Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama's animal attraction: Snakes, Tigers, Rats and Flies

I'm sure very few would disagree with the idea that, at its core, the website run by Matt Drudge is a propaganda tool. As are all news sites and agencies and so on. All culture creators are meme generators - hoping to steer us towards their perspective or scheme - whether nefarious or not. And we should remember that Obama himself is a propagandist, as are his handlers. So we have conflicting meme generators at the two-party level - along with larger cooperative meme generators in the upper echelons of the one-party system.
However, what happens when the symbols used by propagandists take on a life of their own? Can those symbols and their synchronistic interpretations be trusted based on their source? I think (or hope) we're getting good enough at what we do that we can see through a lot of the BS and find the meta story. Let's at least try.

The Snake:
Now, it's no surprise that Drudge would try and associate Obama with the snake. To most people, it's a common symbol for a deceiver. But, familiarizing ourselves with broader archetypes, can we find a deeper meaning in this?
From the fascinating placement of Holder's head in the caduceus (left side) to the the headline (on the top right) under the photo of Obama getting on Airforce One. It reads: "A Snakebit President." And he's getting on a plane. Can we say "Snakes on a Plane?"

The Tiger:
Then there's Tiger Woods (middle bottom of the same Drudge front page) and a story about his increasing troubles on the golf course and his fading glory. I've been seeing a lot of the implied connection between Obama and Tiger. They've both been refereed to as "historic" because they are both bi-racial men that that have been elevated to the top of their ladders in arenas that are usually dominated by white men. And, especially since the BP spill began, we've been seeing a lot of headlines about Obama playing golf. Now, the obvious connection is to Tiger's sex scandal since Obama is already associated with the Clintons - this could be a propagandist pushing a mental image of Obama as Clinton via Tiger Woods.
Note the BP "GOLF BALLS" on the upper-left of this older screenshot

Or is it meant to be a sign of impotence? After being made into a sexual deviant in the eyes of the press, the same media now castrates Tiger with captions like the one at top reading, "Tiger Whines: 'The holes are much different....bunkering much different...It was so bouncy out there'"
Aside from the obvious sexual innuendo, his story is below a G20 headline with a photo of a banner reading "$173 Billion a year saved..." So we have an anagram for the castrated Osiris' 317 above the Tiger that can't get it in the hole.
Or could it be that Tiger's anti-climactic return to golf (and we should ask, "is he taking a dive?") is to foster the idea of a role-model that didn't quite live up to his promised potential? Which wouldn't be off considering Obama is following/enhancing Bush practices (and we should ask, "is he taking a dive?")
But we also know that 2010 is the year of the Tiger, and it has been a powerful symbol all year.

The Rat:
Back in May, a rat scurried into view while Obama spoke at the White House.
Like snakes, rats are not good things for politicians to be associated with. However, 2008 was the year of that rat, and that was the year that saw the man rise to power.

The Fly:
Today, Drudge ran a "Lord of the Flies" headline after a fly settled on Obama's face during a speech. I don't mean to single Drudge out on this one: The original photo is on Yahoo and I'm sure there will be many such headlines tomorrow. But that's an interesting book to be connected to.
Consider a similar connection was made in this 2009 video, dubbing him "President of the Flies" in a very similar scenario

What meaning, if any, does all this have in the larger picture?
I'm open to any thoughts.

The Al Gore sex scandal is a growing "story" - again, reminders of the Clinton "scandal"

As "JoNaH Hex" movie opens, the news turns us to a "JoHaN Sex" scandal. Then Johan and team "fall to Tigers."

While Obama passes through the G8/Gate to more golf headlines:


  1. We're obviously not supposed to like Obama, a man who is a traitor to his pre election, anti-war pretenses, on and on. Impotence, running out of gas, the little engine that couldn't. Remember how Michelle and he had such a rip roaring relationship at the beginning? It would be hilarious if it comes out that she's now having an affair with some hunky security agent. Perhaps "they" have a replacement already in mind, I don't know. It would be nice if we could stop looking for Messiahs in our officials, is all I can say.

  2. Obama and Tiger are paired.

  3. Michael,
    I never expected Obama to be more than the shill he is. I knew he would betray his supporters and be everything he campaigned against, but I also never saw him as the scary nail in our coffin. I expect he will be made to be despised then an even scarier and more in-your-face authoritarian will rise to power. A friend of mine said a long time ago, "If Obama is meant to represent the anti-Bush...just imagine what the anti-Obama figure will be like." If there is a replacement in mind, I shudder to think who it might be.

    However, all of that seems almost obvious to anyone who has been paying attention. What I'm trying to discern here is whether or not these symbols have a higher meaning for our study. I guess my question is, "If we can find higher meaning in pop-culture (which is designed in the same way propaganda is) can we not find higher meaning in the props of political hacks?" Bear in mind, I don't know the answer, but I think we should be able to find a bigger, cosmic story at play - even in the mirkiest depths of DC mudslinging.

    Yes, I think that is clear. So we should keep a close eye on their evolving story/stories.


    Many of the same ideas can be unified if we all work together.

  5. I feel there is some significance in one of the principal characters in the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz being a Black Moorish King, as pictured also on Crowley's "Lovers" card. I am not quite ready to firmly declare what it means.

    But the President is, I think, always a sort of figurehead who reflects the consciousness of the collective Self—think Plato's allegorical Philosopher Kings and tyrants. Dubya was the "DOUBLE YOU" President, after all.

  6. Anony,
    "Many of the same ideas can be unified if we all work together." - I agree my friend. There's no way to get 6 billion people to agree on everything (nor should we want a hive mind), but working together is always a good idea.

    "Double You" - I love it.
    And it may not be necessary to "firmly declare" anything. I think we're all testing theories or throwing out ideas as we go and that's a great place to start.


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