Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Underwater Pyramids of Vancouver's 17th ML Soccer Team

Found this logo on a design website, This is of course the 17th team to join Canada's MLS. From the hexagons upon a wave to the updated version that could be 3 as above, so 3 below (in a 2-d perspective), or just 3 pyramids, viewed from above (in a 3-d perspective).

And here's the latest from The Secret Sun, just to put things into a timely (4-d?) sync perspective.

Skip to 1:55 in the video to see the three Vancouver pyramids appear underwater.


  1. Neat! This is very close to the image that the little flying blue pyramid left in my window, when it came in and when it left. I have some pictures, as well as the strange series of events that happened a few years ago here: Strange synchronicities everywhere, like things are "a speedin' up", LOL. Like your blog.

  2. That opening shot in the vid reminds of the alternate ending of I Am Legend. 1:55 etc- as above so below!

    Where else but Vancouver, right?

  3. @CDH,
    I read your story. VERY interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    I see what you mean. Very similar shots. How appropriate that it's a bridge that brings it all together.


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