Friday, October 5, 2012

Sync Book Radio

I've just reworked and updated the layout and archiving for Sync Book Radio. I can't believe how quickly this turned into something so big and so fantastic. These projects, like so many I get involved in, have snowballed beyond my original vision--they're more time consuming to produce than I first assumed but also of such a better quality than I expected either.

There are two show each week: 42 Minutes every Tuesday and Always Record every Thursday.

42 Minutes is hosted by Will Morgan (A Few Shots to Shaman) and Douglas Bolles (Winter's Labyrinth). The show has been going strong for almost exactly one full year. In that time, there have been amazing conversations and great guests:

10.02.12 Sibyl Hunter
09.25.12 Greenroom Mix: Jake Kotze, Jon Kidd, Joe Alexander
09.18.12 Neil Kramer
09.12.12 Joe Alexander
09.04.12 Frank Albo
08.21.12 Jake Kotze
08.14.12 Andras Jones & Will Morgan
08.09.12 Frank Zero (Cosmic Comics)
07.31.12 Loren Coleman
07.24.12 Episode 42: The Sync Cabin
07.10.12 Frater X
07.03.12 Jeffrey Kripal
06.26.12 Ezra Sandzer-Bell
06.19.12 Bill Klaus & Alan Abbadessa-Green
06.12.12 David Plate (MK Ultrasound) & Tommy Fulks
06.05.12 Michael Schacht (Gosporn)
05.29.12 Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
05.22.12 Anadae Quenyan Effro
05.15.12 Mark LeClair (Wrong Way Wizard)
05.08.12 Douglas Bolles, Winter's Labyrinth
05.01.12 Alex Robinson
05.01.12 Mark Golding
04.24.12 Peg Carter
04.17.12 Tim Murphy
04.10.12 Karma Tinfoil
04.03.12 Bill Klaus
03.27.12 David Plate (MK Ultrasound)
03.20.12 Jen Palmer
03.13.12 Andras Jones
02.28.12 Kyle Hunt
02.21.12 Jim Sanders
02.11.12 Steve Willner & Jake Kotze
01.31.12 Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
01.31.12 Kevin Halcott & Alan Abbadessa-Green
01.24.12 Joe Alexander
01.17.12 Toure
01.10.12 Neil Kramer
12.20.11 Stefan Jablonski
12.13.11 Chris Myers
12.06.11 Justin Morgan
11.29.11 Jeremy (Violat0r)
11.22.11 Jake Kotze & Jim Sanders
11.15.11 Alan Abbadessa-Green
11.08.11 Kevin Halcott & Tommy Fulks

Then we started Always Record back in May when Bill Klaus (iahuasca) proposed the idea of recording some roundtable conversations. David Plate (MKUltrasound) joined us and the three of us started having a conversation each week. Even as I struggle to find the time to do it, this has turned into a wonderful ritual that I look forward to all week long.

At some point we started having other people join us, each adding their unique take. So far we've had the pleasure of talking to:

Freeman of FreemanTV
Project Psycube (Violator Hellspawn, Frank Zero, and Trevor Tocco)
Douglas Bolles
Jason Barrera (Eleleth)
Justin Morgan
Maya Alexis
Andras Jones
Will Morgan
Tommy Fulks
John Fell Ryan
Mark LeClair (Wrong Way Wizard)

We put a ton of work into this, but it's so worth it. I think you'll enjoy listening as much as we enjoy doing these. Please dig into the archives:



  1. I love listening to these shows you guys do.
    It's funny,I had just listened to Ep.20 of "Always Record",where Alan was saying how much he liked the planet Saturn,and then I see CK at "The Secret Sun" just wrote a post called
    "Why I Hate Saturn" ;

    P.S I'm reading Neil's book "The Unfoldment" at the moment and loving it.
    I hope to start on "Winter's Labyrinth" next,even though in OZ we're heading into summer.

  2. Not all work makes one a dull boy, especially if it involves play. Thanks Alan for all your dedication to uncovering what ever the phukh this THING is we call sync.


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