Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Crazy 88's

A few weeks back, I got into a conversation with someone about how we had both noticed a rise in anti-semitism. Of course, if you go into conspiracy realms, you are sure to run into a bunch of people talking about a Jewish conspiracy. Now, to me, this makes about as much sense as a conspiracy among people with pronounced ear-lobes. You just can't convince me of any collectivist notion where I should lump people together by race, religion or anything else. I'm sure there are douche-bags of every color and creed because people are people. Some are good people and fun to chill with. Some are jerks. Simple as that.
I can now expect the prerequisite spam calling me a Zionist and on and on. Go ahead. Your venom doesn't affect me. For the record, I'm no fan of the nation of Israel, or any country for that matter. It's as corrupt and evil as any government anywhere else in the world. I believe in Individualism not Nationalism. I support unlimited freedom for all. So, I even support your right to be ignorant fools and speak your closed mind.
That being said, I will use my free speech to expose the hatred I see being put out there.

The Crazy 88's:
Back to that conversation with my friend. He mentioned something about neo-nazi's and their use of "HH" to mean "Heil Hitler," and how they will sometimes disguise this as "88." Having spent the last few months beginning to look at numbers and letters as interchangeable, this made perfect sense to me. (H is the eight letter of the alphabet).
This was the last part of our conversation before I had to go to work and it really stuck with me. What I thought most of was the band Muse and their song "Space Dementia" which starts with the lyrics:

H 8 is the one for me
It gives me all I need
And helps me co-exist with the chill
You make me sick because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
And twisted games you play on me

My girlfriend and I had talked about this song before and I guessed it was an encoded "hate" (H-eight). I thought the song might be talking about the emotion of hate, since in their song "I Belong To You" he seems to realize that the oppression he is fighting against is the very muse that inspires him to write these songs. This made perfect sense to me, since I had also come to a similar realization (and I admittedly may have been projecting my epiphany onto their work).

But, after the HH/88 thing was pointed out to me, I got to wondering if they were in-fact promoting neo-nazism. I'm still not sure, but certainly hope not. I had already seen them live in Japan a few weeks earlier and already have tickets to see them this March 5th here in NYC. (You'll note March 5th coincides with the release of the "Alice" movie that we'll talk about in Part 2: "March Madness").
The city that hosted the Muse concert was Nagoya, Japan and this is their TV station, as seen in a screencap from our 3rd podcast where we talk about this in detail:
Japan would also tie in with the Crazy 88's from "Kill Bill" seen at the top.

But okay, so now this new info has me looking at 8's and H's with a bit of a suspicious eye. Then I read this post on The Sync Whole with a seemingly random double "H" that made me uncomfortable along with the 88 keys of the piano. I'll have to contact them to get a clarification. It could very well be innocent, as today when I set out to start a post that was simply to be about "March Madness" - I got slammed with 88's.

This one does not seem innocent however as the ad also features the word "Axis" as in Axis Powers? I see that and I think blatant promotion of fascism. Plus, another March 5th event!
No matter the intent, I'm sorry to say, these 88's do seem to be a portent of bad tidings. Because they bring us full circle into the promotion of social chaos and outright craziness.

March Madness: COMING SOON!
(I've got to run I'm supposed to be here right now)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlie and the Uranium Factory

Of course, NBC is owned by one of the largest arms manufacturers on Earth, and so war is good for their bottom line. It's funny to hear these guys talk about what a threat it would be if someone else besides them made weapons, but their hypocrisy is only half the story.
Not only are they trying to frighten Americans into a war, they're trying to frighten the Iranians into one as well. The more frightened people become, the more they are convinced that there is a threat - some monster hiding under their bed, the easier they are to control.

I'm not sure if the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, but it does seem to be our biggest problem.

Ron Paul addendum (taken from our FaceBook page):

Ron Paul walks into CPAC, the den of neo-conservatism and a huge media event, and schools them on their hypocrisy ...then he wins their straw poll! Had it been Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin or anyone else, it'd be declared their 2012 golden-ticket. Yet the media, the neocons and the religious right are still trying to force the authoritarians into a seat of power. They are simply waiting in the wings to ride this wave of discontent, fear and division.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Smoke Signals

For the record, if you look at the tags or labels used in the last post, you may see where I was going with this. I was pressed for time and broke the post into pieces, but I wanted to talk about the "Matrix Motif" and the emerging technological collective consciousness. I began thinking heavily about this back in January when I posted this slightly inaccurate comment very off the cuff on SecretSun (the computer was not "deep blue" but "deep thought").
I had since explored this idea in more and more detail, watching the push of virtual realities (everything from Farmville to Avatar) and the dichotomy of the Orwellian technocratic control mechanisms versus human enlightenment aided by our instant access to shared information. I wanted to say that technology is an unbiased tool that can be used to assist oppression or freedom, but the day after breaking my post, Chris Knowles got on air and said nearly the same thing. So, I suggest you listen to his fine comments and I can move on to other topics for the moment.

I'm sure I'll revisit this as it's on my mind more and more as of late, but I don't see the need to echo each other when there is so much to be said on so many topics. On the same note, you may also notice I had the tag/label "Fear vs. Love" - another topic that will be addressed in the future and which carries over in all my work anyway. But for now I direct you to Neil Hague on RedIce who says many of the things I intended to say (along with many things I don't agree with directly), but it's a damn good listen and a nice introduction to a lot of these topics.

I feel the need to add that hearing my words/thoughts come out of other people's mouths leads me to more questions in these areas anyway. Is this an effect of interacting with an electronic hive mind via the internet? Is it a sign of a singularity? I hope it's neither, since hive minds and a cosmic singularity are at odds with my support of Individualism within a united harmonic universe. But, it could also be a sign of emerging enlightenment - a vast tuning-in to higher truths. Synchronicity has been hitting me over the head like a pile-driver with increased speed and force this year - so there may be something to that. We shall see.

Smoke Signals:

So, where do smoke signals fit into all of this? Well, the Norway Spiral may very well have been one, as we discussed in the previous post. A smoke signal is a way of communicating something - it then falls on us to interpret the message. And, right about now, with the world in the chaotic state that it is in, we're getting some very mixed signals. Something big is happening and it probably won't be a simple black or white, good or bad, heaven or hell sort of deal. If hard times are ahead, may they inspire us to greatness in spite of the difficulties. Even if it is a bright new tomorrow that we are now on the dawn of, I doubt it will come without some serious birthing pains. Either way, we know at least part of the message these signals are trying to tell us: A challenge awaits.
After all, where there's smoke, there's fire.

We're witnessing the effects of this pot coming to a boil. The "divide and conquer" technique is in full effect. Violent acts such as the Austin IRS attack (pictured above) are going to be used to pass new restrictions on personal liberty. For the record, it doesn't matter if this was a false flag or not. I have seen a lot of evidence to suggest this is a fishy story, but I've also seen a lot of angry Americans. For the bigger picture here, the details are almost extraneous. (Though I do find it fascinating that he hit what was called the "Echelon" building.) Whether government sanctioned or merely provoked via propaganda, there will be more scenes like this one coming down the pike. On the international level, the same thing is happening. They're pushing hard to get a big fight going in the middle east. And I mean a bigger one than the Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Yemen-Somalia mess. Obama is tossing darts at the map and invading countries faster than even his predecessors could have wished for. But this is leading to something bigger. Can we wake up enough people in time to prevent such a disaster? My sad answer is "unlikely."

That doesn't mean we stop trying, mind you. The signals look as if they're progressing with the same speed - both positive and negative. Maybe we just have to get more people to pay attention to them.

The fortunes of fables are able
To sing the song
Now witness the quickness with which
We get along
To sing the blues you've got to live the dues and
Carry on

Carry on
Love is coming
Love is coming to us all

Where are you going now my love?
Where will you be tomorrow?
Will you bring me happiness?
Will you bring me sorrow?
Oh, the questions of a thousand dreams
What you do and what you see
Lover can you talk to me?
-CSNY, "Carry On"

Carrying On:

In the second Happy Creatures Podcast, we got into a conversation about the possibility of a shut-down internet. With the rise of the "cyber-threat" meme, this is something we should be thinking about. How would we communicate without the internet? This is where smoke signals have another lesson for us. Even if we are to lose our technology and access to the information that has brought us so far so fast, we can still communicate...if we get creative.

*Note: In the video, I suggest news being put on telephone poles.
I meant that in the way of circulating pamphlets and real news,
not in any way like the self-defeating and divisive
Obama poster campaign promoted by Alex Jones.

Now, whether or not Alex Jones is controlled-opposition
or just a well-intentioned yet misguided
truthful person, is not for me to say.
He spreads a lot of good info.
But he also mixes in
a lot of ugly and violent rhetoric.
not because I necessarily agree with that statement,
but because it does show how his
methods are self-defeating.
Take from that what you will.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I've seen that road before
It always leads me here
Lead me to your door.

We here on this planet have been on a long strange trip, haven't we? We're glued to a rocketship made of dirt that's hurtling through space to some unknown destination. We're not entirely sure where this trip started or where it goes. We may have theories that pit the hegelian concepts of the big bang vs creationism or evolution vs alien intervention theory - but I am not interested in getting into those debates at the moment. Even answers to those seemingly "deep" questions still only provide us with an answer that is not unlike the "42" provided by the Deep Thought computer. The answer is useless and raw data is meaningless unless you know the right question.

So, I'm not trying to lay out my theory of what I think is the meaning to life. Rather, pointing out that we should keep asking questions. Not only is it good to question authority, the stuff that other people tell you, the things that you hear and read, but...just in general. "In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted." -Bertrand Russell

So, as the now-famous Norway Spiral lit up the internet last December, and continues to be debated, I find it healthy that so many questions are being tossed around. Who knows, someone may even figure out the right question, or the right answer. You've got Freeman who sticks to the Russian rocket idea but adds the ionospheric heater element (he also points to this craziness), Strange Eye was incredible in producing Eiscat data within minutes of the story breaking, Hoagland had his take, and even the usually tame DailyPaul got in on the spiral. Few seemed interested in the blue light over Egypt at the same time that was being called a Virgin Mary sighting. RedIce even just posted a video with someone presenting the theory that this is a sign of massive destruction a la the 2012 meme. More fear tossed out into a crazy world. Whatever - there are a flurry of theories on this one. Some calling it a sign of our destruction, some calling it a sign of our salvation.

But, I have come to think that, no matter its true nature, it is much more than the sum of its parts. In some ways it is indicative of the reactionary nature of most of us. We know the world is speeding us along on some lost highway, and we are looking for signs along the side of the road. The fearful see signs of darkness. The hopeful see signs of cosmic ascendancy.

The wise take it in, process it as best they can, and enjoy the ride.
A good example of this would be Chris Knowles, who was motivated to write one of his best series as the strangeness unfolded. Having listened to interviews of him, I know he doesn't have the most positive outlook on things, but he was inspired to greatness nonetheless. I admire guys like him and Freeman, not only for their work, but for their attitude. Having woken up to much of the darkness myself, I can testify that it's often an ugly road. Keeping your chin up and shooting for the stars in the face of everything goes a long way.

That's an area I've tried to cover in "Look At All The Happy Creatures" as much as possible. I want to cover the beautiful alongside the dark and ugly. It's just way too easy to forget "the beauty that surrounds us."

Easy now, easy.” The White Rabbit called out to Tangerine and soothed her mind with his voice. “You’ve seen much and now you just need to rest. While you catch your breath, however, I’d like to discuss a little of what you’ve seen. I want you to understand that the universe exists in extreme balance. You have witnessed examples of both the infinitely beautiful and the infinitely dark. The Blue Bunny exists and seeks to rule you always; it is his goal to bring you only into darkness. But you must remember that the wonderful aspects of life are there even when you cannot see them, even when a place such as this challenges your belief in beauty. Do you think you can do that?” - Look At All The Happy Creatures, Chapter 11

So, I have decided not to turn a blind eye to the horrors of the world, but to view them in the perspective that they are just additions to a wonderful and strange world. If we continue to focus only on the darkness, then it consumes us. If we allow the bigger picture to come into view, if we look upon our existence with wonder, we can enjoy every day.

I will build on these ideas in the coming posts, but I wanted to get this out tonight. With the need for laughter and love in mind, I set off to reunite with Mr. GaryMac after a 10 year hiatus of our radio days to do a show that we all need right now. Well, I know I certainly need it anyway. I also know the "Happy Creatures" universe can be a hard one to look at sometimes, as our own one can be.
So, tonight (February 18th at 8PM EST) my one-time college radio co-host and I will bring some fun to this venue.
I hope you'll tune in and enjoy.

You can listen to a stream at the following link:

In the meantime, that link will continue to play some great(??) early GM&A from the WSJU days.

**For a higher quality signal, go here and download the Pirate Radio media player.

We'll also be taking calls via Skype under the name GaryMacandAlan

Brief intro post

So, I started this blog kind-of on accident. I wanted to post a comment on the sync whole and google asked me to sign into blogger. Something with their comments settings I'd assume. Then I see that I have this blank-ish default blogger profile with a bunch of my google info.
I was already growing frustrated with the limitations of expressing myself in Facebook posts, with their single links and nano-life-span (having outgrown Twitter's word count almost instantly). So, I hope this blog will allow me to expand on some concepts and play with its unique medium.
Plus, Christopher Knowles over at the Secret Sun has recommended that everyone start keeping a sync journal this year - and events and dreams of late have convinced me this is very wise advice indeed.

If you want an idea of where I come from on all this, you should listen to the first episode of the podcast. It starts off a little slow, but I find my way and get a lot of the ideas floating around my head out.

One of the things I cover is the fact that a publisher asked me in 2007 to write a book about the 2012 meme, which I hadn't studied at all at the time. It was their very very specific demand that I write the book to promote the idea that the world was going to end as to "scare people into buying books." It is with this perspective that I know just how fear is used as a motivator and that facts are often unpleasant obstacles. I have instead pledged myself to spreading truth and cutting through fear-based propaganda.

And, as always, I'd direct you to
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