Friday, January 21, 2011

Return to OZ: Beware The Wheelers

A real quickie tonight, showing how the memes we've looked at over the last two months (and more) continue to converge.

A new witness has come forward stating that John Wheeler was acting "dazed and confused" before being disappeared and ending up in a dumpster.
This of course takes us back to our smiley-face that we looked at throughout December.
The Osiris(GreenMan)/Saturn -> Phoenix rebirth pattern we've been observing with the Giffords shooting continues. After her rebirth, they took her to Houston today. The Astro-knot's Wife, being taken to Houston? Interesting.
I linked up this photo in the comments to the last post, showing how another walGREENS-related shooting links in with Giffords among other persistent pieces of the pattern. (If you're lost, read the last bunch of posts)

Since we've looked at the connection between Osiris as Jack and Jackson, what other reporter could have covered this story?
We get further resurrection entrainment since the reporter's initials are CJ. The actual shooter's name is Jace Cleveland, which is doubly a JC.

Now we get more 2001-resonating Moon+Jupiter interplay in this other political threat (if graffiti can count as such). "27 days" 27=moon. "2/14"=Jupiter. (See TheSyncWhole for 214's Jupiter significance).

WOW! Okay, wait!! I had these two images up on my screen at the same time, but in different windows and was just about to close them when the obvious comparison slammed me.

Wanted to share this video for the "Wheeler" connection to birds and the mystic key of OZ/77 and, just everything. It's all here:

I haven't seen this movie in a few years, but I just found a complete version on YouTube. I think this is how I'm spending my night.


  1. Gary Kurtz produced Return to Oz. "But the little green wheels keep following me..."

    Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen is another Godfather. In Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, the bald villain Mal'akh tattoos a circumpunct on his head, thinking that it is the Lost Word (it isn't). In your book, BosTwo commits the same error, mistaking the head for the heart.


    Taxi Driver = Taxes = Bills = Kill Bill = Beatrix Kiddo = "Bee My Baby" = Ronnie Spector = Silk Spectre, daughter of Sally Jupiter.

  2. El,
    Your TaxiDriver -> Silk Spectre chain makes so much sense to me and is a beautifully woven thread of thought. Very well done good sir!

    I'm not familiar with that game, but I see where you're pointing. Definitely going to check into that more. Thanks for the tip!

  3. A few posts back, I connected The Eagles tune "Take it Easy" to this mess. Now that we've connected Wheels and 421 and Stephen King's "The Stand" - I see just how prophetic that song was.

    "Well, I'm running down the road
    tryin' to loosen my load
    I've got seven women on my mind,
    Four that wanna own me,
    Two that wanna stone me,
    One says she's a friend of mine,
    Take it easy, take it easy
    Don't let the sound of your own wheels
    Drive you crazy
    Lighten up while you still can
    Don't even try to understand
    Just find a place to make your stand
    and take it easy."

  4. Compare the scene from Return to Oz that you posted with the first scene of The Fifth Element. Lots of hot key-in-wall action, there.

    Feel free to add Ledger = Loan = Loughner to that sync chain as well.

    This Loughner event is connected to Bowie and Elvis via the January 8th date. David Bowman (!) was one of the doctors on the scene. Bowie has a video referencing Taxi Driver, "I'm Afraid of Americans". The line "God is an American" is in reference to Dr. Manhattan in Alan Moore's Watchmen.

    Once you start, you can't stop...

  5. Eleleth,
    Sorry for the delay in commenting. I've had issues with both my computer and my wife's laptop. Think it's going to come out as a blog post however, as it def syncs with "Bender gets an upgrade"

    As to the key in wall action, the 5th Element makes sense since Wheeler was a planeteer (one of the five elements). I've also been looking for an obscure (I think French) film about a man sticking his *ahem* "key" into a wall. Considering your work with the "hands," if I can find it, I think you'd be interested in that line of questioning.

    Great Bowie song - well, aren't they all? It also syncs with the Cross/Rebirth bit with the "Nine Inch Nails." I really like this thread of thinking. Let's keep it going.

  6. "Wheel" reads like "Will," and thus it makes sense that he controls the Fire element, which has that attribution in Thelema.

    I thought the David Bowie connection here was ridiculous until I saw the David Bowman name come up. Well, it's still ridiculous, but I can run with it and see what happens. In Labyrinth, as we know, Bowie plays the Goblin King--the Laughing Nome? It's Bowie on the capstone. (Jared = Jareth?)

    So in the "Americans" video, we have Bowie, of course, as the King Kill, shown on the figurative capstone at the very beginning. Trent Reznor as the Lone Gunman.

    It's making more and more sense that David Bowie is the leader of the Guild of Calamitous Intent in The Venture Bros.

  7. "The character called the Nome King is originally named Roquat the Red. Later he takes the name Ruggedo"
    So we are looking at an alchemical "reddening"...interesting.

    I wrote a story years ago where David Bowie was one of the characters and he could only speak in his own lyrics. In that story, he was a member of the 12Monkeys, sort of the opposite of (or natural counterpart to) the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

    As to the ridiculous nature of what we're looking at, it's something I've become very comfortable with. The world is a strange strange place and that's part of what makes it so beautiful.

  8. I finished Collodi's Pinocchio today. Lots of interesting little Masonic flourishes, with the Fox and Cat trying to steal the "Master's Word" (four gold pieces) from poor old Hiram Pinocchio. "Pup-pets" are "puppies". Baphomet (in the form of a blue goat) even seems to make an appearance as the Blue Fairy. Did Creatures take some inspiration from the scene where Pinocchio, in the form of an ass, is made to jump through hoops while the Fairy watches in the audience?

    Something haunting about how your characters are both genetic experiments--superintelligent animals. Sort of like in Blade Runner where Deckard discovers his Replicant status.

    Maddening paradox about "Ruggedo", isn't it? The Beast 666 (number of the Sun) is also the Messiah--kill the Architect to become the Architect. And of course, everyone remembers that Bowie's package was practically a force unto itself in Labyrinth.

    Elvis Presley was born in "Two"-pelo. Some say that Elvis absorbed the powers of his twin brother when he died at birth. Elvis died at age 42, thereby making even his death a DB. Clearly it was necessary for Bing, Elvis, and Marc to all die in 1977 so that Bowie could absorb their powers like Jet Li in The One. All so he could bestow on the world the "Magic Dance".

    Interesting that Venture Bros. directly compares Bowie to the Wizard. And now Michael is talking about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

  9. I did take some inspiration from Pinocchio, but the idea that they were genetically engineered performers on TV was an idea I had in Junior High - waay long ago. I read Collodi's book when I was already a few chapters into "Happy Creatures." My reason for reading his book, was really not for the animal or performing aspect, nor even the philosophical angle (though I found those all to be fascinating) .... You see, I was going to do this story as a video series using PUPPETS and when that was proving difficult on my budget I decided to do it as a novel and wanted to maybe incorporate some aspect of Puppetry into the story (puppet governments, heart strings, etc.)
    For the record, I have 3 (almost 4) completed puppets that we made for the "Happy Creatures" characters. My dream was that one day I could have Jim Henson's group make a movie out of the book in a Labyrinth or Dark Crystal style. I just think talking puppets look so much more "life-like" than even the biggest budget CGI.
    Maybe it's because we can sympathize with puppets...we want to be free of strings and control our own lives.

    And, you WOULD mention Jet Li's "The One." The story I told you about where I wrote Bowie into the plot apparently had major similarities to that movie. Though I've never seen it, I was told about it while I was writing and even made reference to the similarities in the story.

  10. The ending of your book reminded me closely of Jack Kirby's Darkseid, which Chris Knowles recently mentioned. It's definitely that Island of Dr. Moreau aspect, the Human Zoo, that gets to me...

    Did we just "synchromystically" confirm Bowie as some sort of Illuminati kingpin? Check out the picture.

  11. I'm really glad you finished it (and seemed to enjoy it). Feel free to email me if you have any feedback or just want to BS.

    The Bowie thing is wild - and just keeps getting more so. Great find!


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