Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The cover to The Sync Book Vol 2

 The book is almost here and will be available on November 29, 2012 . . .

Cover design by Justin Gray Morgan with mandalas by Mark Golding

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  1. Well that is a sync as I was just over at the Syncbook Press website admiring it after I had left a response to J.T's comment about Chris writing a book about the "Secret Sun" blog (my comment is waiting for approval).
    I suggested Chris could always get it published through Syncbook Press if he couldn't find a publisher,and when I went to copy the link to the Syncbook Press,I saw "The SYNC Book II" cover was up on the site.

    " Has it occurred to you to write an autobiographical book about the whole Secret Sun experience? Not only would the story be interesting from the perspective a window into a subculture of sorts and the information itself, but also as a story of personal discovery and almost alchemical transformation and as a blueprint of sorts for people experiencing similar impulses... Just a thought! "

  2. That comment above was\will be posted at
    "The Solar Satellite". Chris'
    other blog;



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