Friday, May 28, 2010

Subway to the Underworld

The exhibit is on 44th street and the sponsors give us another 44 with the peacock/phoenix bearing channel 4 and the AA of the 9/11-connected American Airlines (AA=11 giving us 4 11 or 44)

Last night I was on the subway and I got this shot of an ad for the big King Tut exhibit (sorry the pic is cut off, it was a crowded train). Been seeing a lot of this stuff lately. There was an unaffiliated exhibit in Brooklyn last month called "To Live Forever: Art and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt." That was at the Brooklyn Museum (another B&M) and their logo is simply a giant B inside spiraling shapes.
My fellow design geeks, click here to see a larger shot of their style guide if you're into that sort of thing.
Maybe they can use this spiral next:

When I was getting off the train I saw someone leaving their newspaper on their seat and I grabbed it because the front page read "Mickey Mouse Plot" and I was drawn to the double-M that we've been seeing so much of lately, often in tandem with the Bee or letter B.
Bees (that resonate with the Egyptian scarab or beetle) sing "Letter B"
in the Sesame Street Classic.
I wonder what King Tut's favorite letter was?
I mean, was he more of a B or an M kinda guy?
From a new Sesame Street ode to "The Letter B" comes this:
"I'm a (M)onarch who loves "B" words, so they call me B.B. King"

That newspaper (Daily News - May 27, 2010) did not fail to give up the expected bounty.
There's a giant two-page spread photo by another B&M, Mark Bonifacio, with the caption "The warship Iwo Jima bristles with hundreds of sailors lining the deck in their dress whites and a swarm of helicopters as she sails up the Hudson to mark the beginning of Fleet Week in the city. The Wasp-class amphibious assault ship eases past Ground Zero on her way to Pier 88, where she will dock."
So we've got 9/11 and helicopters, the subjects of one of Jake Kotze's studies related to the 9/11 stargate. Plus, we connect them to our bee research with the word "swarm" and the ship itself being of a "Wasp-class" along with the ever-present 88, which even gets back to the Japanese connection that started it all, with Iwo Jima.

Now, bear in mind, this is coming from the Daily News, the same source that gave us the Spelling Bee champ #33 that we looked at in February. Want to see their coverage of the BP oil-spill? Sure you do:
The caption reads, "At left, a researcher examines oil slick floating on surface of Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana coast yesterday."

That reminds me, I found this image online the other day while searching the phrases "Masons" and "Bees" (which I just realized is another B&M combo). I like how they put the "G" gate in the middle of the 11.

For the record, I've never asked. I'm just not interested in being initiated into any group, but I'm also not one of those people who think membership is inherently "evil" or whatever.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there as a sort of sync-log. I'm working on Part 5 of "The Birds and The Bees" and I should have it done soon.

Till then, remember to keep your eyes open underground:


  1. I've been seeing a ton of double numbers and/or letters lately too, in the synchiest places, especially that AA. Reminds me of batteries. Not to be indelicate, but when I was a kid, "BM" was code for bowel movement.

  2. Michael,
    You never have to worry about being indelicate around me. Virgin ears I do not have. Besides, I made the bowel movement joke myself in an older post:

    All kidding aside, I'm gonna have to ponder that battery comment. Interesting thought.

  3. I just saw the SyncWhole guys connect a baseball player to the BatMan.
    Then you say "battery"

    Listen to that Sesame Street "Letter B" again:
    She told me "B" starts
    "Big" and "bird" and
    "BALL" and "BAT" and "BATTERY."
    Yes, buh-buh-buh-buh-buh means
    Letter B.


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