Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deconstructing December's Dismemberment PT2

Terry Gilliam with severed hands (see Part 1)
and a red triangle over his third eye
In Terry Gilliam's film Dr. Parnassus, Heath Ledger gets a red triangle over his third eye as well.

Much silly ado has been made of the "Luciferian Markings" on Heath Ledger's forehead in Terry Gilliam's film
Dr Parnassus. However, before Gilliam directed Ledger in Parnassus, he donned similar makeup himself in another one of his films, The Life of Brian.

Johnny Depp steps into the film after Ledger's death - Depp himself having played Willy Wonka in a fairly terrible remake. The original Wonka film depicts a 2001-like Stargate along a Chocolate River.

Lastly, the movie Phantasm depicts a literal Stargate that is protected by a silver ball with Mercury-like wings. This same shape and character is present in the other films when they experience a Stargate brought on by Ego-Death or "Temple Destruction"

Following some of the strange and beautiful synchronicities of these films, we notice a pattern develop. Perhaps if we let go of our fear, we can navigate the river and ride it to our own opened mind.

Or something. :)
Here. I made you a video. Please enjoy:

Bonus fun-fact: Life of Brian was put out by George Harrison's film company "HANDmade Films!" which also made Gilliam's Time Bandits, which we'll look at in our next installment.
A week or so ago, I made this other Harrison connection:


  1. Dismembered December continues...Storm unearths an ancient Headless/Armless goddess statue in Israel http://photoblog.msnbc.msn.com/

    I also find it significant that the statue is 4ft tall and weighs 440 pounds. Gotta love those 4's!

  2. Wow...I pressed submit and noticed my last comment was also posted at 4:40AM. Nice sync for me!!

  3. Have you been reading this week's Get Fuzzy? It's about how kids' TV characters are actually genetic experiments. Sound familiar?

    Having a one-track mind, I immediately associated the river of chocolate with "Alph the sacred river"--which Wikipedia helpfully associates with ALF, the Alien Life Form. And sugar is at the capstone of the Food Pyramid.

    Kenny Baker, who plays the Jupiter-resonating R2D2 (YHWH) in Star Wars, also appears in Time Bandits.

    The Hierophant Tarot card features a W at the top of his crown--which would be appropriate for the role our WW plays in the film--as well as Dr. Parnassus. Is he also the Worshipful Master, WM?

    Sibyl: I have my own 44 sync web, since it's the number of DD/Donald Duck.

  4. Sibyl,
    Great find! 444 is also DMV and there's an auto insurance company called DCAP.
    Just realized "Deconstructing December's Dismemberment" is also 3 Ds, or 444. I just wrote 3D, didn't I? Hmm.
    Have you read Michael's (from Gosporn.com) posts on 44 as the mysterious stranger? Now I'm thinking that 44 could be expressed as 4D, the higher dimension we are becoming aware of.

    Absolutely amazing! The timing of that Get Fuzzy strip is incredible. We're definitely sending ripples through the fractal.
    PS: I learned the other day how to say "Duck" in Japanese. It's Ahiru - pronounced "A Heru" Thought you might find that one interesting.


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