of creating a political movement for the purposes of vilifying it might be crazy, or crazy like Rupert Murdoch's FOX. As Alice leaves the Mad Tea Party, "she looked back once or twice, half hoping that they would call after her: the last time she saw them, they were trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot." Makes me think of Sinclair Lewis' amazing work, "It Can't Happen Here" - and the main character fighting against the tyranny whose name was Doremus Jessup. The name Doremus was meant to equate Dormouse.

PS: There's another March 22nd (322) connection to MK-ULTRA coming to your tv sets this month. If you know MK-ULTRA and its tactic of creating multiple personalities or "alters" then you should find the new season of The United States of Tara (United States of Terror?) to be a hoot. It's about the all-American MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder) victim and it premieres this March 22nd.

Oh, one more thing. I went to IMDB to get that March Hare picture all the way at the top of the post and guess how many Alice in Wonderland photos they have in their gallery? Nah, that'd be too obvious.

The good news? I could be completely wrong. Plus, the appearance of the Phi spiral and Pi infinity make me smile. Besides, in the book, The Mad Tea Party takes place in May.

"After a minute or two she walked on in the direction in which the March Hare was said to live. "I've seen hatters before," she said to herself: "the March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps, as this is May, it won't be raving mad - at least not so mad as it was in March."


UPDATE (3/5):
Last night there was a shooting at the Pentagon and an Earthquake in Taiwan!

On the Pentagon incident from FOX:
"Hill said that Bedell has been on the department's radar since 2003, when deputies found him walking along the side of the road. They wrote him up as a "5150" — police code for crazy — and took him to his parents house."

Let's see another guy from Austin, and anti-government conspiracy theorist at that:

"A blog connected to Bedell via the social networking site LinkedIn outlines his growing distrust of the federal government. It gives credence to the idea that a criminal enterprise run out of the government could have staged the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. It was one of several conspiracy-laden Internet postings linked to Bedell to surface since Thursday night's shooting. Authorities said Bedell had previous run-ins with the law. They found no known connection to terrorist groups or ideologies, investigators said."

Now look at the dichotomy of the front page of drudge today.
Are they selling fear or sending a message?


UPDATE (3/6):
Video Via RedIce (Who just posted this blog post on their site - thanks guys you're awesome!)


UPDATE (3/8):
Well, we've got another big quake, this time in Turkey and the spin from this Pentagon shooting is progressing right on schedule.

This is another video from CNN pushing the idea of the "Hatriot Movement" and saying that this "dangerous world of online conspiracy theorists is growing more and more crazy and is out to wreak havoc." Sigh. Watch this:

Interesting that former CIA agent Anderson Cooper mentions "schizophrenia" in relation to this, since we were looking at the CIA/MK-ULTRA/DID/MPD connection.
Then consider just who this guy Avlon, who is getting so much airtime is. If you read this blog post, then you could have guessed that he be a neo-con in sheep's clothing. Thanks to Blacklistednews for the info.

"John Phillips Avlon...worked as chief speechwriter for former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He was Director of Speechwriting and Deputy Policy Director for Giuliani’s 2008 presidential campaign...Avlon was the youngest and longest-serving speechwriter in the Giuliani Administration as well as Deputy Communications Director. His work included helping prepare the Mayor’s State of the City Addresses for 1999 through 2001. After the attacks of September 11th, he and his team were responsible for writing the eulogies for all New York City Firefighters, New York City Police Officers, Port Authority Police Officers and other emergency workers killed in the destruction of the World Trade Center. Additionally, he served on the staff of the Bilingual Education Reform Task Force, the City Hall Park Restoration Committee, and the 2001 Charter Revision Commission, which established the Office of Emergency Management as a permanent city agency.

Avlon is married to Margaret Hoover, the great-granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover. Margaret Hoover...worked for Bush-Cheney 04, Inc. and was the Deputy Press Secretary to Florida Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart on Capitol Hill. She then held a White House appointment in the Bush Administration, and also served as a senior advisor to the Deputy Secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, she has worked as Deputy Finance Director to Rudy Giulianis Presidential Exploratory Committee. She is a frequent contributor to Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor."


UPDATE (3/9):

Cisco Systems announced that they will "forever change the internet and its impact on consumers, businesses and governments." So, what was their incredible contribution to society? A router of enormous data-transfer capabilities. How enormous, you ask? What number of bits and bytes could possibly warrant mention in this post? Oh, how about 322 Tbps enormous!

Cisco posted this video on March 4th (same day as the Pentagon shooting and all the pieces began to fall into place):


UPDATE (3/11):
Three new and powerful quakes slam into Chile in quick succession following another "homegrown terrorist" coming to light - this one known as "Jihad Jane."

"The "war on terrorism" just got a little more complicated with the indictment of an average white American female dubbed "Jihad Jane" on charges of plotting with Islamic radicals, bringing even the so-called soccer moms under the radar."


There just got to be too many to list. Tons of major earthquakes, the Hutaree militia thing, high-level death threats and on and on.
Now, with 3/22 I admit I was a bit off target, looking at the wrong Showtime premiere. Not only did the new season of USTara start on 3/22, but so did Nurse Jackie.
Note that the healthcare bill was framed around 3/22 but consciously avoided it by passing the vote on the 21st and O signing on the 23rd.

I admittedly was afraid that an assassination attempt might take place on 3/22. Luckily we were spared that fate, although there were quite a few headlines that day relating to such fears. See here for a story on 3/22 assassination threats and here for this:
"Secret Service members, alarmed by the rash of audience members who reached for cellphones and digital cameras to photograph the First Gals, warned at intermission that they would confiscate anyone who tried to take anymore pictures."


Most of the March Madness news was too big for you to miss, but here are a few smaller ones that may have slipped past the radar:
  • 3/12/10: A guy who worked at five nuke plants in the US is rounded up in a sweep of suspected Al-CIAda in Yemen. +++
  • 3/14/10: Disney's Alice still #1 at the box office +++
  • 3/17/10: Panasonic sells out of 3D television sets +++
  • 3/20/10: The NY Post uses celebrity gossip to run a swastika on their front page.
  • 3/21/10: Quakes in Cuba and Guatemala, Health Care vote, Jihad "is becoming as American as apple pie"
  • 3/28/10: A day that will live in infamy?
  • The Guardians of the Free Republic panic spreads far and wide. But there may be more to this story.
    Michael at Gosporn also points out that the Gotfre servers are doing quite well. Wonder who funds them?
Oh, and even though this March Madness post had nothing to do with basketball, I think it's funny that they're showing the Final Four in 3D.
Plus, Obama spent 3/22 playing basketball.

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