Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlie and the Uranium Factory

Of course, NBC is owned by one of the largest arms manufacturers on Earth, and so war is good for their bottom line. It's funny to hear these guys talk about what a threat it would be if someone else besides them made weapons, but their hypocrisy is only half the story.
Not only are they trying to frighten Americans into a war, they're trying to frighten the Iranians into one as well. The more frightened people become, the more they are convinced that there is a threat - some monster hiding under their bed, the easier they are to control.

I'm not sure if the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but it does seem to be our biggest problem.

Ron Paul addendum (taken from our FaceBook page):

Ron Paul walks into CPAC, the den of neo-conservatism and a huge media event, and schools them on their hypocrisy ...then he wins their straw poll! Had it been Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or anyone else, it'd be declared their 2012 golden-ticket. Yet the media, the neocons and the religious right are still trying to force the authoritarians into a seat of power. They are simply waiting in the wings to ride this wave of discontent, fear and division.

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  1. It's clear to the bottom of the glass that a war with Iran is what the Military Industrial Complex are trying to get going.
    Oliver Stone spells it out loud and clear in his movie "W" where Cheney gives his little whiteboard presentation on the middle east.
    They've been trying to get this one rolling since 2004 at least.


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