Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brief intro post

So, I started this blog kind-of on accident. I wanted to post a comment on the sync whole and google asked me to sign into blogger. Something with their comments settings I'd assume. Then I see that I have this blank-ish default blogger profile with a bunch of my google info.
I was already growing frustrated with the limitations of expressing myself in Facebook posts, with their single links and nano-life-span (having outgrown Twitter's word count almost instantly). So, I hope this blog will allow me to expand on some concepts and play with its unique medium.
Plus, Christopher Knowles over at the Secret Sun has recommended that everyone start keeping a sync journal this year - and events and dreams of late have convinced me this is very wise advice indeed.

If you want an idea of where I come from on all this, you should listen to the first episode of the podcast. It starts off a little slow, but I find my way and get a lot of the ideas floating around my head out.

One of the things I cover is the fact that a publisher asked me in 2007 to write a book about the 2012 meme, which I hadn't studied at all at the time. It was their very very specific demand that I write the book to promote the idea that the world was going to end as to "scare people into buying books." It is with this perspective that I know just how fear is used as a motivator and that facts are often unpleasant obstacles. I have instead pledged myself to spreading truth and cutting through fear-based propaganda.

And, as always, I'd direct you to


  1. Hi, I wish I could do all the posting that you do on your blog! Glad SYNChing is going on between my blabs and's a funny ole world. I'm watching SYRIANA at the minute, Wot a film.

    49 is an interesting number.....Wot does it mean?

    Regards, Flossy.

  2. Flossy,
    Normally I'd read that sentence and think the person was musing about a "what does any number really mean?" sort of thing. But the freaky thing is that I spent a good part of my day at work thinking specifically about 49.

    I'm intrigued to say the least. I'd be very happy to hear any thoughts you might have about 49. Come back any time! You're more than welcome here.


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