Monday, June 14, 2010

From out of the Monolith: X-51

There's been so much in the way of wild deep-space news lately that it might be hard to keep up. Amid Japan's return trip from an asteroid and their success in unfurling their solar sail, the speculation of life on Saturn's moon Titan, and the SpaceX Falcon9 creating another crazy spiral in the skies over OZ and on and on, you may have missed this one:

(Watch a video of the flight here)

Now, as soon, as I saw that, I was reminded of a Marvel comics character of the same name - and he brings all of the themes we've been looking at lately back together for a family reunion.
X-51 was originally introduced as double-M Mister Machine, but his name was later changed to double-M Machine Man. His first appearance was in issue #8 of the 2001 adaptation/spin-off comic done by Chris Knowles' muse Jack Kirby in July of '77 (777).

"From out of the Monolith"
Notice the broken egg - a favorite symbol of the Sync Whole

This character really brings together so much of what I have written about, but also the material that I have been reading others write about. His mythos has so many beheadings that I'm left wondering about John the Baptist and other archetypes. He meets his arch-villain, the double-M Madame Menace in issue #17 of his own book. His most recent appearance has him fighting Zombies and tripods from the flipped-double-M, War of the Worlds.
Nice spiral in the logo, eh?

Michael just recently wrote about Zombies and they have been on my mind since Steve Wilner's 3rd "Cracks in the Wall" (the explanation of why I thought about zombies after that will have to be its own post). And the SyncWhole boys have been doing wonders with their "War of World Cup" study.

So this character connects a lot of dots, but before I give you the money shot, let's consider the Boeing X-51 is meant to be a hyper-sonic weapon and this is the photo uses to summarize his origin:

Plus, Boeing's X-51 gets paired with everyone's favorite, the Trident missile....

You may remember that a lot of what started me looking at all this stargate symbolism in comparison to my research was finding a lot of syncs with Jake Kotze's 9/11 Stargate thesis. Well, two of my favorites in that series are the Why2K vids, connecting Xanadu and Kublai Khan to the Monolith.

Jake, this one is for you my brother:
"Kublai Khan commands: 'Bring me the body of Aaron Stack (X-51)!"


  1. My english teacher in middle school had us imagine a new super hero for a creative writing exercise. Mine was "Sonic Man" or something like that. He personified sound: could travel the speed of sound, his weapon was the sonic boom, and his weakness was a sound proof room. ;-) Considering Seattle's basketball team was the Super Sonics and they were named after Boeing's supersonic transport SST (a project that never came true) pretty obvious inspiration.

  2. Has it ever occured to you that the Khan family tree was Nordic? Genghis Khan was over 6 feet tall with a red beard.

  3. Michael,
    For what it's worth, S(1)S(1)T(2) is another 1111.

    And your "sonic boom" weapon reminded me of the original Street Fighter game that used to be in every pizza shop and laundromat.
    There was a character in military fatigues (a Green Man) who made sonic boom claps or karate chops or something. And now that I think of it, the Hulk (another Green Man) could do the same thing. Hmmm.

    Good point, xx3435


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