Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A, you idiot, It's Superman

I've been experiencing so many obastacles to my posting here, but I just want to throw this out real quick as a sort of sync log.
Last week I took 3 DVDs out of the library: Grant Morrison's "Talking With Gods", The Birds, and Metropolis. I suppose the unintended Superman theme could have been there subconciously, but it was definantely unintentional.
Grant Morrison is a comic book writer who has worked on Superman and the Justice League(remember, we had connected Justice League [JL] to Jared "Loner" a few posts back).
I had wanted to find the original Birds movie ever since the "dead birds" thing started around New Years.
In the movie, we get mentions of such familiar themes as:
Lunar Eclipse, Ring of Fire, and even an explicit mention of a woman getting shot in the head!!!
The main character runs into a telephone booth to hide from the birds (ala Superman) and makes a reference to "The Hall of Justice"
**The same main character is accused by the townsfolk of having brought the bird plague upon them with her slutty nature....See Whore of Babylon.
Then, in Metropolis, (which is the name of the city Superman protects), they make explicit overt references to the Whore of Babylon. And of course, we have the uprising/revolution theme.
And, the robot, who is the Whore of Babylon, is called "The Machine Man" (which is directly connected to the 2001 Monolith, Osiris and Xanadu via Jack Kirby)
Point is, these themes are still resonating big time.
On anothe note, the Sapphire has come back into my personal syncweb. Melissa and I have been watching the old SailorMoon anime from episode one and the character Blue Saphir was just introduced. Get this, he's a prince of the "Dark Moon clan."
Now, I just heard Jake Kotze mention SailorMoon in a conversation with Will Morgan that took place over a year ago. Too funny.
Will has just sent me some audio files that I'm going to host on
These are convos he's had and recorded over the last year with assorted g8ors and was looking for a way of putting them out there. I am happy to serve as a conduit because these are great conversations full of knowledge.
I just put the first one up (Will and Jake 01/28/2010) and you can listen to it HERE.
It's over a year old and still just as fresh and relevant as the day it was recorded.


  1. I had been thinking of Grant Morrison's Final Crisis with the ending of your book--or the Wikipedia synopsis, anyways.

    On Aferrismoon's blog on February 4 I wrote: "Woman is Form and thus Maya; hence Giffords is the Image of the Beast. The Healer as the Iconoclast. Kill Yr Idols. Moses destroys the idol and frees the slaves of Egypt. This seems to be happening in reverse order." Note the image I used for that "Idols" link.

    There's something very significant about the fact that the footage of Hel, Freder's dead wife in Metropolis, was finally discovered after 80+ years of being lost. Plus, there's the whole scene with the Heart Machine.

  2. Never read Final Crisis. I was always a big Marvel reader and not so much DC (though you wouldn't know it from the topics I discuss here). I'm also not a huge fan of Grant Morrison. I think he's all sorts of brilliant and has great ideas, but I'm not into his execution.

    Amazing Metropolis sync. We're definately on target. I may not be online much lately, but we're still all swimming (or syncing as the g8ors would say) in the same waters.

  3. Just found this on RedIce:

    "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a super-galaxy: The curious S-shaped logo in space"


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