Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solar Nation: Green Sun, Yellow Sun, White Sun

Let's start with a repost of a comment I had left over at the Secret Sun as a sort of sync-log, because I think the question raised will become important.

"I had actually gone back a few months ago and reread those [yellow sun Vs green sun] posts because they were on my mind after rewatching StarGate. Now I know why it seemed so suddenly important to me then. Interesting that the military considers the nuclear option in both the movie and the BP spill.

Something I want you to consider: The BP logo has the yellow sun emerging out of the green sun (Transition from Ra's rule to Aeon of Horus?) But there is a third, white sun, coming out of that. Chew that over and let me know what you come up with."

A quick google of the term "white sun" gives us:

Solar Nation:
Now, there is obviously no short supply of Solar Worship symbols being tossed around just about everywhere you look. From churches to corporate logos to pop music. And this is nothing new. Today's "Empire of the Sun" is yesterday's [Here comes the] "Sun King"

But, I saw an ad for the "Solar on the White House" campaign and knew it would yield interesting synchronistic fruit.
From the veiled Io (myth or moon) which looks like two-thirds of the Green Lantern ring (again harkening to a green sun), to the number 17:

Or what of this sponsor? Three-solar-flags for a logo (3rd reich was solar cult). It's laid out in very plain language in their tagline.
But dig a little deeper and there is this photo on their site. If you consider that a solar-panel is harnessing power from a star... What do you see?
I'll tell you what I see:
Refer to the Secret Sun for more on the dome-obelisk theme.

Now that we're back to Sirius, the Dog-Star, I was reminded of the early days of the Obama presidency, when he made news by getting a dog with "star quality." That made everyone laugh in 2009, but let's look back on that a second.
-Oh, and guess who is winking at us in the ad on the left? If you can't make it out, it's for a book called "Solar."
Now that Obama is alluding to the BP spill as his 9/11, and Chris Knowles has wisely pointed out the importance of water symbolism this year, check out this little forgotten quote:
Mr Kennedy, who owns three water dogs himself, said in January that he was "proud to endorse the Portuguese water dog as the next First Dog of the United States." He said the breed would be a "perfect fit for the Obama Family"

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