Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A January to Re-Member

2011 just keeps getting weirder, doesn't it? I've been watching as the memes we've looked at over the last few months collide and merge. That Phoenix energy is still going CRAZY strong: I've seen 6 different stories about people setting themselves on fire in the last three days.
But, so far this 2011/2k/1111 seems to be telling us to look at twins (which I'd like to take as an overcoming or union of opposites not further polarization).
We looked at Danny DeVito playing a man named Wormwood and connected it to his role in Hercules back in DecembermentPt4. Don't forget that one of Arnold's first breaks was playing Hercules in Hercules in New York. Noting Wormwood was a biblical falling star, we've since continued to get many "falling star" syncs.
Speaking of green stars, we looked at the "reversal of death" motif akin to the Phoenix and Osiris, and I pointed out the date 1/11/11 as something to watch because of the premiering TV show Lights Out and its tagline "Everybody loves a comeback," even going so far as to relate that to the Aeon of Horus.
The reversal motif did not fail and the solar king did come back that day, over GREENland of course.
"The polar night usually ends on January 13, but this year residents of Ilulissat, the third largest settlement in Greenland, were surprised to see dawn arrive just before 1pm on January 11 after six weeks of perpetual darkness."

Then the RNC fed the Hegelian Dialectic by electing Reince Priebus. Apparently I'm not the only one who looks at that and sees "Prince Rebus."
Didn't Michael just mention "Prince and the Revolution?"
All I know is that two of the "two-party" big-wigs are now echoing another famous set of twins, and I will from this point on think of them as Rahmulus and Rebus.

Then we've got the shooting in Arizona (see the last two posts) where congresswoman Giffords was shot. It's been noted that her husband and his Twin brother are both NASA astro-knots. In his most recent show, Freeman breaks down some of the NASA weirdness on this story and while I don't agree with a lot of the conclusions he comes to, I've got to give the man some serious credit since he's been talking about the importance of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer for at least a year. That's what Gifford's husband is bringing up to ISIS and it's designed to look for "dark matter or antimatter." Again, we're looking at the search for our dark side.
I found this comment on another blog, and again, I don't agree with the conspiratorial conclusions drawn by the commenter, but I appreciate their dot-connecting. In regards to Gifford's shooter, Jared Lee Loughner (Loner):
Loughner was possessed with GRAMMAR. It shows up everywhere on his weird internet posts.
Now add the name GRAMMAR and the name GIFFORDs, and out comes the name of Heath Ledgers school back at Australia: GUILDFORD GRAMMAR at the 11 Terrace Rd, corner Allpike Street, Perth, Australia.
Voila, there you got your trickster link.
"Heath Ledger, a prominent actor, attended Guildford Grammar School, where he had his first acting experiences, starring in a school production as Peter Pan at age 10".
Percy Henn was the headmaster of the school: "To him, a Church school without a chapel was 'like the play of Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark.'"
Prince Frederic of denmark and his wife just had twins!
Denmark is famous for its mermaid. Lorelei is a mermaid, and perhaps you've heard that a ship just sunk 2 days ago in the river Rhine at the Lorelei, two died.
Also, consider AZ's capital PHOENIX and the 33' coordinates, which links to 33 chile miners rescued by FENIX (spanish for Phoenix).
Big freemason link...
Events, around the globe, are always linked, its a big sacrificing and name-game.
Greetings from Germany, Cori 7:14 PM
Something about this connection to Heath Ledger reminded me of a plot point that always stuck out in my mind (though I read the book back in 1998) about Stephen King's The Stand. The character Harold Lauder (Loughner/Lauder) hides his Ledger behind a Hearth. HEARTH LEDGER.
Wasn't Heath Ledger with one of the Olsen Twins when he died?
Anyway, in The Stand Heath Ledger, I mean Harold Lauder, goes on to kill members of the newly set-up government. He succumbs to his dark nature and serves "The Dark Man" - who is often depicted wearing the feathers of blackbirds.
In the TV depiction of The Stand, Harold Lauder is portrayed by actor Corin Nemec. Aside from also starring in Stargate as Jackson's replacement, Wiki also tells us that:
According to the Scientology community web site and Nemec's personal web site, he is a member of the Church of Scientology.[4] According to the website for Perfect Union Lodge #10 in San Antonio, Texas, Joseph C. Nemec IV is also a Master Mason of the Freemasonic Order, having joined the Lodge in the year 2000. He is accredited with a documentary video detailing the hidden geometric meaning of the Master Mason's Apron for the Grand Lodge of Texas in early 2002
I feel the need to point out the Masonic connection, not as proof of some "masonic conspiracy," but rather because Giffords had just been "the honor" of removing a 100-year-old Masonic time-capsule back in October of 2010.

Just after getting that info, I happened across an old Bugs Bunny cartoon on YouTube while looking again for the Moomins Comet Chase (kids cartoon "about the end of the world"). Something about the upcoming Year of The Rabbit made me watch it.
When Bugs falls into a hole in the ground beside an obelisk, I immediately thought to the Masonic symbolism. The checkerboard logo for Cartoon Network didn't hurt.
Having just read the Gifford's story, I should've known what he'd find down there:

Gonna end this with a small little sync. After seeing the names Jared Lee Loner and Gabby Giffords all week, I got to thinking of (gabby) Kathy Lee Giffords and her old co-host Regis Philbin. So, I'm not surprised to see his name in the news today.
Remember, DeVito's role in Hercules was as the pan-goat Phil, and today we see Philbin making headlines along with Devito's Twin:


  1. You know WA is the "evergreen state" right? It's curious that Venus is both the morning and the even' star.. falling and rising.

    Was drawn into a conversation today about London vs. Paris as far as their architecture, and I'm personally of the opinion that Paris makes London look like the backwoods Roman colony it is. There's a reason all the loveliest cities of a region call themselves "The Paris of..."

    To make a short story long, one reason Paris is so amazingly grand is due to Napoleon, who built all kinds of great monuments and never forgot to put a great big N on them. Just throwing that out there.

  2. The weirdness continues. Take a look see:

  3. Heath Ledger--the Heart Ledger, weighing the sins of the heart. Heart of Darkness. A "credit card-iac" is a metaphor for kar-mic debt. We'll all have to "account" to Anna Kendrick.

    The Masonic Time Capsule theme has heavy Vault of the Adepti resonance--probably intentionally. Prince Rebis, again--The Whole of Nature is Renewed by Fire.

    All of this is a bit too weird. After the last Loughner post, I received two orders on my Amazon marketplace: 1) the album Nancy and Lee and 2) Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar. Of course, I mailed these at 770 13th St.

    Hamlet also deals with a Horus-figure who must Kill the King, but ends up killing himself.

    Regis Philbin = King of the Full Bin = Scrooge McDuck? Don't ask me, I just work here.

    I found more than a few images of Brando as Napoleon when making the latest post--perhaps now I know the significance.

  4. Anna -> Santa Ana

    Can you read "Prentice Hall" without seeing "Prince Hall?" I don't know if I can.

    And yes, the FillBin, perfect. The cornucopia of the Grail King. Nicely done.

  5. Saint Ann (Satan?) is the mother of Mary. Anna tells Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim that Ramona has "eleven" evil X's, which he corrects and says "seven"--sEVEn elEVEn, the Statue of Liberty numbers. Michael Cera dates Ann Veal in Arrested Development--Star Theory just mentioned the "Veal of Isis". The webs we weave...

    It was the Gold Edition, too. Remember the Prince Hall Mason who got in touch with his own Dark Side?


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