Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flashback: Bees Signal Saturn

We have looked at Saturn a number of times (with an emphasis on its moon Titan) and, as everything seems to do around here, it went hand-in-hand with the bee and honey motifs. Saturn is also the mythological equivalent of Osiris and he's been all over this blog. So allow me to go back to Memorial Day 2010 and cover a story that slipped past my radar...

I've seen a few people mention that the Guatemalan sink hole appeared on day 42 of the BP oil spill (42 being the number of Jupiter and the focus of the SyncWhole blog's study). Well, I just saw someone comment that there was also a swarm of bees on Wall Street that same day!
That was Memorial Day - I guess I missed that story while eating at my MoM's Bee-Bee-Q (Q=17).

So what happened? Tell us oh great ABCDisney...

**Okay, had an issue embedding their player. So click here for the video on Huffington Post.**

Did you get the same ad before the video I got? For the mafia-run Waste Management, another variation on our double-M? And not just any double-M, but a green and yellow one! Crazy.
The bees descended on a restaurant called Cipriani. The name Cipriani means "from Cyprus."
Cyprus takes its name from the Cypress tree.
As per Wiki: "In Greek mythology, the cypress is associated with Artemis. Ancient Roman funerary rites used it extensively. Cupressus sempervirens is the principal cemetery tree in both the Western and Muslim worlds."
That the bees chose to gather on such a place, takes us back to our study of bees as a symbol for death and rebirth.

Further weirdness comes our way as an astute reader at the Huffington Post noted a bee sync:
When we travel over to the NYtimes video page upon the link provided, indeed we get a story about a "House of Bees."
About a minute into the video, there's a shot of a bee hive then the camera tilts up to reveal this image of Saturn:
Now that I'd seen Saturn/Osiris in here, I immediately skipped to 3:17 to see what was waiting. Ah, it's a bee climbing on a man's middle finger.
You know, the finger associated with Saturn:


  1. @Alan,
    excellent and much appreciated!

    Here's a little more info (and links to get you started) to show you some of the other paths in this "Garden of Forking Paths".
    So you don't spend 100 years in SOLitude trying to unlock some of the symbolism and mythology...

    If you explore the symbolism deeply, it should be a real eye opener!

    Cypress is the 'land of copper'

    Cyprus coat of Arms

    Copper is the metal of "Venus"

    VENUS, besides what you'll find at the link also has several other alternative names...
    The Morning Star (Lucifer / Eos / Eosphorus)
    The Evening Star (Vesper / Hesperus)

    The BEEs is the english equivalent of the greek nickname of the priestesses... they were the MELLISAI, "the BEES"

    While there are many species of bees that collect nectar, only one makes good honey, a Eurasian species known as the honey bee, APIS MELLIFERA.

    Honey was widely used as a sweetener in ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Greeks offered honey to the gods, and certain priestesses were named "mellisai"; Melissa; which means "bee" (as does the Hebrew "Deborah").

    Here's another to take a look at...


  2. That APIS MELLIFERA link might be a little hard to see, don't miss it! It is pure Milk and Honey!


  3. Great links Strange.

    I had covered the Melissa/Deborah factoids in an older post (since Melissa is my girlfriend's name and Deborah is my mother's name):

    But the Apis info is fantastic!!! That's a further connection between the bull/cow and the bee as pointed out by Terence McKenna and verified over and over again via syncs logged on this blog.

    See the label "Honey" for a record:


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