Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Crazy 88's

A few weeks back, I got into a conversation with someone about how we had both noticed a rise in anti-semitism. Of course, if you go into conspiracy realms, you are sure to run into a bunch of people talking about a Jewish conspiracy. Now, to me, this makes about as much sense as a conspiracy among people with pronounced ear-lobes. You just can't convince me of any collectivist notion where I should lump people together by race, religion or anything else. I'm sure there are douche-bags of every color and creed because people are people. Some are good people and fun to chill with. Some are jerks. Simple as that.
I can now expect the prerequisite spam calling me a Zionist and on and on. Go ahead. Your venom doesn't affect me. For the record, I'm no fan of the nation of Israel, or any country for that matter. It's as corrupt and evil as any government anywhere else in the world. I believe in Individualism not Nationalism. I support unlimited freedom for all. So, I even support your right to be ignorant fools and speak your closed mind.
That being said, I will use my free speech to expose the hatred I see being put out there.

The Crazy 88's:
Back to that conversation with my friend. He mentioned something about neo-nazi's and their use of "HH" to mean "Heil Hitler," and how they will sometimes disguise this as "88." Having spent the last few months beginning to look at numbers and letters as interchangeable, this made perfect sense to me. (H is the eight letter of the alphabet).
This was the last part of our conversation before I had to go to work and it really stuck with me. What I thought most of was the band Muse and their song "Space Dementia" which starts with the lyrics:

H 8 is the one for me
It gives me all I need
And helps me co-exist with the chill
You make me sick because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
And twisted games you play on me

My girlfriend and I had talked about this song before and I guessed it was an encoded "hate" (H-eight). I thought the song might be talking about the emotion of hate, since in their song "I Belong To You" he seems to realize that the oppression he is fighting against is the very muse that inspires him to write these songs. This made perfect sense to me, since I had also come to a similar realization (and I admittedly may have been projecting my epiphany onto their work).

But, after the HH/88 thing was pointed out to me, I got to wondering if they were in-fact promoting neo-nazism. I'm still not sure, but certainly hope not. I had already seen them live in Japan a few weeks earlier and already have tickets to see them this March 5th here in NYC. (You'll note March 5th coincides with the release of the "Alice" movie that we'll talk about in Part 2: "March Madness").
The city that hosted the Muse concert was Nagoya, Japan and this is their TV station, as seen in a screencap from our 3rd podcast where we talk about this in detail:
Japan would also tie in with the Crazy 88's from "Kill Bill" seen at the top.

But okay, so now this new info has me looking at 8's and H's with a bit of a suspicious eye. Then I read this post on The Sync Whole with a seemingly random double "H" that made me uncomfortable along with the 88 keys of the piano. I'll have to contact them to get a clarification. It could very well be innocent, as today when I set out to start a post that was simply to be about "March Madness" - I got slammed with 88's.

This one does not seem innocent however as the ad also features the word "Axis" as in Axis Powers? I see that and I think blatant promotion of fascism. Plus, another March 5th event!
No matter the intent, I'm sorry to say, these 88's do seem to be a portent of bad tidings. Because they bring us full circle into the promotion of social chaos and outright craziness.

March Madness: COMING SOON!
(I've got to run I'm supposed to be here right now)


  1. March Madness is an M doppelganger. You should check out my posts at ConspiracyGrimoire about the Chilean earthquake and the Cruise Ship waves.

    8 is a stargate number. Jake Kotze has shown that the octagon is a stargate symbol. H is a twin towers symbol. The two towers, and the space between which connects them.



  2. When you consider the letter H the Esoteric number is a 7 and in the Major Arcanum that is the Chariot card This is a card of force and strength. the esoteric letter would be Cheth

  3. Re;
    "You just can't convince me of any collectivist notion where I should lump people together by race, religion or anything else. I'm sure there are douche-bags of every color and creed because people are people."

    I couldn't agree more...but I am of Jewish decent,so it's not going to matter what I say one way or the other,is it ?-)


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