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BP: Ill Wind or Gateway to Atlantis? (UPDATES)

Back on April 12th, I did a post about all the mixed signals found at my local Target. I connected Masonic tracing boards on cereal boxes (which started my honey obsession) to the Norway Spiral and found myself on a tangent about the Lego Atlantis playset (click on "April 12th, I did a post" for all the photos of that set). Eight days later the BP oil spill starts and a whole new can of worms is opened.

When, on day 42 of the BP spill, the guatemalan sink hole opened, the boys at the SyncWhole blog connected it to 3-d and the K2 stargate. I was instantly reminded of a page from the Lego Club Magazine (May-June 2010 issue) that arrived at our home a few weeks after I wrote about the Atlantis playset and a few weeks before the 3-d sink hole. It's a 3-d page devoted to the Atlantis gateway!
Note the trident-bearing "RedMan" in the upper left corner

The captions tell of the gateway being discovered and opened on May 1st - also known as MayDay (birth of the Illuminati and onset of the Beltane Fire Festival). The timestamp on the discovery is 10:34 (an anagram of Pi) and the last timestamp, marking the arrival of the "giant guardian squid," is 11:02 (which is an 11:11 or K2). Cartoon Network premiered the Lego Atlantis movie on January 15th - the same day as the solar eclipse.
The eclipse looks a lot like the SyncWhole study of the StarCup
where Tommy says "syncs are my new legos"

Today Drudge features this photo of 2010 Tiger Woods kissing his cup over the word "star" (with "love child" making the 2010 "star child") and the number 17.

The cover to that issue of the Lego Club Magazine features the "Dagger of Time" from Prince of Persia (see Birds and Bees Pt 5 for more on how this connects to Time Travel and Stargates). The magazine also has a comicbook inset selling some "Lego Universe" video game. The comic takes place aboard a crashing space shuttle when suddenly:
"The LIGHT is taking me to pieces"

So what's happening to cause all that light on the space shuttle? Oh, just the opening of a StarGate, that's all.
Just noticed, the symbol on the space suit could be two Ks back to back (K2 = 1111)
and this Max character wears an M.
M=4 -> 4=1111. His name, Max is M(4)A(1)X(6). 4+1+6=11.

Now I had looked at the movie "Kick Ass" in relation to the honey meme in an April post. The SyncWhole boys brought it back up in connection to the BP oil spill and butterflies in that same StarCup post. I decided to see when the "Kick Ass" dvd comes out and found this article on Filmonic (posted by a guy named Liam!). Liam's article includes a video of "Hit Girl" (who wears HG on her belt -> H=8 -> 8G -> G8 -> Gate) playing with her (MK-tastic?) butterfly knife. But before you can watch the little girl play with a blade, you have to sit through a commercial with other girls and blades - for Venus razors!

"Kick-Ass" connected to the BP spill, you say? Obama drives the point home, saying in a video interview that he's looking for "Ass to Kick" over the spill. ...Whose script are we looking at here?

But I still have the honey connection in the back of my mind when I think of the "Kick-Ass" movie, so imagine my surprise when I stumble across this ad while looking for a picture of the burning oil.
Let's see, we've got "Whale Wars" which I connected to the honey meme in Birds and Bees Pt2, concluding that whales and bees were interchangeable archetypes. Just noticed, the new season starts on the I-Ching resonating June 4th (6/4).
Then the next ad down is for something called BEEkman boys. I see they are pictured under a boat with a pig - which I think is another validation of my Ark-Ham connection between BatMan and Dr. Parnassus in Birds and Bees Pt4.
Oh, and they apparently have a "goat cam." Whatever that is, I'm sure it'll go over well among the circles that are afraid of the Baphomet hiding under their beds. We can also connect that to the SyncWhole's study of the goat/Puck in connection to BP and the World Cup.
The ad ends with "planet green" and a yellow sunflower. Is this the Green Man's planet? Or should we read that as "planet green sun?" Or are we looking at the dichotomy between Horus' yellow sun and Ra's green sun?
BP's logo is a flowering yellow sun inside a green sun. Horus and Ra?

As real-life crews work on BP's deepwater horizon, let's go back to the lego "deep sea salvage crew" that opened the Lego Atlantis "gateway of the squid" on May 1st. Does this somehow play into the Beltane Fire festival?
Well, the Beltane Fire Festival incorporates the Green Man, the Red Men and the White Women/May Queen.

Here's our trident-bearing Red Man from Atlantis (with Heath-Ledger-in-Parnassus-style head markings). Squid's ink=oil?
And our woman in white? Another double-M of course!
When I passed this paper outside a newsstand I stopped in my tracks. I listen to a lot of the different theories that get bandied about these interwebs. I've learned to be open minded to everything, but to also take a lot of it with a grain of salt. Take the WebBot guys. I really like the idea behind how their system works - it's essentially synchromysticism that focuses only on text and language patterns. But, as to the success of their predictions, it's a lot of hit and miss. One thing I've heard the guy talk about for a long time now is the phrase "Ill Winds." Now, even before I mess with the headline, you can clearly see where it says "Ill Wind" if you just drop off the "sp."
But, I did mess with it, because there may be some interesting connection underneath:

How much of this is synchronicity and how much of it is scripted ritual? Well, I think we can trust in synchronicity to reveal a lot of that for us. But a skeptical eye doesn't hurt either. When Obama appoints Ray Mabus to take charge of the BP spill, you can be sure there's a phony apocalypse script being shoved down your throat. But maybe "they" are just trying to put a veneer of fear on an actual event.

My advice is to trust love to conquer fear. And keep your eyes open for anything.

Much thanks to StrangEye for pointing this out...
On Drudge, they replaced the 17 under Tiger Woods with a story about Bees!! Ha.

When flipped, the BP logo leads us back to the Beltane formula.
The Green Man dies (BP flips)
And becomes dq, the White Queen surrounded by Red.

This design site explains how DairyQueen lost much of their trademark look, just to incorporate some Gold and Blue swishes. This from DQ's own press release:

“The traditional logo is the foundation for the new one, a more symmetrical ellipse enhanced with gold and blue curved swishes signifying food and treats. The DQ lettering also has been updated to a font that is more current, adding greater personality.”

As we have seen again and again, the bee motif and cow motif go hand in hand - as they both stem from the ancient hallucinogenic cults. We should not be surprised that though we have been looking for a Queen Bee, we ended up with a Dairy Queen.

...Although, this BP disaster has turned the world's attention away from Queen Bea's oil spill in the Niger Delta.


  1. Nice Alan!
    this oughtta bake yer noodle...

    go check the headline updates on Drudge now!

    (i read the 9,1,17 of the headlines as 9-1= 8/17)

    Lego USA vs England

    man dies after 500 bee stings


  2. Wow, thanks Strange. That's crazy.

    More fun facts:
    He was stung at 11am and highway 101 runs through the town.,_California#Museums_and_other_points_of_interest

    Most known for Surfing (featured in Beach Boys Surfin USA)
    + The SyncWhole "War of World Cup" post featured the Silver Surfer!

  3. Ill Wind For Bam...didn't someone named Bam Margera just get a blow to the back of the head with a bat?

  4. Ah the star of Jackass. Do we see that as a connection to the donkey (Democratic Party mascot) or do we look at that "Jack" as another connection to the green man?

    Anyway, nice catch - another B&M name too.

  5. @Anonymous Pt2:
    It seems the woman who hit him was named Ray (like our friend Mabus), his mother is named April (BP spill starts April 20th) and he's working on a 3-D Jackass.
    And, as we've seen, a baseball bat takes us back to that other BM: BatMan.

  6. Sync Log:
    Joe Biden (JB) calls custard store manager a "SmartAss." I want to make a joke about the obvious custard and asses innuendo, but on the heels of Obama's "KickAss" comment I think it deserves a log instead of a joke.

  7. I found reading this oddly fun, and I don't know how I got to this page, but it's kinda cool

  8. Anony,
    Thanks, I hope you'll stick around.


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