Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Times Square "Bomber" - From Beltane to Summer Solstice

Anyone else find it interesting that on May 1st, the day associated with the Beltane Fire Festival, a car on fire in Times Square re-ignites the push of the "terrorist boogieman"...
Then, on June 21st, the Summer Solstice, and next axle on the Wheel of the Year, the same guy (that ran from authorities) now pleads guilty and claims there's more terrorist attacks on the way?

Oh, and the car was a Nissan. Nice solar logo, no?

A lot of fear getting kicked up - Coincidentally, just in time for a new round of drum-beating against Iran.


  1. Did you know that May 1, 1776 is April 20 in the Julian Calendar?

  2. Incredible info! Thank you for that.

    Last week I had connected May 1st 1776 to the BP spill based on sync patterns but your addition goes a long way to validating the connection in my opinion.

  3. I also really like that you've been tackling Kurt Vonnegut's Siren's of Titan. This book is quite obviously laden with deeper significance, and you've pointed out some things that I hadn't realized.

    I've pointed out on Knowles' blog (which you might have read) that the plot is very similar to Philip K. Dick's Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch—Eldritch is manifestly the same character as Rumfoord. They are both illuminated god-men who use Mars as a base to stage an invasion of Earth, while Eldritch additionally employs psychedelic drugs to alter reality.

    Philip K. Dick had another book, The Game Players of Titan...

  4. Yes, Sirens of Titan goes deep to the heart of something that is much beyond the surface narrative. The fact that multiple authors are telling this same story - down to pretty specific plot points - makes me wonder where the idea is coming from.

    In Timequake, Vonnegut also describes a VALIS-type theory disguised as the plot of a Kilgore Trout story called "dog's breakfast."

    Based on what we are picking up within their works, and experiences I've had first hand, I'm open to any explanation.

    If you've got a pet theory or noticed things within Sirens that I did not cover, please feel free to share them. I'd be very interested.

    And thank you again for sharing the PKD info.

  5. Okay, here is my pet theory: Vonnegut and Dick are both describing a Martian invasion that took place thousands of years in our past. Icke (in The Biggest Secret), Crowley (in The Lost Continent) and Gurdjieff (in Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson) all make reference to this idea that we were taken over by humanoid Martians who became our rulers. It is, to paraphrase Tertullian, believable because it is so absurd.

    Think DB/42's "Spiders from Mars."

    But Dick and Vonnegut also seem to both stress that the Martians were themselves colonists from Earth who had been compelled to do so by an alien force—something foreign and parasitic that had managed to find a gateway into our "reality". Both Dick and Vonnegut in their respective Titan books also toy with the idea of people being deliberately (spiritually) handicapped in order to create a level playing field in which the "game" of life can be played. Was this something that we agreed to, perhaps?

    This is the most important point: In his Exegesis, Philip K. Dick specifically singled out the Eldritch book and said that it described a Gnostic Demiurge-type figure. Eldritch/Rumfoord is the architect of the Matrix, so to speak. However, Dick also said somewhat cryptically that we had to get out the same way we got in.

    This is about what I have so far. But you have also made me start looking at it from other angles.

  6. Since you mention Icke and the commonality of the handicapping effect... Two years after writing Sirens, Vonnegut writes Harrison Bergeron - which expands on the handicapping idea first raised in Sirens. It's interesting to me, because in Sirens he presents the handicaps in an almost sympathetic fashion, yet in Harrison they are the tools of oppressive totalitarianism.

    Harrison Bergeron has a character named Diana Moon-Glampers, who serves as the US Handicapper General. I heard Freeman interview Icke a few weeks back, and Icke was talking about the moon as the source of the holographic matrix. So that's an interesting overlap there.

    However, Icke's theory doesn't seem accurate to me, only because the moon has been a very positive influence in my life and something I feel a connection to personally - but, I'm open to the idea that the reason I feel that way is because of some brain washing beam being broadcast from there. ...Open to it, but highly doubt it.

    The Earth/Martian colonist theory is intriguing. I'm very open to AAT, but the idea that these books are speaking to that - and not a future scenario - is one I had not considered. If we look at Sirens again, there is the idea that a distant galaxy has essentially remote-controlled the actions of Earth for countless centuries. But they are separate from Rumfoord. In all the stories there are levels of control - matrix upon matrix.
    Rumfoord sets up the "new world order"-ish society (as does Ozymandias in Watchmen). So, even with all the knowledge and power they have obtained, they are low-level architects. The synopsis you linked to of Game players of Titan sounds like the same scenario, but as you know I have not read the book.
    So, it would seem the repeated narrative is: The Mars invasion/Blue Beam event is purely a back and forth between Earth and Mars (whether past or future) and that there is additional deep-space control of a Matrix with a wider net, so to speak.

    As to the way out. Have you heard the song Any Road by George Harrison? He sings "The way out is in." Food for thought at least.

  7. This is a really interesting tidbit from the Harrison Bergeron Wikipedia page:

    In this 1995 made for television movie, after the handicapping devices are discovered to be ineffective against Bergeron, he is recruited to become a member of the secret unhandicapped elite who keep society running.

    Perhaps Vonnegut had it right:

    A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.

    The Stygian Port also has some interesting syncs with Titan and Beetlejuice—recall that Rumfoord became a "spiral stretching from the Sun to the star Betelgeuse". I'm not quite sure what it means, but it gives me a very unsettling feeling.

  8. And remember the moral Bee learns at the end of Sirens - to live a life without being used by anyone is no life at all.

    The Stygian Port post was great. I'm going to have to reread it and take some notes.

    Thank you for all your wonderful insights and conversation. I hope you'll come back and share more. I checked out your blog, saw two of my favorite subjects, Bowie and Pinocchio, and subscribed. Anyone reading this should hop on over and do the same.

  9. Pinocchio still makes my mind reel. It's essentially the entirety of human existence, from the first Sirius contact to the resurrection at the end of the Aeon.

    And thanks for the subscription; I usually end up just talking to myself.

    If your favorite subject is Bowie, you'll like the latest post, where I try to tie everything together. Perhaps not that successfully.

  10. Speaking of the moon, I've always felt fascination, wonder, and deeper cosmic thoughts even as a youngster. And maybe the nursery rhyme that goes "I see the moon and the moon sees me" contributed to that.

  11. Eleleth,
    Pinocchio is deep indeed. I spent some time about two years ago focusing on it again and again. The novel I'm writing opens with a Pinocchio quote and has a number of parallels to the original book. I even used it in the video adaptation.

    "The moon sees me." Hmm, I wonder if it does.

  12. LOG FOR AUGUST 1st:

    1) Cut/Paste of my words from the comments section on Secret Sun:

    "The night after writing to you, my friend who is big into economic cycle studies shows me a site run by a guy named Arch Crawford - a loaded name if there ever was one. Arch has on his site a link about an X-Files episode that ran on 10/13 1993, that he presumably believes was a reference to himself.

    But what most intrigued me was his prediction of a major astrological upset ("cardinal climax") for August 1st - the next marker on the Wheel of the Year.

    Then, the next day, I get on the subway and it's plastered with ads for Shell oil."

    2) Clif High mentions August 1st as onset of 12 days of torment

  13. Japanese lesson.


    Oniisan=Big Brother


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