Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My New York: Hunting The Duck

Batman and Heath Ledger have repeatedly and explicitly been connected to the Hanged Man of the Tarot, since Ledger carries the card in Dr. Parnassus and his infamous Joker portrayal in The Dark Knight gets hung in the same fashion. The Joker's flipside, Batman, is also a hanged man of sorts, as bats hang from caves by their feet. (See our Birds & Bees Pt4 for more on this connection, as well as how it ties into the twin pillars of Jachin and Boaz)

This Tarot card even depicts a hanged man who looks like BatMan.
BatMan's city is of course Gotham, which is commonly understood to be a stand-in for New York. So one night, I got it in my head to look at my city from their point of view, by turning the map of New York upside down.

As I had begun to wonder if there was a connection between NYC's 5 boroughs and the 5 points of a Pyramid, flipping the map immediately filled in some blanks. In our world of seeing everything in a North-facing POV, the Borough of Queens is directly "above" the Borough known as Brooklyn, but which actually called Kings County.
But, if NYC did indeed encode a pyramid, the King's chamber would have to be "above" the Queens chamber.

So here we are: The King is back on top of the Queen.
The Bronx, which is often referred to as "The Boogie Down" is, well, down - the SubChamber.
There seems to be some sense being made here.
I guess, when I first thought of the 5 boroughs as aspects of a pyramid, I sort of assumed Manhattan would end up being the capstone. But now I think that it makes more sense that Staten Island, which is actually Richmond County, would be the capstone. Richmond = Rich Mound. There isn't much on Staten Island except a huge lighthouse. Keep that in mind.

So what of Manhattan? Well, I realized that the carved out green portion which we call Central Park is exactly 51 blocks tall (59th street to 110th street). As we have seen over and over, 51 is an encoded 3x17, the date sacred to Osiris, the Egyptian green man. Further evidence is found in the fact that Central Park runs 3 avenues wide (from 5th Ave to 8th ave).

Osiris is famous for his dismembered penis, which is exactly what Manhattan Island looks like.
Having Manhattan be a geographic representation of Osiris' shaft, further entrains with the constant NY/OZ connection, making the home of the Green Man further resonate with The Emerald City.

At the north end of Manhattan we can find Dykman street, which is either DuckMan or "Penis"Man. As we'll see, that could go either way. At the south end we have the battery tunnel (a tunnel for your battering ram?) and the seaports. Insert Seamen joke here.

I don't know how well you can make it out in this map, but most maps show the ferry routes as white dotted lines extending out of the tip of Manhattan.
This could easily be another joke, but seriously - those white lines are spurting out all over a giant copper representation of Osiris' wife, Isis. Perhaps you've heard of it.
The Statue of Liberty (Isis) stands between Manhattan (Osiris' shaft) and Staten Island, causing me to wonder if this Richmond/Capstone/StatenIsland is their offspring. (Remember that lighthouse?)

If little white seamen aren't enough to convince you, why don't we look at the Millennial 9/11 mega-ritual, which also caused a white cloud to extend from the tip of Osiris' Shaft blowing over to Isis (perhaps ringing in the Aeon of the Child?)
I know, right?

Okay, now that I've got you thinking, let's flip the entire Empire State and see what we get.

That sure looks like a bird to me. Consider that Buffalo New York is where the "wing" extends, giving us Buffalo Wings. WestChester and EastChester are where the bird's chest would be. Where the neck would be, we have the Throgsneck Bridge. The infamous town of Montauk (talk) is situated where the bird's mouth would be, and that body of water is called the Long Island Sound. I've spotted a ton of stuff like that and it's all very playful and only half serious, but it is certainly there.

So, if New York State is a bird, I'm thinking that Dykman could also be DuckMan (noting also that the DuckMan of the cartoon DuckMan: Private Dick/Family Man was voiced by Jason Alexander of the iconic New York sitcom Seinfeld). But, if we're sticking with the Egyptian theme, well then I guess that would be Thoth.

If only someone had connected Thoth to 9/11 and Ducks and NY/OZ and - oh wait, what am I talking about? Jake did that a while back. Here's one of his old videos:
I suggest watching Jake's whole series which connects a lot more dots. He also goes into the playing with the idea that Thoth was alternately depicted as a bird or a baboon (non-human primate). Since we've been looking at Mario Brothers again (who spawned the Donkey Kong franchise) and King Kong and all those non-human primates - it's important to remember that the Duck is never far behind, something Nintendo knew well all those years ago when they released the very first NES cartridge.

Another one of those "just saying" sorta things. Cut out that strip on the side of the NES cart and it bears a striking resemblance to a World Trade Center tower.
I'm not really implying anything by that. Like I said, I'm just saying. To an extent this is an adventure in playfulness, toying with the patterns and seeing what comes of it. It's a good idea to turn your maps upside down from time to time and get a new perspective.

You might notice that on the other side of the river is the state of New Jersey (Jersey being a Bull, the very thing that was sacrificed to Osiris). And you might see that if you were to flip neighboring New Jersey, you get another Egyptian-themed similarity:

You can look at this stuff and wonder if there was any human plan involved. Certainly Manhattan is littered with intentional and explicit symbolism. Central Park was designed by men, perhaps in the same way the streets of DC were. Who knows? But, here's where synchronicity fills in the missing blanks one more time.

The next day, after I flipped the map and made all these connections, I was walking to the subway and started pondering whether or not this was an intentional (man-made) design or not. As I'm thinking about it, I almost trip over this metallic thing on the sidewalk:
That's Phi (the golden ratio, sometimes called the divine ratio) getting in my face, reminding me that there is an order and design to the universe that goes way beyond the hands of men. I asked the universe a question and it gave me an answer. That's good enough for me.

However, the appearance of Phi leads us directly into our next post, which will revisit the Norway Spiral and start to break down the Sapphire syncs I've been mentioning but haven't had the time to spell out. Be well all.

Much love.

Monday, November 22, 2010

King Donkey Kong and the Twin Towers return with a Bang

Before we begin, I'd recommend listening to the Syncromystic Roundtable that went down the other night, hosted by Kevin Tinfoil. Speakers include Jake Kotze, Kevin Halcott, Will Morgan, myself in the second hour, and a bunch of others. The show comes in at exactly 3 hours and 14 minutes, resonating Pi, and brings up many of the topics we're going to discuss today.

Since we've been talking about Big Bangs over the last few posts, let's start with today's newspaper. 44 years after JFK was shot, we get this story of a big "bang" at JFK airport.

Then there's this collage I made which visually ties together the 44th president and the big-bang-generating CERN, along with the anti-matter they created and the SyncWhole's look at the return of the Ring.

This is a play on "Return of the King" from Lord of the Rings, and it seems that a King of sorts is returning. Namely King Kong. Remember, that series also included The Two Towers, which seem to be intricately tied into this pattern.

In the Roundtable, Will brings up syncs revolving around Jeff Bridges and King Kong and the Twin Towers, as they tie into 9/11. He then relates this to the 9/11 connections that have been found in the Super Mario Brothers movie.
I made the point that Mario made his debut fighting Donkey Kong, a King Kong resonator if there ever was one.
The very next day, as I'm reading a story about the Moon, which itself seems to always pop up in connection with the Twin Towers, I see this ad at the top of the screen.
The idea of Donkey Kong being connected to falling towers, is made all the more clear by this Jenga set:
And let us not forget that while we just had a new blue moon, we also had a new blue moon goddess, in the story of the sapphire ring.
Even Spider-Man, whose movie was edited to take out a scene where he spins a web between the Two Towers, peeks at us from the top of the paper. I find this even more interesting, since our roundtable conversation spoke of "The Sync Web" being connected to "Cloud Computing" and Melissa had just told me that day that the Japanese word for "Spider" is the same as "Cloud." To push that thought a step further, the Greek myth of Arachne also involves Athena spinning a beautiful tapestry out of "the silk of the clouds" before she turns Arachne into a Spider. Hmm.

The night after the roundtable, I get into an email conversation with Michael from Gosporn, where we talk about Back to the Future and Rainbow Bridges and all the fun stuff syncheads talk about. He sent me a picture of from a coffee shop, that he thought went well with the K2 "tear in the fabric of space" cartoon from my post K2 SyncStorm goes Pop! - the same post that featured my grandfather's helmet from the construction of the World Trade Center (which I later realized reads CIA):
And also connected King Kong to Pi, through this poster with the address 227:
Something about the image he sent me reminded me of a photo I took last April. I dug through my old photos to find it:
I guess I took the picture because it had a bunch of circumpuncts and pointed stars and the number 17. So, I send Michael the email, but then I realized that I used the metaphor of gears to relate to the SyncWeb or Cloud. I say, okay, maybe that was in my subconscious and move on with my night. Melissa and I decide to go out for dinner. We walk around and pass this poster:
Not only do the gears look the same, but the word "Toys" reminds me of the movie of the same title. The movie "Toys" has also been shown by Jake to have strange connections to the Twin Towers.
Oh, sorry to distract, but since we're talking of Toys, I should point out that Lego just put out its newest in the Atlantis line - something we've looked at before. As long as we're talking about 9/11 stargates, check out this "Portal to Atlantis" shaped like the Pentagon:
Anyway, gears right? As soon as we pass that Toys/Gears ad, we walk past this other poster:
We then go to one of our absolute favorite places to eat. A place appropriately named "Mario's" with a sign reading "Boom" outside:
Boom, being similar to "Bang" or "Pop" or even "Pow" - also happens to be the name of the realtor who brokers the property we are negotiating to open the Pointe of Symmetry Art Center. A realtor named "Boom" -> Big Bang to start Reality. :)

"Pow" also resonates with the Mario Bros, through their first Atari game:
This would be just fun, but then the kid at the table next to me starts playing Mario Kart and I see that he's racing across the Rainbow Bridge!
And what is he drinking but Pink soda Pop. Ha.
Hadn't I just been talking to Michael about both the Rainbow Bridge and the Pink energy of Green Lantern's "Star Sapphire" character? Not to mention the obvious POP! connection.

But what should flash on the TV at Mario's restaurant, but a commercial for a K2-resonating show called Kid VS Kat. The words "Kat to the Future" comes across the screen in the logo style of Back to the Future! I found the show on YouTube and it's filled with 88-resonant circled Hs and Green glowing lights, alien mushrooms and tons of other syncs.

Not to mention, that this is another Disney cartoon that shows Time Travel resulting in an authoritarian future, much like the one we looked at in Darkwing Duck.

Wiki tells us that this was Season 2, Episode 8. Giving us the two 8s or 88.
Original airdates: November 6, 2010 (Canada) / November 23, 2010 (U.S.A)

Bear in mind that, that very morning I woke up wanting a Milky Way candy bar like I've never wanted anything before. I went to a deli and bought one, but it was old and chalky. I went back and said to the guy, "I'm giving this back to you and taking something else." Melissa suggested a KitKat. From KitKat to Kid vs Kat. That's the kind of day I had.

It should also be noted that Melissa's name in Japanese is Mari and her last initial was "O" before we got married. I used to call her MariO after we started eating at that restaurant.
But now, her name is Melissa (meaning "Bee") Green. So she's now actually the Green Hornet, which also syncs with K2 or Kato.
There's another place in our neighborhood, also called Mario's and he makes no secret about his connection to Pi.

So the King/Ring and all that is making a return big time. What that means for us remains to be seen. But, based on the Back to the Future and King Kong syncs, I'd say we have to calm the beast inside of us, learn to not fly off the handle like Marty, and all that goodness. Otherwise we end up as monsters.
This is the video I made a bit back, mentioned in the roundtable, which connects Saddam to Mario and teaches us that very lesson:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mini Big-Bangs and the Missiles who love them

If you have been following along with the last 3 posts (Sunspot 1117 and the Giraffe - K2 SyncStorm goes POP! - 117 and K2 "SuperSized" Sinkholes), where we essentially looked at a repetition of the number 117 and the "Giant Pop," you may get a kick out of the fact that on 11/7 the brains at CERN succeeded in generating "a Mini-Big Bang"

Michael from Gosporn writes about a dream his partner had the same night:
Var was shopping in a store in a cool city in the future (a common dream for him) when suddenly he was sort of sucked into another place or dimension (not so common). It was as if he was in a water-like fluid and he heard a voice telepathically tell him “Don’t be afraid of the way I look, I have no eyes and no muscles”. So he turned to look and saw a translucent entity floating next to him that he described as sort of like a jellyfish. They had a short conversation. Then he was exited from the fluid dimension, back into his dream, and from there quickly awoke.
When I pointed out the sync to Michael, he wrote:
I had seen the "Mystery Missile" story - and noted to myself that it was seen over Catalina Island, which is the island Melissa and I had a view of from our Pacific Ocean HoneyMoon retreat.

I had taken screen caps of the story, because it looked as if someone in the powers that print was trying to put a ufo spin on this thing mighty quickly.
ABC news embedded the completely unrelated "Air Force vets talk of ufos" video into their article (And I note the wink of "47 comments") and then we get the appearance of a "Grey" above it (along with the "adrift at sea" and the date 11/30, the next proposed date of the final NASA mission)
So that was where my head was at, looking at the story from that angle, before Michael's comment. However, just after Michael's comment, I see the Mystery Missile syncing with Shangri-La resorts.
This puts us into a Rabbit Hole that I don't have the time to spell out entirely, but here's the gist. Shangri-La from Wiki:
Shangri-La is a fictional place described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by British author James Hilton. In the book, "Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from alamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia — a permanently happy land, isolated from the outside world. In the novel Lost Horizon, the people who live at Shangri-La are almost immortal, living years beyond the normal lifespan and only very slowly aging in appearance.

Shangri-La is connected to other metaphor-laced mystical locals such as Xanadu and Atlantis.
PS: regions of Saturn's moon Titan, something we've seen a lot of on this blog, are named after both Shangri-La(Titan) and Xanadu(Titan).

Atlantis resonates with Var's "fluid dimension" and all the water symbolism, as well as the CERN Big Bang since CERN's LHC, the thing that may well have torn a hole in the fabric of space, has two main components: ALICE and ATLAS.

Since Atlas and Atlantis are already intertwined mythologically, we can also look at the book "Atlas Shrugged," wherein the chapter entitled "Atlantis" we get a view of a hidden mountain valley that is very much like Shangri-La.

Atlas Shrugged takes us to the financial news of the day Michael wrote that comment.

And, I can go a step further, since the DuckTales episode "The Land of Tra-La-La" brings Shangri-La and AtlasShrugged-style inflation fears all into a neat little 20 minutes.

And, I now feel obligated to point out the seemingly phallic nature of the imagery that had been all over this "big bang" (wink wink, nudge nudge)
The image of the "Giant Pop" sure looks like a man ejaculating and we even get the word below it, "Ass"

Even the "Over the Hedge" "tear in the fabric of space" looks kinda phallic now that I think of it.

And the two big balls of energy that suddenly popped onto the world's radar as the sync field spoke of popping bubbles?
Well, I'll leave that to your imagination. You dirty minded people you.

I have to say this "Mystery Missile" seems to go back to one of my earliest posts, The Mystery of the Wandering Member, which connected all the Obelisks and assorted phallic imagery to Missiles.

Oh, and what does Drudge now place in the spot where Shangri-La appeared for that brief moment of shimmering time? Just this:

Oh, and dig this.
There was another mystery contrail, which the mainstream news also chose to connect to aliens for some reason, this one in my hometown. Guess these things are following me.
And what's that time-stamp in the corner? Just another 1117.

Amazingly, this all ties directly into the Sapphire post I've been wanting to write for months now. It won't make sense just yet, but trust me. I've got a major post brewing for you.

For now, read Kotze's "Return of the Ring"

Prince William gave Miss Middleton the sapphire and diamond ring that his father, Prince Charles, had given his mother - Diana, Princess of Wales - for their engagement in 1981.

Damnit! I was just about to hit publish too.
Then Drudge goes and updates their headlines with this fun bit of news:

Friday, November 5, 2010

117 and K2 "SuperSized" SinkHoles

After writing about the 11/2 or K2 syncstorm in our last post, news breaks of an 11/2 "supersized" sinkhole:
This is made all the more into a mind blowing sync by the fact that Morgan from the Unraveling stayed with us for one day - that very day - and we watched what else?
Crazyness. Pure beautiful kissed by the universe craziness.

And now we get this incredible (4 minute and 42 second) video of a Brazilian Sink Hole on 10/17 (117):

As always I refer you to the SyncWhole for less dangerous, but no less powerful, syncage.

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